Nyons (CF 2013) (9-16/06/13)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2020-08-22 to 2020-08-28 : La Trans'Alps / Itinérant dans les Alpes
2020-11-01 to 2020-11-07 : French Open 2020 - Saint-Leu - Reunion Island

We are proud to welcome foreigner pilots to the 2013 French Open
Please use this page to make your registration
- First you have to pre-register on this page using the links in the Blue square here-below : "Click here to access registration form and registration list"
- The minimum level requirement is to be in the 500 first in the WPRS
- Once you are pre-registered, you have to pay through the site using a credit card to confirm your participation
- One month before the comp, any pilot pre-registered that didn't paid will loose his selection

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Onglets horizontaux

107 pilotes participants
1JEAN-MARC CARON3691860.6pts (11ème), 946.5pts (4ème), 886.9pts (6ème), 997.2pts (1er)Icepeak 6K
2Julien WIRTZ3573843.6pts (13ème), 929.2pts (9ème), 871.8pts (7ème), 928.1pts (5ème)Enzo 1K
3Jeremie LAGER3567908.2pts (5ème), 937.7pts (5ème), 761.9pts (21ème), 959.2pts (3ème)Icepeak 6K
4Pierre REMY3434902.3pts (6ème), 933.7pts (7ème), 771.5pts (16ème), 826.9pts (26ème)Icepeak 6K
5Seiko FUKUOKA3403944.8pts (2ème), 798.1pts (20ème), 762.4pts (20ème), 897.9pts (11ème)Icepeak 6K
6Honorin HAMARD33611000pts (1er), 948.2pts (3ème), 902.3pts (3ème), 510.1pts (33ème)Icepeak 6K
7Maxime BELLEMIN3354866.8pts (9ème), 809pts (19ème), 763.8pts (19ème), 914.6pts (10ème)Boomerang  9K
8Didier MATHURIN3290699.8pts (27ème), 899.7pts (11ème), 849.7pts (10ème), 841.1pts (19ème)Enzo 1K
9Jacques FOURNIER3276671.7pts (28ème), 816.1pts (17ème), 802.7pts (14ème), 985.9pts (2ème)Enzo 1K
10Lucas BERNARDIN3191517.2pts (38ème), 930.4pts (8ème), 859.7pts (9ème), 883.7pts (12ème)Icepeak 6K
11Denis CORTELLA3175909.8pts (4ème), 999.7pts (1er), 898.1pts (4ème), 367.3pts (48ème)Boomerang  9K
12VINCENT PERNOLLET3139483.6pts (41ème), 887.2pts (13ème), 841pts (11ème), 926.9pts (6ème)Enzo 1K
13Richard GALLON3048873.9pts (8ème), 861.1pts (16ème), 397.8pts (63ème), 915.4pts (9ème)Boomerang  9K
14Remi MONTGINOT3001931pts (3ème), 784.3pts (24ème), 809.5pts (13ème), 475.8pts (37ème)Icepeak 6K
15Maxime PINOT2898347.9pts (69ème), 814.3pts (18ème), 904.3pts (2ème), 831.7pts (24ème)Icepeak 6K
16William MARKT2872341.8pts (73ème), 784.5pts (23ème), 890.6pts (5ème), 855.2pts (16ème)Enzo 1K
17Jonathan MARIN2856494.9pts (40ème), 761.6pts (26ème), 739.6pts (26ème), 860.3pts (13ème)Stratus Core 3K
18Simon ISSENHUTH2777554.4pts (34ème), 898.8pts (12ème), 967.8pts (1er), 355.6pts (49ème)Peak 3D
19Laurie GENOVESE2749866.7pts (10ème), 873.1pts (14ème), 695.2pts (30ème), 314.2pts (52ème)Icepeak 6K
20Vincent SPRUNGLI2737361.7pts (60ème), 787.9pts (22ème), 730.8pts (28ème), 857pts (15ème)Boomerang  9K
21Luc ARMANT2708530.7pts (36ème), 952.1pts (2ème), 421.4pts (53ème), 803.3pts (28ème)Enzo 1K
22ARNAUD SECHER2695891pts (7ème), 552.2pts (34ème), 422.2pts (51ème), 830pts (25ème)Boomerang  9K
23Charles CAZAUX2631341.8pts (72ème), 546.1pts (36ème), 817.9pts (12ème), 924.8pts (7ème)Enzo 1K
24Frederic SINATTI2611715.4pts (25ème), 276.7pts (71ème), 766.5pts (17ème), 852.4pts (17ème)Icepeak 6K
25Sun GOUESLAIN2566746.9pts (22ème), 515.5pts (49ème), 467.5pts (46ème), 836pts (23ème)Icepeak 6K
26Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE2553584.3pts (31ème), 769.6pts (25ème), 253.6pts (74ème), 945pts (4ème)Enzo 1K
27Jerome HULIN2492351.5pts (65ème), 934.6pts (6ème), 411pts (54ème), 795.2pts (29ème)Enzo 1K
28Stephane DROUIN2346845.4pts (12ème), 588.6pts (30ème), 410.1pts (55ème), 501.9pts (34ème)Enzo 1K
29Sebastien BOCHET2324241pts (84ème), 567.1pts (31ème), 675.4pts (31ème), 840.4pts (20ème)Icepeak 6K
30Thomas GURY2318828.6pts (15ème), 532.2pts (42ème), 866.8pts (8ème), 90.2pts (87ème)Icepeak 6K
31F V2298702.9pts (26ème), 533pts (41ème), 402.8pts (61ème), 658.9pts (32ème)Icepeak 6K
32Cyril LAMBERT2283446.4pts (47ème), 529.9pts (45ème), 520.4pts (43ème), 786.3pts (30ème)Enzo 1K
33Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE2226454.2pts (44ème), 184.2pts (84ème), 766.5pts (18ème), 821.1pts (27ème)Boomerang  9K
34Antoine TRICOU2207806.8pts (17ème), 199.6pts (80ème), 362.3pts (69ème), 838.5pts (21ème)Enzo 1K
35SYLVAIN DHONNEUR2150806.6pts (18ème), 510.7pts (53ème), 406.6pts (57ème), 425.6pts (41ème)Icepeak 6K
36Nicolas TREINS2141237.4pts (89ème), 920.2pts (10ème), 741.2pts (25ème), 242.2pts (56ème)Icepeak 6K
37Yann MARTAIL210739.2pts (101ème), 862.9pts (15ème), 345.1pts (70ème), 859.7pts (14ème)Enzo 1K
38Pierre DEJOUS2075841.4pts (14ème), 534.3pts (40ème), 385.2pts (67ème), 314.2pts (51ème)CodenK
39Dominique GUENARD2049355.8pts (63ème), 474.7pts (61ème), 380.8pts (68ème), 837.2pts (22ème)Enzo 1K
40Nicolas BERNHARD2037634.6pts (30ème), 696.8pts (28ème), 664.4pts (32ème), 41.2pts (92ème)Enzo 1K
41Arnaud BAUMY2031645.3pts (29ème), 500.6pts (56ème), 392.8pts (66ème), 492.3pts (35ème)Icepeak 6K
41Djordje PROKICSRB2031764.9pts (19ème), 471.8pts (62ème), 397.1pts (64ème), 396.9pts (42ème)Mercury SportD
43Erwan DIDRICHE1961812.2pts (16ème), 538.8pts (39ème), 409pts (56ème), 200.5pts (66ème)Peak 3D
44Didier TROCHET1959312.4pts (78ème), 544pts (38ème), 627.7pts (36ème), 474.7pts (39ème)Icepeak 6K
45Nicolas HERNANDEZ1867349.8pts (67ème), 557.7pts (32ème), 582.2pts (41ème), 377.7pts (46ème)Peak 2D
46Sebastien COUPY1857514.3pts (39ème), 514.2pts (50ème), 635.9pts (33ème), 192.2pts (71ème)Enzo 1K
47Nathalie FRESNE1823448.8pts (46ème), 264.4pts (73ème), 634.8pts (34ème), 474.9pts (38ème)Icepeak 6K
48Vincent FABRE1810449.5pts (45ème), 492.7pts (59ème), 752.7pts (23ème), 114.7pts (81ème)Enzo 1K
