Pre-Européen 2011 St André les Alpes (31/08-7/09/11)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2020-11-01 to 2020-11-07 : French Open 2020 - Saint-Leu - Reunion Island

NEWS 21/07 : THIS COMP IS SERIAL CLASS ONLY. CONTACT if you want to cancel and need refund.

To participate in 2011 Pre-Europeans you must :
- hold a valid 2011 FAI licence
- have a valid third party insurance (written certificate in an understandable language)
- have reached top 750 at WPRS in 2010 or 2011

selection for the event :
- If have reached top 200 at WPRS in 2010 or 2011 : you will be automatically selected within a day or two. You will have to pay the entry fee to confirm.
- If have reached between 200 and 750 at WPRS in 2010 or 2011 : you can pre-register on line, but the final selection will be done the 31 st of March. You will receive an email to know your selection and you will have to pay within 10 days.

Click here to access registration form and registration list

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Onglets horizontaux

104 pilotes participants
1JEAN-MARC CARON29161000pts (1er), 961pts (3ème), 955pts (3ème)Peak 2D
2DAVID CUBEL GALLARTEESP2694819pts (24ème), 888pts (8ème), 987pts (2ème)Mantra 4D
3ANDREAS MALECKIDEU2655818pts (25ème), 956pts (4ème), 881pts (10ème)Mantra 4D
4Russell OGDENGBR2622915pts (7ème), 944pts (5ème), 763pts (38ème)Mantra 4D
5ULRICH PRINZDEU2570813pts (26ème), 828pts (16ème), 929pts (6ème)Boomerang GTOD
6MICHAL GIERLACHPOL2551834pts (21ème), 837pts (11ème), 880pts (11ème)Venus 2D
7Honorin HAMARD2541872pts (15ème), 830pts (14ème), 839pts (17ème)UsportD
8PAWEL BARTONPOL2475826pts (22ème), 649pts (30ème), 1000pts (1er)PeakD
9DAVIDE CASSETTAITA2466886pts (12ème), 744pts (22ème), 836pts (19ème)Peak 2D
10THOMAS IDEDEU2463801pts (29ème), 829pts (15ème), 833pts (21ème)Factor 2C
11DEBU CHOUDHURY2459882pts (14ème), 732pts (26ème), 845pts (15ème)Mantra 4D
12XEVI BONET DALMAUESP2448856pts (18ème), 739pts (23ème), 853pts (14ème)Boomerang GTOD
13Erwan DIDRICHE2402599pts (51ème), 911pts (6ème), 892pts (8ème)Peak 2D
14MAURIZIO MAINAITA2372905pts (8ème), 735pts (25ème), 732pts (43ème)Peak 2D
15Seiko FUKUOKA2370860pts (16ème), 696pts (28ème), 814pts (29ème)Mantra 4D
16YURY MISHANINRUS2317904pts (9ème), 736pts (24ème), 677pts (50ème)PureD
17MATE NAGYHUN2263885pts (13ème), 787pts (19ème), 591pts (58ème)TritonD
18Daniel SCHMIDT2233812pts (27ème), 608pts (42ème), 813pts (30ème)Peak 2D
19IVAN COLAS AZCARATEESP2193937pts (4ème), 834pts (12ème), 422pts (76ème)PeakD
20Bruno CROS2175798pts (30ème), 556pts (58ème), 821pts (25ème)Avax XC3D
21RONNY GEIJSENNLD2151823pts (23ème), 603pts (48ème), 725pts (46ème)Mantra 4D
22Dominique GUENARD2139759pts (34ème), 593pts (51ème), 787pts (35ème)Peak 2D
23Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE2092626pts (47ème), 606pts (44ème), 860pts (13ème)Mantra 4D
24Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO2087683pts (43ème), 666pts (29ème), 738pts (41ème)Boomerang  8O
25Julien WIRTZ2071966pts (2ème), 228pts (78ème), 877pts (12ème)Mantra 4D
26NICOLAS RIEUSSET2065218pts (79ème), 907pts (7ème), 940pts (5ème)Mantra 4D
27Pierre REMY2060935pts (5ème), 206pts (87ème), 919pts (7ème)Peak 2D
28Maxime PINOT2057956pts (3ème), 833pts (13ème), 268pts (82ème)Peak 2D
