Natural Games - Millau (23-26/06/11)

2011 Natural Games is registered in FAI calendar as a category 2 event. It is also a Outdoor Festival featuring Climbing, Paragliding XC and Aerobatics, Downhill and freestyle bike, freestyle canoeing & much more during the night... Check out for more details.

Registration rules :
  • Registration is accessible to all foreign pilots with a valid FAI license and a third party insurance
  • You must register on this website (link below)

Click here to access registration form and registration list

Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 98
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.2
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.302
  • coef de reussite : 0.8 (2 manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 29pts
detail des resultats
Statut : Resultats officiels

Onglets horizontaux

gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE1753842.0pts, 911.0pts Mantra R11
2VINCENT FABRE1645790.0pts, 855.0pts Mantra R10.2
3SYLVAIN GATTINI1616693.0pts, 923.0pts Icepeak 5
4ETIENNE COUPEZLUX1593737.0pts, 856.0pts Mantra R11
5DENIS CHOURAQUI1507653.0pts, 854.0pts U6
6CHRISTOPHE FULCHIRON1467654.0pts, 813.0pts Avax RSE
7JEAN-FRANCOIS THUREL1435627.0pts, 808.0pts Peak 2
8JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC1427618.0pts, 809.0pts Venus 2
9NICOLA DI-BERNARDO13961000.0pts, 396.0pts Mantra R10.2
10DIDIER DURAND1319560.0pts, 759.0pts Peak 2
11FREDERIC MARIA1254536.0pts, 718.0pts Usport FR
12KARINE DRUFIN1251539.0pts, 712.0pts Trango XC
13STEPHANE MEYTADIER1233502.0pts, 731.0pts Trango X-Light
14JEAN-YVES SAPHORE1230500.0pts, 730.0pts Mantra 4
15FRANCOIS CORMIER1229615.0pts, 614.0pts Mantra 4
16HERVE SMETEK1217536.0pts, 681.0pts Omega 8
16JOSEPH GIRAL1217497.0pts, 720.0pts Omega 8
18LAURENT GAUVIN1164679.0pts, 485.0pts Usport FR
19SERGE LIMOUZI1148548.0pts, 600.0pts Delta
20J G1135534.0pts, 601.0pts Omega 7
21MICHEL MACQUET1085122.0pts, 963.0pts Boomerang  8
22PHILIPPE LEMONNIER1058661.0pts, 397.0pts Mantra R10.2
23SIMON ISSENHUTH10001000.0pts Icepeak 5
24BRUNO CROS954954.0pts Mantra R10.2
25JULIEN MARION890614.0pts, 276.0pts U4
26FRANCIS SIMONNET87182.0pts, 789.0pts Omega 8
27DANIEL WOLDRICH865489.0pts, 376.0pts Artik 2
28FRANCOIS RICHARD858652.0pts, 206.0pts Mantra R10.2
29MICHEL COLIN853853.0pts Mantra 4
30NICOLAS TREINS849785.0pts, 64.0pts Icepeak 5
31JULIAN LECHEVALLIER810810.0pts Boomerang GTO
32ANTHONY DAVOUST807807.0pts Boomerang GTO
33ERIC DAIGREMONT792728.0pts, 64.0pts U6
34STEPHANE POULAIN787787.0pts Venus 2
35CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI774774.0pts Peak 2
36NICOLAS LOUIS766766.0pts Mantra 2
37FREDERIC LECONTE719321.0pts, 398.0pts Boomerang  7
38HENRI MONTEL714714.0pts Mantra 3
39CHARLES FERLAY695631.0pts, 64.0pts Poison 2
40ALEJO M. FERNANDEZARG693629.0pts, 64.0pts Bahia
41CHRISTOPHE BERNAD690626.0pts, 64.0pts Omega 7
42ADRIEN VALOGNES689625.0pts, 64.0pts Icepeak 3
43LAURENCE CAPIEU684620.0pts, 64.0pts Peak 2
44GUILLAUME TAVENNE681621.0pts, 60.0pts Trango X-Light
