Saint-Leu - La Réunion (CF 2011) (6-12/11/11)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2023-06-28 to 2023-07-01 : Millau Open - Natural Games
2023-07-23 to 2023-07-29 : Alsace Vosges Open 2023
2023-10-14 to 2023-10-21 : Pré-world cup Reunion Island 2023

2011 French Open & Championchips is registered in FAI calendar as a category 2 event.

Registration rules :
  • Registration is accessible to all foreign pilots with a valid FAI license and a third party insurance
  • As per FAI rules, 25 per cent of the places are reserved for foreign pilots if they register before sept 30th 2011. After this date, this reserved number no more garanteed.

  • Click here to access registration form and registration list

Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 91
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.2
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.657
  • coef de reussite : 1 (5 manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 78.8pts
detail des resultats
Statut : Resultats officiels

Onglets horizontaux

81 pilotes participants
1NICOLAS BERNHARD3880415pts (1er), 853pts (1er), 868pts (5ème), 853pts (8ème), 891pts (7ème)Mantra 4D
2HONORIN HAMARD3863411pts (3ème), 835pts (2ème), 733pts (23ème), 910pts (3ème), 974pts (2ème)Mantra 4D
3JEAN-MARC CARON3762349pts (17ème), 521pts (22ème), 1000pts (1er), 898pts (4ème), 994pts (1er)Peak 2D
4STEPHANE DROUIN3712411pts (3ème), 758pts (6ème), 878pts (3ème), 819pts (10ème), 846pts (14ème)Mantra 4D
5LUDOVIC SIVIGNON3556411pts (3ème), 835pts (2ème), 907pts (2ème), 898pts (4ème), 505pts (38ème)PureD
6LUDOVIC ROBERT3543344pts (28ème), 751pts (7ème), 831pts (12ème), 760pts (34ème), 857pts (11ème)Boomerang GTOD
7OLIVIER HUMBERT3451346pts (26ème), 669pts (17ème), 796pts (17ème), 788pts (23ème), 852pts (12ème)PureD
8DAMIEN SEVREZ3392344pts (28ème), 727pts (8ème), 836pts (10ème), 664pts (48ème), 821pts (21ème)Mantra 4D
9MICHEL MACQUET332294pts (65ème), 699pts (14ème), 847pts (8ème), 811pts (14ème), 871pts (8ème)Mantra 4D
10SYLVAIN DHONNEUR3297182pts (46ème), 701pts (13ème), 793pts (18ème), 785pts (27ème), 836pts (16ème)Mantra 4D
11DENIS CORTELLA3274411pts (3ème), 322pts (54ème), 860pts (6ème), 820pts (9ème), 861pts (10ème)Boomerang GTOD
12ELISA HOUDRY3209347pts (23ème), 412pts (42ème), 828pts (13ème), 788pts (23ème), 834pts (17ème)PureD
13PIERRE REMY3189181pts (49ème), 711pts (12ème), 643pts (47ème), 816pts (13ème), 838pts (15ème)Peak 2D
14OLIVIER MICHIELSEN3158358pts (12ème), 535pts (21ème), 856pts (7ème), 896pts (6ème), 513pts (36ème)Mantra 4D
15ARNAUD SECHER3128184pts (41ème), 487pts (32ème), 841pts (9ème), 794pts (20ème), 822pts (19ème)Boomerang GTOD
16SYLVAIN GATTINI3126348pts (21ème), 419pts (39ème), 729pts (24ème), 817pts (12ème), 813pts (22ème)PureD
17BENOIT FABRE3082341pts (31ème), 441pts (37ème), 777pts (20ème), 765pts (32ème), 758pts (26ème)Peak 2D
18JOEL LOIRE306694pts (65ème), 442pts (36ème), 835pts (11ème), 799pts (17ème), 896pts (6ème)Mantra 4D
19ETIENNE COUPEZLUX3031341pts (31ème), 408pts (43ème), 715pts (30ème), 809pts (15ème), 758pts (26ème)Mantra 4D
20DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE2891348pts (21ème), 715pts (11ème), 714pts (31ème), 784pts (28ème), 330pts (54ème)Mantra 4D
21FREDERIC MAGNIN2846359pts (11ème), 541pts (19ème), 774pts (21ème), 795pts (19ème), 377pts (47ème)Mantra 4D
22XAVIER BESTEL2779349pts (17ème), 553pts (18ème), 716pts (28ème), 297pts (86ème), 864pts (9ème)PureD
23JEAN LOUIS ZANZI2778347pts (23ème), 781pts (5ème), 663pts (41ème), 819pts (10ème), 168pts (63ème)Mantra 4D
24CYRIL LAMBERT2771351pts (15ème), 516pts (27ème), 625pts (50ème), 774pts (30ème), 505pts (38ème)Mantra 4D
25F V2760184pts (41ème), 455pts (35ème), 655pts (44ème), 723pts (36ème), 743pts (31ème)Mantra 4D
26MAXIME PINOT2754400pts (9ème), 817pts (4ème), 807pts (15ème), 641pts (58ème), 89pts (78ème)Peak 2D
27NICOLAS TREINS2734177pts (61ème), 488pts (31ème), 778pts (19ème), 783pts (29ème), 508pts (37ème)Mantra 4D
28LAURIE GENOVESE273089pts (78ème), 290pts (62ème), 641pts (48ème), 787pts (26ème), 923pts (4ème)PureD
29VINCENT FABRE2709178pts (57ème), 694pts (16ème), 227pts (76ème), 788pts (23ème), 822pts (19ème)Mantra 4D
30MAXIME BELLEMIN2693412pts (2ème), 721pts (9ème), 620pts (52ème), 789pts (22ème), 151pts (69ème)Peak 2D