29Arthur BELLET2055699pts (41ème), 765pts (21ème), 591pts (58ème)Mantra 4D
30Nelson DE-FREYMAN2049674pts (44ème), 641pts (32ème), 734pts (42ème)Mantra 4D
31OLIVIER MICHIELSEN2019890pts (10ème), 237pts (77ème), 892pts (8ème)Mantra 4D
32Jeremie LAGER1938934pts (6ème), 223pts (79ème), 781pts (36ème)Peak 2D
33GUNTER KLAUSDEU1928797pts (31ème), 621pts (39ème), 510pts (70ème)Mantra 4D
34Michel MACQUET1907457pts (54ème), 637pts (33ème), 813pts (30ème)Mantra 4D
35Stephane DROUIN1860887pts (11ème), 973pts (2ème)Mantra 4D
36Denis CHOURAQUI1836413pts (60ème), 607pts (43ème), 816pts (28ème)Boomerang GTOD
37NICOLE FEDELEITA1833806pts (28ème), 455pts (68ème), 572pts (68ème)Peak 2D
38FEDERICO NEVASTROITA1823256pts (76ème), 982pts (1er), 585pts (62ème)Mantra 4D
39Didier MATHURIN1818596pts (52ème), 402pts (71ème), 820pts (26ème)Peak 2D
40Pierre DEJOUS1817771pts (33ème), 205pts (89ème), 841pts (16ème)Peak 2D
41MARC WENSAUERDEU1807650pts (45ème), 205pts (89ème), 952pts (4ème)Mantra R10.2O
42TOBIAS HINASSWE1803450pts (57ème), 626pts (35ème), 727pts (44ème)Mantra 4D
43MARTIN PETZDEU1773132pts (89ème), 880pts (9ème), 761pts (39ème)TorckD
44Benoit FABRE1751601pts (50ème), 562pts (57ème), 588pts (61ème)Peak 2D
45ARNOLD FRANKENBERGERUSA1733860pts (16ème), 65pts (101ème), 808pts (34ème)Mantra 4D
46Jonathan MARIN1720280pts (73ème), 823pts (17ème), 617pts (52ème)UsportD
47DMITRIY CHERNYAKRUS1654215pts (81ème), 611pts (41ème), 828pts (22ème)PeakD
48LUCIANO PAGNONIITA1652711pts (37ème), 214pts (84ème), 727pts (44ème)Mantra 4D
49ALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS1632460pts (53ème), 475pts (65ème), 697pts (48ème)Mantra 4D
50TORSTEN SATTLERDEU161589pts (98ème), 715pts (27ème), 811pts (32ème)Mantra 4D
51KEIKO HIRAKIJPN1586354pts (65ème), 643pts (31ème), 589pts (60ème)Mantra 4D
52Vincent FABRE1553358pts (64ème), 618pts (40ème), 577pts (65ème)Mantra 4D
53Olivier FAURE1546787pts (32ème), 159pts (99ème), 600pts (54ème)Mantra 4D
54DENIS KULIKOVRUS1540393pts (62ème), 571pts (52ème), 576pts (66ème)PureD
55JORG NUBERDEU1517629pts (46ème), 522pts (60ème), 366pts (80ème)Mantra 4D
56Remi MONTGINOT1516708pts (39ème), 215pts (80ème), 593pts (57ème)Poison 2D
57ALESSANDRO LEONARDIITA1510606pts (48ème), 487pts (64ème), 417pts (77ème)Peak 2D
58HAGEN WALTERDEU1505342pts (66ème), 566pts (54ème), 597pts (55ème)Mantra 4D
59ROLANDO DUROGATIITA1503323pts (67ème), 599pts (49ème), 581pts (63ème)Boomerang GTOD
60Jose FERREIRA1502122pts (93ème), 624pts (36ème), 756pts (40ème)Boomerang sportD
61Antoine TRICOU149495pts (95ème), 623pts (37ème), 776pts (37ème)Avax XC3D
62JAN RICHARD HANSENNOR1492603pts (49ème), 194pts (97ème), 695pts (49ème)Boomerang GTOD
63SYLVAIN DHONNEUR1467741pts (35ème), 215pts (80ème), 511pts (69ème)Mantra 4D
64RUUD VAN DER HEIJDENNLD145236pts (101ème), 605pts (47ème), 811pts (32ème)Mantra 4D
65MATTHEW CHURCHGBR1445456pts (55ème), 623pts (37ème), 366pts (80ème)Mantra 4D
66F V1430719pts (36ème), 202pts (92ème), 509pts (71ème)Mantra 4D
67CEDRIC OLIVIER1413700pts (40ème), 505pts (63ème), 208pts (87ème)Mantra 4D
68JULIAN ROBINSONGBR1404691pts (42ème), 112pts (100ème), 601pts (53ème)Avax XC3D
69JEROME MARGAT137036pts (101ème), 514pts (61ème), 820pts (26ème)Mantra 4D
70SEBASTIAN HOHNDEU1359269pts (74ème), 253pts (75ème), 837pts (18ème)UsportD
71Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE1350137pts (84ème), 788pts (18ème), 425pts (75ème)Mantra 4D
72YVONNE DATHEDEU127091pts (97ème), 606pts (44ème), 573pts (67ème)Factor 2C
73YOSHIKI KUREMOTOJPN1170127pts (91ème), 209pts (86ème), 834pts (20ème)Omega 8D
74Didier PAPET1163295pts (70ème), 457pts (67ème), 411pts (78ème)TritonD
75VITTORIO TRIESTEITA1162136pts (85ème), 201pts (93ème), 825pts (23ème)Mantra 4D
76ADIE KUMARIND1151414pts (59ème), 530pts (59ème), 207pts (89ème)Venus 2D
77Julien BRUNG108042pts (100ème), 215pts (80ème), 823pts (24ème)Boomerang GTOD
78Antoine GERIN-JEAN1046840pts (20ème), 206pts (87ème)Omega 8D
79Arnaud BAUMY1044235pts (77ème), 214pts (84ème), 595pts (56ème)Boomerang GTOD
80ANTAL ZINKHUN101055pts (99ème), 774pts (20ème), 181pts (92ème)Boomerang GTOD
81Olivier HUMBERT999128pts (90ème), 201pts (93ème), 670pts (51ème)PureD
82Vincent PERLBARG986135pts (87ème), 468pts (66ème), 383pts (79ème)UsportD
83Clement LATOUR966313pts (68ème), 204pts (91ème), 449pts (72ème)Poison 3D
84YVAN WOLF949285pts (71ème), 215pts (80ème), 449pts (72ème)Omega 8D
85Marie-helene LEDUC939392pts (63ème), 375pts (73ème), 172pts (93ème)Venus 2D
86Nicola DI-BERNARDO930711pts (37ème), 22pts (104ème), 197pts (90ème)Magus XC2D
87EWA KORNELUK-GUZYDEU916302pts (69ème), 567pts (53ème), 47pts (98ème)Venus 2D
88MICHAL WOJCIECHOWSKIPOL91393pts (96ème), 565pts (55ème), 255pts (86ème)Mantra 4D
88Emma CASANOVAGBR913217pts (80ème), 506pts (62ème), 190pts (91ème)Mantra 4D
90Christine METAIS901125pts (92ème), 197pts (96ème), 579pts (64ème)Boomerang GTOD
91FRANCIS SIMONNET87236pts (101ème), 628pts (34ème), 208pts (87ème)Omega 8D
92Franck PARAGOT851398pts (61ème), 188pts (98ème), 265pts (85ème)Mantra 3D
93DIMITRI ROMANBEL836267pts (75ème), 402pts (71ème), 167pts (94ème)Avax XC3D
94MARCO LITTAMEITA829234pts (78ème), 595pts (50ème)Peak 2D
95ALBERTO RAMIA CACERESVEN822135pts (87ème), 241pts (76ème), 446pts (74ème)Omega 8D
95MILAN SOKACZHUN822112pts (94ème), 565pts (55ème), 145pts (95ème)Mantra 4D
97BELA KOVACSHUN783451pts (56ème), 65pts (101ème), 267pts (84ème)Magus XC2D
98GYORGY SZABOHUN766136pts (85ème), 606pts (44ème), 24pts (99ème)Magus XC2D
99ANTONIO GOLFARIITA749160pts (82ème), 455pts (68ème), 134pts (96ème)TribeC
100RENE PAULYDEU74136pts (101ème), 437pts (70ème), 268pts (82ème)Omega 8D
101TOBIAS BORIS EBENFELDDEU606441pts (58ème), 50pts (103ème), 115pts (97ème)UsportD
102DANIEL MEUNIERBEL507283pts (72ème), 200pts (95ème), 24pts (99ème)UsportD
103OLIVIER GEORISBEL403138pts (83ème), 265pts (74ème)Avax XC3D
104M V3636pts (101ème)Omega 8D
manche 1
manche 1705 validée le 15 septembre 11
lieu :

date : 01/09/2011
distance optimisee : 65.1 km

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10JEAN-MARC CARON65.1 km2h10mn56s29.8 km/h100093Peak 2D
20Julien WIRTZ65.1 km2h12mn22s29.5 km/h96691.5Mantra 4D
30Maxime PINOT65.1 km2h12mn35s29.5 km/h95690.0Peak 2D
40IVAN COLAS AZCARATEESP65.1 km2h13mn54s29.2 km/h93788.4PeakD
50Pierre REMY65.1 km2h12mn00s29.6 km/h93587.0Peak 2D
60Jeremie LAGER65.1 km2h14mn08s29.1 km/h93485.6Peak 2D
70Russell OGDENGBR65.1 km2h14mn17s29.1 km/h91584.0Mantra 4D
80MAURIZIO MAINAITA65.1 km2h15mn29s28.8 km/h90582.4Peak 2D
90YURY MISHANINRUS65.1 km2h14mn55s29 km/h90481.2PureD
100OLIVIER MICHIELSEN65.1 km2h17mn39s28.4 km/h89079.6Mantra 4D
110Stephane DROUIN65.1 km2h16mn57s28.5 km/h88778.3Mantra 4D
