Col de Bleine (Challenge Féminin + report Elite) (26-27/09/15)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2023-11-03 to 2023-11-05 : Roq'Acro+2 Voltige FAI 2 à Roquebrune Cap Martin

Challenge feminin Ligue Rhone Alpes de Vol Libre
The « Ligue Rhone Alpes de Vol Libre » LRAVL, as the largest French region for paraglider pilots, is pioneering a new circuit of Women competitions which started last year 2013 in Mid –August in Passy Plaine Joux near Chamonix. Then, 23 female pilots had the opportunity to enjoy two days of cross country competition along with two days of training which were accessible to IPPI4 female pilots (20 female participants with IPPI4).
The idea is sponsored by the women Commission for female pilots at the LRAVL to offer more opportunities for female pilots to know each other, progress technically and mentally, and have opportunities to compete in cross country flying and get a representative ranking between themselves.
This year 2015, the circuit counts two Challenges Feminins, one for three days 7-9 June in Lans en Vercors near Grenoble in Beautiful Vercors range, the second one over four days in world reknowned area Annecy–Grand Bornand 11-14 July (in case of cancellation 14-17 August), just one hour from Geneva.
Registration link Lans en Vercors :
Registration link Annecy-Grand Bornand :
The competitions are both FAI 2 competitions but the level is meant to remain easy accessible cross country tasks. Women pilots are obvisously the main public for these competitions, but male pilots can enrol as well, as long as they are invited in a team with a Female pilot. Male pilots without a female team pilot will not be enrolled. Foreign pilots (female in priority) are welcome to enrol according to these rules.
To register, foreign Pilots, with IPPI5 qualification, will need to enroll on the FFVL website and register for the competition. They will need to send their registration letter and will pay the registration fees on the mornig of the first task. Male pilots will need to name their female teampilot to ensure they get a place. Registration fees are 15 euros per day and include a light breakfast and a picnic.
Please note that IPPI4 pilots with a level close to IPP5 (comfident take off, and landing, experience of thermalling) are welcome to come and take part in the briefings and activities offered during both events. However, they will not be registered as competing pilots, but will be able to fly independently as wind dummies or after the official start. Please ensure that such pilots registrer with the organisation ahead of the start date to ensure they can benefit of the organisation (lifts, buses, retrieves and meals). Same registration fee will be charged. No IPPI4 pilots will be registered on the spot.
Both areas offer plenty of local accomodation and campsites for which details can be found on the loffowing websites :
Annecy- Grand Bornand :
Lans en Vercors :
Any Information please call Bénédicte Saury-Jourdain +33 675124736 or EMAIL :

Click here to access registration form and registration list

Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI
Statut : Resultats officiels

