Route des tamarins Pre World Cup 2014 (13-18/10/14)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2021-09-19 to 2021-09-25 : French Open Gourdon


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Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 64
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.016
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.563
  • coef de reussite : 1 ( manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 57.2pts
detail des resultats
Statut : Resultats officiels

Onglets horizontaux

gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1Jacques FOURNIER1599958pts, 435pts, 206pts Enzo 2
2Antoine GERIN-JEAN953953pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
3Sebastien COUPY948534pts, 195pts, 219pts Enzo 2
4Nicolas BLOTTIN906526pts, 163pts, 217pts Enzo 2
5Clement HOELTER854854pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
6EMMANUEL NICOLAS836836pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
7Cyril LAMBERT703703pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
8Didier TROCHET661661pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
9Joel LOIRE654654pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
10Maxime PINOT593593pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
11Pierre VREL495495pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
12Pierre HELLEU492492pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
13Richard GALLON485485pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
14Jean-claude DUPONT464464pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
15Ludovic ROBERT454454pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
16Noel CARLE443443pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
17Sandy LAMBERT408408pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
18Michel RULLIER366366pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
19Nicolas FAVRE302302pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
20Sebastien COMBES265265pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
21Didier PICAN257257pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
22Philippe RIGAL245245pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
23Christophe PIANFETTI235235pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
24D L217217pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
25Karim GASSAB193193pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
26Victor GREPINET159159pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
27Laurent POLI150150pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
28Emmanuel VINCENT148148pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
29Thibaut CHAIGNEAU138138pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
30BERNARD FILLON127127pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
31G D117117pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
32Jean-marc GIERKOWICZ7474pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
33Franck CUENOT6161pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
34Henri DUFLOS-DE-SAINT-AMAND5252pts, 0pts, 0pts Boomerang 10
34 pilotes participants
points du premier au general : 1606
2Jacques FOURNIER1599958pts (4ème), 435pts (1er), 206pts (8ème)Enzo 2K
4Antoine GERIN-JEAN1532953pts (4ème), , Boomerang 10K
6Clement HOELTER1372854pts (6ème), , Boomerang 10K
7EMMANUEL NICOLAS1343836pts (7ème), , Boomerang 10K
9Cyril LAMBERT1130703pts (9ème), , Boomerang 10K
11Didier TROCHET1062661pts (11ème), , Boomerang 10K
12Joel LOIRE1051654pts (12ème), , Boomerang 10K
13Maxime PINOT953593pts (13ème), , Boomerang 10K
14Sebastien COUPY948534pts (13ème), 195pts (18ème), 219pts (1er)Enzo 2K
15Nicolas BLOTTIN906526pts (15ème), 163pts (26ème), 217pts (4ème)Enzo 2K
17Pierre VREL796495pts (17ème), , Boomerang 10K
18Pierre HELLEU791492pts (18ème), , Boomerang 10K
19Richard GALLON780485pts (19ème), , Boomerang 10K
21Jean-claude DUPONT746464pts (21ème), , Boomerang 10K
22Ludovic ROBERT730454pts (22ème), , Boomerang 10K
24Noel CARLE713443pts (24ème), , Boomerang 10K
27Sandy LAMBERT656408pts (27ème), , Boomerang 10K
29Michel RULLIER588366pts (29ème), , Boomerang 10K
31Nicolas FAVRE486302pts (31ème), , Boomerang 10K
32Sebastien COMBES427265pts (32ème), , Boomerang 10K
33Didier PICAN413257pts (33ème), , Boomerang 10K
37Philippe RIGAL394245pts (37ème), , Boomerang 10K
38Christophe PIANFETTI379235pts (38ème), , Boomerang 10K
40D L350217pts (40ème), , Boomerang 10K
41Karim GASSAB310193pts (41ème), , Boomerang 10K
43Victor GREPINET256159pts (43ème), , Boomerang 10K
46Laurent POLI241150pts (46ème), , Boomerang 10K
47Emmanuel VINCENT239148pts (47ème), , Boomerang 10K
48Thibaut CHAIGNEAU223138pts (48ème), , Boomerang 10K
49BERNARD FILLON205127pts (49ème), , Boomerang 10K
51G D188117pts (51ème), , Boomerang 10K
52Jean-marc GIERKOWICZ11974pts (52ème), , Boomerang 10K
62Franck CUENOT9961pts (62ème), , Boomerang 10K
63Henri DUFLOS-DE-SAINT-AMAND8452pts (63ème), , Boomerang 10K
manche 1
  • date manche : 2014-10-14 00:00:00
  • nb pil but : 8
  • type manche : Race
  • type site : Mixte
  • distance : 68.81
  • distance premier : 68.81
  • temps premier : 03:04:02
  • points premier : 1000
manche 2421 validée le 15 avril 15
4Jacques FOURNIER0.00.00.095874.8Enzo 2K
4Antoine GERIN-JEANimport FAI auto0.00.00.095374.8Boomerang 10K
6Clement HOELTERimport FAI auto0.00.00.085470.0Boomerang 10K
7EMMANUEL NICOLASimport FAI auto0.00.00.083668.0Boomerang 10K
9Cyril LAMBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.070358.4Boomerang 10K
11Didier TROCHETimport FAI auto0.00.00.066154.0Boomerang 10K
12Joel LOIREimport FAI auto0.00.00.065454.0Boomerang 10K
13Maxime PINOTimport FAI auto0.00.00.059348.6Boomerang 10K
13Sebastien COUPY52.3 km0.00.00.053443.6Enzo 2K
15Nicolas BLOTTIN51.6 km0.00.00.052643.0Enzo 2K
17Pierre VRELimport FAI auto0.00.00.049540.0Boomerang 10K
18Pierre HELLEUimport FAI auto0.00.00.049240.0Boomerang 10K
19Richard GALLONimport FAI auto0.00.00.048539Boomerang 10K
21Jean-claude DUPONTimport FAI auto0.00.00.046437.0Boomerang 10K
22Ludovic ROBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.045436.3Boomerang 10K
24Noel CARLEimport FAI auto0.00.00.044335.3Boomerang 10K
27Sandy LAMBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.040832.4Boomerang 10K
