V.AU.TOUR de l'Ariège (2-8/07/11)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2022-05-21 to 2022-05-27 : French Open, Championnat de France Combe de Savoie
2022-08-06 to 2022-08-12 : Alsace Vosges Open 2022

V.AU.TOUR de l'Ariège is registered in FAI calendar as a category 2 event.

Registration rules :
  • Registration is accessible to all foreign pilots with a valid FAI license and a third party insurance
  • As per FAI rules, 25 per cent of the places are reserved for foreign pilots if they register before 15th june 2011. After this date, this reserved number no more garanteed.

  • Click here to access registration form and registration list

Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI
Statut : Resultats officiels

Onglets horizontaux

gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT27771000.0pts, 937.0pts, 840.0pts Omega 8
2SYLVAIN GATTINI2773822.0pts, 951.0pts, 1000.0pts Icepeak 5
3DOMINIQUE GUENARD2591783.0pts, 943.0pts, 865.0pts Mantra R10.2
4DIDIER DURAND2035791.0pts, 1000.0pts, 244.0pts Peak 2
5GUILLAUME TAVENNE2013487.0pts, 815.0pts, 711.0pts Trango X-Light
6R S1822493.0pts, 710.0pts, 619.0pts Omega 8
7CLAUDE LE-MELLEC1590783.0pts, 458.0pts, 349.0pts Mantra 4
8KEVIN BONNENFANT1546777.0pts, 499.0pts, 270.0pts Eris 4
9ERIC DAIGREMONT1407449.0pts, 608.0pts, 350.0pts U6
10MICHEL LEVISSE1245459.0pts, 340.0pts, 446.0pts Mantra 4
11XAVIER AJELLO1243279.0pts, 528.0pts, 436.0pts Mantra 3
12PIERRE PALETTE1189492.0pts, 697.0pts Eos
13ERIC NOYELLE1134736.0pts, 361.0pts, 37.0pts Venus 2
14LOUIS NIQUET101072.0pts, 322.0pts, 616.0pts Aspen 3
15MARCEL SIMON998390.0pts, 532.0pts, 76.0pts Delta
16MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE956286.0pts, 563.0pts, 107.0pts Tribe
17SERGE LIMOUZI954208.0pts, 364.0pts, 382.0pts Delta
18THOMAS UNFER94373.0pts, 638.0pts, 232.0pts Magic 5
19B H93072.0pts, 591.0pts, 267.0pts Avax XC2
20BRUNO VERLHAC83363.0pts, 726.0pts, 44.0pts Avax XC3
21M V828193.0pts, 530.0pts, 105.0pts Omega 8
22NICOLAS PEDEZERT78571.0pts, 556.0pts, 158.0pts Trango 3
23PIERRE THERERBEL75319.0pts, 467.0pts, 267.0pts U5
24JEAN MARC CHARRON73565.0pts, 394.0pts, 276.0pts Omega 7
25MAXIME CHIRON664664.0pts U4
26GERARDO PEREZ-PINTOS64261.0pts, 557.0pts, 24.0pts Omega 7
27MICHEL PRESA61968.0pts, 533.0pts, 18.0pts Sigma  6
28ANNELYSE DECORGES579155.0pts, 398.0pts, 26.0pts Sigma  7
29RUDY GOSSET53155.0pts, 459.0pts, 17.0pts Sigma  7
30PIERRICK AUBOUIN52728.0pts, 499.0pts Mantra 2
31BERNARD CAZALET50283.0pts, 387.0pts, 32.0pts Venus 2
32PATRICK CHEVALLIER501501.0pts Delta
33LEO HAMARD44129.0pts, 381.0pts, 31.0pts Usport
34THIERRY MOUNIER-POULAT29942.0pts, 247.0pts, 10.0pts Epsilon 6
35DANIEL RIGHI23437.0pts, 197.0pts Vega 2
36JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE7878.0pts Mantra 2
37LOIC FRARY5050.0pts Avax XC3
general (serie)
29 pilotes en ailes homologuées
1ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT27791000pts (1er), 938pts (4ème), 841pts (3ème)Omega 8D
2DIDIER DURAND2035791pts (3ème), 1000pts (1er), 244pts (17ème)Peak 2D
3R S1822493pts (8ème), 710pts (7ème), 619pts (7ème)Omega 8D
4CLAUDE LE-MELLEC1589783pts (4ème), 457pts (22ème), 349pts (13ème)Mantra 4D
5MICHEL LEVISSE1245459pts (11ème), 339pts (29ème), 447pts (9ème)Mantra 4D
6XAVIER AJELLO1244280pts (15ème), 528pts (17ème), 436pts (10ème)Mantra 3D
7ERIC NOYELLE1133736pts (7ème), 360pts (28ème), 37pts (24ème)Venus 2D
8LOUIS NIQUET101072pts (22ème), 321pts (30ème), 617pts (8ème)Aspen 3C
9MARCEL SIMON998390pts (13ème), 532pts (15ème), 76pts (22ème)DeltaC
10MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE956286pts (14ème), 563pts (11ème), 107pts (20ème)TribeC
11SERGE LIMOUZI954208pts (16ème), 364pts (27ème), 382pts (11ème)DeltaC
12THOMAS UNFER94373pts (21ème), 638pts (8ème), 232pts (18ème)Magic 5D
13B H93172pts (22ème), 591pts (10ème), 268pts (16ème)Avax XC2C