45LEO BESOMBES676612.0pts, 64.0pts Atak
46DAVID BROCHET663595.0pts, 68.0pts Usport FR
47GWENAEL VELO660596.0pts, 64.0pts Tatoo
48PHILIPPE RIGAL651592.0pts, 59.0pts Trango X-Light
49RENE CLAUSS618617.0pts, 1.0pts S'Max 2010
50ALBAN BARTHELEMY606542.0pts, 64.0pts Usport
51RENAUD NOCHEZ599535.0pts, 64.0pts Poison 2
52MARC CAILLAULT598597.0pts, 1.0pts U6
53CLAUDE DOSSAT595594.0pts, 1.0pts Peak
54XAVIER AJELLO594534.0pts, 60.0pts Mantra 3
55BERNARD BESTEL592529.0pts, 63.0pts Omega 8
56PATRICE MOLLIE587535.0pts, 52.0pts Artik 2
57ERIC BENOIT584487.0pts, 97.0pts Factor
58JEAN-MARC DOHERTY558527.0pts, 31.0pts Avax XC2
59BRUNO GALZIN544543.0pts, 1.0pts Peak 2
60ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT524489.0pts, 35.0pts Omega 8
61ABDERAZAC NAFA523458.0pts, 65.0pts Usport FR
62XAVIER JUIGNE518455.0pts, 63.0pts Aspen 3
63ROBERT CABAGNI479415.0pts, 64.0pts Omega 6
64JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE477413.0pts, 64.0pts Mantra 2
65DANIEL RIGHI454453.0pts, 1.0pts Vega 2
66F V445377.0pts, 68.0pts Venus 2
67MATTHIEU TEYSSOU432367.0pts, 65.0pts Vega 3
67DIDIER LE-GUEDARD432405.0pts, 27.0pts Red
69MARIE SOURICE429369.0pts, 60.0pts Mistral 6
70LUIS RODRIGUEZ428412.0pts, 16.0pts Artik 2
71GILLES VAYSSIE410409.0pts, 1.0pts Synergy 4
72LUC DAMBLANS406378.0pts, 28.0pts Aspen 3
73MICHEL BERGOT384356.0pts, 28.0pts Omega 5
74PATRICK MELLIER381380.0pts, 1.0pts Peak
75ALEXIS RODRIGUEZ374373.0pts, 1.0pts Magus 5
76FREDDY POIRETTE369368.0pts, 1.0pts Vega 2
77CORINNE LIVINEC356324.0pts, 32.0pts Antea
78ALICE CASTERES344301.0pts, 43.0pts Rush 2
79PHILIPPE THIERREE272272.0pts Usport FR
80ERIC-ANGELO BELLINI212164.0pts, 48.0pts Usport
80LAURENT GUERIN212211.0pts, 1.0pts Envy
82MICHEL MONTIMART210210.0pts Astral 5
83JEAN-PIERRE LOUIS191191.0pts Golden 2
84R S123122.0pts, 1.0pts Omega 8
85ERIC NOYELLE8787.0pts Venus 2
86LOIC FRARY6868.0pts Avax XC3
87MARC MOUNIER6666.0pts Sigma  7
87SYLVIE MOUNIER6666.0pts Usport
89PASCAL BARRE6464.0pts Mantra 4
89YANNICK LAFARGUE6464.0pts Omega 8
89PIERRICK AUBOUIN6464.0pts Mantra 2
92JEAN-NOEL FROT2121.0pts Pawnee
93FREDERIC SALVAT11.0pts Trango X-Light
93DENIS VESIN11.0pts Peak 2
93PIERRE CLAVERIE11.0pts Usport FR
93JEROME TAMBOSCO11.0pts Aspen 3
93PASCAL BERNARD11.0pts Astral 6
98RICHARD BOULLAY11.0pts Vega 2
general (serie)
66 pilotes en ailes homologuées
1JEAN-FRANCOIS THUREL1434627pts (14ème), 807pts (13ème)Peak 2D
2JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC1427619pts (19ème), 808pts (12ème)Venus 2D
3DIDIER DURAND1318560pts (29ème), 758pts (19ème)Peak 2D
4KARINE DRUFIN1251540pts (33ème), 711pts (25ème)Trango XCD
5JEAN-YVES SAPHORE1230501pts (43ème), 729pts (21ème)Mantra 4D
6FRANCOIS CORMIER1229616pts (21ème), 613pts (27ème)Mantra 4D
7JOSEPH GIRAL1218498pts (44ème), 720pts (22ème)Omega 8D
8HERVE SMETEK1217537pts (34ème), 680pts (26ème)Omega 8D
9SERGE LIMOUZI1149549pts (30ème), 600pts (29ème)DeltaC
10J G1136535pts (38ème), 601pts (28ème)Omega 7D
11FRANCIS SIMONNET87082pts (71ème), 788pts (15ème)Omega 8D
12DANIEL WOLDRICH866490pts (45ème), 376pts (34ème)Artik 2C