49ROLAND FREYCON1741567.8pts (32ème), 233.9pts (76ème), 478pts (44ème), 461.5pts (40ème)Mantra 4D
50Olivier HENRY1719442.9pts (48ème), 494pts (58ème), 582.8pts (40ème), 198.9pts (67ème)Icepeak 6K
51Leo DEGUEURCE1713764.7pts (20ème), 529pts (46ème), 215pts (83ème), 203.8pts (64ème)Boomerang XD
52OLIVIER MICHIELSEN171239.2pts (102ème), 756.4pts (22ème), 915.9pts (8ème)Enzo 1K
53Eric DAIGREMONT1701752.7pts (21ème), 516.8pts (48ème), 222.1pts (82ème), 208.9pts (62ème)Icepeak 6K
54Antoine GERIN-JEAN1682349.8pts (68ème), 546.1pts (35ème), 395.5pts (65ème), 390.1pts (43ème)Icepeak 6K
55Michel LEVISSE1662437.2pts (49ème), 478pts (60ème), 747.2pts (24ème)Icepeak 6K
56Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ1649731.9pts (24ème), 349.4pts (67ème), 405.3pts (59ème), 162.4pts (75ème)PureD
57Francois CORMIER1627346.2pts (70ème), 363.5pts (66ème), 727.5pts (29ème), 189.8pts (72ème)Icepeak 6K
58Stephane MEYTADIER1621455.2pts (43ème), 511pts (52ème), 454.6pts (48ème), 200.6pts (65ème)Icepeak 6K
59Jose FERREIRA1616363.8pts (59ème), 508.7pts (54ème), 264.9pts (72ème), 479pts (36ème)Icepeak 6K
60Daniel SCHMIDT1608237.4pts (90ème), 508.4pts (55ème), 19.8pts (101ème), 842.6pts (18ème)Icepeak 6K
61FRANCIS SIMONNET1584741pts (23ème), 35pts (98ème), 586.7pts (38ème), 221pts (58ème)Peak 3D
62Julien BRUNG1540208.1pts (93ème), 531.8pts (43ème), 800.3pts (15ème)Boomerang XD
63Gregory BRUNET1532329.1pts (76ème), 554.7pts (33ème), 405.8pts (58ème), 242.5pts (55ème)Icepeak 6K
64Etienne COUPEZLUX1507532pts (35ème), 35pts (100ème), 201.7pts (93ème), 738.5pts (31ème)Enzo 1K
65Sylvain GATTINI1489429.9pts (50ème), 637.3pts (29ème), 421.6pts (52ème)Icepeak 6K
66Xavier BESTEL1472478.2pts (42ème), 146.2pts (86ème), 731.1pts (27ème), 116.4pts (80ème)Icepeak 6K
67Mathieu BAZART1438272.6pts (82ème), 512.6pts (51ème), 403.4pts (60ème), 249.3pts (54ème)Icepeak 6K
68Remi GODEFROY1432566.8pts (33ème), 109.6pts (91ème), 614.9pts (37ème), 140.8pts (77ème)Usport 2D
69Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO1421238.8pts (87ème), 531.3pts (44ème), 538.5pts (42ème), 112.6pts (82ème)Icepeak 6K
70M V1386358.2pts (61ème), 706.4pts (27ème), 201.7pts (92ème), 119.7pts (78ème)Enzo 1K
71Claude LE-MELLEC1365341.7pts (74ème), 408.1pts (65ème), 245.7pts (78ème), 369.5pts (47ème)Icepeak 6K
72Sebastien TOURNAIRE1213529.1pts (37ème), 35pts (101ème), 442.3pts (49ème), 206.3pts (63ème)Mantra 4D
73Bertrand BELLET1206374.4pts (55ème), 524.3pts (47ème), 266.4pts (71ème), 41.2pts (89ème)Icepeak 6K
74Jose ANSELMO1183223.6pts (92ème), 270.6pts (72ème), 584.9pts (39ème), 103.8pts (84ème)Peak 2D
74Marco MENGEDEU1183290pts (79ème), 412.2pts (64ème), 94pts (100ème), 386.6pts (45ème)Peak 3D
76Xavier GIRIN1160357.3pts (62ème), 494.7pts (57ème), 204.1pts (89ème), 103.7pts (85ème)Aspen 4C
77Michel COLIN1061427.7pts (51ème), 244.4pts (79ème), 388.8pts (44ème)Icepeak 6K
78Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN1043282.6pts (81ème), 316.4pts (68ème), 247.2pts (76ème), 196.9pts (69ème)Mantra 4D
79Sandy LAMBERT1040366.4pts (58ème), 234.3pts (74ème), 215pts (85ème), 224.6pts (57ème)Icepeak 6K
80Nicola DI-BERNARDO1029234.4pts (91ème), 794.8pts (21ème)Enzo 1K
81Joel LOIRE1008389.3pts (53ème), 281.7pts (70ème), 180.1pts (97ème), 157pts (76ème)Icepeak 6K
82Dominique CRESPEL954341.6pts (75ème), 101pts (92ème), 470pts (45ème), 41.2pts (93ème)Icepeak 6K
83Sebastien FARNAUD948240.9pts (86ème), 188.3pts (83ème), 198.7pts (94ème), 319.9pts (50ème)Usport 2D
84Christophe PIANFETTI932351.5pts (64ème), 223.5pts (78ème), 245.9pts (77ème), 111pts (83ème)Peak 2D
85David SCHRALL91737.9pts (104ème), 204pts (79ème), 455.7pts (47ème), 219pts (59ème)Trango XC 2C
86Philippe NIVET901369.8pts (57ème), 129.6pts (88ème), 204.4pts (88ème), 196.8pts (70ème)Poison 2D
87Luc RESPLENDINO895393.5pts (52ème), 38.1pts (96ème), 422.5pts (50ème), 41.2pts (90ème)Enzo 1K
88Thierry BRETELLE87576.6pts (96ème), 51.1pts (95ème), 629pts (35ème), 118pts (79ème)Mantra 4D
89Arthur BELLET83039.2pts (99ème), 545.3pts (37ème), 204.1pts (91ème), 41.2pts (94ème)Enzo 1K
90Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN829329pts (77ème), 118.6pts (89ème), 182.8pts (95ème), 198.8pts (68ème)Peak 2D
91Clement CARLUT824374.5pts (54ème), 145.5pts (87ème), 204.1pts (90ème), 99.9pts (86ème)DiamirC
92Anne-sophie TRIBOUT801370.4pts (56ème), 224.3pts (77ème), 206.6pts (86ème)Icepeak 6K
93L L712240.9pts (85ème), 73.9pts (93ème), 182.7pts (96ème), 214.5pts (60ème)Aspen 4C
94Gaetan JUNIQUE702287.5pts (80ème), 191.1pts (82ème), 223.7pts (81ème)Boomerang XD
95D L68539.2pts (100ème), 196.8pts (81ème), 235.6pts (80ème), 213.5pts (61ème)Boomerang  9K
96Nelson DE-FREYMAN654350pts (66ème), 303.6pts (69ème)Enzo 1K
97David RICHAUD63664.1pts (97ème), 398.1pts (62ème), 173.6pts (74ème)Mantra 4D
98Nicolas HONDE632270.3pts (83ème), 114.8pts (90ème), 247.2pts (75ème)Magus XCD
99Joris DESLEE622237.5pts (88ème), 35pts (97ème), 165pts (98ème), 184.8pts (73ème)Mantra 3D
100Eva HUMEAU478103.9pts (95ème), 72.1pts (94ème), 260.3pts (73ème), 41.2pts (91ème)Peak 2D
101MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE476154pts (94ème), 35pts (99ème), 204.6pts (87ème), 82.5pts (88ème)Artik 3C
102Tim ROCHAS446445.7pts (63ème)Icepeak 6K
103Didier DURAND42039.2pts (98ème), 234.2pts (75ème), 146.5pts (99ème)Icepeak 6K
104Olivier FAURE41837.9pts (105ème), 164.7pts (85ème), 215pts (84ème)Enzo 1K
105Samuel MICHEL346346.1pts (71ème)Mantra 4D
106Christian PERRIN252252.2pts (53ème)Icepeak 6K
107Jean-baptiste BERLIOUX3939.2pts (103ème)Boomerang  9K
manche 1
manche 2016 validée le 26 juillet 13
lieu : Bergies
Course au But
date : 12/06/2013
distance optimisee : 91.259 km

