Dormillouse - French Open 2014 (1-6/09/14)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2020-11-01 to 2020-11-07 : French Open 2020 - Saint-Leu - Reunion Island

We are proud to welcome foreigner pilots to the 2014 French Open
Please use this page to make your registration
- First you have to pre-register on this page using the links in the Blue square here-below : "Click here to access registration form and registration list"
- The minimum level requirement is to be in the 700 first in the WPRS
- Once you are pre-registered, you have to pay through the site using a credit card to confirm your participation
- One month before the comp, any pilot pre-registered that didn't paid will loose his selection

Click here to access registration form and registration list

Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 121
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.2
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.716
  • coef de reussite : 1 (4 manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 85.9pts
detail des resultats

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Onglets horizontaux

109 pilotes participants
1Charles CAZAUX3907999.3pts (1er), 951pts (14ème), 960.5pts (3ème), 996.6pts (1er)Enzo 2K
2Honorin HAMARD3826902.8pts (8ème), 989.8pts (1er), 992.1pts (1er), 941.2pts (7ème)Enzo 2K
3Jonathan MARIN3754889.4pts (10ème), 972pts (5ème), 942.9pts (6ème), 949.2pts (5ème)Stratus Core 3K
4Pierre REMY3688844.3pts (12ème), 941.7pts (17ème), 952.1pts (5ème), 949.8pts (4ème)Enzo 2K
5Denis CORTELLA3647795.3pts (15ème), 987.8pts (2ème), 975.4pts (2ème), 888.2pts (10ème)Boomerang  9K
6Maxime BELLEMIN3618971.7pts (4ème), 870.2pts (21ème), 909pts (7ème), 867.5pts (14ème)Boomerang  9K
7Lucas BERNARDIN3596960.9pts (7ème), 965.3pts (7ème), 796.9pts (15ème), 872.9pts (12ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
8Alexandre JOFRESA3563884pts (11ème), 960.8pts (8ème), 759.6pts (21ème), 958.2pts (3ème)Enzo 2K
9Yoann CHAVANNE3525969.8pts (5ème), 810.3pts (28ème), 796.3pts (16ème), 948.6pts (6ème)Stratus Core 3K
10Damien LACAZE3400969.7pts (6ème), 986.3pts (3ème), 957.9pts (4ème), 485.8pts (60ème)Enzo 2K
11Jeremie LAGER3357713.7pts (19ème), 953.9pts (11ème), 810pts (13ème), 879.7pts (11ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
12JEAN-MARC CARON3340706pts (22ème), 946.2pts (15ème), 820.3pts (11ème), 867.4pts (15ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
13Jacques FOURNIER3328978pts (3ème), 937.1pts (18ème), 478.1pts (54ème), 934.6pts (8ème)Enzo 2K
14Jerome HULIN3213591.3pts (39ème), 951.8pts (13ème), 861.3pts (9ème), 808.9pts (30ème)Enzo 1K
15Stephane DROUIN3185452.2pts (59ème), 942.2pts (16ème), 831.7pts (10ème), 959.1pts (2ème)Enzo 2K
16Michel LEVISSE3182901.1pts (9ème), 958.6pts (9ème), 456.5pts (57ème), 865.8pts (16ème)Enzo 2K
17Francois CORMIER3150791.2pts (16ème), 846pts (23ème), 695.5pts (27ème), 817.1pts (28ème)Enzo 2K
18Yves GOUESLAIN3120818.1pts (14ème), 828.9pts (27ème), 783.4pts (18ème), 689.2pts (41ème)Enzo 2K
19Sylvain GATTINI3063788.4pts (17ème), 713.3pts (35ème), 735.8pts (24ème), 825.3pts (25ème)Icepeak 6K
20Seiko FUKUOKA3022699.2pts (24ème), 841.6pts (24ème), 622.8pts (35ème), 858.7pts (18ème)Enzo 1K
21Stephane POULAIN2941755.6pts (18ème), 596.5pts (51ème), 765.8pts (20ème), 823.1pts (26ème)Icepeak 6K
22Thomas GURY2880452.6pts (58ème), 929pts (19ème), 757.8pts (22ème), 740.1pts (38ème)Enzo 2K
23ARNAUD SECHER2871426.7pts (70ème), 714.3pts (34ème), 886pts (8ème), 844.2pts (20ème)Boomerang  9K
24F V2824451.4pts (60ème), 713pts (36ème), 788.1pts (17ème), 871.3pts (13ème)Enzo 2K
25Louis GERIN-JEAN2767621.7pts (27ème), 974.1pts (4ème), 263.9pts (77ème), 907.7pts (9ème)Enzo 2K
26Laurie GENOVESE2746449.9pts (62ème), 837.2pts (25ème), 594pts (42ème), 865.1pts (17ème)Icepeak 7K
27Francois RAGOLSKI2660819pts (13ème), 864pts (22ème), 615.3pts (38ème), 362pts (72ème)Enzo 2K
28Jose FERREIRA2649594.1pts (35ème), 704.6pts (41ème), 538.2pts (49ème), 811.6pts (29ème)Enzo 2K
29Antoine GERIN-JEAN2632606.3pts (32ème), 952.2pts (12ème), 596pts (41ème), 477.7pts (64ème)Icepeak 6K
30Tim ROCHAS2631405.2pts (75ème), 706.5pts (39ème), 677.1pts (28ème), 841.9pts (22ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
31Antoine CABIAC2611455.1pts (57ème), 911.2pts (20ème), 442.1pts (62ème), 802.7pts (32ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
32Didier MATHURIN2602426.2pts (71ème), 712.5pts (37ème), 620pts (36ème), 843.5pts (21ème)Enzo 2K
33STEPHEN GICHUKI2579708.1pts (20ème), 435.2pts (68ème), 639.2pts (34ème), 796.1pts (33ème)Icepeak 6K
34Clement HOELTER2540431pts (69ème), 580.8pts (53ème), 724.6pts (26ème), 803.3pts (31ème)mantra 6D
35Pierre DEJOUS2535376.6pts (79ème), 646.1pts (47ème), 675.4pts (29ème), 837.2pts (24ème)CodenK
36Maxime PINOT2499448.1pts (63ème), 969.1pts (6ème), 308.2pts (74ème), 774pts (36ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
37Gaspard PETIOT2492702.5pts (23ème), 626.2pts (50ème), 408.8pts (66ème), 754.1pts (37ème)Icepeak 6K
38Manuel BRECHIGNAC2473404.1pts (76ème), 633.3pts (49ème), 738.3pts (23ème), 697.6pts (40ème)Enzo 1K
39Nicolas HERNANDEZ2466587.8pts (43ème), 449pts (66ème), 608.9pts (39ème), 820.7pts (27ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
40Clement LATOUR2459446.4pts (64ème), 714.7pts (33ème), 804.3pts (14ème), 493.9pts (58ème)Enzo 2K
41Jean-francois CHAPUIS2421432.8pts (68ème), 796.6pts (29ème), 408.7pts (67ème), 782.5pts (34ème)Enzo 2K
42Dominique GUENARD2415664.1pts (26ème), 459.5pts (64ème), 577.6pts (46ème), 713.6pts (39ème)Enzo 1K
43Franck PERRING2410609.7pts (30ème), 705.5pts (40ème), 647.8pts (32ème), 446.9pts (66ème)Icepeak 6K
44Florian STERCQ2407591.5pts (38ème), 477.2pts (61ème), 665.9pts (31ème), 672.7pts (44ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
45Erwan DIDRICHE2404586.3pts (46ème), 637.6pts (48ème), 603.7pts (40ème), 576.5pts (47ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
46Benjamin BOUTELLIER2402408.1pts (74ème), 695.4pts (42ème), 644.2pts (33ème), 654.3pts (45ème)Icepeak 6K
47Julien WIRTZ2376997.1pts (2ème), 956pts (10ème), 422.6pts (64ème)Enzo 2K
48Sebastien COUPY2361593.2pts (36ème), 413.9pts (72ème), 575pts (48ème), 778.9pts (35ème)Enzo 2K