14BRUNO VERLHAC83363pts (27ème), 726pts (6ème), 44pts (23ème)Avax XC3D
15M V828193pts (17ème), 530pts (16ème), 105pts (21ème)Omega 8D
16NICOLAS PEDEZERT78571pts (24ème), 556pts (13ème), 158pts (19ème)Trango 3D
17JEAN MARC CHARRON73565pts (26ème), 394pts (24ème), 276pts (14ème)Omega 7D
18GERARDO PEREZ-PINTOS64261pts (28ème), 557pts (12ème), 24pts (28ème)Omega 7D
19MICHEL PRESA61968pts (25ème), 533pts (14ème), 18pts (29ème)Sigma  6C
20ANNELYSE DECORGES579155pts (18ème), 398pts (23ème), 26pts (27ème)Sigma  7C
21RUDY GOSSET53055pts (29ème), 458pts (21ème), 17pts (30ème)Sigma  7C
22PIERRICK AUBOUIN52829pts (33ème), 499pts (19ème)Mantra 2D
23BERNARD CAZALET50283pts (19ème), 387pts (25ème), 32pts (25ème)Venus 2D
24PATRICK CHEVALLIER501501pts (18ème)DeltaC
25LEO HAMARD44129pts (33ème), 381pts (26ème), 31pts (26ème)UsportD
26THIERRY MOUNIER-POULAT29942pts (31ème), 247pts (31ème), 10pts (31ème)Epsilon 6B
27DANIEL RIGHI23437pts (32ème), 197pts (32ème)Vega 2C
28JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE7979pts (20ème)Mantra 2D
29LOIC FRARY5050pts (30ème)Avax XC3D
36 pilotes participants
1ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT27791000pts (1er), 938pts (4ème), 841pts (3ème)Omega 8D
2SYLVAIN GATTINI2773822pts (2ème), 951pts (2ème), 1000pts (1er)Icepeak 5O
3DOMINIQUE GUENARD2591783pts (4ème), 943pts (3ème), 865pts (2ème)Mantra R10.2O
4DIDIER DURAND2035791pts (3ème), 1000pts (1er), 244pts (17ème)Peak 2D
5GUILLAUME TAVENNE2014487pts (10ème), 816pts (5ème), 711pts (4ème)Trango X-LightO
6R S1822493pts (8ème), 710pts (7ème), 619pts (7ème)Omega 8D
7CLAUDE LE-MELLEC1589783pts (4ème), 457pts (22ème), 349pts (13ème)Mantra 4D
8KEVIN BONNENFANT1547777pts (6ème), 499pts (19ème), 271pts (15ème)Eris 4O
9ERIC DAIGREMONT1407449pts (12ème), 608pts (9ème), 350pts (12ème)U6O
10MICHEL LEVISSE1245459pts (11ème), 339pts (29ème), 447pts (9ème)Mantra 4D
11XAVIER AJELLO1244280pts (15ème), 528pts (17ème), 436pts (10ème)Mantra 3D
12PIERRE PALETTE1191493pts (8ème), 698pts (5ème)EosO
13ERIC NOYELLE1133736pts (7ème), 360pts (28ème), 37pts (24ème)Venus 2D
14LOUIS NIQUET101072pts (22ème), 321pts (30ème), 617pts (8ème)Aspen 3C
15MARCEL SIMON998390pts (13ème), 532pts (15ème), 76pts (22ème)DeltaC
16MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE956286pts (14ème), 563pts (11ème), 107pts (20ème)TribeC
17SERGE LIMOUZI954208pts (16ème), 364pts (27ème), 382pts (11ème)DeltaC
18THOMAS UNFER94373pts (21ème), 638pts (8ème), 232pts (18ème)Magic 5D
19B H93172pts (22ème), 591pts (10ème), 268pts (16ème)Avax XC2C
20BRUNO VERLHAC83363pts (27ème), 726pts (6ème), 44pts (23ème)Avax XC3D
21M V828193pts (17ème), 530pts (16ème), 105pts (21ème)Omega 8D
22NICOLAS PEDEZERT78571pts (24ème), 556pts (13ème), 158pts (19ème)Trango 3D
23JEAN MARC CHARRON73565pts (26ème), 394pts (24ème), 276pts (14ème)Omega 7D
24MAXIME CHIRON665665pts (6ème)U4O
25GERARDO PEREZ-PINTOS64261pts (28ème), 557pts (12ème), 24pts (28ème)Omega 7D
26MICHEL PRESA61968pts (25ème), 533pts (14ème), 18pts (29ème)Sigma  6C
27ANNELYSE DECORGES579155pts (18ème), 398pts (23ème), 26pts (27ème)Sigma  7C
28RUDY GOSSET53055pts (29ème), 458pts (21ème), 17pts (30ème)Sigma  7C
29PIERRICK AUBOUIN52829pts (33ème), 499pts (19ème)Mantra 2D
30BERNARD CAZALET50283pts (19ème), 387pts (25ème), 32pts (25ème)Venus 2D
31PATRICK CHEVALLIER501501pts (18ème)DeltaC
32LEO HAMARD44129pts (33ème), 381pts (26ème), 31pts (26ème)UsportD
33THIERRY MOUNIER-POULAT29942pts (31ème), 247pts (31ème), 10pts (31ème)Epsilon 6B
34DANIEL RIGHI23437pts (32ème), 197pts (32ème)Vega 2C
35JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE7979pts (20ème)Mantra 2D
36LOIC FRARY5050pts (30ème)Avax XC3D
manche 1
lieu : prat d'albis
Course en Temps Minimun
date : 05/07/2011
distance optimisee : 35.961 km
manche 1649 validée le 18 juillet 11