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10Honorin HAMARD91.3 km2h40mn56s34 km/h10001000.0107.0Icepeak 6K
20Seiko FUKUOKA91.3 km2h45mn30s33.1 km/h944.8944.8105.0Icepeak 6K
30Remi MONTGINOT91.3 km2h47mn30s32.7 km/h931931.0104.0Icepeak 6K
40Denis CORTELLA91.3 km2h48mn50s32.4 km/h909.8909.8102.0Boomerang  9K
50Jeremie LAGER91.3 km2h49mn30s32.3 km/h908.2908.2101.0Icepeak 6K
60Pierre REMY91.3 km2h49mn56s32.2 km/h902.3902.3100.5Icepeak 6K
70ARNAUD SECHER91.3 km2h50mn19s32.1 km/h891891.098.0Boomerang  9K
80Richard GALLON91.3 km2h53mn26s31.6 km/h873.9873.997.0Boomerang  9K
90Maxime BELLEMIN91.3 km2h54mn39s31.4 km/h866.8866.896Boomerang  9K
100Laurie GENOVESE91.3 km2h54mn27s31.4 km/h866.7866.795.0Icepeak 6K
110JEAN-MARC CARON91.3 km2h55mn24s31.2 km/h860.6860.694.5Icepeak 6K
120Stephane DROUIN91.3 km2h57mn37s30.8 km/h845.4845.493Enzo 1K
130Julien WIRTZ91.3 km2h58mn09s30.7 km/h843.6843.692.4Enzo 1K
140Pierre DEJOUS91.3 km2h57mn40s30.8 km/h841.4841.492.0CodenK
150Thomas GURY91.3 km3h01mn26s30.2 km/h828.6828.690.0Icepeak 6K
160Erwan DIDRICHE91.3 km3h04mn09s29.7 km/h812.2812.289.0Peak 3D
170Antoine TRICOU91.3 km3h03mn04s29.9 km/h806.8806.888.0Enzo 1K
180SYLVAIN DHONNEUR91.3 km3h05mn26s29.5 km/h806.6806.688.0Icepeak 6K
190Djordje PROKICSRB91.3 km3h15mn18s28 km/h764.9764.984.0Mercury SportD
200Leo DEGUEURCE91.3 km3h15mn04s28.1 km/h764.7764.783.0Boomerang XD
210Eric DAIGREMONT91.3 km3h17mn32s27.7 km/h752.7752.782.0Icepeak 6K
220Sun GOUESLAIN91.3 km3h18mn24s27.6 km/h746.9746.981.0Icepeak 6K
230FRANCIS SIMONNET91.3 km3h20mn22s27.3 km/h741741.080.0Peak 3D
240Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ91.3 km3h23mn23s26.9 km/h731.9731.979.0PureD
250Frederic SINATTI91.3 km3h27mn44s26.4 km/h715.4715.477.5Icepeak 6K
260F V91.3 km3h31mn53s25.8 km/h702.9702.976.0Icepeak 6K
270Didier MATHURIN91.3 km3h32mn36s25.8 km/h699.8699.876.0Enzo 1K
280Jacques FOURNIER91.3 km3h42mn09s24.6 km/h671.7671.772.6Enzo 1K
290Arnaud BAUMY91.3 km3h48mn29s24 km/h645.3645.370.0Icepeak 6K
300Nicolas BERNHARD91.3 km3h55mn31s23.2 km/h634.6634.668.0Enzo 1K
310Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE91.3 km4h04mn56s22.4 km/h584.3584.362.7Enzo 1K
320ROLAND FREYCON91.3 km4h11mn25s21.8 km/h567.8567.861.0Mantra 4D
330Remi GODEFROY91.3 km4h12mn14s21.7 km/h566.8566.860.0Usport 2D
340Simon ISSENHUTH91.3 km4h30mn51s20.2 km/h554.4554.459.0Peak 3D
350Etienne COUPEZLUX90.5 km532532.056.0Enzo 1K
360Luc ARMANT90.1 km530.7530.756.3Enzo 1K
370Sebastien TOURNAIRE89.5 km529.1529.156.0Mantra 4D
380Lucas BERNARDIN85.4 km517.2517.254.6Icepeak 6K
390Sebastien COUPY84.7 km514.3514.354.2Enzo 1K
400Jonathan MARIN80.4 km494.9494.951.9Stratus Core 3K
410VINCENT PERNOLLET77.5 km483.6483.651.0Enzo 1K
420Xavier BESTEL76.3 km478.2478.250.0Icepeak 6K
430Stephane MEYTADIER70.7 km455.2455.247.0Icepeak 6K
440Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE70.4 km454.2454.247.1Boomerang  9K
450Vincent FABRE69.5 km449.5449.546.5Enzo 1K
460Nathalie FRESNE69.4 km448.8448.846.4Icepeak 6K
470Cyril LAMBERT69 km446.4446.446.1Enzo 1K
480Olivier HENRY68.6 km442.9442.945.7Icepeak 6K
490Michel LEVISSE68 km437.2437.245Icepeak 6K
500Sylvain GATTINI67.3 km429.9429.944.2Icepeak 6K
510Michel COLIN67.2 km427.7427.744.0Icepeak 6K
520Luc RESPLENDINO62.5 km393.5393.540Enzo 1K
530Joel LOIRE61.4 km389.3389.339.5Icepeak 6K
540Clement CARLUT58.3 km374.5374.538.0DiamirC
550Bertrand BELLET58.2 km374.4374.438.0Icepeak 6K
560Anne-sophie TRIBOUT57.6 km370.4370.437.3Icepeak 6K
570Philippe NIVET57.5 km369.8369.837.0Poison 2D
580Sandy LAMBERT57.1 km366.4366.436.9Icepeak 6K
590Jose FERREIRA56.8 km363.8363.836.5Icepeak 6K
600Vincent SPRUNGLI56.6 km361.7361.736.0Boomerang  9K
610M V56.3 km358.2358.235.9Enzo 1K
620Xavier GIRIN56.3 km357.3357.336.0Aspen 4C
630Dominique GUENARD56.2 km355.8355.835.6Enzo 1K
640Christophe PIANFETTI55.8 km351.5351.535.0Peak 2D
640Jerome HULIN55.8 km351.5351.535.1Enzo 1K
660Nelson DE-FREYMAN55.8 km350350.034.9Enzo 1K
670Nicolas HERNANDEZ55.7 km349.8349.835.0Peak 2D
670Antoine GERIN-JEAN55.7 km349.8349.834.9Icepeak 6K
690Maxime PINOT55.6 km347.9347.934.7Icepeak 6K
700Francois CORMIER55.6 km346.2346.234.5Icepeak 6K
710Samuel MICHEL55.6 km346.1346.134.0Mantra 4D
720Charles CAZAUX55.4 km341.8341.834Enzo 1K
720William MARKT55.4 km341.8341.834Enzo 1K
740Claude LE-MELLEC55.4 km341.7341.733.9Icepeak 6K
750Dominique CRESPEL55.3 km341.6341.633.9Icepeak 6K
760Gregory BRUNET54.9 km329.1329.132.5Icepeak 6K
770Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN54.9 km329329.032.5Peak 2D
780Didier TROCHET54.2 km312.4312.431.0Icepeak 6K
790Marco MENGEDEU53.4 km290290.028.2Peak 3D
800Gaetan JUNIQUE53.2 km287.5287.527.9Boomerang XD
810Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN53.1 km282.6282.627.0Mantra 4D
820Mathieu BAZART52.6 km272.6272.626.2Icepeak 6K
830Nicolas HONDE52.5 km270.3270.326.0Magus XCD
840Sebastien BOCHET50.9 km241241.022.7Icepeak 6K
850L L50.8 km240.9240.922.7Aspen 4C
850Sebastien FARNAUD50.8 km240.9240.922.7Usport 2D
870Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO50.7 km238.8238.822.4Icepeak 6K
880Joris DESLEE50.6 km237.5237.522.0Mantra 3D
890Nicolas TREINS50.5 km237.4237.422.3Icepeak 6K
890Daniel SCHMIDT50.5 km237.4237.422.3Icepeak 6K
910Nicola DI-BERNARDO50.3 km234.4234.421.9Enzo 1K
920Jose ANSELMO49.6 km223.6223.620.7Peak 2D
930Julien BRUNG48.6 km208.1208.119Boomerang XD
940MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE37.2 km154154.013Artik 3C
950Eva HUMEAU21.4 km103.9103.97.4Peak 2D
960Thierry BRETELLE13.4 km76.676.64.3Mantra 4D
970David RICHAUD10.1 km64.164.12.9Mantra 4D
980Didier DURAND3.2 km39.239.20.1Icepeak 6K
980Arthur BELLET3.2 km39.239.20.1Enzo 1K
980D L3.2 km39.239.20.1Boomerang  9K
980Yann MARTAIL3.2 km39.239.20.1Enzo 1K
980OLIVIER MICHIELSEN3.2 km39.239.20.1Enzo 1K
980Jean-baptiste BERLIOUX3.2 km39.239.20.1Boomerang  9K
1040David SCHRALL37.937.90Trango XC 2C
1040Olivier FAURE37.937.90Enzo 1K
open0MARINA OLEXINARUS3.2 km39.239.20.1Boomerang XD
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU91.3 km2h50mn06s32.2 km/h896.7896.799.6Enzo 1K
open0KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL3.2 km39.239.20.1Icepeak 6K
open0JOERI BALBEL56.9 km364.8364.836.7Antea 2C
open0JOEL DEBONSCHE58.2 km374374.037.8Icepeak 6K
open0RICHARD VANDENBEGINEBEL69.6 km450.1450.146.6Enzo 1K

