Challenge Féminin Rhône-Alpes 2014 (15-17/08/14)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2023-11-03 to 2023-11-05 : Roq'Acro+2 Voltige FAI 2 à Roquebrune Cap Martin

The Mont Blanc Women Open is an FAI 2 paragliding competition open to all IPPI5 pilots with a valid FAI licence. It is organised by the LRAVL and the two local fre flying clubs in Passy and St Gervais. It will take place on the passy-Plaine Joux site.
It is aiming to promote women’ participation in Paragliding activities as well as provide an opportunity to get women pilots in France as well as abroad to meet up and know each other.
This event is open in priority to female pilots for whom 40 places are reserved, with 20 more female foreign pilots, and, finally, to male pilots which will participate according to the number of remaining places, and in order of registration (by the date we received their payment).
Male pilots willing to enrol are welcome, however they need to enrol along with a female pilot and specify her name in the booking. Male pilots enrolling without a female partner may not be accepted in the competition if the number of male pilots exceed the number of female pilots.
The price for registration for French pilots is 15 euros per day and includes shuttle retrieves, a picnic and a simple breakfast.
Foreign pilots paying using Credit/debit cards will also have free access to the dinner organised at the Chedde landing site on the Saturday night.
Pilots paying the Lower French fee of 15 euros per day are invited too but will need to pay 10 euros to access the dinner venue.
In case of late registration, would places were still available on the first morning of the the event, the price will be 20 euros instead of 15 euros per day (cash only).

On 15-16 August, the competition will organise two days of training and theoritical workshops linked with cross country paragliding. The aim is to get more female pilots, especially younger pilots, willing to access competitions in the near future, to mix with the competitors in a friendly and informative manner. All activities will be dispensed in French and the minimum level IPP4 is required (full mastering of independent take off and landing is required). Program and registration will be dispatch and occur separately.
Contact : Bénédicte Saury-Jourdain :

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Statut : Resultats officiels

informations disponibles :
Vendredi 15/08: Journee annulee a cause de la meteo tres pluvieuse.

Samedi 16/08: NO 20-25 km/h annonce, oblige a deplacer la competition sur Passy Plaine-Joux ou une manche de 37 km est lancee. Celle-ci sera stoppee en vol par la pluie.

Dimanche 17/08: Rentree de SO annoncee en fin de journee, arrivant finalement vers 13h00 (40-45 km/h au cret du Loup), nous oblige a annuler la manche.