49Julien BRUNG2301349.4pts (81ème), 767.2pts (30ème), 674.7pts (30ème), 509.7pts (54ème)Boomerang  9K
50David GERONIMO2281455.7pts (55ème), 685.8pts (43ème), 453.6pts (58ème), 686.3pts (42ème)Enzo 1K
51Daniel SCHMIDT2168596.9pts (34ème), 547.4pts (55ème), 592pts (44ème), 431.4pts (67ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
52Nicolas PONS2157685.6pts (25ème), 592.3pts (52ème), 324.6pts (72ème), 554.1pts (49ème)Peak 3D
53Bertrand BELLET2155584.4pts (47ème), 499pts (59ème), 582.1pts (45ème), 489.2pts (59ème)Icepeak 6K
54Sun GOUESLAIN2152450.2pts (61ème), 833.2pts (26ème), 767.9pts (19ème), 100.4pts (99ème)Enzo 2K
55Remi MONTGINOT2144466.7pts (54ème), 721.1pts (31ème), 107pts (92ème), 849pts (19ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
56Thibaut LAVOLE2080337pts (84ème), 708pts (38ème), 730.2pts (25ème), 305pts (77ème)Icepeak 6K
57ROLAND FREYCON2060707pts (21ème), 417.1pts (71ème), 453pts (59ème), 482.6pts (62ème)Enzo 2K
58Leo HAMARD2053389.3pts (78ème), 349.8pts (80ème), 476.1pts (56ème), 837.3pts (23ème)Icepeak 6K
59Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN1981582pts (48ème), 417.6pts (70ème), 452.2pts (60ème), 529pts (52ème)mantra 6D
60Frederic SINATTI1957455.2pts (56ème), 684.9pts (44ème), 816.5pts (12ème)Icepeak 6K
61Cyril LAMBERT1889588pts (42ème), 438.9pts (67ème), 181.4pts (80ème), 680.7pts (43ème)Enzo 2K
62Stephane MEYTADIER1861573.5pts (49ème), 513.4pts (58ème), 511.4pts (50ème), 262.4pts (83ème)Icepeak 6K
63Sebastien BOCHET1850550.6pts (52ème), 405pts (77ème), 484.7pts (53ème), 409.9pts (69ème)Icepeak 6K
64Mathieu BAZART1772342.5pts (82ème), 717pts (32ème), 258.8pts (78ème), 453.2pts (65ème)Icepeak 6K
65Remi GODEFROY1752617.3pts (28ème), 658.9pts (46ème), 110.3pts (90ème), 365.2pts (71ème)mantra 6D
66Ludovic FARNAUD1709125.5pts (100ème), 519.3pts (57ème), 497.5pts (52ème), 566.6pts (48ème)mantra 6D
67Etienne COUPEZLUX1697125.5pts (99ème), 534.2pts (56ème), 508.4pts (51ème), 528.7pts (53ème)Boomerang  9K
68Denis CHOURAQUI1696608.9pts (31ème), 207.4pts (98ème), 593.9pts (43ème), 285.7pts (78ème)Icepeak 6K
69Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN1669548.4pts (53ème), 333.8pts (83ème), 279.2pts (75ème), 507.1pts (56ème)mantra 6D
70Eric DAIGREMONT1668563.7pts (51ème), 425pts (69ème), 98.4pts (100ème), 581.3pts (46ème)Icepeak 6K
71Jocelyn TABOURDEAU1664589.4pts (41ème), 399.6pts (79ème), 169.9pts (84ème), 504.6pts (57ème)mantra 6D
72Laurent SANGNIER156360pts (107ème), 401.7pts (78ème), 619.7pts (37ème), 481.4pts (63ème)Icepeak 6K
73Anthony ACKET1531589.4pts (40ème), 409.7pts (75ème), 102pts (95ème), 429.7pts (68ème)Icepeak 6K
74Marc CAILLAULT1525587.4pts (44ème), 472.1pts (62ème), 374.5pts (71ème), 91.1pts (100ème)Icepeak 6K
75Xavier GIRIN1515424.7pts (72ème), 334.3pts (82ème), 476.6pts (55ème), 279.4pts (80ème)Aspen 5C
76Yann EMERY1482592.2pts (37ème), 466.1pts (63ème), 103.7pts (93ème), 320.3pts (75ème)Usport 2D
77Bruno GALZIN1469418pts (73ème), 323.6pts (85ème), 452.1pts (61ème), 275.2pts (81ème)Icepeak 6K
78Vincent FABRE1454199.2pts (85ème), 668.9pts (45ème), 102.1pts (94ème), 483.4pts (61ème)Enzo 1K
79Sebastien TOURNAIRE1415128pts (98ème), 327.9pts (84ème), 408.7pts (68ème), 550.6pts (50ème)Icepeak 6K
80Roland WACOGNE1403437.7pts (65ème), 309.2pts (89ème), 398.4pts (69ème), 257.5pts (84ème)Icepeak 6K
81Jean-christophe FASSEL1400610.2pts (29ème), 248.8pts (93ème), 167.4pts (85ème), 373.5pts (70ème)Usport 2D
82Nathalie FRESNE1374586.9pts (45ème), 316pts (86ème), 394.2pts (70ème), 77.3pts (101ème)Icepeak 6K
83Claude LE-MELLEC1365434.8pts (67ème), 309.8pts (87ème), 112.6pts (89ème), 508.1pts (55ème)Icepeak 6K
84Dominique CRESPEL1364606.2pts (33ème), 307.5pts (90ème), 408.8pts (65ème), 41.5pts (103ème)Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
85Caroline DOUCET1174571.9pts (50ème), 455.7pts (65ème), 109pts (91ème), 37.6pts (104ème)mantra 6D
86Sammy VIENOT1125436.7pts (66ème), 339.4pts (81ème), 82.2pts (105ème), 266.2pts (82ème)Peak 3D
87Thierry BRETELLE1122130pts (97ème), 548.3pts (54ème), 101.2pts (96ème), 342.5pts (73ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
88Sylvain LETUFFE1118120.7pts (102ème), 407.8pts (76ème), 268.1pts (76ème), 321.7pts (74ème)Peak 3D
89Emilie RONY1031353.4pts (80ème), 278.2pts (91ème), 172.7pts (83ème), 226.2pts (91ème)Delta 2C
90Pascal BAZILE1029155.4pts (88ème), 215.4pts (96ème), 427.5pts (63ème), 230.9pts (90ème)Usport 2D
91Didier TROCHET1007154.6pts (89ème), 214.2pts (97ème), 101pts (98ème), 537.4pts (51ème)Icepeak 6K
92Sebastien BONNET1002155.4pts (87ème), 411.9pts (74ème), 120.9pts (87ème), 313.7pts (76ème)Icepeak 6K
93Jean-jacques LIVINEC974132pts (96ème), 89pts (103ème), 575.5pts (47ème), 177.4pts (92ème)Icepeak 6K
94YVAN WOLF883136.6pts (94ème), 413.4pts (73ème), 87.5pts (104ème), 245.3pts (88ème)Icepeak 6K
94Nicolas FAVRE883338.2pts (83ème), 11.8pts (106ème), 251.6pts (79ème), 281.1pts (79ème)Icepeak 7K
96Philippe NIVET852155.4pts (86ème), 226.2pts (95ème), 321.4pts (73ème), 149pts (93ème)Venus 3D
97MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE707395.3pts (77ème), 70.3pts (104ème), 118.9pts (88ème), 122.9pts (98ème)Delta 2C
98Sandy LAMBERT67584.4pts (104ème), 276.8pts (92ème), 165.2pts (86ème), 148.9pts (94ème)Icepeak 6K
98Michel COLIN675118.1pts (103ème), 309.2pts (88ème), 247.8pts (86ème)Icepeak 6K
100Sebastien GEORGEL66160pts (106ème), 246.1pts (94ème), 100.9pts (99ème), 254.3pts (85ème)Trango XC 2C
101Nathalie SALINAS604138.1pts (92ème), 152.6pts (101ème), 173.7pts (82ème), 139.7pts (96ème)Delta 2C
102Christophe BERNAD585152.4pts (90ème), 108.7pts (102ème), 89.4pts (103ème), 234pts (89ème)Peak 3D
103D L541144.3pts (91ème), 178.9pts (100ème), 174.9pts (81ème), 42.5pts (102ème)Boomerang  9K
103EDDIE DAMPIERRE54159.8pts (108ème), 480.9pts (60ème)Enzo 1K
105Michel OGER435123.2pts (101ème), 186.5pts (99ème), 101.1pts (97ème), 24.4pts (105ème)Sigma  9C
106R M42671.8pts (105ème), 11.8pts (107ème), 95.4pts (101ème), 247pts (87ème)Artik 3C
107Laurent DUPUPET375138pts (93ème), 11.8pts (105ème), 89.4pts (102ème), 135.5pts (97ème)Icepeak 6K
108Marc NOSSIN20657.4pts (109ème), 148.4pts (95ème)Enzo 1K
109Jean louis ASENSIO133133.4pts (95ème)Icepeak 6K
manche 1
manche 2342 validée le 16 septembre 14
lieu : Monclar
Course au But
date : 02/09/2014
distance optimisee : 71.995 km