31LUCAS BERNARDIN2658347pts (23ème), 519pts (23ème), 220pts (83ème), 671pts (47ème), 901pts (5ème)Peak 2D
32OLIVIER FAURE264195pts (64ème), 718pts (10ème), 224pts (80ème), 774pts (30ème), 830pts (18ème)Mantra 4D
33PIERRE VREL2625182pts (46ème), 518pts (25ème), 648pts (46ème), 648pts (56ème), 629pts (35ème)Omega 8D
34LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE2608349pts (17ème), 284pts (71ème), 806pts (16ème), 664pts (48ème), 505pts (38ème)Mantra 4D
35SEBASTIEN BOCHET2583178pts (57ème), 306pts (56ème), 711pts (32ème), 642pts (57ème), 746pts (30ème)Peak 2D
36PATRICK BEROD2578180pts (51ème), 695pts (15ème), 233pts (74ème), 677pts (45ème), 793pts (23ème)air wolfC
37LAURENT VITALIS2484339pts (33ème), 483pts (34ème), 813pts (14ème), 683pts (44ème), 166pts (65ème)Mantra 4D
38FRANCK PERRING2462358pts (12ème), 512pts (29ème), 770pts (22ème), 733pts (35ème), 89pts (78ème)Mantra 4D
39JEAN-BAPTISTE BERLIOUX2374350pts (16ème), 513pts (28ème), 238pts (73ème), 917pts (1er), 356pts (50ème)Boomerang GTOD
40ROLAND FREYCON2367321pts (38ème), 539pts (20ème), 691pts (35ème), 649pts (55ème), 167pts (64ème)Mantra 4D
41DIDIER TROCHET2354339pts (33ème), 300pts (59ème), 725pts (26ème), 694pts (43ème), 296pts (55ème)Trango XCD
42ARNAUD BAUMY233889pts (78ème), 422pts (38ème), 245pts (70ème), 794pts (20ème), 788pts (24ème)Boomerang GTOD
43DENIS VESIN230488pts (89ème), 284pts (71ème), 693pts (33ème), 484pts (68ème), 755pts (29ème)Peak 2D
44JEREMIE LAGER2253409pts (7ème), 519pts (23ème), 223pts (82ème), 895pts (7ème), 207pts (59ème)Peak 2D
45FRANCK BERNARD2086182pts (46ème), 302pts (58ème), 878pts (3ème), 583pts (61ème), 141pts (73ème)Mantra 4D
46DIDIER PICAN2045179pts (55ème), 140pts (87ème), 368pts (59ème), 696pts (42ème), 662pts (34ème)Peak 2D
47SANDY LAMBERT203094pts (65ème), 289pts (64ème), 569pts (55ème), 392pts (80ème), 686pts (33ème)Omega 8D
48CLEMENT LATOUR2026349pts (17ème), 418pts (40ème), 226pts (78ème), 657pts (51ème), 376pts (48ème)Poison 3D
49BRUNO CROS201793pts (74ème), 287pts (67ème), 716pts (28ème), 721pts (37ème), 200pts (61ème)Avax XC3D
50MICHEL LEVISSE2007352pts (14ème), 485pts (33ème), 226pts (78ème), 520pts (66ème), 424pts (43ème)Mantra 4D
51PIERRE MULLER197589pts (78ème), 259pts (80ème), 693pts (33ème), 650pts (54ème), 284pts (58ème)Stratus 8D
52SEBASTIEN COUPY1972344pts (28ème), 402pts (47ème), 51pts (88ème), 801pts (16ème), 374pts (49ème)Mantra 4D
53CHRISTINE METAIS1936346pts (26ème), 512pts (29ème), 224pts (80ème), 765pts (32ème), 89pts (78ème)Boomerang GTOD
54M V1914383pts (10ème), 255pts (83ème), 358pts (65ème), 565pts (65ème), 353pts (51ème)Omega 8D
55DIDIER DURAND1902232pts (40ème), 303pts (57ème), 687pts (36ème), 474pts (71ème), 206pts (60ème)Peak 2D
56CAROLINE BRILLE188789pts (78ème), 309pts (55ème), 686pts (37ème), 702pts (41ème), 101pts (77ème)Peak 2D
57LIONEL LANG1877339pts (33ème), 406pts (44ème), 254pts (69ème), 715pts (39ème), 163pts (66ème)PureD
58PATRICK HADJADJ1844183pts (43ème), 280pts (74ème), 610pts (54ème), 431pts (75ème), 340pts (52ème)Omega 8D
59JOSE FERREIRA1826181pts (49ème), 402pts (47ème), 365pts (61ème), 709pts (40ème), 169pts (62ème)Boomerang GTOD
60ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT177589pts (78ème), 272pts (76ème), 623pts (51ème), 298pts (85ème), 493pts (41ème)Omega 8D
61FRANCK VANDEMAELE174889pts (78ème), 289pts (64ème), 377pts (57ème), 656pts (52ème), 337pts (53ème)Boomerang GTOD
62ERWAN DIDRICHE1742328pts (37ème), 404pts (46ème), 212pts (85ème), 651pts (53ème), 147pts (72ème)Peak 2D
63CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI1712183pts (43ème), 268pts (78ème), 685pts (38ème), 576pts (63ème)Peak 2D
64ALAIN ANTHONY1676183pts (43ème), 418pts (40ème), 270pts (67ème), 664pts (48ème), 141pts (73ème)Poison 3D
65BERTRAND BELLET1666180pts (51ème), 287pts (67ème), 614pts (53ème), 290pts (87ème), 295pts (56ème)Venus 3D
66L L1652166pts (62ème), 259pts (80ème), 360pts (63ème), 408pts (78ème), 459pts (42ème)Aspen 3C
67ERIC DAIGREMONT164189pts (78ème), 259pts (80ème), 720pts (27ème), 484pts (68ème), 89pts (78ème)U Sport EvoD
68YOANN CHAVANNE161493pts (74ème), 292pts (60ème), 259pts (68ème), 677pts (45ème), 293pts (57ème)Omega 8D
69NOEL CARLE145088pts (89ème), 287pts (67ème), 507pts (56ème), 479pts (70ème), 89pts (78ème)Mantra 4D