120DAVIDE CASSETTAITA65.1 km2h16mn56s28.5 km/h88677.2Peak 2D
130MATE NAGYHUN65.1 km2h16mn37s28.6 km/h88576TritonD
140DEBU CHOUDHURY65.1 km2h17mn36s28.4 km/h88274.9Mantra 4D
150Honorin HAMARD65.1 km2h18mn34s28.2 km/h87274.0UsportD
160Seiko FUKUOKA65.1 km2h19mn45s27.9 km/h86072.0Mantra 4D
160ARNOLD FRANKENBERGERUSA65.1 km2h19mn12s28.1 km/h86072.1Mantra 4D
180XEVI BONET DALMAUESP65.1 km2h19mn27s28 km/h85670.1Boomerang GTOD
190EMILE VAN WYKGBR65.1 km2h22mn04s27.5 km/h85068.9Boomerang GTOD
200Antoine GERIN-JEAN65.1 km2h21mn15s27.7 km/h84068.0Omega 8D
210MICHAL GIERLACHPOL65.1 km2h22mn37s27.4 km/h83466.5Venus 2D
220PAWEL BARTONPOL65.1 km2h24mn40s27 km/h82665.4PeakD
230RONNY GEIJSENNLD65.1 km2h23mn16s27.3 km/h82364.5Mantra 4D
240DAVID CUBEL GALLARTEESP65.1 km2h23mn33s27.2 km/h81963.5Mantra 4D
250ANDREAS MALECKIDEU65.1 km2h22mn48s27.4 km/h81862.8Mantra 4D
260ULRICH PRINZDEU65.1 km2h24mn42s27 km/h81361.9Boomerang GTOD
270Daniel SCHMIDT65.1 km2h24mn23s27.1 km/h81261.2Peak 2D
280NICOLE FEDELEITA65.1 km2h26mn06s26.7 km/h80660.2Peak 2D
290THOMAS IDEDEU65.1 km2h24mn54s27 km/h80159.4Factor 2C
300Bruno CROS65.1 km2h26mn08s26.7 km/h79858.6Avax XC3D
310GUNTER KLAUSDEU65.1 km2h26mn22s26.7 km/h79758.1Mantra 4D
320Olivier FAURE65.1 km2h27mn28s26.5 km/h78757.0Mantra 4D
330Pierre DEJOUS65.1 km2h28mn26s26.3 km/h77155.4Peak 2D
340Dominique GUENARD65.1 km2h31mn18s25.8 km/h75954.1Peak 2D
350SYLVAIN DHONNEUR65.1 km2h36mn45s24.9 km/h74152.5Mantra 4D
360F V65.1 km2h36mn22s25 km/h71950.0Mantra 4D
370Nicola DI-BERNARDO65.1 km2h35mn32s25.1 km/h71149.5Magus XC2D
370LUCIANO PAGNONIITA65.1 km2h36mn56s24.9 km/h71149.5Mantra 4D
390Remi MONTGINOT65.1 km2h38mn22s24.7 km/h70848.5Poison 2D
400CEDRIC OLIVIER65.1 km2h37mn05s24.9 km/h70047.5Mantra 4D
410Arthur BELLET65.1 km2h39mn32s24.5 km/h69947.1Mantra 4D
420JULIAN ROBINSONGBR65.1 km2h36mn43s24.9 km/h69146.2Avax XC3D
430Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO65.1 km2h39mn52s24.4 km/h68345.3Boomerang  8O
440Nelson DE-FREYMAN65.1 km2h40mn25s24.3 km/h67444.3Mantra 4D
450MARC WENSAUERDEU65.1 km2h48mn41s23.2 km/h65042.1Mantra R10.2O
460JORG NUBERDEU65.1 km2h48mn49s23.1 km/h62940.2Mantra 4D
470Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE65.1 km2h51mn31s22.8 km/h62639.7Mantra 4D
480ALESSANDRO LEONARDIITA65.1 km2h51mn31s22.8 km/h60637.9Peak 2D
490JAN RICHARD HANSENNOR65.1 km2h54mn26s22.4 km/h60337.4Boomerang GTOD
500Benoit FABRE65.1 km2h50mn41s22.9 km/h60137Peak 2D
510Erwan DIDRICHE65.1 km2h53mn38s22.5 km/h59936.6Peak 2D
520Didier MATHURIN65.1 km2h51mn59s22.7 km/h59636.2Peak 2D
530ALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS64.7 km2h28mn25s26.1 km/h46025.6Mantra 4D
540Michel MACQUET65 km2h29mn48s26 km/h45725.1Mantra 4D
550MATTHEW CHURCHGBR64.7 km2h28mn36s26.1 km/h45624.8Mantra 4D
560BELA KOVACSHUN64.7 km2h28mn56s26.1 km/h45124.2Magus XC2D
570TOBIAS HINASSWE64.8 km2h28mn16s26.2 km/h45023.9Mantra 4D
580TOBIAS BORIS EBENFELDDEU64.1 km2h36mn51s24.5 km/h44123UsportD
590ADIE KUMARIND64.9 km2h56mn42s22 km/h41420.9Venus 2D
600Denis CHOURAQUI65 km2h54mn24s22.4 km/h41320.6Boomerang GTOD
610Franck PARAGOT59.4 km39819.4Mantra 3D
620DENIS KULIKOVRUS65 km3h30mn15s18.6 km/h39318.8PureD
630Marie-helene LEDUC64.8 km3h31mn26s18.4 km/h39218.6Venus 2D
640Vincent FABRE54.2 km35816.1Mantra 4D