Manche 1

  • Lieu : Bergies
  • Course au But
  • date : 12/06/2013
  • distance optimisee : 91.259 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 13:00:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 15:00:00
  • Start : 14:00:00
  • fin de manche : 19:00:00


BALISEB41148LA PLATTE400010.638
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manche 2
manche 2017 validée le 26 juillet 13
lieu : soubeyrand
Course au But
date : 13/06/2013
distance optimisee : 74.633 km

Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
10Denis CORTELLA74.6 km2h42mn25s27.6 km/h999.7999.7106.0Boomerang  9K
20Luc ARMANT74.6 km2h44mn20s27.2 km/h952.1952.1104Enzo 1K
30Honorin HAMARD74.6 km2h45mn31s27.1 km/h948.2948.2103.1Icepeak 6K
40JEAN-MARC CARON74.6 km2h45mn30s27.1 km/h946.5946.5102.2Icepeak 6K
50Jeremie LAGER74.6 km2h45mn35s27 km/h937.7937.7101.0Icepeak 6K
60Jerome HULIN74.6 km2h45mn33s27 km/h934.6934.6100.0Enzo 1K
70Pierre REMY74.6 km2h45mn43s27 km/h933.7933.799.6Icepeak 6K
80Lucas BERNARDIN74.6 km2h45mn47s27 km/h930.4930.498.7Icepeak 6K
90Julien WIRTZ74.6 km2h45mn59s27 km/h929.2929.297.9Enzo 1K
100Nicolas TREINS74.6 km2h47mn07s26.8 km/h920.2920.297.0Icepeak 6K
110Didier MATHURIN74.6 km2h50mn08s26.3 km/h899.7899.796.0Enzo 1K
120Simon ISSENHUTH74.6 km2h51mn38s26.1 km/h898.8898.895.0Peak 3D
130VINCENT PERNOLLET74.6 km2h50mn55s26.2 km/h887.2887.294.0Enzo 1K
140Laurie GENOVESE74.6 km2h52mn54s25.9 km/h873.1873.192.6Icepeak 6K
150Yann MARTAIL74.6 km2h54mn02s25.7 km/h862.9862.992.0Enzo 1K
160Richard GALLON74.6 km2h56mn13s25.4 km/h861.1861.191Boomerang  9K
170Jacques FOURNIER74.6 km3h02mn32s24.5 km/h816.1816.187.8Enzo 1K
180Maxime PINOT74.6 km3h02mn15s24.6 km/h814.3814.387.2Icepeak 6K
190Maxime BELLEMIN74.6 km3h03mn03s24.5 km/h809809.086.4Boomerang  9K
200Seiko FUKUOKA74.6 km3h05mn37s24.1 km/h798.1798.185.0Icepeak 6K
210Nicola DI-BERNARDO74.6 km3h05mn05s24.2 km/h794.8794.884.0Enzo 1K
220Vincent SPRUNGLI74.6 km3h07mn47s23.8 km/h787.9787.984.0Boomerang  9K
230William MARKT74.6 km3h09mn28s23.6 km/h784.5784.583.0Enzo 1K
240Remi MONTGINOT74.6 km3h09mn03s23.7 km/h784.3784.383.0Icepeak 6K
250Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE74.6 km3h11mn16s23.4 km/h769.6769.681.0Enzo 1K
260Jonathan MARIN74.6 km3h14mn49s23 km/h761.6761.680.4Stratus Core 3K
270M V74.6 km3h29mn07s21.4 km/h706.4706.475.0Enzo 1K
280Nicolas BERNHARD74.6 km3h28mn03s21.5 km/h696.8696.874.0Enzo 1K
290Sylvain GATTINI74.6 km3h45mn11s19.9 km/h637.3637.368.3Icepeak 6K
300Stephane DROUIN74.3 km588.6588.662.9Enzo 1K
310Sebastien BOCHET74.6 km4h13mn49s17.6 km/h567.1567.160.4Icepeak 6K
320Nicolas HERNANDEZ74.6 km4h15mn05s17.6 km/h557.7557.759.0Peak 2D
330Gregory BRUNET74.6 km4h16mn21s17.5 km/h554.7554.759.0Icepeak 6K
340ARNAUD SECHER74.3 km552.2552.258.0Boomerang  9K
350Antoine GERIN-JEAN72.5 km546.1546.158.0Icepeak 6K
350Charles CAZAUX74.4 km546.1546.157.7Enzo 1K
370Arthur BELLET73.8 km545.3545.357.0Enzo 1K
380Didier TROCHET74.6 km4h31mn23s16.5 km/h544544.057.0Icepeak 6K
390Erwan DIDRICHE71.7 km538.8538.856.0Peak 3D
400Pierre DEJOUS73.2 km534.3534.356.0CodenK
410F V73.2 km533533.056.0Icepeak 6K
420Thomas GURY71.2 km532.2532.255.0Icepeak 6K
430Julien BRUNG72.7 km531.8531.855.4Boomerang XD
440Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO70.3 km531.3531.355.0Icepeak 6K
450Cyril LAMBERT74 km529.9529.955Enzo 1K
460Leo DEGUEURCE72.4 km529529.055.0Boomerang XD
470Bertrand BELLET72.4 km524.3524.354.0Icepeak 6K
480Eric DAIGREMONT71.3 km516.8516.853.0Icepeak 6K
490Sun GOUESLAIN71.4 km515.5515.553.0Icepeak 6K
500Sebastien COUPY71.2 km514.2514.253.1Enzo 1K
510Mathieu BAZART70 km512.6512.653.0Icepeak 6K
520Stephane MEYTADIER71 km511511.053.0Icepeak 6K
530SYLVAIN DHONNEUR70 km510.7510.752.5Icepeak 6K
540Jose FERREIRA70.1 km508.7508.752.0Icepeak 6K
550Daniel SCHMIDT70 km508.4508.452.0Icepeak 6K
560Arnaud BAUMY70.4 km500.6500.651.3Icepeak 6K
570Xavier GIRIN70.1 km494.7494.751.0Aspen 4C
580Olivier HENRY70 km494494.050.5Icepeak 6K
590Vincent FABRE70.1 km492.7492.750.3Enzo 1K
600Michel LEVISSE69.2 km478478.048.8Icepeak 6K
610Dominique GUENARD69.4 km474.7474.748.4Enzo 1K
620Djordje PROKICSRB69.3 km471.8471.848.0Mercury SportD
630Tim ROCHAS68.5 km445.7445.745.0Icepeak 6K
640Marco MENGEDEU66.8 km412.2412.242.0Peak 3D
650Claude LE-MELLEC66.4 km408.1408.141.2Icepeak 6K
660Francois CORMIER57.6 km363.5363.536.0Icepeak 6K
670Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ54.8 km349.4349.434.8PureD
680Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN46.7 km316.4316.431.0Mantra 4D
690Nelson DE-FREYMAN44.2 km303.6303.629.7Enzo 1K
700Joel LOIRE39.3 km281.7281.727.3Icepeak 6K
710Frederic SINATTI38.3 km276.7276.726.7Icepeak 6K
720Jose ANSELMO37.4 km270.6270.626.1Peak 2D
730Nathalie FRESNE36.6 km264.4264.425.4Icepeak 6K
740Sandy LAMBERT30.7 km234.3234.322Icepeak 6K
750Didier DURAND30.7 km234.2234.222Icepeak 6K
760ROLAND FREYCON30.7 km233.9233.922Mantra 4D
770Anne-sophie TRIBOUT29.4 km224.3224.320.9Icepeak 6K
780Christophe PIANFETTI29.3 km223.5223.520.8Peak 2D
790David SCHRALL27.3 km204204.018.7Trango XC 2C
800Antoine TRICOU26.8 km199.6199.618.2Enzo 1K
810D L26.5 km196.8196.817.9Boomerang  9K
820Gaetan JUNIQUE25.7 km191.1191.117.3Boomerang XD
830Sebastien FARNAUD25.4 km188.3188.316.9Usport 2D
840Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE25 km184.2184.216.5Boomerang  9K
850Olivier FAURE23.2 km164.7164.714.3Enzo 1K
860Xavier BESTEL20 km146.2146.212.3Icepeak 6K
870Clement CARLUT19.9 km145.5145.512.2DiamirC
880Philippe NIVET17.8 km129.6129.610.5Poison 2D
890Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN16.3 km118.6118.69.2Peak 2D
900Nicolas HONDE15.7 km114.8114.89.0Magus XCD
910Remi GODEFROY15.2 km109.6109.68.2Usport 2D
920Dominique CRESPEL14.3 km101101.07.3Icepeak 6K
930L L10.2 km73.973.94.3Aspen 4C
940Eva HUMEAU9.9 km72.172.14.1Peak 2D
950Thierry BRETELLE6.2 km51.151.11.8Mantra 4D
960Luc RESPLENDINO3.5 km38.138.10.3Enzo 1K
970Joris DESLEE2.5 km3535.00Mantra 3D
970FRANCIS SIMONNET2.5 km3535.00Peak 3D
970Etienne COUPEZLUX2.6 km3535.00Enzo 1K
970Sebastien TOURNAIRE2.9 km3535.00Mantra 4D
open0MARINA OLEXINARUS15.7 km114.3114.38.8Boomerang XD
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU74.6 km2h45mn06s27.1 km/h952.3952.3104.8Enzo 1K
open0KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL73.6 km539.7539.756.7Icepeak 6K
open0JOERI BALBEL66.5 km409.2409.241.3Antea 2C
open0JOEL DEBONSCHE19.6 km143.6143.612Icepeak 6K
open0RICHARD VANDENBEGINEBEL71.2 km535.7535.756.1Enzo 1K