70PIERRE DEJOUS142894pts (65ème), 284pts (71ème), 627pts (59ème), 423pts (44ème)Peak 2D
71MARC CAILLAULT142594pts (65ème), 272pts (76ème), 684pts (39ème), 223pts (90ème), 152pts (68ème)Astral 6C
72NICOLAS FAVRE135789pts (78ème), 88pts (89ème), 367pts (60ème), 393pts (79ème), 420pts (45ème)Peak 2D
73THIERRY WEBER1282259pts (39ème), 365pts (50ème), 244pts (71ème), 414pts (76ème)Omega 8D
74STEPHANE MEYTADIER1269179pts (55ème), 290pts (62ème), 362pts (62ème), 289pts (88ème), 149pts (70ème)Trango XCD
75JEAN-MARC GIERKOWICZ126694pts (65ème), 402pts (47ème), 229pts (75ème), 452pts (73ème), 89pts (78ème)Mantra 4D
76LUC RESPLENDINO120094pts (65ème), 292pts (60ème), 240pts (72ème), 485pts (67ème), 89pts (78ème)Alpha 4A
77CHRISTIAN PERRIN116794pts (65ème), 255pts (83ème), 340pts (66ème), 389pts (81ème), 89pts (78ème)Boomerang GTOD
78MARC NOSSIN1084180pts (51ème), 250pts (85ème), 216pts (84ème), 349pts (83ème), 89pts (78ème)Avax XC3D
79PHILIPPE RIGAL100994pts (65ème), 122pts (88ème), 369pts (58ème), 335pts (84ème), 89pts (78ème)Trango XCD
80LAURENT MOUNOT91893pts (74ème), 345pts (52ème), 51pts (88ème), 280pts (89ème), 149pts (70ème)Trango XCD
81JULIEN GARCIA8989pts (78ème)Trango XCD
m 1
lieu : Colimacons
Course au But
date : 06/11/2011
distance optimisee : 55.202 km
manche 1736 validée le 10 decembre 11

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1NICOLAS BERNHARD26.7 km0.00.00.041552.2Mantra 4D
2MAXIME BELLEMIN26.2 km0.00.00.041251.2Peak 2D
3LUDOVIC SIVIGNON26.2 km0.00.00.041150.3PureD
3DENIS CORTELLA26.2 km0.00.00.041150.3Boomerang GTOD
3HONORIN HAMARD26.2 km0.00.00.041150.3Mantra 4D
3STEPHANE DROUIN26.2 km0.00.00.041150.3Mantra 4D
7JEREMIE LAGER26 km0.00.00.040947Peak 2D
8JOEL DEBONSCHE25.8 km0.00.00.040746.2Peak 2D
9MAXIME PINOT25.4 km0.00.00.040045.2Peak 2D
10M V24.2 km0.00.00.038344.0Omega 8D
11FREDERIC MAGNIN22 km0.00.00.035941.7Mantra 4D
12OLIVIER MICHIELSEN22 km0.00.00.035840.8Mantra 4D
12FRANCK PERRING22 km0.00.00.035840.8Mantra 4D
14MICHEL LEVISSE21.5 km0.00.00.035239.0Mantra 4D
15CYRIL LAMBERT21.4 km0.00.00.035138.2Mantra 4D
16JEAN-BAPTISTE BERLIOUX21.2 km0.00.00.035037.5Boomerang GTOD
17JEAN-MARC CARON21.2 km0.00.00.034936.8Peak 2D
17LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE21.3 km0.00.00.034936.8Mantra 4D
17CLEMENT LATOUR21.3 km0.00.00.034936.8Poison 3D
17XAVIER BESTEL21.2 km0.00.00.034936.8PureD
21SYLVAIN GATTINI21.2 km0.00.00.034834.5PureD
21DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE21.2 km0.00.00.034834.5Mantra 4D
23ELISA HOUDRY21.1 km0.00.00.034733.5PureD
23LUCAS BERNARDIN21.1 km0.00.00.034733.5Peak 2D
23JEAN LOUIS ZANZI21.1 km0.00.00.034733.5Mantra 4D
26CHRISTINE METAIS21 km0.00.00.034632.2Boomerang GTOD
26OLIVIER HUMBERT21.1 km0.00.00.034632.2PureD
28LUDOVIC ROBERT21 km0.00.00.034431.4Boomerang GTOD
28DAMIEN SEVREZ20.9 km0.00.00.034431.4Mantra 4D
28SEBASTIEN COUPY21 km0.00.00.034431.4Mantra 4D
31BENOIT FABRE20.9 km0.00.00.034130.2Peak 2D
31ETIENNE COUPEZLUX20.8 km0.00.00.034130.2Mantra 4D
33ECKHARD MARKNOR20.8 km0.00.00.033929.5Mantra 4D
33LIONEL LANG20.8 km0.00.00.033929.5PureD
33LAURENT VITALIS20.8 km0.00.00.033929.0Mantra 4D
33DIDIER TROCHET20.7 km0.00.00.033929.5Trango XCD
37ERWAN DIDRICHE20.3 km0.00.00.032827.3Peak 2D
38ROLAND FREYCON20.2 km0.00.00.032126.2Mantra 4D
39THIERRY WEBER18.2 km0.00.00.025918.0Omega 8D
40DIDIER DURAND15.9 km0.00.00.023214.9Peak 2D
41F V10.4 km0.00.00.01849.8Mantra 4D
41ARNAUD SECHER10.5 km0.00.00.01849.8Boomerang GTOD
43ALAIN ANTHONY10.3 km0.00.00.01839.1Poison 3D
43CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI10.3 km0.00.00.01839.1Peak 2D
43PATRICK HADJADJ10.3 km0.00.00.01839.0Omega 8D
46FRANCK BERNARD10.3 km0.00.00.01828.0Mantra 4D
46SYLVAIN DHONNEUR10.3 km0.00.00.01828.3Mantra 4D
46PIERRE VREL10.3 km0.00.00.01828.3Omega 8D
49PIERRE REMY10.1 km0.00.00.01817.6Peak 2D
49JOSE FERREIRA10.2 km0.00.00.01817.6Boomerang GTOD
51BERTRAND BELLET10.1 km0.00.00.01807.2Venus 3D
51PATRICK BEROD10.1 km0.00.00.01807.2air wolfC
51ABRAHAM MEYERZAF10.2 km0.00.00.01807.2Avax XC3D
51MARC NOSSIN10.1 km0.00.00.01807.2Avax XC3D
55STEPHANE MEYTADIER10 km0.00.00.01796.6Trango XCD
55DIDIER PICAN10.1 km0.00.00.01796.6Peak 2D
57VINCENT FABRE10 km0.00.00.01786.2Mantra 4D
57SEBASTIEN BOCHET10.1 km0.00.00.01786.2Peak 2D
57WALDO MINNYNLD10 km0.00.00.01786.2Mantra 4D
57JON PIOZAF10 km0.00.00.01786.2Avax XC3D