650KEIKO HIRAKIJPN52.7 km35415.7Mantra 4D
660HAGEN WALTERDEU56.9 km34214.8Mantra 4D
670ROLANDO DUROGATIITA54.4 km32313.4Boomerang GTOD
680Clement LATOUR49.3 km31312.6Poison 3D
690EWA KORNELUK-GUZYDEU50.7 km30211.8Venus 2D
700Didier PAPET48.6 km29511.0TritonD
710YVAN WOLF48.4 km28510.6Omega 8D
720DANIEL MEUNIERBEL46.5 km28310.3UsportD
730Jonathan MARIN46.8 km28010.1UsportD
740SEBASTIAN HOHNDEU43.5 km2699.3UsportD
750DIMITRI ROMANBEL46 km2679.2Avax XC3D
760FEDERICO NEVASTROITA42.8 km2568.5Mantra 4D
770Arnaud BAUMY40.5 km2357.2Boomerang GTOD
780MARCO LITTAMEITA40.9 km2347.1Peak 2D
790NICOLAS RIEUSSET38.2 km2186.2Mantra 4D
800Emma CASANOVAGBR38 km2176.0Mantra 4D
820ANTONIO GOLFARIITA23.5 km1603.4TribeC
830OLIVIER GEORISBEL17.4 km1382.5Avax XC3D
840Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE17.3 km1372.4Mantra 4D
850GYORGY SZABOHUN17 km1362.4Magus XC2D
850VITTORIO TRIESTEITA17.1 km1362.4Mantra 4D
870Vincent PERLBARG16.9 km1352.3UsportD
870ALBERTO RAMIA CACERESVEN16.9 km1352.3Omega 8D
890MARTIN PETZDEU16.5 km1322.1TorckD
900Olivier HUMBERT16.2 km1282PureD
910YOSHIKI KUREMOTOJPN16.1 km1271.9Omega 8D
920Christine METAIS15.9 km1251.9Boomerang GTOD
930Jose FERREIRA15.7 km1221.8Boomerang sportD
940MILAN SOKACZHUN14.9 km1121.4Mantra 4D
950Antoine TRICOU13.8 km950.9Avax XC3D
970YVONNE DATHEDEU13.6 km910.8Factor 2C
980TORSTEN SATTLERDEU13.5 km890.8Mantra 4D
990ANTAL ZINKHUN9.7 km550.1Boomerang GTOD
1000Julien BRUNG6.3 km420Boomerang GTOD
1010FRANCIS SIMONNET5 km360Omega 8D
1010M V5 km360Omega 8D
1010JEROME MARGAT5 km360Mantra 4D
1010RENE PAULYDEU5 km360Omega 8D
manche 2
manche 1706 validée le 15 septembre 11
lieu :

date : 02/09/2011
distance optimisee : 61.3 km

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10FEDERICO NEVASTROITA61.3 km2h03mn20s29.8 km/h98292.2Mantra 4D
20Stephane DROUIN61.3 km2h03mn38s29.8 km/h97390.8Mantra 4D
30JEAN-MARC CARON61.3 km2h04mn00s29.7 km/h96189.3Peak 2D
40ANDREAS MALECKIDEU61.3 km2h03mn48s29.7 km/h95687.9Mantra 4D
50Russell OGDENGBR61.3 km2h06mn27s29.1 km/h94486.0Mantra 4D
60Erwan DIDRICHE61.3 km2h07mn26s28.9 km/h91185.0Peak 2D
70NICOLAS RIEUSSET61.3 km2h07mn34s28.9 km/h90783.3Mantra 4D
80DAVID CUBEL GALLARTEESP61.3 km2h08mn32s28.6 km/h88881.7Mantra 4D
90MARTIN PETZDEU61.3 km2h09mn08s28.5 km/h88080.3TorckD
100EMILE VAN WYKGBR61.3 km2h11mn23s28 km/h86878.7Boomerang GTOD
110MICHAL GIERLACHPOL61.3 km2h12mn33s27.8 km/h83776.7Venus 2D
120IVAN COLAS AZCARATEESP61.4 km2h13mn12s27.6 km/h83475.4PeakD
130Maxime PINOT61.3 km2h13mn40s27.5 km/h83374.0Peak 2D
140Honorin HAMARD61.3 km2h13mn52s27.5 km/h83073.0UsportD
150THOMAS IDEDEU61.3 km2h13mn00s27.7 km/h82971.9Factor 2C
160ULRICH PRINZDEU61.3 km2h13mn29s27.6 km/h82870.8Boomerang GTOD
170Jonathan MARIN61.3 km2h13mn44s27.5 km/h82369.7UsportD
180Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE61.3 km2h18mn16s26.6 km/h78867.0Mantra 4D
190MATE NAGYHUN61.3 km2h17mn52s26.7 km/h78766.3TritonD
200ANTAL ZINKHUN61.3 km2h19mn31s26.4 km/h77464.8Boomerang GTOD
210Arthur BELLET61.3 km2h20mn07s26.3 km/h76563.0Mantra 4D
220DAVIDE CASSETTAITA61.3 km2h22mn18s25.9 km/h74461.6Peak 2D
230XEVI BONET DALMAUESP61.3 km2h23mn01s25.7 km/h73960.4Boomerang GTOD
240YURY MISHANINRUS61.3 km2h23mn29s25.7 km/h73659.5PureD
250MAURIZIO MAINAITA61.3 km2h23mn10s25.7 km/h73558.6Peak 2D
260DEBU CHOUDHURY61.3 km2h23mn31s25.6 km/h73257.7Mantra 4D