Manche 2

  • Lieu : soubeyrand
  • Course au But
  • date : 13/06/2013
  • distance optimisee : 74.633 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 12:15:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 14:15:00
  • Start : 13:15:00
  • fin de manche : 18:30:00


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manche 3
manche 2018 validée le 26 juillet 13
lieu : Soubeyrand
Course au But
date : 14/06/2013
distance optimisee : 39.044 km

Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
10Simon ISSENHUTH39 km1h16mn10s30.8 km/h967.8967.8107.0Peak 3D
20Maxime PINOT39 km1h18mn45s29.7 km/h904.3904.3104.7Icepeak 6K
30Honorin HAMARD39 km1h18mn48s29.7 km/h902.3902.3103.8Icepeak 6K
40Denis CORTELLA39 km1h18mn56s29.7 km/h898.1898.1103.0Boomerang  9K
50William MARKT39 km1h19mn03s29.6 km/h890.6890.6102.0Enzo 1K
60JEAN-MARC CARON39 km1h19mn21s29.5 km/h886.9886.9100.9Icepeak 6K
70Julien WIRTZ39 km1h20mn19s29.2 km/h871.8871.899.5Enzo 1K
80Thomas GURY39 km1h20mn35s29.1 km/h866.8866.898.0Icepeak 6K
90Lucas BERNARDIN39 km1h21mn02s28.9 km/h859.7859.797.5Icepeak 6K
100Didier MATHURIN39 km1h21mn47s28.6 km/h849.7849.796.0Enzo 1K
110VINCENT PERNOLLET39 km1h22mn12s28.5 km/h841841.095.0Enzo 1K
120Charles CAZAUX39 km1h24mn19s27.8 km/h817.9817.992.7Enzo 1K
130Remi MONTGINOT39 km1h25mn25s27.4 km/h809.5809.592.0Icepeak 6K
140Jacques FOURNIER39 km1h25mn34s27.4 km/h802.7802.790.6Enzo 1K
150Julien BRUNG39 km1h25mn54s27.3 km/h800.3800.390.0Boomerang XD
160Pierre REMY39 km1h29mn46s26.1 km/h771.5771.587.4Icepeak 6K
170Frederic SINATTI39 km1h30mn29s25.9 km/h766.5766.586.0Icepeak 6K
170Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE39 km1h29mn45s26.1 km/h766.5766.586.0Boomerang  9K
190Maxime BELLEMIN39 km1h30mn37s25.9 km/h763.8763.885.6Boomerang  9K
200Seiko FUKUOKA39 km1h30mn37s25.9 km/h762.4762.485.0Icepeak 6K
210Jeremie LAGER39 km1h30mn39s25.8 km/h761.9761.985.0Icepeak 6K
220OLIVIER MICHIELSEN39 km1h30mn55s25.8 km/h756.4756.483.9Enzo 1K
230Vincent FABRE39 km1h31mn01s25.7 km/h752.7752.783.0Enzo 1K
240Michel LEVISSE39 km1h31mn24s25.6 km/h747.2747.282.0Icepeak 6K
250Nicolas TREINS39 km1h31mn48s25.5 km/h741.2741.282.0Icepeak 6K
260Jonathan MARIN39 km1h31mn43s25.5 km/h739.6739.681.0Stratus Core 3K
270Xavier BESTEL39 km1h32mn47s25.2 km/h731.1731.180.0Icepeak 6K
280Vincent SPRUNGLI39 km1h34mn32s24.8 km/h730.8730.880.0Boomerang  9K
290Francois CORMIER39 km1h33mn44s25 km/h727.5727.579.0Icepeak 6K
300Laurie GENOVESE39 km1h38mn35s23.8 km/h695.2695.276.2Icepeak 6K
310Sebastien BOCHET39 km1h40mn49s23.2 km/h675.4675.474.3Icepeak 6K
320Nicolas BERNHARD39 km1h41mn34s23.1 km/h664.4664.473.0Enzo 1K
330Sebastien COUPY39 km1h45mn52s22.1 km/h635.9635.970.0Enzo 1K
340Nathalie FRESNE39 km1h46mn21s22 km/h634.8634.870.0Icepeak 6K
350Thierry BRETELLE39 km1h47mn00s21.9 km/h629629.069.0Mantra 4D
360Didier TROCHET39 km1h47mn14s21.8 km/h627.7627.769.0Icepeak 6K
370Remi GODEFROY39 km1h48mn54s21.5 km/h614.9614.967.0Usport 2D
380FRANCIS SIMONNET39 km1h54mn00s20.5 km/h586.7586.764.0Peak 3D
390Jose ANSELMO39 km1h54mn55s20.4 km/h584.9584.964.0Peak 2D
400Olivier HENRY39 km1h55mn44s20.2 km/h582.8582.864.0Icepeak 6K
410Nicolas HERNANDEZ39 km1h55mn18s20.3 km/h582.2582.264.0Peak 2D
420Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO39 km2h04mn31s18.8 km/h538.5538.559.0Icepeak 6K
430Cyril LAMBERT39 km2h05mn47s18.6 km/h520.4520.457.0Enzo 1K
440ROLAND FREYCON39 km2h14mn18s17.4 km/h478478.052.0Mantra 4D
450Dominique CRESPEL39 km2h17mn03s17.1 km/h470470.051.0Icepeak 6K
460Sun GOUESLAIN39 km2h17mn05s17.1 km/h467.5467.551.0Icepeak 6K
470David SCHRALL39 km2h18mn57s16.9 km/h455.7455.750.0Trango XC 2C
480Stephane MEYTADIER39 km2h19mn00s16.9 km/h454.6454.649.0Icepeak 6K
490Sebastien TOURNAIRE39 km2h22mn31s16.4 km/h442.3442.348.0Mantra 4D
500Luc RESPLENDINO38.1 km422.5422.545.8Enzo 1K
510ARNAUD SECHER37.7 km422.2422.245.7Boomerang  9K
520Sylvain GATTINI37.4 km421.6421.645.6Icepeak 6K
530Luc ARMANT37.5 km421.4421.445.6Enzo 1K
540Jerome HULIN37.1 km411411.044.4Enzo 1K
550Stephane DROUIN37 km410.1410.144.3Enzo 1K
560Erwan DIDRICHE37 km409409.044.0Peak 3D
570SYLVAIN DHONNEUR36.9 km406.6406.643.8Icepeak 6K
580Gregory BRUNET37.8 km405.8405.844.0Icepeak 6K
590Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ37.7 km405.3405.343.6PureD
600Mathieu BAZART36.9 km403.4403.443.4Icepeak 6K
610F V37 km402.8402.843.3Icepeak 6K
620David RICHAUD37 km398.1398.143.0Mantra 4D
630Richard GALLON36.8 km397.8397.842.7Boomerang  9K
640Djordje PROKICSRB36.7 km397.1397.142.6Mercury SportD
650Antoine GERIN-JEAN36.5 km395.5395.542.0Icepeak 6K
660Arnaud BAUMY36.7 km392.8392.842.1Icepeak 6K
670Pierre DEJOUS36.3 km385.2385.241.2CodenK
680Dominique GUENARD36.3 km380.8380.840.7Enzo 1K
690Antoine TRICOU35.7 km362.3362.338.7Enzo 1K
700Yann MARTAIL35 km345.1345.136.7Enzo 1K
710Bertrand BELLET26.4 km266.4266.427.9Icepeak 6K
720Jose FERREIRA26.2 km264.9264.927.7Icepeak 6K
730Eva HUMEAU25.6 km260.3260.327.2Peak 2D
740Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE24.8 km253.6253.626.5Enzo 1K
750Nicolas HONDE24.2 km247.2247.226.0Magus XCD
750Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN24.2 km247.2247.226.0Mantra 4D
770Christophe PIANFETTI24.1 km245.9245.925.6Peak 2D
780Claude LE-MELLEC24.1 km245.7245.725.5Icepeak 6K
790Michel COLIN24 km244.4244.425.4Icepeak 6K
800D L23.5 km235.6235.624.4Boomerang  9K
810Gaetan JUNIQUE22.8 km223.7223.723.1Boomerang XD
820Eric DAIGREMONT22.7 km222.1222.122.9Icepeak 6K
830Leo DEGUEURCE22.4 km215215.022.1Boomerang XD
830Olivier FAURE22.3 km215215.022.0Enzo 1K
830Sandy LAMBERT22.3 km215215.022.1Icepeak 6K
860Anne-sophie TRIBOUT22 km206.6206.621.1Icepeak 6K
870MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE21.9 km204.6204.620.9Artik 3C
880Philippe NIVET21.9 km204.4204.420.9Poison 2D
890Xavier GIRIN21.8 km204.1204.121.0Aspen 4C
890Clement CARLUT21.8 km204.1204.120.8DiamirC
890Arthur BELLET21.8 km204.1204.120.8Enzo 1K
920M V21.8 km201.7201.720.6Enzo 1K
920Etienne COUPEZLUX21.8 km201.7201.720.6Enzo 1K
940Sebastien FARNAUD21.7 km198.7198.720.2Usport 2D
950Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN21.1 km182.8182.818.4Peak 2D
960L L21.1 km182.7182.718.4Aspen 4C
970Joel LOIRE21.1 km180.1180.118.1Icepeak 6K
980Joris DESLEE20.6 km165165.016.4Mantra 3D
990Didier DURAND19.9 km146.5146.514.3Icepeak 6K
1000Marco MENGEDEU16.3 km9494.08.4Peak 3D
1010Daniel SCHMIDT19.819.80Icepeak 6K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU38.2 km428.5428.546.5Enzo 1K
open0KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL39 km1h48mn02s21.7 km/h627.3627.368.7Icepeak 6K
open0JOERI BALBEL21.1 km180.2180.218.1Antea 2C
open0JOEL DEBONSCHE39 km1h22mn49s28.3 km/h837837.094.4Icepeak 6K
open0RICHARD VANDENBEGINEBEL39 km1h33mn39s25 km/h723.5723.578.8Enzo 1K

