Registrations for Pyrenees open pre-PWC is accessible to all french and foreign pilots.

Registration rules :
  • French pilots : Cette compétition est une A, il faut donc etre ou avoir été dans les 200 premiers au FPRS
  • Foreign pilots : we ask you to have a previous experience in a FAI2 event or similar (e.g. being ranked in WPRS)
  • you must hold a valid air third-party insurance.
Entry Fee : 140 €/pilot

Entry Fee includes:
  • Transport to take-off and retrieve for all registered pilots during all competition days.
  • Colour map with turnpoints.
  • ID card.
  • Lunch package.
  • Competition shirt.
  • 1 dinner party.
  • discount on Balnea Spa resort entry fee.
  • Free wifi internet access at the HQ.
  • GPS control and task scoring.