61NICOLAS TREINS10 km0.00.00.01775.8Mantra 4D
62L L9.5 km0.00.00.01664.7Aspen 3C
63PETRA SLIVOVACZE7.9 km0.00.00.01251.6SprintB
64OLIVIER FAURE4.8 km0.00.00.0950.3Mantra 4D
65LUC RESPLENDINO5.3 km0.00.00.0940.2Alpha 4A
65CHRISTIAN PERRIN4.8 km0.00.00.0940.2Boomerang GTOD
65PIERRE DEJOUS4.7 km0.00.00.0940.2Peak 2D
65MARC CAILLAULT5 km0.00.00.0940.2Astral 6C
65SANDY LAMBERT4.9 km0.00.00.0940.2Omega 8D
65PHILIPPE RIGAL5.2 km0.00.00.0940.2Trango XCD
65MICHEL MACQUET5.6 km0.00.00.0940.2Mantra 4D
65JOEL LOIRE5.2 km0.00.00.0940.2Mantra 4D
65JEAN-MARC GIERKOWICZ5.2 km0.00.00.0940.2Mantra 4D
74BRUNO CROS4 km0.00.00.0930.1Avax XC3D
74LAURENT MOUNOT5.4 km0.00.00.0930.1Trango XCD
74YOANN CHAVANNE5.2 km0.00.00.0930.1Omega 8D
78JULIEN GARCIA0.00.00.0890Trango XCD
78ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT2 km0.00.00.0890Omega 8D
78PIERRE MULLER20.8 km0.00.00.0890Stratus 8D
78NICOLAS FAVRE9.6 km0.00.00.0890Peak 2D
78CAROLINE BRILLE20 km0.00.00.0890Peak 2D
78FRANCK VANDEMAELE18.5 km0.00.00.0890Boomerang GTOD
78LAURIE GENOVESE20.5 km0.00.00.0890PureD
78ERIC DAIGREMONT2 km0.00.00.0890U Sport EvoD
78ARNAUD BAUMY1.2 km0.00.00.0890Boomerang GTOD
78LLUIS POL BERNALESP2 km0.00.00.0890Artik 2C
78THEUNS KOEKEMOERZAF10.1 km0.00.00.0890Venus 2D
89DENIS VESIN20.1 km0.00.00.0880Peak 2D
89NOEL CARLE15.9 km0.00.00.0880Mantra 4D
89CHRIS VAN NOORDZAF20.4 km0.00.00.0880PureD
m 2
lieu : Colimacons
Course en Temps Minimun
date : 07/11/2011
distance optimisee : 30.272 km
manche 1737 validée le 10 decembre 11

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1NICOLAS BERNHARD30.3 km0h58mn51s30.9 km/h0.00.00.085396.0Mantra 4D
2LUDOVIC SIVIGNON30.3 km1h00mn10s30.2 km/h0.00.00.083594.0PureD
2HONORIN HAMARD30.3 km1h00mn37s30 km/h0.00.00.083594.0Mantra 4D
4MAXIME PINOT30.3 km1h01mn45s29.4 km/h0.00.00.081791.0Peak 2D
5JEAN LOUIS ZANZI30.3 km1h07mn23s27 km/h0.00.00.078188.0Mantra 4D
6STEPHANE DROUIN30.3 km1h08mn40s26.5 km/h0.00.00.075886.1Mantra 4D
7LUDOVIC ROBERT30.3 km1h11mn29s25.4 km/h0.00.00.075184.0Boomerang GTOD
8DAMIEN SEVREZ30.3 km1h16mn18s23.8 km/h0.00.00.072782.0Mantra 4D
9MAXIME BELLEMIN30.3 km1h15mn53s23.9 km/h0.00.00.072180.0Peak 2D
10OLIVIER FAURE30.3 km1h20mn07s22.7 km/h0.00.00.071878.0Mantra 4D
11DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE30.3 km1h18mn46s23.1 km/h0.00.00.071576.0Mantra 4D
12PIERRE REMY30.3 km1h20mn03s22.7 km/h0.00.00.071175.0Peak 2D
13SYLVAIN DHONNEUR30.3 km1h21mn24s22.3 km/h0.00.00.070173.0Mantra 4D
14MICHEL MACQUET30.3 km1h19mn29s22.9 km/h0.00.00.069971.0Mantra 4D
15PATRICK BEROD30.3 km1h20mn58s22.4 km/h0.00.00.069570.0air wolfC
16VINCENT FABRE30.3 km1h20mn00s22.7 km/h0.00.00.069468.0Mantra 4D
17OLIVIER HUMBERT30.3 km1h28mn43s20.5 km/h0.00.00.066966.0PureD
18XAVIER BESTEL27.6 km0.00.00.055357.4PureD
19FREDERIC MAGNIN27.1 km0.00.00.054155.2Mantra 4D
20ROLAND FREYCON27.6 km0.00.00.053954.0Mantra 4D
21OLIVIER MICHIELSEN27 km0.00.00.053552.1Mantra 4D
22JEAN-MARC CARON26.6 km0.00.00.052149.9Peak 2D
23JEREMIE LAGER26.5 km0.00.00.051948.5Peak 2D
23LUCAS BERNARDIN26.3 km0.00.00.051948.5Peak 2D
25PIERRE VREL26.3 km0.00.00.051846.0Omega 8D
25JOEL DEBONSCHE26.4 km0.00.00.051846.2Peak 2D
27CYRIL LAMBERT26.4 km0.00.00.051644.0Mantra 4D
28JEAN-BAPTISTE BERLIOUX26 km0.00.00.051342.9Boomerang GTOD
29FRANCK PERRING26.2 km0.00.00.051241.9Mantra 4D
29CHRISTINE METAIS26.1 km0.00.00.051242.0Boomerang GTOD
31NICOLAS TREINS25.2 km0.00.00.048838.3Mantra 4D
32ARNAUD SECHER25.2 km0.00.00.048737.4Boomerang GTOD
33MICHEL LEVISSE25.3 km0.00.00.048536.0Mantra 4D
34LAURENT VITALIS25.2 km0.00.00.048336.0Mantra 4D
35F V24.3 km0.00.00.045532.6Mantra 4D
36JOEL LOIRE23.6 km0.00.00.044230.9Mantra 4D
37BENOIT FABRE23.8 km0.00.00.044130.2Peak 2D
38ARNAUD BAUMY22.9 km0.00.00.042228Boomerang GTOD
39SYLVAIN GATTINI22.8 km0.00.00.041927.2PureD
40ALAIN ANTHONY22.8 km0.00.00.041826.6Poison 3D
40CLEMENT LATOUR22.8 km0.00.00.041826.6Poison 3D
42ELISA HOUDRY22 km0.00.00.041225.1PureD
43ETIENNE COUPEZLUX22.3 km0.00.00.040824.3Mantra 4D
44ECKHARD MARKNOR22.2 km0.00.00.040623.7Mantra 4D
44LIONEL LANG22.3 km0.00.00.040623.7PureD
46ERWAN DIDRICHE22.1 km0.00.00.040422.9Peak 2D
47JOSE FERREIRA22.1 km0.00.00.040222.4Boomerang GTOD
47SEBASTIEN COUPY22.1 km0.00.00.040222.4Mantra 4D
47JEAN-MARC GIERKOWICZ22.1 km0.00.00.040222.4Mantra 4D