Manche 3

  • Lieu : Soubeyrand
  • Course au But
  • date : 14/06/2013
  • distance optimisee : 39.044 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 15:00:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 18:00:00
  • Start : 15:45:00
  • fin de manche : 19:00:00


BALISEB11137MT BANNE4008.867
GOALA06095ATT BUC10008.338
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manche 4
manche 2019 validée le 26 juillet 13
lieu : Soubeyrand
Course au But
date : 15/06/2013
distance optimisee : 58.434 km

Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
10JEAN-MARC CARON58.4 km2h15mn12s25.9 km/h997.2997.2106.2Icepeak 6K
20Jacques FOURNIER58.4 km2h15mn22s25.9 km/h985.9985.9105.0Enzo 1K
30Jeremie LAGER58.4 km2h16mn12s25.7 km/h959.2959.2102.0Icepeak 6K
40Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE58.4 km2h17mn26s25.5 km/h945945.0101.0Enzo 1K
50Julien WIRTZ58.4 km2h18mn56s25.2 km/h928.1928.199.5Enzo 1K
60VINCENT PERNOLLET58.4 km2h17mn47s25.4 km/h926.9926.998.0Enzo 1K
70Charles CAZAUX58.4 km2h19mn01s25.2 km/h924.8924.897.8Enzo 1K
80OLIVIER MICHIELSEN58.4 km2h19mn52s25.1 km/h915.9915.996.8Enzo 1K
90Richard GALLON58.4 km2h20mn04s25 km/h915.4915.496.0Boomerang  9K
100Maxime BELLEMIN58.4 km2h19mn22s25.2 km/h914.6914.695.2Boomerang  9K
110Seiko FUKUOKA58.4 km2h21mn11s24.8 km/h897.9897.994.0Icepeak 6K
120Lucas BERNARDIN58.4 km2h22mn06s24.7 km/h883.7883.792.8Icepeak 6K
130Jonathan MARIN58.4 km2h25mn43s24.1 km/h860.3860.391.0Stratus Core 3K
140Yann MARTAIL58.4 km2h25mn20s24.1 km/h859.7859.790.0Enzo 1K
150Vincent SPRUNGLI58.4 km2h26mn25s23.9 km/h857857.090.0Boomerang  9K
160William MARKT58.4 km2h25mn53s24 km/h855.2855.289.0Enzo 1K
170Frederic SINATTI58.4 km2h26mn06s24 km/h852.4852.488.0Icepeak 6K
180Daniel SCHMIDT58.4 km2h27mn22s23.8 km/h842.6842.687.0Icepeak 6K
190Didier MATHURIN58.4 km2h28mn06s23.7 km/h841.1841.187.0Enzo 1K
200Sebastien BOCHET58.4 km2h27mn28s23.8 km/h840.4840.486.0Icepeak 6K
210Antoine TRICOU58.4 km2h27mn54s23.7 km/h838.5838.586.0Enzo 1K
220Dominique GUENARD58.4 km2h27mn50s23.7 km/h837.2837.285.0Enzo 1K
230Sun GOUESLAIN58.4 km2h28mn00s23.7 km/h836836.084.0Icepeak 6K
240Maxime PINOT58.4 km2h28mn39s23.6 km/h831.7831.783.9Icepeak 6K
250ARNAUD SECHER58.4 km2h29mn30s23.5 km/h830830.083.0Boomerang  9K
260Pierre REMY58.4 km2h29mn58s23.4 km/h826.9826.982.7Icepeak 6K
270Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE58.4 km2h30mn49s23.2 km/h821.1821.182.0Boomerang  9K
280Luc ARMANT58.4 km2h34mn43s22.7 km/h803.3803.380.8Enzo 1K
290Jerome HULIN58.4 km2h36mn27s22.4 km/h795.2795.280.0Enzo 1K
300Cyril LAMBERT58.4 km2h37mn56s22.2 km/h786.3786.379.0Enzo 1K
310Etienne COUPEZLUX58.4 km2h47mn50s20.9 km/h738.5738.576.0Enzo 1K
320F V58.4 km3h08mn06s18.6 km/h658.9658.969.0Icepeak 6K
330Honorin HAMARD57.5 km510.1510.153.1Icepeak 6K
340Stephane DROUIN55 km501.9501.952.1Enzo 1K
350Arnaud BAUMY55.1 km492.3492.350.9Icepeak 6K
360Jose FERREIRA53.2 km479479.049.0Icepeak 6K
370Remi MONTGINOT52.8 km475.8475.849Icepeak 6K
380Nathalie FRESNE52.7 km474.9474.948.8Icepeak 6K
390Didier TROCHET52.6 km474.7474.749.0Icepeak 6K
400ROLAND FREYCON51.5 km461.5461.547.2Mantra 4D
410SYLVAIN DHONNEUR46.2 km425.6425.643.2Icepeak 6K
420Djordje PROKICSRB40.5 km396.9396.939.9Mercury SportD
430Antoine GERIN-JEAN39.3 km390.1390.139.1Icepeak 6K
440Michel COLIN39.1 km388.8388.838.9Icepeak 6K
450Marco MENGEDEU38.9 km386.6386.639.0Peak 3D
460Nicolas HERNANDEZ38 km377.7377.738.0Peak 2D
470Claude LE-MELLEC37.2 km369.5369.536.7Icepeak 6K
480Denis CORTELLA37 km367.3367.336.5Boomerang  9K
490Simon ISSENHUTH36 km355.6355.635.0Peak 3D
500Sebastien FARNAUD30.2 km319.9319.931.1Usport 2D
510Pierre DEJOUS29.2 km314.2314.230.5CodenK
510Laurie GENOVESE29.2 km314.2314.230.5Icepeak 6K
530Christian PERRIN17.3 km252.2252.223.5Icepeak 6K
540Mathieu BAZART16.8 km249.3249.323.2Icepeak 6K
550Gregory BRUNET15.9 km242.5242.522.4Icepeak 6K
560Nicolas TREINS15.8 km242.2242.222.4Icepeak 6K
570Sandy LAMBERT14 km224.6224.620.4Icepeak 6K
580FRANCIS SIMONNET13.6 km221221.020Peak 3D
590David SCHRALL13.3 km219219.020.0Trango XC 2C
600L L12.9 km214.5214.519.3Aspen 4C
610D L12.9 km213.5213.519.2Boomerang  9K
620Eric DAIGREMONT12.4 km208.9208.918.7Icepeak 6K
630Sebastien TOURNAIRE12.2 km206.3206.318.4Mantra 4D
640Leo DEGUEURCE12.1 km203.8203.818.1Boomerang XD
650Stephane MEYTADIER11.8 km200.6200.617.7Icepeak 6K
660Erwan DIDRICHE11.8 km200.5200.518.0Peak 3D
670Olivier HENRY11.7 km198.9198.917.5Icepeak 6K
680Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN11.7 km198.8198.817.5Peak 2D
690Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN11.7 km196.9196.917.0Mantra 4D
700Philippe NIVET11.6 km196.8196.817.3Poison 2D
710Sebastien COUPY11.4 km192.2192.216.8Enzo 1K
720Francois CORMIER11.3 km189.8189.816.5Icepeak 6K
730Joris DESLEE11.2 km184.8184.816Mantra 3D
740David RICHAUD10.8 km173.6173.615.0Mantra 4D
750Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ10.3 km162.4162.413.5PureD
760Joel LOIRE10.1 km157157.012.9Icepeak 6K
770Remi GODEFROY9.5 km140.8140.811.1Usport 2D
780M V8.7 km119.7119.78.7Enzo 1K
790Thierry BRETELLE8.6 km118118.08.5Mantra 4D
800Xavier BESTEL8.5 km116.4116.48.4Icepeak 6K
810Vincent FABRE8.4 km114.7114.78.2Enzo 1K
820Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO8.2 km112.6112.67.9Icepeak 6K
830Christophe PIANFETTI8.2 km111111.07.8Peak 2D
840Jose ANSELMO7.8 km103.8103.87Peak 2D
850Xavier GIRIN7.7 km103.7103.77.0Aspen 4C
860Clement CARLUT7.5 km99.999.96.5DiamirC
870Thomas GURY7.1 km90.290.25.4Icepeak 6K
880MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE6.6 km82.582.54.6Artik 3C
890Bertrand BELLET41.241.20Icepeak 6K
890Luc RESPLENDINO41.241.20Enzo 1K
890Eva HUMEAU41.241.20Peak 2D
890Nicolas BERNHARD2.1 km41.241.20Enzo 1K
890Dominique CRESPEL41.241.20Icepeak 6K
890Arthur BELLET2.1 km41.241.20Enzo 1K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU58.4 km2h15mn33s25.9 km/h971.2971.2103.1Enzo 1K
open0KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL58.1 km505.3505.352.5Icepeak 6K
open0JOERI BALBEL11.2 km184.9184.916Antea 2C
open0JOEL DEBONSCHE58.4 km2h16mn07s25.8 km/h972.8972.8104Icepeak 6K