Onglets horizontaux

gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1CYRIL LAMBERT892.3892.3pts Enzo 2
2OLIVIER HENRY881.5881.5pts Icepeak 7
3CHRISTELLE LAMOINE868.1868.1pts Delta 2
4JOSE FERREIRA866.9866.9pts Enzo 2
5BENEDICTE SAURY-JOURDAIN837.3837.3pts mantra 6
6MARTIN BEAUJOUAN834.2834.2pts Alpina 2
7SANDY LAMBERT826.9826.9pts Icepeak 6
8LEO GUYONNET820.6820.6pts Sigma  9
9EMILIE RONY816.5816.5pts Delta 2
10JEAN LOUIS ZANZI809.8809.8pts Artik 3
11PHILIPPE NIVET745.1745.1pts Venus 3
12CHARLOTTE TAMBOUR735.5735.5pts Aspen 4
13YVAN WOLF734.7734.7pts Icepeak 6
14TAM LUUTHO561.5561.5pts mantra 6
16NATHALIE SALINAS527.1527.1pts Delta 2
17S C500.3500.3pts Artik 3
18LAURE MICHAUT479.8479.8pts Diamir
19NOLWEN PRIE161.5161.5pts Mentor 3
20S A139.9139.9pts Aspen 4
21NICOLAS VILLET137.9137.9pts Aspen 3
22PATRICK MAIRA125.8125.8pts Peak 2
23CLAIRE MERCURIOT101.2101.2pts Artik 3
24RENE-LOUIS ALJALVIN100.6100.6pts Magus XC2
25AURELIA HALLE98.698.6pts Tala
26FLORENCE COLLINET85.285.2pts Cayenne 3
general (Sport)
16 participants en ailes homologuées en catégories A, B ou C
1CHRISTELLE LAMOINE868868.1pts (1er)Delta 2C
2MARTIN BEAUJOUAN834834.2pts (4ème)Alpina 2C
3LEO GUYONNET821820.6pts (5ème)Sigma  9C
4EMILIE RONY817816.5pts (6ème)Delta 2C
5JEAN LOUIS ZANZI810809.8pts (7ème)Artik 3C
6CHARLOTTE TAMBOUR736735.5pts (9ème)Aspen 4C
7MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE539538.9pts (11ème)Delta 2C
8NATHALIE SALINAS527527.1pts (12ème)Delta 2C
9S C500500.3pts (13ème)Artik 3C
10LAURE MICHAUT480479.8pts (14ème)DiamirC
11NOLWEN PRIE162161.5pts (15ème)Mentor 3B
12S A140139.9pts (16ème)Aspen 4C
13NICOLAS VILLET138137.9pts (17ème)Aspen 3C
14CLAIRE MERCURIOT101101.2pts (19ème)Artik 3C
15AURELIA HALLE9998.6pts (21ème)TalaC
16FLORENCE COLLINET8585.2pts (22ème)Cayenne 3C
22 pilotes participants
1CHRISTELLE LAMOINE868868.1pts (1er)Delta 2C
2JOSE FERREIRA867866.9pts (2ème)Enzo 2K
3BENEDICTE SAURY-JOURDAIN837837.3pts (3ème)mantra 6D
4MARTIN BEAUJOUAN834834.2pts (4ème)Alpina 2C
5LEO GUYONNET821820.6pts (5ème)Sigma  9C
6EMILIE RONY817816.5pts (6ème)Delta 2C
7JEAN LOUIS ZANZI810809.8pts (7ème)Artik 3C
8PHILIPPE NIVET745745.1pts (8ème)Venus 3D
9CHARLOTTE TAMBOUR736735.5pts (9ème)Aspen 4C
10TAM LUUTHO562561.5pts (10ème)mantra 6D
11MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE539538.9pts (11ème)Delta 2C
12NATHALIE SALINAS527527.1pts (12ème)Delta 2C
13S C500500.3pts (13ème)Artik 3C
14LAURE MICHAUT480479.8pts (14ème)DiamirC
15NOLWEN PRIE162161.5pts (15ème)Mentor 3B
16S A140139.9pts (16ème)Aspen 4C
17NICOLAS VILLET138137.9pts (17ème)Aspen 3C
18PATRICK MAIRA126125.8pts (18ème)Peak 2D
19RENE-LOUIS ALJALVIN101100.6pts (20ème)Magus XC2D
20CLAIRE MERCURIOT101101.2pts (19ème)Artik 3C
21AURELIA HALLE9998.6pts (21ème)TalaC
22FLORENCE COLLINET8585.2pts (22ème)Cayenne 3C
manche 1
lieu : Passy Plaine Joux
Course au But
date : 8/16/2014
distance optimisee : 37.062 km
manche 2330 validée le 30 aout 14

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placeplace ailes
11CHRISTELLE LAMOINE13.4 km0.00.00.0868.1868.162.0Delta 2C
2JOSE FERREIRA13.3 km0.00.00.0866.9866.959.0Enzo 2K
3BENEDICTE SAURY-JOURDAIN12.9 km0.00.00.0837.3837.357.0mantra 6D
42MARTIN BEAUJOUAN12.8 km0.00.00.0834.2834.256.0Alpina 2C
53LEO GUYONNET12.6 km0.00.00.0820.6820.652.0Sigma  9C
64EMILIE RONY12.6 km0.00.00.0816.5816.550.7Delta 2C
75JEAN LOUIS ZANZI12.5 km0.00.00.0809.8809.849.0Artik 3C
8PHILIPPE NIVET11.5 km0.00.00.0745.1745.148.0Venus 3D
96CHARLOTTE TAMBOUR11.3 km0.00.00.0735.5735.547.0Aspen 4C
10TAM LUUTHO8.6 km0.00.00.0561.5561.540.0mantra 6D
117MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE8.3 km0.00.00.0538.9538.939.0Delta 2C
128NATHALIE SALINAS8.1 km0.00.00.0527.1527.138.0Delta 2C
139S C7.7 km0.00.00.0500.3500.336.0Artik 3C
1410LAURE MICHAUT7.4 km0.00.00.0479.8479.834.0DiamirC
1511NOLWEN PRIE2.5 km0.00.00.0161.5161.512.0Mentor 3B
1612S A2.2 km0.00.00.0139.9139.910.0Aspen 4C
1713NICOLAS VILLET2.1 km0.00.00.0137.9137.910.0Aspen 3C
18PATRICK MAIRA1.9 km0.00.00.0125.8125.89.0Peak 2D
1914CLAIRE MERCURIOT1.6 km0.00.00.0101.2101.27.0Artik 3C
20RENE-LOUIS ALJALVIN1.5 km0.00.00.0100.6100.67.0Magus XC2D
2115AURELIA HALLE1.5 km0.
openSANDY LAMBERT12.7 km0.00.00.0826.9826.954.0Icepeak 6K
openCYRIL LAMBERT13.7 km0.00.00.0892.3892.366.0Enzo 2K
openOLIVIER HENRY13.6 km0.00.00.0881.5881.564.3Icepeak 7K
openYVAN WOLF11.3 km0.00.00.0734.7734.746.3Icepeak 6K