50THIERRY WEBER20.8 km0.00.00.036518.0Omega 8D
51CHRIS VAN NOORDZAF20.1 km0.00.00.034716.5PureD
52LAURENT MOUNOT20 km0.00.00.034516Trango XCD
53WALDO MINNYNLD19.4 km0.00.00.033014.6Mantra 4D
54DENIS CORTELLA19 km0.00.00.032213.7Boomerang GTOD
55CAROLINE BRILLE18.1 km0.00.00.030912.0Peak 2D
56SEBASTIEN BOCHET17.9 km0.00.00.030612.1Peak 2D
57DIDIER DURAND17.8 km0.00.00.030311.7Peak 2D
58FRANCK BERNARD17.7 km0.00.00.030212.0Mantra 4D
59DIDIER TROCHET17.6 km0.00.00.030011.2Trango XCD
60LUC RESPLENDINO17.3 km0.00.00.029210.4Alpha 4A
60YOANN CHAVANNE17.2 km0.00.00.029210.4Omega 8D
62STEPHANE MEYTADIER17.1 km0.00.00.029010.1Trango XCD
62LAURIE GENOVESE17.1 km0.00.00.029010.1PureD
64SANDY LAMBERT17.1 km0.00.00.02899.8Omega 8D
64FRANCK VANDEMAELE17.1 km0.00.00.02899.8Boomerang GTOD
64THEUNS KOEKEMOERZAF17.1 km0.00.00.02899.8Venus 2D
67BRUNO CROS17.1 km0.00.00.02879.5Avax XC3D
67NOEL CARLE17.1 km0.00.00.02879.5Mantra 4D
67BERTRAND BELLET17.1 km0.00.00.02879.5Venus 3D
67PETRA SLIVOVACZE17.1 km0.00.00.02879.5SprintB
71PIERRE DEJOUS17 km0.00.00.02849.1Peak 2D
71DENIS VESIN17 km0.00.00.02849.1Peak 2D
71LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE17 km0.00.00.02849.1Mantra 4D
74PATRICK HADJADJ16.9 km0.00.00.02809.0Omega 8D
75JON PIOZAF16.8 km0.00.00.02768.5Avax XC3D
76MARC CAILLAULT16.6 km0.00.00.02728.2Astral 6C
76ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT16.7 km0.00.00.02728.2Omega 8D
78CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI16.6 km0.00.00.02687.9Peak 2D
79LLUIS POL BERNALESP16.4 km0.00.00.02647.6Artik 2C
80L L16.3 km0.00.00.02597.3Aspen 3C
80PIERRE MULLER16.3 km0.00.00.02597.3Stratus 8D
80ERIC DAIGREMONT16.3 km0.00.00.02597.3U Sport EvoD
83CHRISTIAN PERRIN16.3 km0.00.00.02557Boomerang GTOD
83M V16.3 km0.00.00.02557Omega 8D
85MARC NOSSIN16.2 km0.00.00.02506.7Avax XC3D
87DIDIER PICAN13.5 km0.00.00.01400.9Peak 2D
88PHILIPPE RIGAL12.1 km0.00.00.01220.5Trango XCD
89NICOLAS FAVRE9.2 km0.00.00.0880Peak 2D
m 3
lieu : Colimaçons
Course en Temps Minimun
date : 08/11/2011
distance optimisee : 29.076 km
manche 1738 validée le 10 decembre 11

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1JEAN-MARC CARON29.1 km1h00mn20s28.9 km/h0.00.00.01000101.0Peak 2D
2LUDOVIC SIVIGNON29.1 km1h02mn21s28 km/h0.00.00.090799.0PureD
3FRANCK BERNARD29.1 km1h05mn20s26.7 km/h0.00.00.087896.0Mantra 4D
3STEPHANE DROUIN29.1 km1h05mn25s26.7 km/h0.00.00.087896.3Mantra 4D
5NICOLAS BERNHARD29.1 km1h05mn44s26.5 km/h0.00.00.086892.0Mantra 4D
6DENIS CORTELLA29.1 km1h02mn40s27.8 km/h0.00.00.086090.0Boomerang GTOD
7OLIVIER MICHIELSEN29.1 km1h07mn20s25.9 km/h0.00.00.085688.0Mantra 4D
8MICHEL MACQUET29.1 km1h08mn21s25.5 km/h0.00.00.084786.0Mantra 4D
9ARNAUD SECHER29.1 km1h06mn03s26.4 km/h0.00.00.084184.0Boomerang GTOD
10DAMIEN SEVREZ29.1 km1h07mn56s25.7 km/h0.00.00.083682.0Mantra 4D
11JOEL LOIRE29.1 km1h08mn49s25.4 km/h0.00.00.083580.0Mantra 4D
12LUDOVIC ROBERT29.1 km1h09mn15s25.2 km/h0.00.00.083178.0Boomerang GTOD
13ELISA HOUDRY29.1 km1h08mn39s25.4 km/h0.00.00.082877.0PureD
14LAURENT VITALIS29.1 km1h08mn48s25.4 km/h0.00.00.081375.0Mantra 4D
15MAXIME PINOT29.1 km1h10mn06s24.9 km/h0.00.00.080773.0Peak 2D
16LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE29.1 km1h05mn50s26.5 km/h0.00.00.080672.0Mantra 4D
17OLIVIER HUMBERT29.1 km1h07mn22s25.9 km/h0.00.00.079670.0PureD
18SYLVAIN DHONNEUR29.1 km1h07mn52s25.7 km/h0.00.00.079369.0Mantra 4D
19NICOLAS TREINS29.1 km1h07mn53s25.7 km/h0.00.00.077867.0Mantra 4D
20BENOIT FABRE29.1 km1h08mn12s25.6 km/h0.00.00.077766.0Peak 2D
21FREDERIC MAGNIN29.1 km1h13mn24s23.8 km/h0.00.00.077464.0Mantra 4D
22FRANCK PERRING29.1 km1h09mn21s25.2 km/h0.00.00.077063.2Mantra 4D
23HONORIN HAMARD29.1 km1h14mn40s23.4 km/h0.00.00.073359.9Mantra 4D
24SYLVAIN GATTINI29.1 km1h12mn14s24.2 km/h0.00.00.072958.7PureD
25CHRIS VAN NOORDZAF29.1 km1h13mn36s23.7 km/h0.00.00.072757.7PureD
26DIDIER TROCHET29.1 km1h11mn33s24.4 km/h0.00.00.072557.0Trango XCD
27ERIC DAIGREMONT29.1 km1h13mn33s23.7 km/h0.00.00.072056.0U Sport EvoD
28BRUNO CROS29.1 km1h13mn26s23.8 km/h0.00.00.071654.5Avax XC3D
28XAVIER BESTEL29.1 km1h13mn54s23.6 km/h0.00.00.071654.5PureD
30ETIENNE COUPEZLUX29.1 km1h11mn32s24.4 km/h0.00.00.071553.1Mantra 4D
31DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE29.1 km1h13mn59s23.6 km/h0.00.00.071452.4Mantra 4D