Manche 4

  • Lieu : Soubeyrand
  • Course au But
  • date : 15/06/2013
  • distance optimisee : 58.434 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 14:05:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 16:45:00
  • Start : 14:45:00
  • fin de manche : 18:30:00


STARTB60041BUIS STADE50006.645
GOALA01042ATT STE JALLE10003.264
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1JEAN-MARC CARON3691.2860.6pts, 946.5pts, 886.9pts, 997.2pts Icepeak 6
2Julien WIRTZ3572.7843.6pts, 929.2pts, 871.8pts, 928.1pts Enzo 1
3Jeremie LAGER3567908.2pts, 937.7pts, 761.9pts, 959.2pts Icepeak 6
4Pierre REMY3434.4902.3pts, 933.7pts, 771.5pts, 826.9pts Icepeak 6
5Seiko FUKUOKA3403.2944.8pts, 798.1pts, 762.4pts, 897.9pts Icepeak 6
6Honorin HAMARD3360.61000.0pts, 948.2pts, 902.3pts, 510.1pts Icepeak 6
7Maxime BELLEMIN3354.2866.8pts, 809.0pts, 763.8pts, 914.6pts Boomerang  9
8Didier MATHURIN3290.3699.8pts, 899.7pts, 849.7pts, 841.1pts Enzo 1
9Jacques FOURNIER3276.4671.7pts, 816.1pts, 802.7pts, 985.9pts Enzo 1
10ULRICH PRINZDEU3248.7896.7pts, 952.3pts, 428.5pts, 971.2pts Enzo 1
11Lucas BERNARDIN3191517.2pts, 930.4pts, 859.7pts, 883.7pts Icepeak 6
12Denis CORTELLA3174.9909.8pts, 999.7pts, 898.1pts, 367.3pts Boomerang  9
13VINCENT PERNOLLET3138.7483.6pts, 887.2pts, 841.0pts, 926.9pts Enzo 1
14Richard GALLON3048.2873.9pts, 861.1pts, 397.8pts, 915.4pts Boomerang  9
15Remi MONTGINOT3000.6931.0pts, 784.3pts, 809.5pts, 475.8pts Icepeak 6
16Maxime PINOT2898.2347.9pts, 814.3pts, 904.3pts, 831.7pts Icepeak 6
17William MARKT2872.1341.8pts, 784.5pts, 890.6pts, 855.2pts Enzo 1
18Jonathan MARIN2856.4494.9pts, 761.6pts, 739.6pts, 860.3pts Stratus Core 3
19Simon ISSENHUTH2776.6554.4pts, 898.8pts, 967.8pts, 355.6pts Peak 3
20Laurie GENOVESE2749.2866.7pts, 873.1pts, 695.2pts, 314.2pts Icepeak 6
21Vincent SPRUNGLI2737.4361.7pts, 787.9pts, 730.8pts, 857.0pts Boomerang  9
22Luc ARMANT2707.5530.7pts, 952.1pts, 421.4pts, 803.3pts Enzo 1
23ARNAUD SECHER2695.4891.0pts, 552.2pts, 422.2pts, 830.0pts Boomerang  9
24Charles CAZAUX2630.6341.8pts, 546.1pts, 817.9pts, 924.8pts Enzo 1
25Frederic SINATTI2611715.4pts, 276.7pts, 766.5pts, 852.4pts Icepeak 6
26Sun GOUESLAIN2565.9746.9pts, 515.5pts, 467.5pts, 836.0pts Icepeak 6
27Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE2552.5584.3pts, 769.6pts, 253.6pts, 945.0pts Enzo 1
28Jerome HULIN2492.3351.5pts, 934.6pts, 411.0pts, 795.2pts Enzo 1
29Stephane DROUIN2346845.4pts, 588.6pts, 410.1pts, 501.9pts Enzo 1
30JOEL DEBONSCHE2327.4374.0pts, 143.6pts, 837.0pts, 972.8pts Icepeak 6
31Sebastien BOCHET2323.9241.0pts, 567.1pts, 675.4pts, 840.4pts Icepeak 6
32Thomas GURY2317.8828.6pts, 532.2pts, 866.8pts, 90.2pts Icepeak 6
33F V2297.6702.9pts, 533.0pts, 402.8pts, 658.9pts Icepeak 6
34Cyril LAMBERT2283446.4pts, 529.9pts, 520.4pts, 786.3pts Enzo 1
35Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE2226454.2pts, 184.2pts, 766.5pts, 821.1pts Boomerang  9
36Antoine TRICOU2207.2806.8pts, 199.6pts, 362.3pts, 838.5pts Enzo 1
37SYLVAIN DHONNEUR2149.5806.6pts, 510.7pts, 406.6pts, 425.6pts Icepeak 6
38Nicolas TREINS2141237.4pts, 920.2pts, 741.2pts, 242.2pts Icepeak 6
39Yann MARTAIL2106.939.2pts, 862.9pts, 345.1pts, 859.7pts Enzo 1
40Pierre DEJOUS2075.1841.4pts, 534.3pts, 385.2pts, 314.2pts Coden
41Dominique GUENARD2048.5355.8pts, 474.7pts, 380.8pts, 837.2pts Enzo 1
42Nicolas BERNHARD2037634.6pts, 696.8pts, 664.4pts, 41.2pts Enzo 1
43Arnaud BAUMY2031645.3pts, 500.6pts, 392.8pts, 492.3pts Icepeak 6
43Djordje PROKICSRB2030.7764.9pts, 471.8pts, 397.1pts, 396.9pts Mercury Sport
45Erwan DIDRICHE1960.5812.2pts, 538.8pts, 409.0pts, 200.5pts Peak 3
46Didier TROCHET1958.8312.4pts, 544.0pts, 627.7pts, 474.7pts Icepeak 6
47Nicolas HERNANDEZ1867.4349.8pts, 557.7pts, 582.2pts, 377.7pts Peak 2
48Sebastien COUPY1856.6514.3pts, 514.2pts, 635.9pts, 192.2pts Enzo 1
49Nathalie FRESNE1822.9448.8pts, 264.4pts, 634.8pts, 474.9pts Icepeak 6
50Vincent FABRE1809.6449.5pts, 492.7pts, 752.7pts, 114.7pts Enzo 1
51RICHARD VANDENBEGINEBEL1750.5450.1pts, 535.7pts, 723.5pts, 41.2pts Enzo 1
52ROLAND FREYCON1741.2567.8pts, 233.9pts, 478.0pts, 461.5pts Mantra 4
53Olivier HENRY1718.6442.9pts, 494.0pts, 582.8pts, 198.9pts Icepeak 6