13MICHEL COLIN852852pts (9ème)Mantra 4D
14JULIAN LECHEVALLIER809809pts (11ème)Boomerang GTOD
15ANTHONY DAVOUST806806pts (14ème)Boomerang GTOD
16STEPHANE POULAIN786786pts (16ème)Venus 2D
17CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI773773pts (17ème)Peak 2D
18NICOLAS LOUIS766766pts (18ème)Mantra 2D
19HENRI MONTEL714714pts (24ème)Mantra 3D
20CHARLES FERLAY695631pts (13ème), 64pts (49ème)Poison 2D
21CHRISTOPHE BERNAD691627pts (14ème), 64pts (49ème)Omega 7D
22LAURENCE CAPIEU685621pts (18ème), 64pts (49ème)Peak 2D
23GWENAEL VELO661597pts (25ème), 64pts (49ème)TatooC
24ALBAN BARTHELEMY607543pts (32ème), 64pts (49ème)UsportD
25RENAUD NOCHEZ600536pts (36ème), 64pts (49ème)Poison 2D
26CLAUDE DOSSAT596595pts (27ème), 1pts (81ème)PeakD
27XAVIER AJELLO595535pts (38ème), 60pts (66ème)Mantra 3D
28BERNARD BESTEL593530pts (40ème), 63pts (64ème)Omega 8D
29PATRICE MOLLIE588536pts (36ème), 52pts (70ème)Artik 2C
30ERIC BENOIT585488pts (47ème), 97pts (40ème)FactorC
31JEAN-MARC DOHERTY559528pts (41ème), 31pts (75ème)Avax XC2C
32BRUNO GALZIN545544pts (31ème), 1pts (81ème)Peak 2D
33ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT525490pts (45ème), 35pts (73ème)Omega 8D
34XAVIER JUIGNE519456pts (49ème), 63pts (64ème)Aspen 3C
35ROBERT CABAGNI480416pts (51ème), 64pts (49ème)Omega 6D
36JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE478414pts (52ème), 64pts (49ème)Mantra 2D
37DANIEL RIGHI455454pts (50ème), 1pts (81ème)Vega 2C
38F V447378pts (58ème), 69pts (42ème)Venus 2D
39DIDIER LE-GUEDARD434407pts (55ème), 27pts (78ème)RedC
40MATTHIEU TEYSSOU433368pts (62ème), 65pts (47ème)Vega 3C
41MARIE SOURICE430370pts (60ème), 60pts (66ème)Mistral 6B
42LUIS RODRIGUEZ429413pts (53ème), 16pts (80ème)Artik 2C
43GILLES VAYSSIE411410pts (54ème), 1pts (81ème)Synergy 4C
44LUC DAMBLANS407379pts (57ème), 28pts (76ème)Aspen 3C
45MICHEL BERGOT385357pts (63ème), 28pts (76ème)Omega 5D
46PATRICK MELLIER382381pts (56ème), 1pts (81ème)PeakD
47FREDDY POIRETTE370369pts (61ème), 1pts (81ème)Vega 2C
48CORINNE LIVINEC357325pts (64ème), 32pts (74ème)AnteaC
49ALICE CASTERES345302pts (66ème), 43pts (72ème)Rush 2C
50ERIC-ANGELO BELLINI212164pts (68ème), 48pts (71ème)UsportD
51LAURENT GUERIN212211pts (67ème), 1pts (81ème)EnvyC
52MICHEL MONTIMART210210pts (37ème)Astral 5C
53JEAN-PIERRE LOUIS191191pts (39ème)Golden 2B
54R S123122pts (69ème), 1pts (81ème)Omega 8D
55ERIC NOYELLE8787pts (41ème)Venus 2D
56LOIC FRARY6868pts (43ème)Avax XC3D
57MARC MOUNIER6767pts (45ème)Sigma  7C
58SYLVIE MOUNIER6666pts (46ème)UsportD
59PASCAL BARRE6464pts (49ème)Mantra 4D
60YANNICK LAFARGUE6464pts (49ème)Omega 8D
61PIERRICK AUBOUIN6464pts (49ème)Mantra 2D
62JEAN-NOEL FROT2121pts (79ème)PawneeB
63DENIS VESIN11pts (81ème)Peak 2D
64JEROME TAMBOSCO11pts (81ème)Aspen 3C
65PASCAL BERNARD11pts (81ème)Astral 6C
66RICHARD BOULLAY11pts (81ème)Vega 2C
97 pilotes participants
1DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE1753842pts (2ème), 911pts (5ème)Mantra R11O
2VINCENT FABRE1645791pts (3ème), 854pts (7ème)Mantra R10.2O
3SYLVAIN GATTINI1616694pts (7ème), 922pts (4ème)Icepeak 5O