32SEBASTIEN BOCHET29.1 km1h14mn00s23.6 km/h0.00.00.071151.6Peak 2D
33DENIS VESIN29.1 km1h15mn46s23 km/h0.00.00.069350.0Peak 2D
33PIERRE MULLER29.1 km1h16mn34s22.8 km/h0.00.00.069350.0Stratus 8D
35ROLAND FREYCON29.1 km1h18mn04s22.3 km/h0.00.00.069148.0Mantra 4D
36DIDIER DURAND29.1 km1h14mn04s23.6 km/h0.00.00.068747.8Peak 2D
37CAROLINE BRILLE29.1 km1h16mn16s22.9 km/h0.00.00.068647.0Peak 2D
38CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI29.1 km1h15mn31s23.1 km/h0.00.00.068547.0Peak 2D
39MARC CAILLAULT29.1 km1h16mn10s22.9 km/h0.00.00.068446.0Astral 6C
40JOEL DEBONSCHE29.1 km1h26mn57s20.1 km/h0.00.00.066444.3Peak 2D
41JEAN LOUIS ZANZI29.1 km1h21mn47s21.3 km/h0.00.00.066344Mantra 4D
42PETRA SLIVOVACZE29.1 km1h19mn31s21.9 km/h0.00.00.065843.2SprintB
43ABRAHAM MEYERZAF29.1 km1h21mn34s21.4 km/h0.00.00.065742.9Avax XC3D
44F V29.1 km1h19mn46s21.9 km/h0.00.00.065542.0Mantra 4D
45JON PIOZAF29.1 km1h21mn23s21.4 km/h0.00.00.064941.8Avax XC3D
46PIERRE VREL29.1 km1h21mn57s21.3 km/h0.00.00.064842.0Omega 8D
47PIERRE REMY29.1 km1h22mn46s21.1 km/h0.00.00.064340.9Peak 2D
48LAURIE GENOVESE29.1 km1h23mn16s21 km/h0.00.00.064140.0PureD
49WALDO MINNYNLD29.1 km1h26mn15s20.2 km/h0.00.00.062939.3Mantra 4D
50CYRIL LAMBERT29.1 km1h26mn33s20.2 km/h0.00.00.062539.0Mantra 4D
51ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT29.1 km1h23mn57s20.8 km/h0.00.00.062338.0Omega 8D
52MAXIME BELLEMIN29.1 km1h25mn26s20.4 km/h0.00.00.062038.2Peak 2D
53BERTRAND BELLET29.1 km1h25mn29s20.4 km/h0.00.00.061437.6Venus 3D
54PATRICK HADJADJ29.1 km1h23mn39s20.9 km/h0.00.00.061037.0Omega 8D
55SANDY LAMBERT29.1 km1h28mn45s19.7 km/h0.00.00.056933.0Omega 8D
56NOEL CARLE29.1 km1h41mn14s17.2 km/h0.00.00.050727.2Mantra 4D
57FRANCK VANDEMAELE26.5 km0.00.00.037716.4Boomerang GTOD
58PHILIPPE RIGAL26.8 km0.00.00.036916.0Trango XCD
59DIDIER PICAN26.7 km0.00.00.036815.5Peak 2D
60NICOLAS FAVRE26.6 km0.00.00.036715.3Peak 2D
61JOSE FERREIRA26.5 km0.00.00.036515.1Boomerang GTOD
62STEPHANE MEYTADIER26.3 km0.00.00.036214.8Trango XCD
63L L26.2 km0.00.00.036014.5Aspen 3C
63LLUIS POL BERNALESP26.2 km0.00.00.036014.5Artik 2C
65M V26.1 km0.00.00.035814.3Omega 8D
66CHRISTIAN PERRIN25.3 km0.00.00.034012.9Boomerang GTOD
67ALAIN ANTHONY20.7 km0.00.00.02708.2Poison 3D
68YOANN CHAVANNE19.4 km0.00.00.02597.5Omega 8D
69LIONEL LANG18.9 km0.00.00.02547.2PureD
70ARNAUD BAUMY18.1 km0.00.00.02456.7Boomerang GTOD
71THIERRY WEBER18 km0.00.00.02447.0Omega 8D
72LUC RESPLENDINO17.9 km0.00.00.02406.3Alpha 4A
73JEAN-BAPTISTE BERLIOUX17.7 km0.00.00.02386.2Boomerang GTOD
74PATRICK BEROD17.5 km0.00.00.02335.9air wolfC
75JEAN-MARC GIERKOWICZ17.2 km0.00.00.02295.7Mantra 4D
76VINCENT FABRE17.2 km0.00.00.02275.5Mantra 4D
76ECKHARD MARKNOR17.1 km0.00.00.02275.5Mantra 4D
78MICHEL LEVISSE17.1 km0.00.00.02265.5Mantra 4D
78CLEMENT LATOUR17.1 km0.00.00.02265.5Poison 3D
80CHRISTINE METAIS17.1 km0.00.00.02245.4Boomerang GTOD
80OLIVIER FAURE17 km0.00.00.02245.4Mantra 4D
82JEREMIE LAGER17 km0.00.00.02235.3Peak 2D
83LUCAS BERNARDIN16.9 km0.00.00.02205.2Peak 2D
84MARC NOSSIN16.8 km0.00.00.02165Avax XC3D
85ERWAN DIDRICHE16.7 km0.00.00.02124.8Peak 2D
87THEUNS KOEKEMOERZAF14.5 km0.00.00.01271.3Venus 2D
88LAURENT MOUNOT2.2 km0.00.00.0510Trango XCD
88SEBASTIEN COUPY0.00.00.0510Mantra 4D
m 4
lieu : Colimaçons
Course au But
date : 10/11/2011
distance optimisee : 44.509 km
manche 1739 validée le 10 decembre 11

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1JEAN-BAPTISTE BERLIOUX43.3 km0.00.00.0917101.0Boomerang GTOD
2JOEL DEBONSCHE42.9 km0.00.00.091299.2Peak 2D
3HONORIN HAMARD42.8 km0.00.00.091097.0Mantra 4D
4LUDOVIC SIVIGNON42.1 km0.00.00.089895.0PureD
4JEAN-MARC CARON42.1 km0.00.00.089895.5Peak 2D
6OLIVIER MICHIELSEN42 km0.00.00.089692.0Mantra 4D
7JEREMIE LAGER41.9 km0.00.00.089590.0Peak 2D
8NICOLAS BERNHARD40 km0.00.00.085388.0Mantra 4D
9DENIS CORTELLA37.9 km0.00.00.082085.0Boomerang GTOD
10JEAN LOUIS ZANZI37.9 km0.00.00.081983.0Mantra 4D
10STEPHANE DROUIN38 km0.00.00.081983.1Mantra 4D
12SYLVAIN GATTINI37.8 km0.00.00.081780.0PureD
13PIERRE REMY37.8 km0.00.00.081678.0Peak 2D
14MICHEL MACQUET37.6 km0.00.00.081177.0Mantra 4D
15ETIENNE COUPEZLUX37.4 km0.00.00.080976.0Mantra 4D
16SEBASTIEN COUPY37.1 km0.00.00.080174.0Mantra 4D
17JOEL LOIRE37 km0.00.00.079972.0Mantra 4D
18CHRIS VAN NOORDZAF37 km0.00.00.079671.3PureD