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10Charles CAZAUX72 km2h20mn19s30.8 km/h999.3999.3108.0Enzo 2K
20Julien WIRTZ72 km2h20mn18s30.8 km/h997.1997.1107.8Enzo 2K
30Jacques FOURNIER72 km2h20mn37s30.7 km/h978978.0106.8Enzo 2K
40Maxime BELLEMIN72 km2h20mn59s30.6 km/h971.7971.7105.9Boomerang  9K
50Yoann CHAVANNE72 km2h20mn59s30.6 km/h969.8969.8105.0Stratus Core 3K
60Damien LACAZE72 km2h21mn05s30.6 km/h969.7969.7104.0Enzo 2K
70Lucas BERNARDIN72 km2h21mn16s30.6 km/h960.9960.9103.4Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
80Honorin HAMARD72 km2h28mn50s29 km/h902.8902.8101Enzo 2K
90Michel LEVISSE72 km2h29mn07s29 km/h901.1901.1100.0Enzo 2K
100Jonathan MARIN72 km2h31mn14s28.6 km/h889.4889.499.1Stratus Core 3K
110Alexandre JOFRESA72 km2h35mn25s27.8 km/h884884.098.0Enzo 2K
120Pierre REMY72 km2h42mn18s26.6 km/h844.3844.395.3Enzo 2K
130Francois RAGOLSKI72 km2h44mn25s26.3 km/h819819.093.0Enzo 2K
140Yves GOUESLAIN72 km2h44mn29s26.3 km/h818.1818.192.0Enzo 2K
150Denis CORTELLA72 km2h51mn40s25.2 km/h795.3795.390.0Boomerang  9K
160Francois CORMIER72 km2h52mn27s25 km/h791.2791.290.0Enzo 2K
170Sylvain GATTINI72 km2h51mn46s25.1 km/h788.4788.489.0Icepeak 6K
180Stephane POULAIN72 km3h02mn58s23.6 km/h755.6755.686.0Icepeak 6K
190Jeremie LAGER72 km3h15mn15s22.1 km/h713.7713.781.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
200STEPHEN GICHUKI72 km3h11mn37s22.5 km/h708.1708.180.0Icepeak 6K
210ROLAND FREYCON72 km3h13mn53s22.3 km/h707707.080.0Enzo 2K
220JEAN-MARC CARON72 km3h15mn52s22.1 km/h706706.080Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
230Gaspard PETIOT72 km3h14mn26s22.2 km/h702.5702.579.0Icepeak 6K
240Seiko FUKUOKA72 km3h19mn17s21.7 km/h699.2699.279.0Enzo 1K
250Nicolas PONS72 km3h19mn44s21.6 km/h685.6685.677.0Peak 3D
260Dominique GUENARD72 km3h28mn43s20.7 km/h664.1664.175.0Enzo 1K
270Louis GERIN-JEAN70.1 km621.7621.770.2Enzo 2K
280Remi GODEFROY72 km3h39mn07s19.7 km/h617.3617.370.0mantra 6D
290Jean-christophe FASSEL70.6 km610.2610.269.0Usport 2D
300Franck PERRING72 km4h30mn43s16 km/h609.7609.768.0Icepeak 6K
310Denis CHOURAQUI72 km4h20mn38s16.6 km/h608.9608.968.0Icepeak 6K
320Antoine GERIN-JEAN70.3 km606.3606.367.9Icepeak 6K
330Dominique CRESPEL72 km4h34mn48s15.7 km/h606.2606.268.0Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
340Daniel SCHMIDT71 km596.9596.967.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
350Jose FERREIRA70.5 km594.1594.166.2Enzo 2K
360Sebastien COUPY70.5 km593.2593.266.0Enzo 2K
370Yann EMERY70.7 km592.2592.266.0Usport 2D
380Florian STERCQ70.2 km591.5591.566.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
390Jerome HULIN70.2 km591.3591.365.5Enzo 1K
400Anthony ACKET70.1 km589.4589.465.0Icepeak 6K
400Jocelyn TABOURDEAU70.3 km589.4589.465.0mantra 6D
420Cyril LAMBERT70.8 km588588.065.0Enzo 2K
430Nicolas HERNANDEZ70.2 km587.8587.865.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
440Marc CAILLAULT70.4 km587.4587.464.0Icepeak 6K
450Nathalie FRESNE70.2 km586.9586.964.0Icepeak 6K
460Erwan DIDRICHE70.6 km586.3586.364.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
470Bertrand BELLET70.3 km584.4584.464.0Icepeak 6K
480Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN70.3 km582582.064.0mantra 6D
490Stephane MEYTADIER70.2 km573.5573.563.0Icepeak 6K
500Caroline DOUCET70.1 km571.9571.962.0mantra 6D
510Eric DAIGREMONT70.2 km563.7563.761.0Icepeak 6K
520Sebastien BOCHET69.7 km550.6550.660.1Icepeak 6K
530Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN69.5 km548.4548.460.0mantra 6D
540Remi MONTGINOT61.5 km466.7466.751.2Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
550David GERONIMO59.8 km455.7455.749.9Enzo 1K
560Frederic SINATTI59.8 km455.2455.249.9Icepeak 6K
570Antoine CABIAC60.8 km455.1455.149.8Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
580Thomas GURY59.3 km452.6452.649.5Enzo 2K
590Stephane DROUIN59.4 km452.2452.249.4Enzo 2K
600F V59.3 km451.4451.449.3Enzo 2K
610Sun GOUESLAIN59.3 km450.2450.249.1Enzo 2K
620Laurie GENOVESE59.2 km449.9449.949.1Icepeak 7K
630Maxime PINOT59.2 km448.1448.148.8Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
640Clement LATOUR59 km446.4446.448.6Enzo 2K
650Roland WACOGNE59.5 km437.7437.748.0Icepeak 6K
660Sammy VIENOT59.4 km436.7436.748.0Peak 3D
670Claude LE-MELLEC58.9 km434.8434.847.3Icepeak 6K
680Jean-francois CHAPUIS59.1 km432.8432.847.0Enzo 2K
690Clement HOELTER59 km431431.046.8mantra 6D
700ARNAUD SECHER58.3 km426.7426.746.3Boomerang  9K
710Didier MATHURIN58.2 km426.2426.246.3Enzo 2K
720Xavier GIRIN58.7 km424.7424.746.0Aspen 5C
730Bruno GALZIN58.5 km418418.045.3Icepeak 6K
740Benjamin BOUTELLIER57.6 km408.1408.144.3Icepeak 6K
750Tim ROCHAS57.6 km405.2405.243.9Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
760Manuel BRECHIGNAC57.6 km404.1404.143.8Enzo 1K
770MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE57.6 km395.3395.343.0Delta 2C
780Leo HAMARD57.1 km389.3389.342.2Icepeak 6K
790Pierre DEJOUS56.7 km376.6376.640.8CodenK
800Emilie RONY56.1 km353.4353.438.3Delta 2C
810Julien BRUNG55.7 km349.4349.437.9Boomerang  9K
820Mathieu BAZART55.1 km342.5342.537.2Icepeak 6K
830Nicolas FAVRE55 km338.2338.236.7Icepeak 7K
840Thibaut LAVOLE55 km337337.036.5Icepeak 6K
850Vincent FABRE25.9 km199.2199.221.6Enzo 1K
860Philippe NIVET15.8 km155.4155.416.8Venus 3D
860Sebastien BONNET15.8 km155.4155.416.8Icepeak 6K
860Pascal BAZILE15.8 km155.4155.416.8Usport 2D
890Didier TROCHET15.7 km154.6154.616.7Icepeak 6K
900Christophe BERNAD15.5 km152.4152.416.5Peak 3D
910D L14.7 km144.3144.315.6Boomerang  9K
920Nathalie SALINAS14.3 km138.1138.114.9Delta 2C
930Laurent DUPUPET14.2 km138138.014.9Icepeak 6K
940YVAN WOLF14.1 km136.6136.614.8Icepeak 6K
950Jean louis ASENSIO13.9 km133.4133.414.4Icepeak 6K
960Jean-jacques LIVINEC13.9 km132132.014.3Icepeak 6K
970Thierry BRETELLE13.8 km130130.014Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
980Sebastien TOURNAIRE13.7 km128128.013.8Icepeak 6K
990Etienne COUPEZLUX13.5 km125.5125.513.6Boomerang  9K
990Ludovic FARNAUD13.5 km125.5125.513.6mantra 6D
1010Michel OGER13.5 km123.2123.213.3Sigma  9C
1020Sylvain LETUFFE13.4 km120.7120.713Peak 3D
1030Michel COLIN13.3 km118.1118.112.7Icepeak 6K
1040Sandy LAMBERT11.8 km84.484.49.1Icepeak 6K
1050R M11.3 km71.871.87.7Artik 3C
1060Sebastien GEORGEL10.5 km6060.06.4Trango XC 2C
1060Laurent SANGNIER10.5 km6060.06.4Icepeak 6K
1080EDDIE DAMPIERRE10.5 km59.859.86.4Enzo 1K
1090Marc NOSSIN10.4 km57.457.46.1Enzo 1K
open0Barney WOODHEADGBR15.8 km155.4155.416.8Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0VERENA PUTTRICHDEU13.3 km118.1118.112.7Delta 2C
open0ILLIA ZHUKBLR70.2 km585585.064Icepeak 7K
open0BARTOSZ MOSZCZYNSKIPOL72 km2h52mn27s25 km/h791.2791.289.6Enzo 2K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU72 km2h21mn24s30.5 km/h960.4960.4102.7Enzo 2K
open0KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL58.8 km427427.046.4Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0DIMITRI ROMANBEL15.8 km155.4155.416.8Peak 3D
open0NANDA WALLISERCHE70.2 km565.2565.261.6Stratus Core 3K
open0RUUD VAN DER HEIJDENNLD55.1 km340.2340.236.9mantra 6D
open0Emma CASANOVAGBR13.7 km129.9129.914Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0Marco MENGEDEU58.1 km414.8414.845mantra 6D
open0HANSJORG WALLISERCHE13.9 km132132.014.3Stratus Core 3K