270TORSTEN SATTLERDEU61.3 km2h25mn56s25.2 km/h71556Mantra 4D
280Seiko FUKUOKA61.3 km2h28mn58s24.7 km/h69654.2Mantra 4D
290Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO61.4 km2h33mn12s24 km/h66651.7Boomerang  8O
300PAWEL BARTONPOL61.4 km2h35mn30s23.7 km/h64950PeakD
310KEIKO HIRAKIJPN61.3 km2h37mn18s23.4 km/h64349Mantra 4D
320Nelson DE-FREYMAN61.3 km2h36mn16s23.6 km/h64148.2Mantra 4D
330Michel MACQUET61.3 km2h37mn12s23.4 km/h63747.0Mantra 4D
340FRANCIS SIMONNET61.3 km2h39mn20s23.1 km/h62846.1Omega 8D
350TOBIAS HINASSWE61.3 km2h39mn44s23 km/h62645.4Mantra 4D
360Jose FERREIRA61.3 km2h39mn51s23 km/h62444.7Boomerang sportD
370Antoine TRICOU61.3 km2h40mn19s23 km/h62344.1Avax XC3D
370MATTHEW CHURCHGBR61.3 km2h38mn36s23.2 km/h62344.1Mantra 4D
390GUNTER KLAUSDEU61.3 km2h39mn41s23 km/h62143.1Mantra 4D
400Vincent FABRE61.3 km2h40mn38s22.9 km/h61842.4Mantra 4D
410DMITRIY CHERNYAKRUS61.3 km2h40mn39s22.9 km/h61141.5PeakD
420Daniel SCHMIDT61.3 km2h41mn32s22.8 km/h60840.9Peak 2D
430Denis CHOURAQUI61.3 km2h41mn37s22.8 km/h60740.4Boomerang GTOD
440Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE61.3 km2h42mn27s22.7 km/h60640Mantra 4D
440YVONNE DATHEDEU61.3 km2h42mn02s22.7 km/h60640Factor 2C
440GYORGY SZABOHUN61.3 km2h41mn27s22.8 km/h60640Magus XC2D
470RUUD VAN DER HEIJDENNLD61.3 km2h40mn58s22.9 km/h60539Mantra 4D
480RONNY GEIJSENNLD61.3 km2h42mn15s22.7 km/h60338.6Mantra 4D
490ROLANDO DUROGATIITA61.3 km2h43mn52s22.5 km/h59938.1Boomerang GTOD
500MARCO LITTAMEITA61.3 km2h42mn39s22.6 km/h59537.5Peak 2D
510Dominique GUENARD61.3 km2h43mn33s22.5 km/h59337.2Peak 2D
520DENIS KULIKOVRUS61.3 km2h49mn23s21.7 km/h57135.2PureD
530EWA KORNELUK-GUZYDEU61.3 km2h48mn49s21.8 km/h56734.7Venus 2D
540HAGEN WALTERDEU61.3 km2h47mn09s22 km/h56634.5Mantra 4D
550MICHAL WOJCIECHOWSKIPOL61.3 km2h49mn44s21.7 km/h56534.2Mantra 4D
550MILAN SOKACZHUN61.3 km2h49mn13s21.7 km/h56534.2Mantra 4D
570Benoit FABRE61.3 km2h49mn31s21.7 km/h56233.7Peak 2D
580Bruno CROS61.3 km2h49mn36s21.7 km/h55633.1Avax XC3D
590ADIE KUMARIND61.3 km2h55mn23s21 km/h53030.8Venus 2D
600JORG NUBERDEU61.4 km2h56mn19s20.9 km/h52230Mantra 4D
610JEROME MARGAT61.3 km2h56mn41s20.8 km/h51429.3Mantra 4D
620Emma CASANOVAGBR61.3 km3h02mn41s20.1 km/h50628.0Mantra 4D
630CEDRIC OLIVIER61.3 km3h00mn34s20.4 km/h50528.4Mantra 4D
640ALESSANDRO LEONARDIITA61.3 km3h03mn00s20.1 km/h48726.8Peak 2D
650ALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS61.3 km3h04mn24s20 km/h47525.7Mantra 4D
660Vincent PERLBARG61.3 km3h04mn10s20 km/h46825.1UsportD
670Didier PAPET61.3 km3h06mn58s19.7 km/h45724.0TritonD
680ANTONIO GOLFARIITA61.3 km3h07mn34s19.6 km/h45523.9TribeC
680NICOLE FEDELEITA61.3 km3h07mn30s19.6 km/h45523.9Peak 2D
700RENE PAULYDEU61.3 km3h11mn53s19.2 km/h43722.4Omega 8D
710Didier MATHURIN57.2 km40219.6Peak 2D
710DIMITRI ROMANBEL61.3 km3h21mn25s18.3 km/h40219.6Avax XC3D
730Marie-helene LEDUC61.3 km3h47mn58s16.1 km/h37517.5Venus 2D
740OLIVIER GEORISBEL27.2 km26510Avax XC3D
750SEBASTIAN HOHNDEU24.3 km2539.2UsportD
760ALBERTO RAMIA CACERESVEN21.9 km2418.4Omega 8D
770OLIVIER MICHIELSEN21.2 km2378.1Mantra 4D
780Julien WIRTZ19.8 km2287.6Mantra 4D
790Jeremie LAGER19.1 km2237.3Peak 2D
800Julien BRUNG18 km2156.8Boomerang GTOD
800SYLVAIN DHONNEUR18 km2156.8Mantra 4D
800Remi MONTGINOT18 km2156.8Poison 2D
