Challenge Féminin Rhône-Alpes Lans en Vercors (7-9/06/14)

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Challenge feminin Ligue Rhone Alpes de Vol Libre
The « Ligue Rhone Alpes de Vol Libre » LRAVL, as the largest French region for paraglider pilots, is pioneering a new circuit of Women competitions which started last year 2013 in Mid –August in Passy Plaine Joux near Chamonix. Then, 23 female pilots had the opportunity to enjoy two days of cross country competition along with two days of training which were accessible to IPPI4 female pilots (20 female participants with IPPI4).
The idea is sponsored by the women Commission for female pilots at the LRAVL to offer more opportunities for female pilots to know each other, progress technically and mentally, and have opportunities to compete in cross country flying and get a representative ranking between themselves.
This year 2014, the circuit counts two Challenges Feminins, one for three days 7-9 June in Lans en Vercors near Grenoble in Beautiful Vercors range, the second one over four days in world reknowned area Annecy–Grand Bornand 11-14 July (in case of cancellation 14-17 August), just one hour from Geneva.
Registration link Lans en Vercors :
Registration link Annecy-Grand Bornand :
The competitions are both FAI 2 competitions but the level is meant to remain easy accessible cross country tasks. Women pilots are obvisously the main public for these competitions, but male pilots can enrol as well, as long as they are invited in a team with a Female pilot. Male pilots without a female team pilot will not be enrolled. Foreign pilots (female in priority) are welcome to enrol according to these rules.
To register, foreign Pilots, with IPPI5 qualification, will need to enroll on the FFVL website and register for the competition. They will need to send their registration letter and will pay the registration fees on the mornig of the first task. Male pilots will need to name their female teampilot to ensure they get a place. Registration fees are 15 euros per day and include a light breakfast and a picnic.
Please note that IPPI4 pilots with a level close to IPP5 (comfident take off, and landing, experience of thermalling) are welcome to come and take part in the briefings and activities offered during both events. However, they will not be registered as competing pilots, but will be able to fly independently as wind dummies or after the official start. Please ensure that such pilots registrer with the organisation ahead of the start date to ensure they can benefit of the organisation (lifts, buses, retrieves and meals). Same registration fee will be charged. No IPPI4 pilots will be registered on the spot.
Both areas offer plenty of local accomodation and campsites for which details can be found on the loffowing websites :
Annecy- Grand Bornand :
Lans en Vercors :
Any Information please call Bénédicte Saury-Jourdain +33 675124736 or EMAIL :

Click here to access registration form and registration list

Statut : annulee
  • courriel : bfjourdain
  • téléphone : 0675124736 ou 0675124736
  • Accueil des enfants : a envisager avec les pilotes
  • 60 pilotes maximum
  • Pilotes non prioritaires en fonction des places disponibles
  • Frais d'inscription : 15 euros/jour + 10 euros si inscription - de 8 jours avant (30/05/2014)
  • Pas de report

Cette compétition est principalement a destination des pilotes féminines. Les pilotes masculins désirant s'inscrire sont les bienvenus, mais il est nécessaire qu'ils s'inscrivent avec une pilotes féminine ( a spécifier sur l'inscription) afin de garantir leur participation. Au cas ou le nombre de pilotes masculins exercerait le nombre de feminines, l'organisation se réserve le droit de refuser des pilotes masculins.

Le Challenge Féminin est une compétition Sport organisée par les actions féminines de la Ligue Rhone Alpes de Vol Libre. Il est accessible aux pilotes munis d’un Brevet de Pilote Confirmé (IPPI 5) et d’une licence compétition FFVL (ou licence FAI).

Il vise à promouvoir le parapente au féminin et à favoriser les rencontres entre pilotes féminines françaises de toutes régions, et les pilotes féminines étrangères.
Cette compétition est ouverte en priorité aux pilotes féminines pour lesquelles 40 places sont réservées, puis à 20 pilotes étrangères, et également aux pilotes masculins, qui doivent s'inscrire impérativement en équipe avec une pilote féminine.
Le montant de l’inscription à cette compétition est de 15 euros par jour et comprend le casse-croute et les navettes, ainsi qu’un petit déjeuner simple.

En cas d’inscription tardive le jour de la compétition, et en fonction des places diponibles, le prix de l’inscription sera de 25 euros par jour.
Des ateliers théoriques seront proposes lors du challenge, dont les détails seront fournis plus près de la date.

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