Manche 1

  • Lieu : Monclar
  • Course au But
  • date : 02/09/2014
  • distance optimisee : 71.995 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 14:00:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 14:45:00
  • Start : 14:45:00
  • fin de manche : 19:45:00


BALISEB80172MT POMPE100014.290
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
manche 2
manche 2252 validée le 16 septembre 14
lieu : Monclar
Course au But
date : 03/09/2014
distance optimisee : 104.345 km

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10Honorin HAMARD104.3 km3h09mn49s33 km/h989.8989.8108.8Enzo 2K
20Denis CORTELLA104.3 km3h10mn06s32.9 km/h987.8987.8108.0Boomerang  9K
30Damien LACAZE104.3 km3h09mn56s33 km/h986.3986.3107.0Enzo 2K
40Louis GERIN-JEAN104.3 km3h10mn21s32.9 km/h974.1974.1106.0Enzo 2K
50Jonathan MARIN104.3 km3h10mn13s32.9 km/h972972.0105.0Stratus Core 3K
60Maxime PINOT104.3 km3h10mn21s32.9 km/h969.1969.1104.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
70Lucas BERNARDIN104.3 km3h10mn19s32.9 km/h965.3965.3103.6Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
80Alexandre JOFRESA104.3 km3h10mn22s32.9 km/h960.8960.8103.0Enzo 2K
90Michel LEVISSE104.3 km3h10mn15s32.9 km/h958.6958.6102.0Enzo 2K
100Julien WIRTZ104.3 km3h10mn24s32.9 km/h956956.0101.1Enzo 2K
110Jeremie LAGER104.3 km3h10mn28s32.9 km/h953.9953.9100.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
120Antoine GERIN-JEAN104.3 km3h10mn35s32.9 km/h952.2952.299.0Icepeak 6K
130Jerome HULIN104.3 km3h10mn30s32.9 km/h951.8951.899.0Enzo 1K
140Charles CAZAUX104.3 km3h10mn32s32.9 km/h951951.098Enzo 2K
150JEAN-MARC CARON104.3 km3h10mn35s32.9 km/h946.2946.297.3Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
160Stephane DROUIN104.3 km3h10mn37s32.8 km/h942.2942.296.6Enzo 2K
170Pierre REMY104.3 km3h10mn40s32.8 km/h941.7941.795.8Enzo 2K
180Jacques FOURNIER104.3 km3h10mn48s32.8 km/h937.1937.195.2Enzo 2K
190Thomas GURY104.3 km3h10mn41s32.8 km/h929929.094.0Enzo 2K
200Antoine CABIAC104.3 km3h13mn05s32.4 km/h911.2911.294.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
210Maxime BELLEMIN104.3 km3h18mn26s31.6 km/h870.2870.292.6Boomerang  9K
220Francois RAGOLSKI104.3 km3h18mn26s31.6 km/h864864.092.0Enzo 2K
230Francois CORMIER104.3 km3h23mn59s30.7 km/h846846.091.0Enzo 2K
240Seiko FUKUOKA104.3 km3h21mn17s31.1 km/h841.6841.690.0Enzo 1K
250Laurie GENOVESE104.3 km3h21mn40s31 km/h837.2837.289.0Icepeak 7K
260Sun GOUESLAIN104.3 km3h24mn29s30.6 km/h833.2833.288.7Enzo 2K
270Yves GOUESLAIN104.3 km3h24mn51s30.6 km/h828.9828.988.0Enzo 2K
280Yoann CHAVANNE104.3 km3h25mn23s30.5 km/h810.3810.386.8Stratus Core 3K
290Jean-francois CHAPUIS104.3 km3h28mn26s30 km/h796.6796.686.0Enzo 2K
300Julien BRUNG104.3 km3h35mn52s29 km/h767.2767.284.0Boomerang  9K
310Remi MONTGINOT104.3 km3h44mn02s27.9 km/h721.1721.179.8Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
320Mathieu BAZART104.3 km3h44mn35s27.9 km/h717717.079.0Icepeak 6K
330Clement LATOUR104.3 km3h44mn05s27.9 km/h714.7714.778.8Enzo 2K
340ARNAUD SECHER104.3 km3h44mn36s27.9 km/h714.3714.378.0Boomerang  9K
350Sylvain GATTINI104.3 km3h43mn42s28 km/h713.3713.378.2Icepeak 6K
360F V104.3 km3h44mn05s27.9 km/h713713.077.9Enzo 2K
370Didier MATHURIN104.3 km3h44mn13s27.9 km/h712.5712.578.0Enzo 2K
380Thibaut LAVOLE104.3 km3h44mn36s27.9 km/h708708.077.0Icepeak 6K
390Tim ROCHAS104.3 km3h44mn48s27.9 km/h706.5706.576.7Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
400Franck PERRING104.3 km3h44mn54s27.8 km/h705.5705.576.0Icepeak 6K
410Jose FERREIRA104.3 km3h45mn12s27.8 km/h704.6704.676.0Enzo 2K
420Benjamin BOUTELLIER104.3 km3h45mn40s27.7 km/h695.4695.475.0Icepeak 6K
430David GERONIMO104.3 km3h49mn40s27.3 km/h685.8685.874.0Enzo 1K
440Frederic SINATTI104.3 km3h47mn36s27.5 km/h684.9684.973.9Icepeak 6K
450Vincent FABRE104.3 km3h52mn45s26.9 km/h668.9668.972.0Enzo 1K
460Remi GODEFROY104.3 km3h53mn43s26.8 km/h658.9658.971.0mantra 6D
470Pierre DEJOUS104.3 km3h59mn46s26.1 km/h646.1646.170.0CodenK
480Erwan DIDRICHE104.3 km3h59mn51s26.1 km/h637.6637.669.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
490Manuel BRECHIGNAC104.3 km4h01mn09s26 km/h633.3633.368.8Enzo 1K
500Gaspard PETIOT104.3 km4h01mn20s25.9 km/h626.2626.268.0Icepeak 6K
510Stephane POULAIN104.3 km4h10mn34s25 km/h596.5596.565.2Icepeak 6K
520Nicolas PONS104.3 km4h11mn18s24.9 km/h592.3592.365.0Peak 3D
530Clement HOELTER104.3 km4h13mn51s24.7 km/h580.8580.863.0mantra 6D
540Thierry BRETELLE104.3 km4h20mn34s24 km/h548.3548.360.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
550Daniel SCHMIDT104.3 km4h20mn08s24.1 km/h547.4547.460.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
560Etienne COUPEZLUX104.3 km4h23mn58s23.7 km/h534.2534.258.6Boomerang  9K
570Ludovic FARNAUD104.3 km4h29mn28s23.2 km/h519.3519.357.0mantra 6D
580Stephane MEYTADIER104.3 km4h29mn32s23.2 km/h513.4513.456.4Icepeak 6K
590Bertrand BELLET104.3 km4h35mn57s22.7 km/h499499.054.8Icepeak 6K
600EDDIE DAMPIERRE101.7 km480.9480.953.0Enzo 1K
610Florian STERCQ103.2 km477.2477.252.5Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
620Marc CAILLAULT103.1 km472.1472.152.0Icepeak 6K
630Yann EMERY104.3 km4h45mn59s21.9 km/h466.1466.151.0Usport 2D
640Dominique GUENARD104.3 km4h46mn45s21.8 km/h459.5459.550.5Enzo 1K
650Caroline DOUCET104.3 km4h46mn27s21.9 km/h455.7455.750.0mantra 6D
660Nicolas HERNANDEZ103.3 km449449.049.3Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
670Cyril LAMBERT103 km438.9438.948.2Enzo 2K
680STEPHEN GICHUKI102.1 km435.2435.247.8Icepeak 6K
690Eric DAIGREMONT100.9 km425425.046.6Icepeak 6K
700Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN103.2 km417.6417.645.8mantra 6D
710ROLAND FREYCON101.1 km417.1417.145.7Enzo 2K
720Sebastien COUPY101.3 km413.9413.945.4Enzo 2K
730YVAN WOLF101 km413.4413.445.3Icepeak 6K
740Sebastien BONNET100.1 km411.9411.945.1Icepeak 6K
750Anthony ACKET101 km409.7409.745.0Icepeak 6K
760Sylvain LETUFFE101.6 km407.8407.845.0Peak 3D
770Sebastien BOCHET100.3 km405405.044.3Icepeak 6K
780Laurent SANGNIER102 km401.7401.743.9Icepeak 6K
790Jocelyn TABOURDEAU101.7 km399.6399.643.7mantra 6D
800Leo HAMARD93.6 km349.8349.838.3Icepeak 6K
810Sammy VIENOT97.1 km339.4339.437.2Peak 3D
820Xavier GIRIN96.4 km334.3334.337.0Aspen 5C
830Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN96.6 km333.8333.836.0mantra 6D
840Sebastien TOURNAIRE96.1 km327.9327.935.9Icepeak 6K
850Bruno GALZIN92.5 km323.6323.635.5Icepeak 6K
860Nathalie FRESNE93.6 km316316.034.6Icepeak 6K
870Claude LE-MELLEC93.6 km309.8309.833.9Icepeak 6K
880Michel COLIN93.6 km309.2309.233.9Icepeak 6K
880Roland WACOGNE93.6 km309.2309.233.9Icepeak 6K
900Dominique CRESPEL93.3 km307.5307.533.7Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
910Emilie RONY90.1 km278.2278.230.5Delta 2C
920Sandy LAMBERT90 km276.8276.830.3Icepeak 6K
930Jean-christophe FASSEL85.8 km248.8248.827.3Usport 2D
940Sebastien GEORGEL85.2 km246.1246.127Trango XC 2C
950Philippe NIVET80.1 km226.2226.224.8Venus 3D
960Pascal BAZILE76.3 km215.4215.423.6Usport 2D
970Didier TROCHET76 km214.2214.223.4Icepeak 6K
980Denis CHOURAQUI74.1 km207.4207.422.7Icepeak 6K
990Michel OGER68.3 km186.5186.520.4Sigma  9C
1000D L66.2 km178.9178.919.6Boomerang  9K
1010Nathalie SALINAS58.8 km152.6152.616.7Delta 2C
1020Christophe BERNAD40.4 km108.7108.711.8Peak 3D
1030Jean-jacques LIVINEC33 km8989.09.7Icepeak 6K
1040MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE27 km70.370.37.6Delta 2C
1050Laurent DUPUPET11.811.81.2Icepeak 6K
1050Nicolas FAVRE11.811.81.2Icepeak 7K
1050R M2 km11.811.81.2Artik 3C
open0Barney WOODHEADGBR35 km94.694.610.3Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0VERENA PUTTRICHDEU17.9 km4545.04.8Delta 2C
open0ILLIA ZHUKBLR49.3 km130130.014.2Icepeak 7K
open0BARTOSZ MOSZCZYNSKIPOL27.9 km73.173.17.9Enzo 2K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU104.3 km3h10mn36s32.8 km/h948.9948.997.3Enzo 2K
open0KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL103.2 km408.1408.144.7Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0DIMITRI ROMANBEL87.8 km258.4258.428.3Peak 3D
open0NANDA WALLISERCHE104.3 km4h12mn18s24.8 km/h580.9580.963.5Stratus Core 3K
open0RUUD VAN DER HEIJDENNLD100.3 km390.4390.442.7mantra 6D
open0Emma CASANOVAGBR67.3 km183.4183.420.1Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0Marco MENGEDEU68.5 km187.4187.420.5mantra 6D
open0HANSJORG WALLISERCHE93.6 km336.4336.436.9Stratus Core 3K