800YVAN WOLF18.1 km2156.8Omega 8D
840LUCIANO PAGNONIITA18 km2146.6Mantra 4D
840Arnaud BAUMY17.9 km2146.6Boomerang GTOD
860YOSHIKI KUREMOTOJPN17.5 km2096.3Omega 8D
870Pierre REMY17.4 km2066.1Peak 2D
870Antoine GERIN-JEAN17.4 km2066.1Omega 8D
890Pierre DEJOUS17.3 km2056.1Peak 2D
890MARC WENSAUERDEU17.3 km2056.1Mantra R10.2O
910Clement LATOUR17.3 km2046Poison 3D
920F V17.1 km2025.9Mantra 4D
930Olivier HUMBERT17.1 km2015.8PureD
930VITTORIO TRIESTEITA17.1 km2015.8Mantra 4D
950DANIEL MEUNIERBEL17.1 km2005.8UsportD
960Christine METAIS16.9 km1975.6Boomerang GTOD
970JAN RICHARD HANSENNOR16.8 km1945.5Boomerang GTOD
980Franck PARAGOT16.6 km1885.2Mantra 3D
990Olivier FAURE15.4 km1593.8Mantra 4D
1000JULIAN ROBINSONGBR13.6 km1121.9Avax XC3D
1010ARNOLD FRANKENBERGERUSA11.5 km650.6Mantra 4D
1010BELA KOVACSHUN11.4 km650.6Magus XC2D
1040Nicola DI-BERNARDO5 km220Magus XC2D
manche 3
manche 1707 validée le 15 septembre 11
lieu :

date : 06/09/2011
distance optimisee : 74.2 km

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10PAWEL BARTONPOL74.2 km2h20mn29s31.7 km/h100091.1PeakD
20DAVID CUBEL GALLARTEESP74.2 km2h20mn54s31.6 km/h98789.6Mantra 4D
30JEAN-MARC CARON74.2 km2h21mn48s31.4 km/h95588Peak 2D
40MARC WENSAUERDEU74.2 km2h22mn11s31.3 km/h95286.5Mantra R10.2O
50NICOLAS RIEUSSET74.2 km2h22mn36s31.2 km/h94085.0Mantra 4D
60ULRICH PRINZDEU74.2 km2h23mn27s31 km/h92983.5Boomerang GTOD
70Pierre REMY74.2 km2h24mn19s30.9 km/h91982.0Peak 2D
80OLIVIER MICHIELSEN74.2 km2h26mn24s30.4 km/h89280.2Mantra 4D
80Erwan DIDRICHE74.2 km2h26mn31s30.4 km/h89280.0Peak 2D
100ANDREAS MALECKIDEU74.2 km2h27mn41s30.1 km/h88177.3Mantra 4D
110MICHAL GIERLACHPOL74.2 km2h27mn28s30.2 km/h88076.1Venus 2D
120Julien WIRTZ74.2 km2h27mn43s30.1 km/h87774.9Mantra 4D
130Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE74.2 km2h29mn39s29.8 km/h86073.0Mantra 4D
140XEVI BONET DALMAUESP74.2 km2h29mn58s29.7 km/h85371.9Boomerang GTOD
150DEBU CHOUDHURY74.2 km2h30mn54s29.5 km/h84570.6Mantra 4D
160Pierre DEJOUS74.2 km2h30mn52s29.5 km/h84169.0Peak 2D
170Honorin HAMARD74.2 km2h31mn14s29.4 km/h83968.4UsportD
180SEBASTIAN HOHNDEU74.2 km2h32mn01s29.3 km/h83767.4UsportD
190DAVIDE CASSETTAITA74.2 km2h31mn57s29.3 km/h83666.4Peak 2D
200YOSHIKI KUREMOTOJPN74.2 km2h31mn59s29.3 km/h83465.5Omega 8D
210THOMAS IDEDEU74.2 km2h32mn11s29.3 km/h83364.7Factor 2C
220DMITRIY CHERNYAKRUS74.2 km2h32mn39s29.2 km/h82863.7PeakD
230VITTORIO TRIESTEITA74.2 km2h32mn59s29.1 km/h82562.8Mantra 4D
240Julien BRUNG74.2 km2h32mn58s29.1 km/h82362Boomerang GTOD
250Bruno CROS74.2 km2h33mn20s29 km/h82161.3Avax XC3D
260Didier MATHURIN74.2 km2h33mn26s29 km/h82061.0Peak 2D
260JEROME MARGAT74.2 km2h33mn28s29 km/h82061.0Mantra 4D
280Denis CHOURAQUI74.2 km2h33mn51s28.9 km/h81659.0Boomerang GTOD
290Seiko FUKUOKA74.2 km2h33mn55s28.9 km/h81458.6Mantra 4D
300Daniel SCHMIDT74.2 km2h34mn10s28.9 km/h81358.1Peak 2D
300Michel MACQUET74.2 km2h34mn24s28.8 km/h81358.0Mantra 4D
320TORSTEN SATTLERDEU74.2 km2h34mn33s28.8 km/h81157.1Mantra 4D
320RUUD VAN DER HEIJDENNLD74.2 km2h34mn38s28.8 km/h81157.1Mantra 4D
340ARNOLD FRANKENBERGERUSA74.2 km2h34mn41s28.8 km/h80856.2Mantra 4D
350Dominique GUENARD74.2 km2h37mn14s28.3 km/h78754.0Peak 2D
360Jeremie LAGER74.2 km2h37mn09s28.3 km/h78153.7Peak 2D
370Antoine TRICOU74.2 km2h38mn22s28.1 km/h77653.0Avax XC3D