4ETIENNE COUPEZLUX1592737pts (5ème), 855pts (6ème)Mantra R11O
5DENIS CHOURAQUI1507654pts (10ème), 853pts (8ème)U6O
6CHRISTOPHE FULCHIRON1466654pts (10ème), 812pts (10ème)Avax RSEO
7JEAN-FRANCOIS THUREL1434627pts (14ème), 807pts (13ème)Peak 2D
8JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC1427619pts (19ème), 808pts (12ème)Venus 2D
9NICOLA DI-BERNARDO13961000pts (1er), 396pts (33ème)Mantra R10.2O
10DIDIER DURAND1318560pts (29ème), 758pts (19ème)Peak 2D
11FREDERIC MARIA1254537pts (34ème), 717pts (23ème)Usport FRO
12KARINE DRUFIN1251540pts (33ème), 711pts (25ème)Trango XCD
13STEPHANE MEYTADIER1234503pts (42ème), 731pts (20ème)Trango X-LightO
14JEAN-YVES SAPHORE1230501pts (43ème), 729pts (21ème)Mantra 4D
15FRANCOIS CORMIER1229616pts (21ème), 613pts (27ème)Mantra 4D
16JOSEPH GIRAL1218498pts (44ème), 720pts (22ème)Omega 8D
17HERVE SMETEK1217537pts (34ème), 680pts (26ème)Omega 8D
18LAURENT GAUVIN1164680pts (8ème), 484pts (30ème)Usport FRO
19SERGE LIMOUZI1149549pts (30ème), 600pts (29ème)DeltaC
20J G1136535pts (38ème), 601pts (28ème)Omega 7D
21MICHEL MACQUET1085122pts (69ème), 963pts (2ème)Boomerang  8O
22PHILIPPE LEMONNIER1059662pts (9ème), 397pts (32ème)Mantra R10.2O
23SIMON ISSENHUTH10001000pts (1er)Icepeak 5O
24BRUNO CROS954954pts (3ème)Mantra R10.2O
25JULIEN MARION891615pts (22ème), 276pts (35ème)U4O
26FRANCIS SIMONNET87082pts (71ème), 788pts (15ème)Omega 8D
27DANIEL WOLDRICH866490pts (45ème), 376pts (34ème)Artik 2C
28FRANCOIS RICHARD859653pts (12ème), 206pts (38ème)Mantra R10.2O
29MICHEL COLIN852852pts (9ème)Mantra 4D
30NICOLAS TREINS850786pts (4ème), 64pts (49ème)Icepeak 5O
31JULIAN LECHEVALLIER809809pts (11ème)Boomerang GTOD
32ANTHONY DAVOUST806806pts (14ème)Boomerang GTOD
33ERIC DAIGREMONT793729pts (6ème), 64pts (49ème)U6O
34STEPHANE POULAIN786786pts (16ème)Venus 2D
35CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI773773pts (17ème)Peak 2D
36NICOLAS LOUIS766766pts (18ème)Mantra 2D
37FREDERIC LECONTE720322pts (65ème), 398pts (31ème)Boomerang  7O
38HENRI MONTEL714714pts (24ème)Mantra 3D
39CHARLES FERLAY695631pts (13ème), 64pts (49ème)Poison 2D
40CHRISTOPHE BERNAD691627pts (14ème), 64pts (49ème)Omega 7D
41ADRIEN VALOGNES689625pts (16ème), 64pts (49ème)Icepeak 3O
42LAURENCE CAPIEU685621pts (18ème), 64pts (49ème)Peak 2D
43GUILLAUME TAVENNE682622pts (17ème), 60pts (66ème)Trango X-LightO
44LEO BESOMBES677613pts (23ème), 64pts (49ème)AtakO
45DAVID BROCHET664596pts (26ème), 68pts (43ème)Usport FRO
46GWENAEL VELO661597pts (25ème), 64pts (49ème)TatooC
47PHILIPPE RIGAL652593pts (28ème), 59pts (69ème)Trango X-LightO
48RENE CLAUSS618617pts (20ème), 1pts (81ème)S'Max 2010O
49ALBAN BARTHELEMY607543pts (32ème), 64pts (49ème)UsportD
50RENAUD NOCHEZ600536pts (36ème), 64pts (49ème)Poison 2D
51MARC CAILLAULT599598pts (24ème), 1pts (81ème)U6O
52CLAUDE DOSSAT596595pts (27ème), 1pts (81ème)PeakD
53XAVIER AJELLO595535pts (38ème), 60pts (66ème)Mantra 3D
54BERNARD BESTEL593530pts (40ème), 63pts (64ème)Omega 8D
55PATRICE MOLLIE588536pts (36ème), 52pts (70ème)Artik 2C