Manche 2

  • Lieu : Monclar
  • Course au But
  • date : 03/09/2014
  • distance optimisee : 104.345 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 13:30:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 18:00:00
  • Start : 14:15:00
  • fin de manche : 19:45:00


BALISEB69160MT BEYNES700043.084
BALISEC40057Camping Laragne2000031.246
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
manche 3
manche 2328 validée le 16 septembre 14
lieu : Montclar
Course au But
date : 04/09/2014
distance optimisee : 85.506 km

Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
10Honorin HAMARD85.5 km2h38mn08s32.4 km/h992.1992.1108.8Enzo 2K
20Denis CORTELLA85.5 km2h38mn09s32.4 km/h975.4975.4108.0Boomerang  9K
30Charles CAZAUX85.5 km2h38mn39s32.3 km/h960.5960.5106.0Enzo 2K
40Damien LACAZE85.5 km2h38mn46s32.3 km/h957.9957.9106.0Enzo 2K
50Pierre REMY85.5 km2h38mn58s32.3 km/h952.1952.1104.8Enzo 2K
60Jonathan MARIN85.5 km2h40mn45s31.9 km/h942.9942.9104.0Stratus Core 3K
70Maxime BELLEMIN85.5 km2h41mn57s31.7 km/h909909.0101.9Boomerang  9K
80ARNAUD SECHER85.5 km2h45mn11s31.1 km/h886886.0100.0Boomerang  9K
90Jerome HULIN85.5 km2h49mn09s30.3 km/h861.3861.398.0Enzo 1K
100Stephane DROUIN85.5 km2h51mn24s29.9 km/h831.7831.795.4Enzo 2K
110JEAN-MARC CARON85.5 km2h52mn38s29.7 km/h820.3820.394Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
120Frederic SINATTI85.5 km2h53mn26s29.6 km/h816.5816.593.3Icepeak 6K
130Jeremie LAGER85.5 km2h54mn19s29.4 km/h810810.092.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
140Clement LATOUR85.5 km2h55mn40s29.2 km/h804.3804.391.0Enzo 2K
150Lucas BERNARDIN85.5 km2h55mn35s29.2 km/h796.9796.990.5Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
160Yoann CHAVANNE85.5 km2h55mn57s29.2 km/h796.3796.390Stratus Core 3K
170F V85.5 km2h56mn35s29.1 km/h788.1788.189.0Enzo 2K
180Yves GOUESLAIN85.5 km2h57mn37s28.9 km/h783.4783.488.0Enzo 2K
190Sun GOUESLAIN85.5 km2h59mn34s28.6 km/h767.9767.986.6Enzo 2K
200Stephane POULAIN85.5 km2h59mn24s28.6 km/h765.8765.886.0Icepeak 6K
210Alexandre JOFRESA85.5 km3h04mn25s27.8 km/h759.6759.685.0Enzo 2K
220Thomas GURY85.5 km2h59mn49s28.5 km/h757.8757.885.0Enzo 2K
230Manuel BRECHIGNAC85.5 km3h03mn17s28 km/h738.3738.383.0Enzo 1K
240Sylvain GATTINI85.5 km3h03mn16s28 km/h735.8735.882.3Icepeak 6K
250Thibaut LAVOLE85.5 km3h05mn18s27.7 km/h730.2730.281.0Icepeak 6K
260Clement HOELTER85.5 km3h03mn03s28 km/h724.6724.681.0mantra 6D
270Francois CORMIER85.5 km3h09mn53s27 km/h695.5695.578.0Enzo 2K
280Tim ROCHAS85.5 km3h12mn12s26.7 km/h677.1677.175.9Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
290Pierre DEJOUS85.5 km3h12mn16s26.7 km/h675.4675.475.0CodenK
300Julien BRUNG85.5 km3h13mn11s26.6 km/h674.7674.775.0Boomerang  9K
310Florian STERCQ85.5 km3h13mn56s26.5 km/h665.9665.974.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
320Franck PERRING85.5 km3h18mn12s25.9 km/h647.8647.872.0Icepeak 6K
330Benjamin BOUTELLIER85.5 km3h17mn12s26 km/h644.2644.272.0Icepeak 6K
340STEPHEN GICHUKI85.5 km3h17mn16s26 km/h639.2639.271.0Icepeak 6K
350Seiko FUKUOKA85.5 km3h23mn55s25.2 km/h622.8622.869.3Enzo 1K
360Didier MATHURIN85.5 km3h27mn53s24.7 km/h620620.069.0Enzo 2K
370Laurent SANGNIER85.5 km3h21mn21s25.5 km/h619.7619.769.0Icepeak 6K
380Francois RAGOLSKI85.5 km3h22mn40s25.3 km/h615.3615.368.0Enzo 2K
390Nicolas HERNANDEZ85.5 km3h23mn55s25.2 km/h608.9608.967.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
400Erwan DIDRICHE85.5 km3h24mn08s25.1 km/h603.7603.767.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
410Antoine GERIN-JEAN85.5 km3h22mn42s25.3 km/h596596.065.8Icepeak 6K
420Laurie GENOVESE85.5 km3h24mn24s25.1 km/h594594.065.5Icepeak 7K
430Denis CHOURAQUI85.5 km3h26mn17s24.9 km/h593.9593.965.0Icepeak 6K
440Daniel SCHMIDT85.5 km3h27mn42s24.7 km/h592592.065.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
450Bertrand BELLET85.5 km3h28mn04s24.7 km/h582.1582.164.0Icepeak 6K
460Dominique GUENARD85.5 km3h26mn32s24.8 km/h577.6577.663.0Enzo 1K
470Jean-jacques LIVINEC85.5 km3h30mn06s24.4 km/h575.5575.563.0Icepeak 6K
480Sebastien COUPY85.5 km3h38mn15s23.5 km/h575575.062.9Enzo 2K
490Jose FERREIRA85.5 km3h49mn48s22.3 km/h538.2538.259.1Enzo 2K
500Stephane MEYTADIER85.5 km3h48mn34s22.4 km/h511.4511.456.2Icepeak 6K
510Etienne COUPEZLUX85.5 km3h45mn39s22.7 km/h508.4508.455.8Boomerang  9K
520Ludovic FARNAUD85.5 km3h48mn35s22.4 km/h497.5497.554.0mantra 6D
530Sebastien BOCHET85.5 km3h53mn42s22 km/h484.7484.753.2Icepeak 6K
540Jacques FOURNIER84.1 km478.1478.152.5Enzo 2K
550Xavier GIRIN85.5 km3h53mn56s21.9 km/h476.6476.652.0Aspen 5C
560Leo HAMARD85.5 km3h57mn45s21.6 km/h476.1476.152.1Icepeak 6K
570Michel LEVISSE84.2 km456.5456.550Enzo 2K
580David GERONIMO85.5 km4h01mn08s21.3 km/h453.6453.649.7Enzo 1K
590ROLAND FREYCON85.5 km4h05mn03s20.9 km/h453453.049.6Enzo 2K
600Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN85.5 km4h00mn56s21.3 km/h452.2452.249.4mantra 6D
610Bruno GALZIN85.5 km4h02mn49s21.1 km/h452.1452.149.0Icepeak 6K
620Antoine CABIAC84.2 km442.1442.148.3Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
630Pascal BAZILE85.5 km4h09mn00s20.6 km/h427.5427.547.0Usport 2D
640Julien WIRTZ78.6 km422.6422.646.1Enzo 2K
650Dominique CRESPEL85.5 km4h23mn45s19.5 km/h408.8408.844.6Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
650Gaspard PETIOT85.5 km4h29mn30s19 km/h408.8408.844.0Icepeak 6K
670Jean-francois CHAPUIS85.5 km4h43mn58s18.1 km/h408.7408.744.0Enzo 2K
670Sebastien TOURNAIRE85.5 km5h10mn34s16.5 km/h408.7408.744.0Icepeak 6K
690Roland WACOGNE84.4 km398.4398.443.0Icepeak 6K
700Nathalie FRESNE81.1 km394.2394.242.9Icepeak 6K
710Marc CAILLAULT81.3 km374.5374.540.8Icepeak 6K
720Nicolas PONS68.7 km324.6324.635.4Peak 3D
730Philippe NIVET67.9 km321.4321.435Venus 3D
740Maxime PINOT64.8 km308.2308.233.6Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
750Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN55.6 km279.2279.230.0mantra 6D
760Sylvain LETUFFE52 km268.1268.129.2Peak 3D
770Louis GERIN-JEAN51 km263.9263.928.7Enzo 2K
780Mathieu BAZART49.9 km258.8258.828.2Icepeak 6K
790Nicolas FAVRE48.6 km251.6251.627.4Icepeak 7K
800Cyril LAMBERT23.9 km181.4181.419.7Enzo 2K
810D L21.8 km174.9174.919Boomerang  9K
820Nathalie SALINAS21.5 km173.7173.718.9Delta 2C
830Emilie RONY21.2 km172.7172.718.7Delta 2C
840Jocelyn TABOURDEAU20.8 km169.9169.918.4mantra 6D
850Jean-christophe FASSEL20.4 km167.4167.418.2Usport 2D
860Sandy LAMBERT20.1 km165.2165.217.9Icepeak 6K
870Sebastien BONNET14.4 km120.9120.913.1Icepeak 6K
880MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE13.9 km118.9118.912.9Delta 2C
890Claude LE-MELLEC12.5 km112.6112.612.2Icepeak 6K
900Remi GODEFROY12.1 km110.3110.311.9mantra 6D
910Caroline DOUCET11.9 km109109.011.8mantra 6D
920Remi MONTGINOT11.7 km107107.011.6Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
930Yann EMERY11.2 km103.7103.711.2Usport 2D
940Vincent FABRE11.1 km102.1102.111Enzo 1K
950Anthony ACKET11.1 km102102.011Icepeak 6K
960Thierry BRETELLE11 km101.2101.210.9Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
970Michel OGER11 km101.1101.110.9Sigma  9C
980Didier TROCHET10.9 km101101.010.9Icepeak 6K
990Sebastien GEORGEL10.9 km100.9100.910.9Trango XC 2C
1000Eric DAIGREMONT10.7 km98.498.410.6Icepeak 6K
1010R M10.5 km95.495.410.3Artik 3C
1020Laurent DUPUPET10.2 km89.489.49.6Icepeak 6K
1020Christophe BERNAD10.2 km89.489.49.6Peak 3D
1040YVAN WOLF10 km87.587.59.4Icepeak 6K
1050Sammy VIENOT9.8 km82.282.28.9Peak 3D
open0Barney WOODHEADGBR70.5 km329.9329.936Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0VERENA PUTTRICHDEU10.7 km98.398.310.6Delta 2C
open0ILLIA ZHUKBLR50.3 km260.8260.828.4Icepeak 7K
open0BARTOSZ MOSZCZYNSKIPOL85.5 km3h13mn15s26.5 km/h658.1658.173.3Enzo 2K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU85.5 km2h37mn59s32.5 km/h997.9997.9108.8Enzo 2K
open0KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL85.5 km3h54mn27s21.9 km/h475.7475.752.1Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0DIMITRI ROMANBEL16.2 km131.4131.414.2Peak 3D
open0NANDA WALLISERCHE85.5 km3h36mn15s23.7 km/h546.3546.359.9Stratus Core 3K
open0RUUD VAN DER HEIJDENNLD85.5 km3h48mn11s22.5 km/h498.2498.254.7mantra 6D
open0Emma CASANOVAGBR9.59.50.9Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0Marco MENGEDEU19.2 km158.5158.517.2mantra 6D
open0HANSJORG WALLISERCHE19.5 km160.4160.417.4Stratus Core 3K