54Leo DEGUEURCE1712.5764.7pts, 529.0pts, 215.0pts, 203.8pts Boomerang X
55OLIVIER MICHIELSEN1711.539.2pts, 756.4pts, 915.9pts Enzo 1
55KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL1711.539.2pts, 539.7pts, 627.3pts, 505.3pts Icepeak 6
57Eric DAIGREMONT1700.5752.7pts, 516.8pts, 222.1pts, 208.9pts Icepeak 6
58Antoine GERIN-JEAN1681.5349.8pts, 546.1pts, 395.5pts, 390.1pts Icepeak 6
59Michel LEVISSE1662.4437.2pts, 478.0pts, 747.2pts Icepeak 6
60Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ1649731.9pts, 349.4pts, 405.3pts, 162.4pts Pure
61Francois CORMIER1627346.2pts, 363.5pts, 727.5pts, 189.8pts Icepeak 6
62Stephane MEYTADIER1621.4455.2pts, 511.0pts, 454.6pts, 200.6pts Icepeak 6
63Jose FERREIRA1616.4363.8pts, 508.7pts, 264.9pts, 479.0pts Icepeak 6
64Daniel SCHMIDT1608.2237.4pts, 508.4pts, 19.8pts, 842.6pts Icepeak 6
65FRANCIS SIMONNET1583.7741.0pts, 35.0pts, 586.7pts, 221.0pts Peak 3
66Julien BRUNG1540.2208.1pts, 531.8pts, 800.3pts Boomerang X
67Gregory BRUNET1532.1329.1pts, 554.7pts, 405.8pts, 242.5pts Icepeak 6
68Etienne COUPEZLUX1507.2532.0pts, 35.0pts, 201.7pts, 738.5pts Enzo 1
69Sylvain GATTINI1488.8429.9pts, 637.3pts, 421.6pts Icepeak 6
70Xavier BESTEL1471.9478.2pts, 146.2pts, 731.1pts, 116.4pts Icepeak 6
71Mathieu BAZART1437.9272.6pts, 512.6pts, 403.4pts, 249.3pts Icepeak 6
72Remi GODEFROY1432.1566.8pts, 109.6pts, 614.9pts, 140.8pts Usport 2
73Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO1421.2238.8pts, 531.3pts, 538.5pts, 112.6pts Icepeak 6
74M V1386358.2pts, 706.4pts, 201.7pts, 119.7pts Enzo 1
75Claude LE-MELLEC1365341.7pts, 408.1pts, 245.7pts, 369.5pts Icepeak 6
76Sebastien TOURNAIRE1212.7529.1pts, 35.0pts, 442.3pts, 206.3pts Mantra 4
77Bertrand BELLET1206.3374.4pts, 524.3pts, 266.4pts, 41.2pts Icepeak 6
78Jose ANSELMO1182.9223.6pts, 270.6pts, 584.9pts, 103.8pts Peak 2
78Marco MENGEDEU1182.8290.0pts, 412.2pts, 94.0pts, 386.6pts Peak 3
80Xavier GIRIN1159.8357.3pts, 494.7pts, 204.1pts, 103.7pts Aspen 4
81JOERI BALBEL1139.1364.8pts, 409.2pts, 180.2pts, 184.9pts Antea 2
82Michel COLIN1060.9427.7pts, 244.4pts, 388.8pts Icepeak 6
83Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN1043.1282.6pts, 316.4pts, 247.2pts, 196.9pts Mantra 4
84Sandy LAMBERT1040.3366.4pts, 234.3pts, 215.0pts, 224.6pts Icepeak 6
85Nicola DI-BERNARDO1029.2234.4pts, 794.8pts Enzo 1
86Joel LOIRE1008.1389.3pts, 281.7pts, 180.1pts, 157.0pts Icepeak 6
87Dominique CRESPEL953.8341.6pts, 101.0pts, 470.0pts, 41.2pts Icepeak 6
88Sebastien FARNAUD947.8240.9pts, 188.3pts, 198.7pts, 319.9pts Usport 2
89Christophe PIANFETTI931.9351.5pts, 223.5pts, 245.9pts, 111.0pts Peak 2
90David SCHRALL916.637.9pts, 204.0pts, 455.7pts, 219.0pts Trango XC 2
91Philippe NIVET900.6369.8pts, 129.6pts, 204.4pts, 196.8pts Poison 2
92Luc RESPLENDINO895.3393.5pts, 38.1pts, 422.5pts, 41.2pts Enzo 1
93Thierry BRETELLE874.776.6pts, 51.1pts, 629.0pts, 118.0pts Mantra 4
94Arthur BELLET829.839.2pts, 545.3pts, 204.1pts, 41.2pts Enzo 1
95Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN829.2329.0pts, 118.6pts, 182.8pts, 198.8pts Peak 2
96Clement CARLUT824374.5pts, 145.5pts, 204.1pts, 99.9pts Diamir
97Anne-sophie TRIBOUT801.3370.4pts, 224.3pts, 206.6pts Icepeak 6
98L L712240.9pts, 73.9pts, 182.7pts, 214.5pts Aspen 4
99Gaetan JUNIQUE702.3287.5pts, 191.1pts, 223.7pts Boomerang X
100D L685.139.2pts, 196.8pts, 235.6pts, 213.5pts Boomerang  9
101Nelson DE-FREYMAN653.6350.0pts, 303.6pts Enzo 1
102David RICHAUD635.864.1pts, 398.1pts, 173.6pts Mantra 4
103Nicolas HONDE632.3270.3pts, 114.8pts, 247.2pts Magus XC
104Joris DESLEE622.3237.5pts, 35.0pts, 165.0pts, 184.8pts Mantra 3
105Eva HUMEAU477.5103.9pts, 72.1pts, 260.3pts, 41.2pts Peak 2
106MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE476.1154.0pts, 35.0pts, 204.6pts, 82.5pts Artik 3
107Tim ROCHAS445.7445.7pts Icepeak 6
108Didier DURAND419.939.2pts, 234.2pts, 146.5pts Icepeak 6
109Olivier FAURE417.637.9pts, 164.7pts, 215.0pts Enzo 1
110Samuel MICHEL346.1346.1pts Mantra 4
111Christian PERRIN252.2252.2pts Icepeak 6
112MARINA OLEXINARUS153.539.2pts, 114.3pts Boomerang X
113Jean-baptiste BERLIOUX39.239.2pts Boomerang  9