56ERIC BENOIT585488pts (47ème), 97pts (40ème)FactorC
57JEAN-MARC DOHERTY559528pts (41ème), 31pts (75ème)Avax XC2C
58BRUNO GALZIN545544pts (31ème), 1pts (81ème)Peak 2D
59ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT525490pts (45ème), 35pts (73ème)Omega 8D
60ABDERAZAC NAFA524459pts (48ème), 65pts (47ème)Usport FRO
61XAVIER JUIGNE519456pts (49ème), 63pts (64ème)Aspen 3C
62ROBERT CABAGNI480416pts (51ème), 64pts (49ème)Omega 6D
63JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE478414pts (52ème), 64pts (49ème)Mantra 2D
64DANIEL RIGHI455454pts (50ème), 1pts (81ème)Vega 2C
65F V447378pts (58ème), 69pts (42ème)Venus 2D
66DIDIER LE-GUEDARD434407pts (55ème), 27pts (78ème)RedC
67MATTHIEU TEYSSOU433368pts (62ème), 65pts (47ème)Vega 3C
68MARIE SOURICE430370pts (60ème), 60pts (66ème)Mistral 6B
69LUIS RODRIGUEZ429413pts (53ème), 16pts (80ème)Artik 2C
70GILLES VAYSSIE411410pts (54ème), 1pts (81ème)Synergy 4C
71LUC DAMBLANS407379pts (57ème), 28pts (76ème)Aspen 3C
72MICHEL BERGOT385357pts (63ème), 28pts (76ème)Omega 5D
73PATRICK MELLIER382381pts (56ème), 1pts (81ème)PeakD
74ALEXIS RODRIGUEZ375374pts (59ème), 1pts (81ème)Magus 5O
75FREDDY POIRETTE370369pts (61ème), 1pts (81ème)Vega 2C
76CORINNE LIVINEC357325pts (64ème), 32pts (74ème)AnteaC
77ALICE CASTERES345302pts (66ème), 43pts (72ème)Rush 2C
78PHILIPPE THIERREE272272pts (36ème)Usport FRO
79ERIC-ANGELO BELLINI212164pts (68ème), 48pts (71ème)UsportD
80LAURENT GUERIN212211pts (67ème), 1pts (81ème)EnvyC
81MICHEL MONTIMART210210pts (37ème)Astral 5C
82JEAN-PIERRE LOUIS191191pts (39ème)Golden 2B
83R S123122pts (69ème), 1pts (81ème)Omega 8D
84ERIC NOYELLE8787pts (41ème)Venus 2D
85LOIC FRARY6868pts (43ème)Avax XC3D
86MARC MOUNIER6767pts (45ème)Sigma  7C
87SYLVIE MOUNIER6666pts (46ème)UsportD
88PASCAL BARRE6464pts (49ème)Mantra 4D
89YANNICK LAFARGUE6464pts (49ème)Omega 8D
90PIERRICK AUBOUIN6464pts (49ème)Mantra 2D
91JEAN-NOEL FROT2121pts (79ème)PawneeB
92FREDERIC SALVAT11pts (81ème)Trango X-LightO
93DENIS VESIN11pts (81ème)Peak 2D
94PIERRE CLAVERIE11pts (81ème)Usport FRO
95JEROME TAMBOSCO11pts (81ème)Aspen 3C
96PASCAL BERNARD11pts (81ème)Astral 6C
97RICHARD BOULLAY11pts (81ème)Vega 2C
manche 1
lieu : Millau
Course au But
date : 23/06/2011
distance optimisee : 32.507 km
manche 1635 validée le 18 juillet 11

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1NICOLA DI-BERNARDO32.5 km0h48mn25s40.3 km/h0.00.00.010001000.078.0Mantra R10.2O
2DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE32.5 km0h52mn51s36.9 km/h0.00.00.0842842.076.0Mantra R11O
3VINCENT FABRE32.5 km0h56mn12s34.7 km/h0.00.00.0791790.074.0Mantra R10.2O
4NICOLAS TREINS32.5 km0h56mn35s34.5 km/h0.00.00.0786785.072.0Icepeak 5O
5ETIENNE COUPEZLUX32.5 km1h00mn41s32.1 km/h0.00.00.0737737.069.0Mantra R11O
6ERIC DAIGREMONT32.5 km1h01mn29s31.7 km/h0.00.00.0729728.067.0U6O
7SYLVAIN GATTINI32.5 km1h05mn08s29.9 km/h0.00.00.0694693.064.0Icepeak 5O
8LAURENT GAUVIN32.5 km1h06mn39s29.3 km/h0.00.00.0680679.062.0Usport FRO
9PHILIPPE LEMONNIER32.5 km1h08mn46s28.4 km/h0.00.00.0662661.060.0Mantra R10.2O