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1ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT36 km3h02mn30s11.8 km/h0.00.00.010001000.060.0Omega 8D
2SYLVAIN GATTINI29.7 km0.00.00.0822822.057.1Icepeak 5O
3DIDIER DURAND28.5 km0.00.00.0791791.054.0Peak 2D
4DOMINIQUE GUENARD28.2 km0.00.00.0783783.051.0Mantra R10.2O
4CLAUDE LE-MELLEC28.3 km0.00.00.0783783.051.0Mantra 4D
6KEVIN BONNENFANT28 km0.00.00.0777777.046.0Eris 4O
7ERIC NOYELLE26.5 km0.00.00.0736736.043.0Venus 2D
8PIERRE PALETTE17.7 km0.00.00.0493492.032.4EosO
8R S17.7 km0.00.00.0493493.035.0Omega 8D
10GUILLAUME TAVENNE17.4 km0.00.00.0487487.030.2Trango X-LightO
11MICHEL LEVISSE16.4 km0.00.00.0459459.027.4Mantra 4D
12ERIC DAIGREMONT16.1 km0.00.00.0449449.025.4U6O
13MARCEL SIMON13.9 km0.00.00.0390390.022.0DeltaC
14MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE10.2 km0.00.00.0286286.016.0TribeC
15XAVIER AJELLO9.9 km0.00.00.0280279.014.9Mantra 3D
16SERGE LIMOUZI7.4 km0.00.00.0208208.011.1DeltaC
17M V6.8 km0.00.00.0193193.09.5Omega 8D
18ANNELYSE DECORGES5.5 km0.00.00.0155155.07.0Sigma  7C
19BERNARD CAZALET2.9 km0.00.00.08383.04.0Venus 2D
20JEAN-JACQUES VAYSSIE2.8 km0.00.00.07978.03.5Mantra 2D
21THOMAS UNFER2.5 km0.00.00.07373.02.8Magic 5D
22LOUIS NIQUET2.5 km0.00.00.07272.02.3Aspen 3C
22B H2.5 km0.00.00.07272.02.3Avax XC2C
24NICOLAS PEDEZERT2.5 km0.00.00.07171.01.7Trango 3D
25MICHEL PRESA2.4 km0.00.00.06868.01.4Sigma  6C
26JEAN MARC CHARRON2.3 km0.00.00.06565.01.1Omega 7D
27BRUNO VERLHAC2.2 km0.00.00.06363.00.9Avax XC3D
28GERARDO PEREZ-PINTOS2.1 km0.00.00.06161.00.8Omega 7D
29RUDY GOSSET1.9 km0.00.00.05555.00.6Sigma  7C
30LOIC FRARY1.8 km0.00.00.05050.00.5Avax XC3D
31THIERRY MOUNIER-POULAT1.5 km0.00.00.04242.00.3Epsilon 6B
32DANIEL RIGHI1.3 km0.00.00.03737.00.2Vega 2C
33LEO HAMARD1 km0.00.00.02929.00.1UsportD
33PIERRICK AUBOUIN1 km0.00.00.02928.00.1Mantra 2D
openPIERRE THERERBEL0.7 km0.00.00.0019.00U5O
manche 2
lieu : prat d'albis
Manche Libre 4 Branches
date : 06/07/2011
distance optimisee : 3.100 km
manche 1650 validée le 18 juillet 11