19FREDERIC MAGNIN36.8 km0.00.00.079570.0Mantra 4D
20ARNAUD SECHER36.8 km0.00.00.079469.0Boomerang GTOD
20ARNAUD BAUMY36.8 km0.00.00.079469.0Boomerang GTOD
22MAXIME BELLEMIN36.6 km0.00.00.078967Peak 2D
23ELISA HOUDRY36.6 km0.00.00.078866.0PureD
23VINCENT FABRE36.7 km0.00.00.078866.0Mantra 4D
23OLIVIER HUMBERT36.7 km0.00.00.078866.0PureD
26LAURIE GENOVESE36.6 km0.00.00.078764.0PureD
27SYLVAIN DHONNEUR36.6 km0.00.00.078563.0Mantra 4D
28DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE36.6 km0.00.00.078462.0Mantra 4D
29NICOLAS TREINS36.5 km0.00.00.078362.0Mantra 4D
30CYRIL LAMBERT36.3 km0.00.00.077460.0Mantra 4D
30OLIVIER FAURE36.3 km0.00.00.077460.0Mantra 4D
32CHRISTINE METAIS36.2 km0.00.00.076558.0Boomerang GTOD
32BENOIT FABRE36.2 km0.00.00.076558.0Peak 2D
34LUDOVIC ROBERT36.1 km0.00.00.076057.0Boomerang GTOD
35FRANCK PERRING35.6 km0.00.00.073353.6Mantra 4D
36F V35.4 km0.00.00.072352.0Mantra 4D
37BRUNO CROS35.3 km0.00.00.072151.5Avax XC3D
37JON PIOZAF35.4 km0.00.00.072151.5Avax XC3D
39LIONEL LANG35.2 km0.00.00.071550.0PureD
40JOSE FERREIRA35.2 km0.00.00.070949.2Boomerang GTOD
41CAROLINE BRILLE35 km0.00.00.070248.0Peak 2D
42DIDIER PICAN35 km0.00.00.069647.0Peak 2D
43DIDIER TROCHET34.9 km0.00.00.069447.0Trango XCD
44LAURENT VITALIS34.7 km0.00.00.068345.0Mantra 4D
45PATRICK BEROD34.7 km0.00.00.067744.0air wolfC
45YOANN CHAVANNE34.6 km0.00.00.067744.0Omega 8D
47LUCAS BERNARDIN34.5 km0.00.00.067143Peak 2D
48DAMIEN SEVREZ34.4 km0.00.00.066442Mantra 4D
48LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE34.4 km0.00.00.066442Mantra 4D
48ALAIN ANTHONY34.5 km0.00.00.066442Poison 3D
51CLEMENT LATOUR34.3 km0.00.00.065740.8Poison 3D
52FRANCK VANDEMAELE34.4 km0.00.00.065640.0Boomerang GTOD
53ERWAN DIDRICHE34.2 km0.00.00.065139.9Peak 2D
54PIERRE MULLER34.2 km0.00.00.065040.0Stratus 8D
55ROLAND FREYCON34.2 km0.00.00.064940.0Mantra 4D
56PIERRE VREL34.2 km0.00.00.064839.0Omega 8D
57SEBASTIEN BOCHET34.2 km0.00.00.064238.6Peak 2D
58MAXIME PINOT34.2 km0.00.00.064138.5Peak 2D
59PIERRE DEJOUS34 km0.00.00.062736.6Peak 2D
60LLUIS POL BERNALESP33.4 km0.00.00.059031.4Artik 2C
61FRANCK BERNARD33.3 km0.00.00.058330.0Mantra 4D
61THEUNS KOEKEMOERZAF33.3 km0.00.00.058330.5Venus 2D
63CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI33.2 km0.00.00.057629.6Peak 2D
64ABRAHAM MEYERZAF33.2 km0.00.00.057229.1Avax XC3D
65M V33 km0.00.00.056528.2Omega 8D
66MICHEL LEVISSE32.3 km0.00.00.052022.4Mantra 4D
67LUC RESPLENDINO31.7 km0.00.00.048518.3Alpha 4A
68DENIS VESIN31.6 km0.00.00.048418.1Peak 2D
68ERIC DAIGREMONT31.6 km0.00.00.048418.1U Sport EvoD
70NOEL CARLE31.5 km0.00.00.047917.6Mantra 4D
71DIDIER DURAND31.5 km0.00.00.047417Peak 2D
71WALDO MINNYNLD31.4 km0.00.00.047417Mantra 4D
73JEAN-MARC GIERKOWICZ30.8 km0.00.00.045214.6Mantra 4D
74ECKHARD MARKNOR30.7 km0.00.00.044814.2Mantra 4D
75PATRICK HADJADJ30.3 km0.00.00.043112.0Omega 8D
76THIERRY WEBER29.7 km0.00.00.041411.0Omega 8D
77PETRA SLIVOVACZE29.4 km0.00.00.040910.3SprintB
78L L29.5 km0.00.00.040810.2Aspen 3C
79NICOLAS FAVRE29 km0.00.00.03938.9Peak 2D
80SANDY LAMBERT28.9 km0.00.00.03928.8Omega 8D
81CHRISTIAN PERRIN28.9 km0.00.00.03898.5Boomerang GTOD
83MARC NOSSIN27.5 km0.00.00.03495.3Avax XC3D
84PHILIPPE RIGAL26.9 km0.00.00.03354.4Trango XCD
85ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT24.9 km0.00.00.02982.2Omega 8D
86XAVIER BESTEL24.8 km0.00.00.02972.1PureD
87BERTRAND BELLET24.2 km0.00.00.02901.8Venus 3D
88STEPHANE MEYTADIER24.5 km0.00.00.02891.8Trango XCD
89LAURENT MOUNOT23.7 km0.00.00.02801.4Trango XCD
90MARC CAILLAULT20.4 km0.00.00.02230Astral 6C
m 5
lieu : Colimacons
Course au But
date : 12/11/2011
distance optimisee : 49.649 km
manche 1740 validée le 10 decembre 11

Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
1JEAN-MARC CARON49.6 km2h22mn39s20.9 km/h0.00.00.0994101.0Peak 2D
2HONORIN HAMARD49.6 km2h23mn58s20.7 km/h0.00.00.097499.0Mantra 4D
3ECKHARD MARKNOR49.6 km2h25mn34s20.5 km/h0.00.00.094897.1Mantra 4D
4LAURIE GENOVESE49.6 km2h27mn31s20.2 km/h0.00.00.092395.0PureD
5LUCAS BERNARDIN49.6 km2h28mn06s20.1 km/h0.00.00.090192.0Peak 2D
6JOEL LOIRE49.6 km2h28mn13s20.1 km/h0.00.00.089690.0Mantra 4D
7NICOLAS BERNHARD49.6 km2h29mn23s19.9 km/h0.00.00.089188.0Mantra 4D
8MICHEL MACQUET49.6 km2h30mn26s19.8 km/h0.00.00.087186.0Mantra 4D
9XAVIER BESTEL49.6 km2h32mn11s19.6 km/h0.00.00.086484.0PureD