Manche 3

  • Lieu : Montclar
  • Course au But
  • date : 04/09/2014
  • distance optimisee : 85.506 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 13:15:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 18:00:00
  • Start : 14:00:00
  • fin de manche : 19:15:00


BALISEC30117Chapeau Napoleon500037.203
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
manche 4
manche 2348 validée le 16 septembre 14
lieu : Monclar
Course au But
date : 06/09/2014
distance optimisee : 105.354 km

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10Charles CAZAUX105.4 km3h15mn05s32.4 km/h996.6996.6107.0Enzo 2K
20Stephane DROUIN105.4 km3h17mn25s32 km/h959.1959.1106.0Enzo 2K
30Alexandre JOFRESA105.4 km3h17mn29s32 km/h958.2958.2105.0Enzo 2K
40Pierre REMY105.4 km3h17mn53s31.9 km/h949.8949.8104.1Enzo 2K
50Jonathan MARIN105.4 km3h17mn54s31.9 km/h949.2949.2103.0Stratus Core 3K
60Yoann CHAVANNE105.4 km3h18mn04s31.9 km/h948.6948.6102.0Stratus Core 3K
70Honorin HAMARD105.4 km3h17mn54s31.9 km/h941.2941.2101.5Enzo 2K
80Jacques FOURNIER105.4 km3h18mn15s31.9 km/h934.6934.6100.6Enzo 2K
90Louis GERIN-JEAN105.4 km3h20mn50s31.5 km/h907.7907.799.0Enzo 2K
100Denis CORTELLA105.4 km3h24mn03s31 km/h888.2888.297.0Boomerang  9K
110Jeremie LAGER105.4 km3h24mn36s30.9 km/h879.7879.796.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
120Lucas BERNARDIN105.4 km3h25mn04s30.8 km/h872.9872.995.7Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
130F V105.4 km3h25mn08s30.8 km/h871.3871.395.0Enzo 2K
140Maxime BELLEMIN105.4 km3h25mn13s30.8 km/h867.5867.594.3Boomerang  9K
150JEAN-MARC CARON105.4 km3h25mn20s30.8 km/h867.4867.493.7Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
160Michel LEVISSE105.4 km3h25mn43s30.7 km/h865.8865.893.0Enzo 2K
170Laurie GENOVESE105.4 km3h25mn23s30.8 km/h865.1865.192.0Icepeak 7K
180Seiko FUKUOKA105.4 km3h25mn51s30.7 km/h858.7858.792.0Enzo 1K
190Remi MONTGINOT105.4 km3h26mn08s30.7 km/h849849.091.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
200ARNAUD SECHER105.4 km3h28mn00s30.4 km/h844.2844.290.0Boomerang  9K
210Didier MATHURIN105.4 km3h26mn45s30.6 km/h843.5843.589.0Enzo 2K
220Tim ROCHAS105.4 km3h27mn03s30.5 km/h841.9841.989Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
230Leo HAMARD105.4 km3h27mn43s30.4 km/h837.3837.388.0Icepeak 6K
240Pierre DEJOUS105.4 km3h27mn09s30.5 km/h837.2837.288.0CodenK
250Sylvain GATTINI105.4 km3h28mn28s30.3 km/h825.3825.387.0Icepeak 6K
260Stephane POULAIN105.4 km3h31mn12s29.9 km/h823.1823.186.0Icepeak 6K
270Nicolas HERNANDEZ105.4 km3h30mn24s30 km/h820.7820.786.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
280Francois CORMIER105.4 km3h31mn09s29.9 km/h817.1817.185.0Enzo 2K
290Jose FERREIRA105.4 km3h32mn19s29.8 km/h811.6811.684.0Enzo 2K
300Jerome HULIN105.4 km3h32mn43s29.7 km/h808.9808.983.9Enzo 1K
310Clement HOELTER105.4 km3h32mn20s29.8 km/h803.3803.383.0mantra 6D
320Antoine CABIAC105.4 km3h32mn37s29.7 km/h802.7802.783.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
330STEPHEN GICHUKI105.4 km3h33mn14s29.6 km/h796.1796.182.0Icepeak 6K
340Jean-francois CHAPUIS105.4 km3h39mn31s28.8 km/h782.5782.581.0Enzo 2K
350Sebastien COUPY105.4 km3h37mn21s29.1 km/h778.9778.980.0Enzo 2K
360Maxime PINOT105.4 km3h33mn53s29.6 km/h774774.079.9Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
370Gaspard PETIOT105.4 km3h39mn27s28.8 km/h754.1754.178.0Icepeak 6K
380Thomas GURY105.4 km3h42mn39s28.4 km/h740.1740.177.0Enzo 2K
390Dominique GUENARD105.4 km3h45mn34s28 km/h713.6713.675.0Enzo 1K
400Manuel BRECHIGNAC105.4 km3h53mn39s27.1 km/h697.6697.674.0Enzo 1K
410Yves GOUESLAIN105.4 km3h52mn25s27.2 km/h689.2689.273.1Enzo 2K
420David GERONIMO105.4 km3h54mn36s26.9 km/h686.3686.372.0Enzo 1K
430Cyril LAMBERT105.4 km3h55mn02s26.9 km/h680.7680.772.0Enzo 2K
440Florian STERCQ105.4 km3h56mn51s26.7 km/h672.7672.771.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
450Benjamin BOUTELLIER105.4 km3h59mn59s26.3 km/h654.3654.369.0Icepeak 6K
460Eric DAIGREMONT105.4 km4h18mn05s24.5 km/h581.3581.363.0Icepeak 6K
470Erwan DIDRICHE105.4 km4h19mn22s24.4 km/h576.5576.562.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
480Ludovic FARNAUD105.4 km4h21mn43s24.2 km/h566.6566.661.0mantra 6D
490Nicolas PONS105.4 km4h26mn30s23.7 km/h554.1554.160.0Peak 3D
500Sebastien TOURNAIRE105.4 km4h27mn17s23.7 km/h550.6550.659.0Icepeak 6K
510Didier TROCHET105.4 km4h31mn12s23.3 km/h537.4537.458.0Icepeak 6K
520Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN105.4 km4h30mn14s23.4 km/h529529.057.1mantra 6D
530Etienne COUPEZLUX105.4 km4h29mn54s23.4 km/h528.7528.756.9Boomerang  9K
540Julien BRUNG105.4 km4h33mn50s23.1 km/h509.7509.755Boomerang  9K
550Claude LE-MELLEC105.4 km4h35mn41s22.9 km/h508.1508.155.0Icepeak 6K
560Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN105.4 km4h36mn34s22.9 km/h507.1507.154.0mantra 6D
570Jocelyn TABOURDEAU105.4 km4h41mn20s22.5 km/h504.6504.654.3mantra 6D
580Clement LATOUR104.4 km493.9493.952.9Enzo 2K
590Bertrand BELLET105.4 km4h39mn12s22.6 km/h489.2489.252.4Icepeak 6K
600Damien LACAZE104.8 km485.8485.852Enzo 2K
610Vincent FABRE105.4 km4h45mn49s22.1 km/h483.4483.451.7Enzo 1K
620ROLAND FREYCON105.4 km4h45mn42s22.1 km/h482.6482.651.6Enzo 2K
630Laurent SANGNIER104.4 km481.4481.451.0Icepeak 6K
640Antoine GERIN-JEAN104.8 km477.7477.751Icepeak 6K
650Mathieu BAZART104.4 km453.2453.248.5Icepeak 6K
660Franck PERRING103.8 km446.9446.947.8Icepeak 6K
670Daniel SCHMIDT101.3 km431.4431.446.2Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
680Anthony ACKET102.5 km429.7429.746.0Icepeak 6K
690Sebastien BOCHET103.6 km409.9409.943.9Icepeak 6K
700Jean-christophe FASSEL100 km373.5373.540.1Usport 2D
710Remi GODEFROY86.3 km365.2365.239.2mantra 6D
720Francois RAGOLSKI85.6 km362362.039.0Enzo 2K
730Thierry BRETELLE86.2 km342.5342.537.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
740Sylvain LETUFFE87.6 km321.7321.734.0Peak 3D
750Yann EMERY86.5 km320.3320.334.4Usport 2D
760Sebastien BONNET84.2 km313.7313.733.7Icepeak 6K
770Thibaut LAVOLE78.3 km305305.032.7Icepeak 6K
780Denis CHOURAQUI78.1 km285.7285.730.7Icepeak 6K
790Nicolas FAVRE79.2 km281.1281.130.2Icepeak 7K
800Xavier GIRIN79 km279.4279.430.0Aspen 5C
810Bruno GALZIN75.8 km275.2275.229.5Icepeak 6K
820Sammy VIENOT75.9 km266.2266.228.6Peak 3D
830Stephane MEYTADIER74.6 km262.4262.428.2Icepeak 6K
840Roland WACOGNE74.3 km257.5257.527.6Icepeak 6K
850Sebastien GEORGEL73.9 km254.3254.327.3Trango XC 2C
860Michel COLIN72.9 km247.8247.826.6Icepeak 6K
870R M72.8 km247247.026.5Artik 3C
880YVAN WOLF72.6 km245.3245.326.3Icepeak 6K
890Christophe BERNAD71.3 km234234.025.1Peak 3D
900Pascal BAZILE70.8 km230.9230.924.8Usport 2D
910Emilie RONY70.2 km226.2226.224.3Delta 2C
920Jean-jacques LIVINEC62.4 km177.4177.419Icepeak 6K
930Philippe NIVET49.6 km149149.015.9Venus 3D
940Sandy LAMBERT49.6 km148.9148.915.9Icepeak 6K
950Marc NOSSIN49.4 km148.4148.415.9Enzo 1K
960Nathalie SALINAS47 km139.7139.714.9Delta 2C
970Laurent DUPUPET46 km135.5135.514.5Icepeak 6K
980MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE43.4 km122.9122.913.1Delta 2C
990Sun GOUESLAIN36.8 km100.4100.410.7Enzo 2K
1000Marc CAILLAULT33.2 km91.191.19.7Icepeak 6K
1010Nathalie FRESNE28.4 km77.377.38.2Icepeak 6K
1020D L12.8 km42.542.54.5Boomerang  9K
1030Dominique CRESPEL12.4 km41.541.54.4Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
1040Caroline DOUCET11.2 km37.637.63.9mantra 6D
1050Michel OGER7.5 km24.424.42.5Sigma  9C
open0ILLIA ZHUKBLR105.4 km4h42mn24s22.4 km/h499.6499.653.6Icepeak 7K
open0BARTOSZ MOSZCZYNSKIPOL105.4 km4h30mn49s23.3 km/h502.5502.554Enzo 2K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU105.4 km3h21mn07s31.4 km/h908.3908.399.1Enzo 2K
open0KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL105.4 km4h40mn06s22.6 km/h496.7496.753.3Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
open0DIMITRI ROMANBEL69.2 km217.8217.823.3Peak 3D
open0NANDA WALLISERCHE69.6 km220.5220.523.6Stratus Core 3K
open0RUUD VAN DER HEIJDENNLD105.4 km4h16mn10s24.7 km/h595.7595.764.1mantra 6D
open0HANSJORG WALLISERCHE90.2 km360.9360.938.7Stratus Core 3K