380Russell OGDENGBR74.2 km2h39mn27s27.9 km/h76352.0Mantra 4D
390MARTIN PETZDEU74.2 km2h41mn31s27.6 km/h76151.3TorckD
400Jose FERREIRA74.2 km2h40mn46s27.7 km/h75650.7Boomerang sportD
410Jean-michel ARA-SOMOHANO74.2 km2h43mn47s27.2 km/h73849.1Boomerang  8O
420Nelson DE-FREYMAN74.2 km2h42mn48s27.4 km/h73449.0Mantra 4D
430MAURIZIO MAINAITA74.2 km2h44mn06s27.1 km/h73248.2Peak 2D
440TOBIAS HINASSWE74.2 km2h44mn24s27.1 km/h72747.6Mantra 4D
440LUCIANO PAGNONIITA74.2 km2h44mn16s27.1 km/h72747.6Mantra 4D
460RONNY GEIJSENNLD74.2 km2h44mn22s27.1 km/h72547.1Mantra 4D
470EMILE VAN WYKGBR74.2 km2h48mn41s26.4 km/h70045Boomerang GTOD
480ALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS74.2 km2h47mn41s26.6 km/h69744.6Mantra 4D
490JAN RICHARD HANSENNOR74.2 km2h48mn36s26.4 km/h69544.3Boomerang GTOD
500YURY MISHANINRUS74.2 km2h52mn27s25.8 km/h67742.7PureD
510Olivier HUMBERT74.2 km2h53mn46s25.6 km/h67042PureD
520Jonathan MARIN74.2 km3h02mn47s24.4 km/h61737.5UsportD
530JULIAN ROBINSONGBR74.2 km3h01mn57s24.5 km/h60136Avax XC3D
540Olivier FAURE74.2 km3h03mn06s24.3 km/h60035.8Mantra 4D
550HAGEN WALTERDEU74.2 km3h02mn23s24.4 km/h59735.5Mantra 4D
560Arnaud BAUMY74.2 km3h04mn09s24.2 km/h59535.2Boomerang GTOD
570Remi MONTGINOT74.2 km3h05mn10s24 km/h59335Poison 2D
580Arthur BELLET74.2 km3h04mn52s24.1 km/h59134.7Mantra 4D
580MATE NAGYHUN74.2 km3h04mn59s24.1 km/h59134.7TritonD
600KEIKO HIRAKIJPN74.2 km3h05mn35s24 km/h58934.5Mantra 4D
610Benoit FABRE74.2 km3h05mn12s24 km/h58834.4Peak 2D
620FEDERICO NEVASTROITA74.2 km3h04mn51s24.1 km/h58534.1Mantra 4D
630ROLANDO DUROGATIITA74.2 km3h07mn02s23.8 km/h58133.7Boomerang GTOD
640Christine METAIS74.2 km3h07mn14s23.8 km/h57933.5Boomerang GTOD
650Vincent FABRE74.2 km3h07mn23s23.8 km/h57733.4Mantra 4D
660DENIS KULIKOVRUS74.2 km3h06mn41s23.9 km/h57633.3PureD
670YVONNE DATHEDEU74.2 km3h07mn13s23.8 km/h57333.1Factor 2C
680NICOLE FEDELEITA74.2 km3h07mn08s23.8 km/h57233Peak 2D
690SYLVAIN DHONNEUR74.2 km3h22mn03s22 km/h51127.6Mantra 4D
700GUNTER KLAUSDEU74.2 km3h22mn44s22 km/h51027.6Mantra 4D
710F V74.2 km3h22mn04s22 km/h50927.5Mantra 4D
720Clement LATOUR74.2 km3h33mn56s20.8 km/h44922.5Poison 3D
720YVAN WOLF74.2 km3h35mn36s20.7 km/h44922.5Omega 8D
740ALBERTO RAMIA CACERESVEN74.2 km3h34mn50s20.7 km/h44622.2Omega 8D
750Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE74.2 km3h41mn52s20.1 km/h42520.5Mantra 4D
760IVAN COLAS AZCARATEESP71.6 km42220.3PeakD
770ALESSANDRO LEONARDIITA71.3 km41719.9Peak 2D
780Didier PAPET71.5 km41120.0TritonD
790Vincent PERLBARG74.2 km3h48mn32s19.5 km/h38317.3UsportD
800MATTHEW CHURCHGBR74.2 km4h25mn38s16.8 km/h36616Mantra 4D
800JORG NUBERDEU74.2 km4h50mn37s15.3 km/h36616Mantra 4D
820Maxime PINOT44.9 km2689.4Peak 2D
820RENE PAULYDEU44.8 km2689.4Omega 8D
840BELA KOVACSHUN44.7 km2679.3Magus XC2D
850Franck PARAGOT44.3 km2659.2Mantra 3D
860MICHAL WOJCIECHOWSKIPOL42.6 km2558.6Mantra 4D
870FRANCIS SIMONNET35.6 km2086Omega 8D
870CEDRIC OLIVIER35.6 km2086Mantra 4D
890ADIE KUMARIND35.6 km2075.9Venus 2D
900Nicola DI-BERNARDO34.3 km1975.4Magus XC2D
910Emma CASANOVAGBR33.3 km1905.0Mantra 4D
920ANTAL ZINKHUN32.2 km1814.6Boomerang GTOD
930Marie-helene LEDUC31 km1724.2Venus 2D
940DIMITRI ROMANBEL30.4 km1674Avax XC3D
950MILAN SOKACZHUN28 km1453Mantra 4D
960ANTONIO GOLFARIITA27 km1342.6TribeC
980EWA KORNELUK-GUZYDEU12 km470.2Venus 2D