29Michel RULLIERimport FAI auto0.00.00.036628.9Boomerang 10K
31Nicolas FAVREimport FAI auto0.00.00.030223.8Boomerang 10K
32Sebastien COMBESimport FAI auto0.00.00.026520.8Boomerang 10K
33Didier PICANimport FAI auto0.00.00.025720.2Boomerang 10K
37Philippe RIGALimport FAI auto0.00.00.024519.0Boomerang 10K
38Christophe PIANFETTIimport FAI auto0.00.00.023518.4Boomerang 10K
40D Limport FAI auto0.00.00.021717Boomerang 10K
41Karim GASSABimport FAI auto0.00.00.019315.1Boomerang 10K
43Victor GREPINETimport FAI auto0.00.00.015912.4Boomerang 10K
46Laurent POLIimport FAI auto0.00.00.015011.7Boomerang 10K
47Emmanuel VINCENTimport FAI auto0.00.00.014811.5Boomerang 10K
48Thibaut CHAIGNEAUimport FAI auto0.00.00.013810.8Boomerang 10K
49BERNARD FILLONimport FAI auto0.00.00.01279.9Boomerang 10K
51G Dimport FAI auto0.00.00.01179.1Boomerang 10K
52Jean-marc GIERKOWICZimport FAI auto0.00.00.0745.7Boomerang 10K
62Franck CUENOTimport FAI auto0.00.00.0614.7Boomerang 10K
63Henri DUFLOS-DE-SAINT-AMANDimport FAI auto0.00.00.0524Boomerang 10K
manche 2
  • date manche : 2014-10-16 00:00:00
  • nb pil but : 0
  • type manche : Race
  • type site : Mixte
  • distance : 48.2
  • distance premier : 29.97
  • temps premier :
  • points premier : 435
manche 2425 validée le 15 avril 15
1Jacques FOURNIER0.00.00.043578.4Enzo 2K
18Sebastien COUPY13.5 km0.00.00.019536Enzo 2K
26Nicolas BLOTTIN11.4 km0.00.00.016316.0Enzo 2K
openLudovic ROBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openG Dimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openRichard GALLONimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openNoel CARLEimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openFranck CUENOTimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openSandy LAMBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openDidier PICANimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openCyril LAMBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openPierre HELLEUimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openPhilippe RIGALimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openPierre VRELimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openLaurent POLIimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openMaxime PINOTimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openEMMANUEL NICOLASimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openNicolas FAVREimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openD Limport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openEmmanuel VINCENTimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openChristophe PIANFETTIimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openMichel RULLIERimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openAntoine GERIN-JEANimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openThibaut CHAIGNEAUimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openKarim GASSABimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openBERNARD FILLONimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openHenri DUFLOS-DE-SAINT-AMANDimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openClement HOELTERimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openSebastien COMBESimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openJean-claude DUPONTimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openVictor GREPINETimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openJoel LOIREimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openJean-marc GIERKOWICZimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
openDidier TROCHETimport FAI auto0.00.00.00-0.2Boomerang 10K
manche 3
  • date manche : 2014-10-18 00:00:00
  • nb pil but : 0
  • type manche : Race
  • type site : Mixte
  • distance : 72.3
  • distance premier : 21.18
  • temps premier :
  • points premier : 219
manche 2426 validée le 15 avril 15
1Sebastien COUPY21.2 km0.00.00.02190Enzo 2K
4Nicolas BLOTTIN21 km0.00.00.021724.0Enzo 2K
8Jacques FOURNIER0.00.00.02060Enzo 2K
openLudovic ROBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openG Dimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openRichard GALLONimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openNoel CARLEimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openFranck CUENOTimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openSandy LAMBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openDidier PICANimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openCyril LAMBERTimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openPierre HELLEUimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openPhilippe RIGALimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openPierre VRELimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openLaurent POLIimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openMaxime PINOTimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openEMMANUEL NICOLASimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openNicolas FAVREimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openD Limport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openEmmanuel VINCENTimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openChristophe PIANFETTIimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openMichel RULLIERimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openAntoine GERIN-JEANimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openThibaut CHAIGNEAUimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openKarim GASSABimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openBERNARD FILLONimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openHenri DUFLOS-DE-SAINT-AMANDimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openClement HOELTERimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openSebastien COMBESimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openJean-claude DUPONTimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openVictor GREPINETimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openJoel LOIREimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openJean-marc GIERKOWICZimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K
openDidier TROCHETimport FAI auto0.00.00.000Boomerang 10K