Manche 4

  • Lieu : Monclar
  • Course au But
  • date : 06/09/2014
  • distance optimisee : 105.354 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 13:15:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 18:00:00
  • Start : 14:00:00
  • fin de manche : 19:00:00


BALISEB73142MT ST MICHEL DE2000021.955
BALISEC30117Chapeau Napoleon1000032.401
BALISEB73142MT ST MICHEL DE3000022.976
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1Charles CAZAUX3907.4999.3pts, 951.0pts, 960.5pts, 996.6pts Enzo 2
2Honorin HAMARD3825.9902.8pts, 989.8pts, 992.1pts, 941.2pts Enzo 2
3ULRICH PRINZDEU3815.5960.4pts, 948.9pts, 997.9pts, 908.3pts Enzo 2
4Jonathan MARIN3753.5889.4pts, 972.0pts, 942.9pts, 949.2pts Stratus Core 3
5Pierre REMY3687.9844.3pts, 941.7pts, 952.1pts, 949.8pts Enzo 2
6Denis CORTELLA3646.7795.3pts, 987.8pts, 975.4pts, 888.2pts Boomerang  9
7Maxime BELLEMIN3618.4971.7pts, 870.2pts, 909.0pts, 867.5pts Boomerang  9
8Lucas BERNARDIN3596960.9pts, 965.3pts, 796.9pts, 872.9pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
9Alexandre JOFRESA3562.6884.0pts, 960.8pts, 759.6pts, 958.2pts Enzo 2
10Yoann CHAVANNE3525969.8pts, 810.3pts, 796.3pts, 948.6pts Stratus Core 3
11Damien LACAZE3399.7969.7pts, 986.3pts, 957.9pts, 485.8pts Enzo 2
12Jeremie LAGER3357.3713.7pts, 953.9pts, 810.0pts, 879.7pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
13JEAN-MARC CARON3339.9706.0pts, 946.2pts, 820.3pts, 867.4pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
14Jacques FOURNIER3327.8978.0pts, 937.1pts, 478.1pts, 934.6pts Enzo 2
15Jerome HULIN3213.3591.3pts, 951.8pts, 861.3pts, 808.9pts Enzo 1
16Stephane DROUIN3185.2452.2pts, 942.2pts, 831.7pts, 959.1pts Enzo 2
17Michel LEVISSE3182901.1pts, 958.6pts, 456.5pts, 865.8pts Enzo 2
18Francois CORMIER3149.8791.2pts, 846.0pts, 695.5pts, 817.1pts Enzo 2
19Yves GOUESLAIN3119.6818.1pts, 828.9pts, 783.4pts, 689.2pts Enzo 2
20Sylvain GATTINI3062.8788.4pts, 713.3pts, 735.8pts, 825.3pts Icepeak 6
21Seiko FUKUOKA3022.3699.2pts, 841.6pts, 622.8pts, 858.7pts Enzo 1
22Stephane POULAIN2941755.6pts, 596.5pts, 765.8pts, 823.1pts Icepeak 6
23Thomas GURY2879.5452.6pts, 929.0pts, 757.8pts, 740.1pts Enzo 2
24ARNAUD SECHER2871.2426.7pts, 714.3pts, 886.0pts, 844.2pts Boomerang  9
25F V2823.8451.4pts, 713.0pts, 788.1pts, 871.3pts Enzo 2
26Louis GERIN-JEAN2767.4621.7pts, 974.1pts, 263.9pts, 907.7pts Enzo 2
27Laurie GENOVESE2746.2449.9pts, 837.2pts, 594.0pts, 865.1pts Icepeak 7
28Francois RAGOLSKI2660.3819.0pts, 864.0pts, 615.3pts, 362.0pts Enzo 2
29Jose FERREIRA2648.5594.1pts, 704.6pts, 538.2pts, 811.6pts Enzo 2
30Antoine GERIN-JEAN2632.2606.3pts, 952.2pts, 596.0pts, 477.7pts Icepeak 6
31Tim ROCHAS2630.7405.2pts, 706.5pts, 677.1pts, 841.9pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
32Antoine CABIAC2611.1455.1pts, 911.2pts, 442.1pts, 802.7pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
33Didier MATHURIN2602.2426.2pts, 712.5pts, 620.0pts, 843.5pts Enzo 2
34STEPHEN GICHUKI2578.6708.1pts, 435.2pts, 639.2pts, 796.1pts Icepeak 6
35Clement HOELTER2539.7431.0pts, 580.8pts, 724.6pts, 803.3pts mantra 6
36Pierre DEJOUS2535.3376.6pts, 646.1pts, 675.4pts, 837.2pts Coden
37Maxime PINOT2499.4448.1pts, 969.1pts, 308.2pts, 774.0pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
38Gaspard PETIOT2491.6702.5pts, 626.2pts, 408.8pts, 754.1pts Icepeak 6
39Manuel BRECHIGNAC2473.3404.1pts, 633.3pts, 738.3pts, 697.6pts Enzo 1
40Nicolas HERNANDEZ2466.4587.8pts, 449.0pts, 608.9pts, 820.7pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
41Clement LATOUR2459.3446.4pts, 714.7pts, 804.3pts, 493.9pts Enzo 2
42Jean-francois CHAPUIS2420.6432.8pts, 796.6pts, 408.7pts, 782.5pts Enzo 2
43Dominique GUENARD2414.8664.1pts, 459.5pts, 577.6pts, 713.6pts Enzo 1
44Franck PERRING2409.9609.7pts, 705.5pts, 647.8pts, 446.9pts Icepeak 6
45Florian STERCQ2407.3591.5pts, 477.2pts, 665.9pts, 672.7pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
46Erwan DIDRICHE2404.1586.3pts, 637.6pts, 603.7pts, 576.5pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
47Benjamin BOUTELLIER2402408.1pts, 695.4pts, 644.2pts, 654.3pts Icepeak 6
48Julien WIRTZ2375.7997.1pts, 956.0pts, 422.6pts Enzo 2
49Sebastien COUPY2361593.2pts, 413.9pts, 575.0pts, 778.9pts Enzo 2
50Julien BRUNG2301349.4pts, 767.2pts, 674.7pts, 509.7pts Boomerang  9
51David GERONIMO2281.4455.7pts, 685.8pts, 453.6pts, 686.3pts Enzo 1
52Daniel SCHMIDT2167.7596.9pts, 547.4pts, 592.0pts, 431.4pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
53Nicolas PONS2156.6685.6pts, 592.3pts, 324.6pts, 554.1pts Peak 3
54Bertrand BELLET2154.7584.4pts, 499.0pts, 582.1pts, 489.2pts Icepeak 6
55Sun GOUESLAIN2151.7450.2pts, 833.2pts, 767.9pts, 100.4pts Enzo 2
56Remi MONTGINOT2143.8466.7pts, 721.1pts, 107.0pts, 849.0pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