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1DIDIER DURAND23.1 km2h09mn05s10.7 km/h0.00.00.010001000.060.0Peak 2D
2SYLVAIN GATTINI21.8 km1h56mn58s11.2 km/h0.00.00.0951951.057Icepeak 5O
3DOMINIQUE GUENARD22 km2h16mn43s9.7 km/h0.00.00.0943943.054.0Mantra R10.2O
4ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT21.5 km1h54mn35s11.3 km/h0.00.00.0938937.052.0Omega 8D
5GUILLAUME TAVENNE18 km1h10mn41s15.3 km/h0.00.00.0816815.048.0Trango X-LightO
6BRUNO VERLHAC16.7 km1h26mn39s11.5 km/h0.00.00.0726726.043.0Avax XC3D
7R S16.7 km1h46mn57s9.4 km/h0.00.00.0710710.040.0Omega 8D
8THOMAS UNFER14.8 km1h28mn59s10 km/h0.00.00.0638638.035.0Magic 5D
9ERIC DAIGREMONT14.1 km1h17mn50s10.8 km/h0.00.00.0608608.032U6O
10B H13.8 km1h19mn44s10.4 km/h0.00.00.0591591.029.0Avax XC2C
11MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE13.7 km2h09mn11s6.3 km/h0.00.00.0563563.026.0TribeC
12GERARDO PEREZ-PINTOS12.9 km1h14mn07s10.5 km/h0.00.00.0557557.025.0Omega 7D
13NICOLAS PEDEZERT12.9 km1h13mn38s10.5 km/h0.00.00.0556556.023.0Trango 3D
14MICHEL PRESA12.3 km1h08mn31s10.8 km/h0.00.00.0533533.021.0Sigma  6C
15MARCEL SIMON12.4 km1h09mn29s10.7 km/h0.00.00.0532532.020.0DeltaC
16M V11.5 km0h36mn24s19 km/h0.00.00.0530530.018.8Omega 8D
17XAVIER AJELLO12.3 km1h14mn52s9.9 km/h0.00.00.0528528.017.9Mantra 3D
18PATRICK CHEVALLIER11.8 km1h20mn56s8.8 km/h0.00.00.0501501.016.0DeltaC
19KEVIN BONNENFANT11.4 km0h55mn41s12.3 km/h0.00.00.0499499.015.0Eris 4O
19PIERRICK AUBOUIN11.7 km1h11mn09s9.8 km/h0.00.00.0499499.015.0Mantra 2D
21RUDY GOSSET10.8 km1h08mn51s9.4 km/h0.00.00.0458459.012.0Sigma  7C
22CLAUDE LE-MELLEC11.9 km0.00.00.0457458.011.6Mantra 4D
23ANNELYSE DECORGES8.9 km0h38mn27s14 km/h0.00.00.0398398.08.0Sigma  7C
24JEAN MARC CHARRON9 km0h42mn47s12.7 km/h0.00.00.0394394.08.0Omega 7D
25BERNARD CAZALET9.4 km1h28mn05s6.4 km/h0.00.00.0387387.07.0Venus 2D
26LEO HAMARD8.7 km0h39mn40s13.2 km/h0.00.00.0381381.07.0UsportD
27SERGE LIMOUZI8.6 km0h52mn08s9.8 km/h0.00.00.0364364.06DeltaC
28ERIC NOYELLE9.4 km0.00.00.0360361.05.8Venus 2D
29MICHEL LEVISSE8.8 km0.00.00.0339340.04.7Mantra 4D
30LOUIS NIQUET8.3 km0.00.00.0321322.03.9Aspen 3C
31THIERRY MOUNIER-POULAT5.2 km0h14mn22s21.8 km/h0.00.00.0247247.01.0Epsilon 6B
32DANIEL RIGHI4.6 km0h22mn31s12.3 km/h0.00.00.0197197.00Vega 2C
openPIERRE THERERBEL10.2 km0h36mn20s16.8 km/h0.00.00.00467.012.6U5O
manche 3
lieu : prat d'Albis
Course en Temps Minimun
date : 08/07/2011
distance optimisee : 33.311 km
manche 1651 validée le 18 juillet 11