10DENIS CORTELLA49.6 km2h33mn41s19.4 km/h0.00.00.086183.0Boomerang GTOD
11LUDOVIC ROBERT49.6 km2h33mn18s19.4 km/h0.00.00.085781.0Boomerang GTOD
12OLIVIER HUMBERT49.6 km2h34mn06s19.3 km/h0.00.00.085279.0PureD
13CHRIS VAN NOORDZAF49.6 km2h33mn15s19.4 km/h0.00.00.084977.7PureD
14STEPHANE DROUIN49.6 km2h34mn15s19.3 km/h0.00.00.084676.2Mantra 4D
15PIERRE REMY49.6 km2h34mn00s19.3 km/h0.00.00.083874.0Peak 2D
16SYLVAIN DHONNEUR49.6 km2h34mn33s19.3 km/h0.00.00.083673.0Mantra 4D
17ELISA HOUDRY49.6 km2h34mn45s19.3 km/h0.00.00.083472.0PureD
18OLIVIER FAURE49.6 km2h34mn01s19.3 km/h0.00.00.083070.0Mantra 4D
19VINCENT FABRE49.6 km2h36mn36s19 km/h0.00.00.082269.0Mantra 4D
19ARNAUD SECHER49.6 km2h40mn13s18.6 km/h0.00.00.082269.0Boomerang GTOD
21DAMIEN SEVREZ49.6 km2h36mn20s19.1 km/h0.00.00.082167.0Mantra 4D
22SYLVAIN GATTINI49.6 km2h36mn00s19.1 km/h0.00.00.081366.0PureD
23PATRICK BEROD49.6 km2h40mn12s18.6 km/h0.00.00.079363.0air wolfC
24ARNAUD BAUMY49.6 km2h39mn58s18.6 km/h0.00.00.078862.0Boomerang GTOD
25ABRAHAM MEYERZAF49.6 km2h45mn42s18 km/h0.00.00.077260.3Avax XC3D
26BENOIT FABRE49.6 km2h47mn02s17.8 km/h0.00.00.075858.0Peak 2D
26ETIENNE COUPEZLUX49.6 km2h45mn59s17.9 km/h0.00.00.075858.0Mantra 4D
28JOEL DEBONSCHE49.6 km2h44mn35s18.1 km/h0.00.00.075657Peak 2D
29DENIS VESIN49.6 km2h48mn18s17.7 km/h0.00.00.075556.0Peak 2D
30SEBASTIEN BOCHET49.6 km2h46mn12s17.9 km/h0.00.00.074654.9Peak 2D
31F V49.6 km2h48mn13s17.7 km/h0.00.00.074354.0Mantra 4D
32PETRA SLIVOVACZE49.6 km2h54mn26s17.1 km/h0.00.00.072251.8SprintB
33SANDY LAMBERT49.6 km2h58mn58s16.6 km/h0.00.00.068648.0Omega 8D
34DIDIER PICAN49.6 km3h01mn55s16.4 km/h0.00.00.066246.0Peak 2D
35PIERRE VREL49.6 km3h10mn46s15.6 km/h0.00.00.062942.0Omega 8D
36OLIVIER MICHIELSEN49.4 km0.00.00.051332.5Mantra 4D
37NICOLAS TREINS49.5 km0.00.00.050831.5Mantra 4D
38LUDOVIC SIVIGNON49.3 km0.00.00.050530.7PureD
38LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE49.3 km0.00.00.050530.7Mantra 4D
38CYRIL LAMBERT49.1 km0.00.00.050530.7Mantra 4D
41ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT49.5 km0.00.00.049328.2Omega 8D
42L L47.8 km0.00.00.045925.1Aspen 3C
43MICHEL LEVISSE43.9 km0.00.00.042422Mantra 4D
44PIERRE DEJOUS43.3 km0.00.00.042321.5Peak 2D
45NICOLAS FAVRE45.2 km0.00.00.042020.9Peak 2D
46JON PIOZAF37.6 km0.00.00.038017.6Avax XC3D
47FREDERIC MAGNIN34.6 km0.00.00.037717Mantra 4D
48CLEMENT LATOUR34.5 km0.00.00.037616.6Poison 3D
49SEBASTIEN COUPY34.5 km0.00.00.037416.1Mantra 4D
50JEAN-BAPTISTE BERLIOUX32.8 km0.00.00.035614.6Boomerang GTOD
51M V33.6 km0.00.00.035314.1Omega 8D
52PATRICK HADJADJ32.6 km0.00.00.034013.0Omega 8D
53FRANCK VANDEMAELE32.1 km0.00.00.033712.5Boomerang GTOD
54DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE32 km0.00.00.033011.8Mantra 4D
55DIDIER TROCHET29.9 km0.00.00.02969.5Trango XCD
56BERTRAND BELLET29.7 km0.00.00.02959.2Venus 3D
57YOANN CHAVANNE29.7 km0.00.00.02938.9Omega 8D
58PIERRE MULLER28.8 km0.00.00.02848.2Stratus 8D
59JEREMIE LAGER15.6 km0.00.00.02074.1Peak 2D
60DIDIER DURAND15.4 km0.00.00.02063.9Peak 2D
61BRUNO CROS14.6 km0.00.00.02003.5Avax XC3D
62JOSE FERREIRA10.3 km0.00.00.01692.2Boomerang GTOD
63JEAN LOUIS ZANZI10.2 km0.00.00.01682.1Mantra 4D
64ROLAND FREYCON10 km0.00.00.01672Mantra 4D
65LAURENT VITALIS9.9 km0.00.00.01661.9Mantra 4D
66LIONEL LANG9.6 km0.00.00.01631.7PureD
67WALDO MINNYNLD9.6 km0.00.00.01621.6Mantra 4D
68MARC CAILLAULT8.9 km0.00.00.01521.3Astral 6C
69MAXIME BELLEMIN8.7 km0.00.00.01511.2Peak 2D
70STEPHANE MEYTADIER8.7 km0.00.00.01491.1Trango XCD
70LAURENT MOUNOT8.6 km0.00.00.01491.1Trango XCD
72ERWAN DIDRICHE8.5 km0.00.00.01471Peak 2D
73ALAIN ANTHONY8.2 km0.00.00.01410.8Poison 3D
73FRANCK BERNARD8.2 km0.00.00.01410.8Mantra 4D
73LLUIS POL BERNALESP8.2 km0.00.00.01410.8Artik 2C
76THEUNS KOEKEMOERZAF7.8 km0.00.00.01300.5Venus 2D
77CAROLINE BRILLE6.6 km0.00.00.01010.1Peak 2D
78LUC RESPLENDINO0.4 km0.00.00.0890Alpha 4A
78CHRISTIAN PERRIN4.5 km0.00.00.0890Boomerang GTOD
78FRANCK PERRING5.4 km0.00.00.0890Mantra 4D
78NOEL CARLE4.9 km0.00.00.0890Mantra 4D
78CHRISTINE METAIS4 km0.00.00.0890Boomerang GTOD
78PHILIPPE RIGAL5.9 km0.00.00.0890Trango XCD
78MAXIME PINOT4.2 km0.00.00.0890Peak 2D
78ERIC DAIGREMONT4.7 km0.00.00.0890U Sport EvoD
78MARC NOSSIN0.00.00.0890Avax XC3D
78JEAN-MARC GIERKOWICZ3.7 km0.00.00.0890Mantra 4D