57Thibaut LAVOLE2080.2337.0pts, 708.0pts, 730.2pts, 305.0pts Icepeak 6
58ROLAND FREYCON2059.7707.0pts, 417.1pts, 453.0pts, 482.6pts Enzo 2
59Leo HAMARD2052.5389.3pts, 349.8pts, 476.1pts, 837.3pts Icepeak 6
60BARTOSZ MOSZCZYNSKIPOL2024.9791.2pts, 73.1pts, 658.1pts, 502.5pts Enzo 2
61Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN1980.8582.0pts, 417.6pts, 452.2pts, 529.0pts mantra 6
62Frederic SINATTI1956.6455.2pts, 684.9pts, 816.5pts Icepeak 6
63NANDA WALLISERCHE1912.9565.2pts, 580.9pts, 546.3pts, 220.5pts Stratus Core 3
64Cyril LAMBERT1889588.0pts, 438.9pts, 181.4pts, 680.7pts Enzo 2
65Stephane MEYTADIER1860.7573.5pts, 513.4pts, 511.4pts, 262.4pts Icepeak 6
66Sebastien BOCHET1850.2550.6pts, 405.0pts, 484.7pts, 409.9pts Icepeak 6
67RUUD VAN DER HEIJDENNLD1824.5340.2pts, 390.4pts, 498.2pts, 595.7pts mantra 6
68KLAUDIA BULGAKOWPOL1807.5427.0pts, 408.1pts, 475.7pts, 496.7pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
69Mathieu BAZART1771.5342.5pts, 717.0pts, 258.8pts, 453.2pts Icepeak 6
70Remi GODEFROY1751.7617.3pts, 658.9pts, 110.3pts, 365.2pts mantra 6
71Ludovic FARNAUD1708.9125.5pts, 519.3pts, 497.5pts, 566.6pts mantra 6
72Etienne COUPEZLUX1696.8125.5pts, 534.2pts, 508.4pts, 528.7pts Boomerang  9
73Denis CHOURAQUI1695.9608.9pts, 207.4pts, 593.9pts, 285.7pts Icepeak 6
74Pierre-edouard BOURGOIN1668.5548.4pts, 333.8pts, 279.2pts, 507.1pts mantra 6
75Eric DAIGREMONT1668.4563.7pts, 425.0pts, 98.4pts, 581.3pts Icepeak 6
76Jocelyn TABOURDEAU1663.5589.4pts, 399.6pts, 169.9pts, 504.6pts mantra 6
77Laurent SANGNIER1562.860.0pts, 401.7pts, 619.7pts, 481.4pts Icepeak 6
78Anthony ACKET1530.8589.4pts, 409.7pts, 102.0pts, 429.7pts Icepeak 6
79Marc CAILLAULT1525.1587.4pts, 472.1pts, 374.5pts, 91.1pts Icepeak 6
80Xavier GIRIN1515424.7pts, 334.3pts, 476.6pts, 279.4pts Aspen 5
81Yann EMERY1482.3592.2pts, 466.1pts, 103.7pts, 320.3pts Usport 2
82ILLIA ZHUKBLR1475.4585.0pts, 130.0pts, 260.8pts, 499.6pts Icepeak 7
83Bruno GALZIN1468.9418.0pts, 323.6pts, 452.1pts, 275.2pts Icepeak 6
84Vincent FABRE1453.6199.2pts, 668.9pts, 102.1pts, 483.4pts Enzo 1
85Sebastien TOURNAIRE1415.2128.0pts, 327.9pts, 408.7pts, 550.6pts Icepeak 6
86Roland WACOGNE1402.8437.7pts, 309.2pts, 398.4pts, 257.5pts Icepeak 6
87Jean-christophe FASSEL1399.9610.2pts, 248.8pts, 167.4pts, 373.5pts Usport 2
88Nathalie FRESNE1374.4586.9pts, 316.0pts, 394.2pts, 77.3pts Icepeak 6
89Claude LE-MELLEC1365.3434.8pts, 309.8pts, 112.6pts, 508.1pts Icepeak 6
90Dominique CRESPEL1364606.2pts, 307.5pts, 408.8pts, 41.5pts Mantra 5 Light Xalps
91Caroline DOUCET1174.2571.9pts, 455.7pts, 109.0pts, 37.6pts mantra 6
92Sammy VIENOT1124.5436.7pts, 339.4pts, 82.2pts, 266.2pts Peak 3
93Thierry BRETELLE1122130.0pts, 548.3pts, 101.2pts, 342.5pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
94Sylvain LETUFFE1118.3120.7pts, 407.8pts, 268.1pts, 321.7pts Peak 3
95Emilie RONY1030.5353.4pts, 278.2pts, 172.7pts, 226.2pts Delta 2
96Pascal BAZILE1029.2155.4pts, 215.4pts, 427.5pts, 230.9pts Usport 2
97Didier TROCHET1007.2154.6pts, 214.2pts, 101.0pts, 537.4pts Icepeak 6
98Sebastien BONNET1001.9155.4pts, 411.9pts, 120.9pts, 313.7pts Icepeak 6
99HANSJORG WALLISERCHE989.7132.0pts, 336.4pts, 160.4pts, 360.9pts Stratus Core 3
100Jean-jacques LIVINEC973.9132.0pts, 89.0pts, 575.5pts, 177.4pts Icepeak 6
101YVAN WOLF882.8136.6pts, 413.4pts, 87.5pts, 245.3pts Icepeak 6
101Nicolas FAVRE882.7338.2pts, 11.8pts, 251.6pts, 281.1pts Icepeak 7
103Philippe NIVET852155.4pts, 226.2pts, 321.4pts, 149.0pts Venus 3
104DIMITRI ROMANBEL763155.4pts, 258.4pts, 131.4pts, 217.8pts Peak 3
105Marco MENGEDEU760.7414.8pts, 187.4pts, 158.5pts mantra 6
106MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE707.4395.3pts, 70.3pts, 118.9pts, 122.9pts Delta 2
107Sandy LAMBERT675.384.4pts, 276.8pts, 165.2pts, 148.9pts Icepeak 6
107Michel COLIN675.1118.1pts, 309.2pts, 247.8pts Icepeak 6
109Sebastien GEORGEL661.360.0pts, 246.1pts, 100.9pts, 254.3pts Trango XC 2
110Nathalie SALINAS604.1138.1pts, 152.6pts, 173.7pts, 139.7pts Delta 2
111Christophe BERNAD584.5152.4pts, 108.7pts, 89.4pts, 234.0pts Peak 3
112Barney WOODHEADGBR579.9155.4pts, 94.6pts, 329.9pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
113EDDIE DAMPIERRE540.759.8pts, 480.9pts Enzo 1
114D L540.6144.3pts, 178.9pts, 174.9pts, 42.5pts Boomerang  9
115Michel OGER435.2123.2pts, 186.5pts, 101.1pts, 24.4pts Sigma  9
116R M42671.8pts, 11.8pts, 95.4pts, 247.0pts Artik 3
117Laurent DUPUPET374.7138.0pts, 11.8pts, 89.4pts, 135.5pts Icepeak 6
118Emma CASANOVAGBR322.8129.9pts, 183.4pts, 9.5pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
119VERENA PUTTRICHDEU261.4118.1pts, 45.0pts, 98.3pts Delta 2
120Marc NOSSIN205.857.4pts, 148.4pts Enzo 1
121Jean louis ASENSIO133.4133.4pts Icepeak 6