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1SYLVAIN GATTINI33.3 km1h51mn43s17.9 km/h0.00.00.010001000.061.0Icepeak 5O
2DOMINIQUE GUENARD29 km0.00.00.0865865.058.0Mantra R10.2O
3ANNE-SOPHIE TRIBOUT28.1 km0.00.00.0841840.055.0Omega 8D
4GUILLAUME TAVENNE23.7 km0.00.00.0711711.050.0Trango X-LightO
5PIERRE PALETTE23.3 km0.00.00.0698697.047.0EosO
6MAXIME CHIRON22.2 km0.00.00.0665664.043.0U4O
7R S20.6 km0.00.00.0619619.040.0Omega 8D
8LOUIS NIQUET20.5 km0.00.00.0617616.037.0Aspen 3C
9MICHEL LEVISSE14.8 km0.00.00.0447446.029.8Mantra 4D
10XAVIER AJELLO14.5 km0.00.00.0436436.027.0Mantra 3D
11SERGE LIMOUZI12.6 km0.00.00.0382382.024.0DeltaC
12ERIC DAIGREMONT11.6 km0.00.00.0350350.020.5U6O
13CLAUDE LE-MELLEC11.5 km0.00.00.0349349.018.9Mantra 4D
14JEAN MARC CHARRON9.1 km0.00.00.0276276.015.0Omega 7D
15KEVIN BONNENFANT8.9 km0.00.00.0271270.013.4Eris 4O
16B H8.8 km0.00.00.0268267.012.2Avax XC2C
17DIDIER DURAND8 km0.00.00.0244244.09.7Peak 2D
18THOMAS UNFER7.6 km0.00.00.0232232.08.6Magic 5D
19NICOLAS PEDEZERT5.2 km0.00.00.0158158.05.3Trango 3D
20MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE3.5 km0.00.00.0107107.03.2TribeC
21M V3.4 km0.00.00.0105105.02.8Omega 8D
22MARCEL SIMON2.4 km0.00.00.07676.02.0DeltaC
23BRUNO VERLHAC1.4 km0.00.00.04444.00.8Avax XC3D
24ERIC NOYELLE1.2 km0.00.00.03737.00.5Venus 2D
25BERNARD CAZALET1 km0.00.00.03232.00.4Venus 2D
26LEO HAMARD1 km0.00.00.03131.00.3UsportD
27ANNELYSE DECORGES0.8 km0.00.00.02626.00.2Sigma  7C
28GERARDO PEREZ-PINTOS0.8 km0.00.00.02424.00.1Omega 7D
29MICHEL PRESA0.6 km0.00.00.01818.00.1Sigma  6C
30RUDY GOSSET0.5 km0.00.00.01717.00Sigma  7C
31THIERRY MOUNIER-POULAT0.3 km0.00.00.01010.00Epsilon 6B
openPIERRE THERERBEL8.8 km0.00.00.00267.012.2U5O