10CHRISTOPHE FULCHIRON32.5 km1h09mn41s28 km/h0.00.00.0654654.058.0Avax RSEO
10DENIS CHOURAQUI32.5 km1h09mn44s28 km/h0.00.00.0654653.056.0U6O
12FRANCOIS RICHARD32.5 km1h09mn50s27.9 km/h0.00.00.0653652.054.0Mantra R10.2O
13CHARLES FERLAY32.5 km1h12mn36s26.9 km/h0.00.00.0631631.052.0Poison 2D
14CHRISTOPHE BERNAD32.5 km1h13mn10s26.7 km/h0.00.00.0627626.047.0Omega 7D
14JEAN-FRANCOIS THUREL32.5 km1h13mn09s26.7 km/h0.00.00.0627627.049.0Peak 2D
16ADRIEN VALOGNES32.5 km1h13mn25s26.6 km/h0.00.00.0625625.046.0Icepeak 3O
17GUILLAUME TAVENNE32.5 km1h13mn52s26.4 km/h0.00.00.0622621.045.0Trango X-LightO
18LAURENCE CAPIEU32.5 km1h14mn02s26.3 km/h0.00.00.0621620.044.0Peak 2D
19JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC32.5 km1h14mn20s26.2 km/h0.00.00.0619618.042.0Venus 2D
20RENE CLAUSS32.5 km1h14mn30s26.2 km/h0.00.00.0617617.041.0S'Max 2010O
21FRANCOIS CORMIER32.5 km1h14mn40s26.1 km/h0.00.00.0616615.040.0Mantra 4D
22JULIEN MARION32.5 km1h14mn48s26.1 km/h0.00.00.0615614.039.0U4O
23LEO BESOMBES32.5 km1h15mn05s26 km/h0.00.00.0613612.038.0AtakO
24MARC CAILLAULT32.5 km1h17mn13s25.3 km/h0.00.00.0598597.037.0U6O
25GWENAEL VELO32.5 km1h17mn21s25.2 km/h0.00.00.0597596.036.0TatooC
26DAVID BROCHET32.5 km1h17mn28s25.2 km/h0.00.00.0596595.035.4Usport FRO
27CLAUDE DOSSAT32.5 km1h17mn36s25.1 km/h0.00.00.0595594.034.7PeakD
28PHILIPPE RIGAL32.5 km1h17mn54s25 km/h0.00.00.0593592.034.0Trango X-LightO
29DIDIER DURAND32.5 km1h22mn50s23.5 km/h0.00.00.0560560.031.5Peak 2D
30SERGE LIMOUZI32.5 km1h24mn38s23 km/h0.00.00.0549548.030.0DeltaC
31BRUNO GALZIN32.5 km1h25mn32s22.8 km/h0.00.00.0544543.029.0Peak 2D
32ALBAN BARTHELEMY32.5 km1h25mn41s22.8 km/h0.00.00.0543542.029.0UsportD
33KARINE DRUFIN32.5 km1h26mn04s22.7 km/h0.00.00.0540539.028.0Trango XCD
34FREDERIC MARIA32.5 km1h26mn39s22.5 km/h0.00.00.0537536.028.0Usport FRO
34HERVE SMETEK32.5 km1h26mn35s22.5 km/h0.00.00.0537536.028.0Omega 8D
36RENAUD NOCHEZ32.5 km1h26mn46s22.5 km/h0.00.00.0536535.027.0Poison 2D
36PATRICE MOLLIE32.5 km1h26mn51s22.5 km/h0.00.00.0536535.027Artik 2C
38J G32.5 km1h27mn01s22.4 km/h0.00.00.0535534.026.0Omega 7D
38XAVIER AJELLO32.5 km1h26mn55s22.4 km/h0.00.00.0535534.026.0Mantra 3D
40BERNARD BESTEL32.5 km1h27mn45s22.2 km/h0.00.00.0530529.025.7Omega 8D
41JEAN-MARC DOHERTY32.5 km1h28mn06s22.1 km/h0.00.00.0528527.025.0Avax XC2C
42STEPHANE MEYTADIER32.5 km1h32mn29s21.1 km/h0.00.00.0503502.023.4Trango X-LightO
43JEAN-YVES SAPHORE32.5 km1h32mn45s21 km/h0.00.00.0501500.023.0Mantra 4D
44JOSEPH GIRAL32.5 km1h33mn14s20.9 km/h0.00.00.0498497.022.8Omega 8D
45ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT32.5 km1h34mn42s20.6 km/h0.00.00.0490489.022.1Omega 8D
45DANIEL WOLDRICH32.5 km1h34mn50s20.6 km/h0.00.00.0490489.022.0Artik 2C
47ERIC BENOIT32.5 km1h35mn12s20.5 km/h0.00.00.0488487.022.0FactorC
48ABDERAZAC NAFA32.5 km1h40mn36s19.4 km/h0.00.00.0459458.020.0Usport FRO
49XAVIER JUIGNE32.5 km1h41mn12s19.3 km/h0.00.00.0456455.019.0Aspen 3C
50DANIEL RIGHI32.5 km1h41mn33s19.2 km/h0.00.00.0454453.019.0Vega 2C
51ROBERT CABAGNI32.5 km1h49mn15s17.9 km/h0.00.00.0416415.016.0Omega 6D
52JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE32.5 km1h49mn38s17.8 km/h0.00.00.0414413.016.0Mantra 2D
53LUIS RODRIGUEZ32.5 km1h49mn48s17.8 km/h0.00.00.0413412.016.0Artik 2C
54GILLES VAYSSIE32.5 km1h50mn24s17.7 km/h0.00.00.0410409.016.0Synergy 4C
55DIDIER LE-GUEDARD32.5 km1h51mn11s17.5 km/h0.00.00.0407405.016.0RedC
56PATRICK MELLIER32.5 km2h00mn50s16.1 km/h0.00.00.0381380.014.0PeakD
57LUC DAMBLANS32.3 km0.00.00.0379378.014.0Aspen 3C
58F V32.1 km0.00.00.0378377.013.7Venus 2D
59ALEXIS RODRIGUEZ31.6 km0.00.00.0374373.013.0Magus 5O
60MARIE SOURICE31 km0.00.00.0370369.013.0Mistral 6B
61FREDDY POIRETTE30.9 km0.00.00.0369368.013.0Vega 2C
62MATTHIEU TEYSSOU30.7 km0.00.00.0368367.013.0Vega 3C
63MICHEL BERGOT29.2 km0.00.00.0357356.012.0Omega 5D
64CORINNE LIVINEC25.1 km0.00.00.0325324.010.0AnteaC
65FREDERIC LECONTE24.7 km0.00.00.0322321.010.0Boomerang  7O
66ALICE CASTERES22.3 km0.00.00.0302301.09.0Rush 2C
67LAURENT GUERIN12.5 km0.00.00.0211211.04.0EnvyC
68ERIC-ANGELO BELLINI8.3 km0.00.00.0164164.02.0UsportD
69R S5.2 km0.00.00.0122122.00.7Omega 8D
69MICHEL MACQUET5.2 km0.00.00.0122122.00.7Boomerang  8O
71FRANCIS SIMONNET2.7 km0.00.00.08282.00Omega 8D
openALEJO M. FERNANDEZARG32.5 km1h12mn51s26.8 km/h0.00.00.00629.050.4BahiaC
manche 2
lieu : Millau
Course au But
date : 25/06/2011
distance optimisee : 54.883 km
manche 1636 validée le 18 juillet 11

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1SIMON ISSENHUTH54.9 km1h33mn59s35 km/h0.00.00.010001000.081.0Icepeak 5O
2MICHEL MACQUET54.9 km1h36mn01s34.3 km/h0.00.00.0963963.080.0Boomerang  8O
3BRUNO CROS54.9 km1h37mn08s33.9 km/h0.00.00.0954954.079.0Mantra R10.2O
4SYLVAIN GATTINI54.9 km1h43mn01s32 km/h0.00.00.0922923.077.0Icepeak 5O
5DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE54.9 km1h45mn57s31.1 km/h0.00.00.0911911.076.0Mantra R11O
6ETIENNE COUPEZLUX54.9 km2h05mn38s26.2 km/h0.00.00.0855856.074.0Mantra R11O
7VINCENT FABRE54.9 km2h06mn02s26.1 km/h0.00.00.0854855.073.0Mantra R10.2O
8DENIS CHOURAQUI54.9 km2h06mn31s26 km/h0.00.00.0853854.071.0U6O
9MICHEL COLIN54.9 km2h06mn57s25.9 km/h0.00.00.0852853.070.0Mantra 4D
10CHRISTOPHE FULCHIRON54.9 km2h27mn29s22.3 km/h0.00.00.0812813.068.0Avax RSEO
11JULIAN LECHEVALLIER54.9 km2h29mn04s22.1 km/h0.00.00.0809810.067.0Boomerang GTOD
12JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC54.9 km2h29mn24s22 km/h0.00.00.0808809.066.0Venus 2D
13JEAN-FRANCOIS THUREL54.9 km2h30mn02s21.9 km/h0.00.00.0807808.065.0Peak 2D
14ANTHONY DAVOUST54.9 km2h30mn52s21.8 km/h0.00.00.0806807.064.0Boomerang GTOD
15FRANCIS SIMONNET54.9 km2h41mn50s20.3 km/h0.00.00.0788789.062.0Omega 8D
16STEPHANE POULAIN54.9 km2h43mn24s20.2 km/h0.00.00.0786787.061.0Venus 2D
17CHRISTOPHE PIANFETTI54.9 km2h51mn47s19.2 km/h0.00.00.0773774.060.0Peak 2D
18NICOLAS LOUIS54.6 km0.00.00.0766766.058.0Mantra 2D
19DIDIER DURAND54 km0.00.00.0758759.057.0Peak 2D
20STEPHANE MEYTADIER51.9 km0.00.00.0731731.056.0Trango X-LightO
21JEAN-YVES SAPHORE51.7 km0.00.00.0729730.055.0Mantra 4D
22JOSEPH GIRAL51 km0.00.00.0720720.053.0Omega 8D
23FREDERIC MARIA50.8 km0.00.00.0717718.052.0Usport FRO
24HENRI MONTEL50.6 km0.00.00.0714714.052.0Mantra 3D
25KARINE DRUFIN50.4 km0.00.00.0711712.051.0Trango XCD
26HERVE SMETEK48 km0.00.00.0680681.049.0Omega 8D
27FRANCOIS CORMIER42.8 km0.00.00.0613614.045.0Mantra 4D
28J G41.9 km0.00.00.0601601.044.0Omega 7D
29SERGE LIMOUZI41.8 km0.00.00.0600600.043.0DeltaC
30LAURENT GAUVIN33.1 km0.00.00.0484485.036.5Usport FRO
31FREDERIC LECONTE26.6 km0.00.00.0398398.032.0Boomerang  7O
32PHILIPPE LEMONNIER26.6 km0.00.00.0397397.030.7Mantra R10.2O
33NICOLA DI-BERNARDO26.5 km0.00.00.0396396.029.9Mantra R10.2O
34DANIEL WOLDRICH25.1 km0.00.00.0376376.028.0Artik 2C
35JULIEN MARION17.8 km0.00.00.0276276.022.7U4O
36PHILIPPE THIERREE17.6 km0.00.00.0272272.022.0Usport FRO
37MICHEL MONTIMART13.2 km0.00.00.0210210.018.0Astral 5C
38FRANCOIS RICHARD13 km0.00.00.0206206.017.4Mantra R10.2O
39JEAN-PIERRE LOUIS11.9 km0.00.00.0191191.016.0Golden 2B
40ERIC BENOIT5.7 km0.00.00.09797.011.0FactorC
41ERIC NOYELLE5.1 km0.00.00.08787.010.4Venus 2D
42F V3.9 km0.00.00.06968.09.1Venus 2D
43DAVID BROCHET3.9 km0.00.00.06868.09.1Usport FRO
43LOIC FRARY3.9 km0.00.00.06868.09.0Avax XC3D
45MARC MOUNIER3.8 km0.00.00.06766.07.5Sigma  7C
46SYLVIE MOUNIER3.7 km0.00.00.06666.07.5UsportD
47MATTHIEU TEYSSOU3.7 km0.00.00.06565.07.0Vega 3C
47ABDERAZAC NAFA3.7 km0.00.00.06565.06.6Usport FRO
49YANNICK LAFARGUE3.6 km0.00.00.06464.05.8Omega 8D
49NICOLAS TREINS3.6 km0.00.00.06464.05.8Icepeak 5O
49PASCAL BARRE3.6 km0.00.00.06464.05.8Mantra 4D
49JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE3.6 km0.00.00.06464.06.0Mantra 2D
49ALBAN BARTHELEMY3.6 km0.00.00.06464.05.8UsportD
49LEO BESOMBES3.6 km0.00.00.06464.06.0AtakO
49RENAUD NOCHEZ3.6 km0.00.00.06464.06.0Poison 2D
49GWENAEL VELO3.6 km0.00.00.06464.06.0TatooC
49CHRISTOPHE BERNAD3.6 km0.00.00.06464.05.8Omega 7D
49CHARLES FERLAY3.6 km0.00.00.06464.06.0Poison 2D
49LAURENCE CAPIEU3.6 km0.00.00.06464.05.8Peak 2D
49ADRIEN VALOGNES3.6 km0.00.00.06464.05.8Icepeak 3O
49ERIC DAIGREMONT3.6 km0.00.00.06464.05.8U6O
49PIERRICK AUBOUIN3.6 km0.00.00.06464.06.0Mantra 2D
49ROBERT CABAGNI3.6 km0.00.00.06464.06.0Omega 6D
64BERNARD BESTEL3.5 km0.00.00.06363.02.2Omega 8D
64XAVIER JUIGNE3.6 km0.00.00.06363.02.2Aspen 3C
66GUILLAUME TAVENNE3.4 km0.00.00.06060.01.9Trango X-LightO
66XAVIER AJELLO3.4 km0.00.00.06060.01.9Mantra 3D
66MARIE SOURICE3.4 km0.00.00.06060.02.0Mistral 6B
69PHILIPPE RIGAL3.3 km0.00.00.05959.01.6Trango X-LightO
70PATRICE MOLLIE2.9 km0.00.00.05252.01.4Artik 2C
71ERIC-ANGELO BELLINI2.7 km0.00.00.04848.01.0UsportD
72ALICE CASTERES2.4 km0.00.00.04343.01.0Rush 2C
73ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT1.9 km0.00.00.03535.00.8Omega 8D
74CORINNE LIVINEC1.7 km0.00.00.03232.00.7AnteaC
75JEAN-MARC DOHERTY1.6 km0.00.00.03131.00.6Avax XC2C
76LUC DAMBLANS1.5 km0.00.00.02828.00.5Aspen 3C
76MICHEL BERGOT1.5 km0.00.00.02828.00.5Omega 5D
78DIDIER LE-GUEDARD1.4 km0.00.00.02727.00.4RedC
79JEAN-NOEL FROT1.1 km0.00.00.02121.00.3PawneeB
80LUIS RODRIGUEZ0.8 km0.00.00.01616.00.2Artik 2C
81R S0. 8D
81RENE CLAUSS0.'Max 2010O
openALEJO M. FERNANDEZARG3.6 km0.00.00.0064.05.8BahiaC