Onglets horizontaux

gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1NICOLAS BERNHARD10001000.0pts Enzo 2
2OLIVIER HENRY914.4914.4pts Enzo 2
3YANN EMERY883.3883.3pts Enzo 2
4JEAN-FRANCOIS CHAPUIS864.2864.2pts Boomerang 10
4BRUNO COLLEAU864.2864.2pts Icepeak 7
6ROLAND FREYCON846.4846.4pts Enzo 2
7YVAN WOLF833.4833.4pts Icepeak 8
7MATHIS RUHL833.2833.2pts Trango XC 2
7BENOIT OUTTERS832.5832.5pts Alpina 2
10SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE830.9830.9pts Icepeak 6
11BENEDICTE SAURY-JOURDAIN827827.0pts mantra 6
13JOCELYN TABOURDEAU797.8797.8pts mantra 6
14REMI GODEFROY796.1796.1pts mantra 6
15CYRIL VOIRIN762.9762.9pts Delta 2
16YANN MAGALLON726.8726.8pts Aspen 4
17FLORENT DUPONT607607.0pts Delta 2
18PHILIPPE NIVET533.5533.5pts Venus 3
19P L528.7528.7pts Carrera
20JEAN LOUIS ZANZI414.7414.7pts Artik 4
21NICOLAS BERNIER358.7358.7pts mantra 6
22DIDIER BRUN349.4349.4pts Triton 2
22FRANCOIS-XAVIER SUHAS348.8348.8pts Peak 3
25MICHEL OGER340.1340.1pts Sigma  9
26ALAIN BARRAU209.7209.7pts Sigma  9
27ARNAUD BEUGNETTE208208.0pts Enzo 2
28PATRICE GUIEN204.1204.1pts Peak
29NANCY BERGE202.6202.6pts Delta 2
30ROLAND OLLIER201.2201.2pts mantra 6
31BENOIT MARTIN198.8198.8pts Rush 4
32FRANCOIS PIOTROWSKI198.2198.2pts Sigma  9
33SYLVAIN HENGY196.9196.9pts ION 2
34BENOIT DE RANCOURT192.1192.1pts Synergy 5
35ALEXANDRE DAMIANO191.2191.2pts Enzo 1
36JEAN-MICHEL FERNANDEZ157.9157.9pts Delta
37NICOLAS HERMANBEL57.257.2pts Delta 2
38JEAN PIERRE LE MOIGNE57.157.1pts Artik 4
39CHRISTOPHE PITELET11.0pts Alpina 2
general (Sport)
20 participants en ailes homologuées en catégories A, B ou C
1MATHIS RUHL10001000pts (1er)Trango XC 2C
2BENOIT OUTTERS988988.1pts (2ème)Alpina 2C
3CYRIL VOIRIN873873.4pts (7ème)Delta 2C
4YANN MAGALLON837837.4pts (8ème)Aspen 4C
5FLORENT DUPONT689689pts (9ème)Delta 2C
6P L593593.1pts (11ème)CarreraB
7JEAN LOUIS ZANZI456455.8pts (12ème)Artik 4C
8DIDIER BRUN379378.5pts (14ème)Triton 2C
9MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE377376.8pts (16ème)Artik 4C
10MICHEL OGER368367.6pts (17ème)Sigma  9C
11ALAIN BARRAU218217.6pts (18ème)Sigma  9C
12NANCY BERGE210209.6pts (20ème)Delta 2C
13FRANCOIS PIOTROWSKI205204.6pts (23ème)Sigma  9C
14BENOIT MARTIN205205.3pts (22ème)Rush 4B
15SYLVAIN HENGY203203.2pts (24ème)ION 2B
16BENOIT DE RANCOURT198197.9pts (25ème)Synergy 5C
17JEAN-MICHEL FERNANDEZ160160pts (26ème)DeltaC
18JEAN PIERRE LE MOIGNE5353.1pts (28ème)Artik 4C
19NICOLAS HERMANBEL5353.2pts (27ème)Delta 2C
20CHRISTOPHE PITELET11pts (29ème)Alpina 2C
29 pilotes participants
1MATHIS RUHL10001000pts (1er)Trango XC 2C
2BENOIT OUTTERS988988.1pts (2ème)Alpina 2C
3BENEDICTE SAURY-JOURDAIN965965.4pts (3ème)mantra 6D
4DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ935934.8pts (4ème)PureD
5JOCELYN TABOURDEAU914914.2pts (5ème)mantra 6D
6REMI GODEFROY912911.9pts (6ème)mantra 6D
7CYRIL VOIRIN873873.4pts (7ème)Delta 2C
8YANN MAGALLON837837.4pts (8ème)Aspen 4C
9FLORENT DUPONT689689pts (9ème)Delta 2C
10PHILIPPE NIVET599599pts (10ème)Venus 3D
11P L593593.1pts (11ème)CarreraB
12JEAN LOUIS ZANZI456455.8pts (12ème)Artik 4C
13NICOLAS BERNIER389389.4pts (13ème)mantra 6D
14DIDIER BRUN379378.5pts (14ème)Triton 2C
15FRANCOIS-XAVIER SUHAS378377.7pts (15ème)Peak 3D
16MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE377376.8pts (16ème)Artik 4C
17MICHEL OGER368367.6pts (17ème)Sigma  9C
18ALAIN BARRAU218217.6pts (18ème)Sigma  9C
19PATRICE GUIEN211211.3pts (19ème)PeakD
20NANCY BERGE210209.6pts (20ème)Delta 2C
21ROLAND OLLIER208208pts (21ème)mantra 6D
22FRANCOIS PIOTROWSKI205204.6pts (23ème)Sigma  9C
23BENOIT MARTIN205205.3pts (22ème)Rush 4B
24SYLVAIN HENGY203203.2pts (24ème)ION 2B
25BENOIT DE RANCOURT198197.9pts (25ème)Synergy 5C
26JEAN-MICHEL FERNANDEZ160160pts (26ème)DeltaC
27JEAN PIERRE LE MOIGNE5353.1pts (28ème)Artik 4C
28NICOLAS HERMANBEL5353.2pts (27ème)Delta 2C
29CHRISTOPHE PITELET11pts (29ème)Alpina 2C
manche 1
lieu : Col de Bleine
Course au But
date : 9/26/2015
distance optimisee : 59.545 km
manche 2563 validée le 2 octobre 15

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placeplace ailes
11MATHIS RUHL59.5 km2h28mn05s24.1 km/h0.00.00.01000833.265.0Trango XC 2C
22BENOIT OUTTERS59.5 km2h28mn17s24.1 km/h0.00.00.0988.1832.563.0Alpina 2C
3BENEDICTE SAURY-JOURDAIN59.5 km2h29mn54s23.8 km/h0.00.00.0965.4827.062.0mantra 6D
4DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ59.5 km2h34mn32s23.1 km/h0.00.00.0934.8812.060PureD
5JOCELYN TABOURDEAU59.5 km2h39mn16s22.4 km/h0.00.00.0914.2797.858.0mantra 6D
6REMI GODEFROY59.5 km2h39mn52s22.3 km/h0.00.00.0911.9796.157.3mantra 6D
73CYRIL VOIRIN59.5 km2h52mn24s20.7 km/h0.00.00.0873.4762.956.0Delta 2C
84YANN MAGALLON59.5 km3h08mn12s19 km/h0.00.00.0837.4726.854.0Aspen 4C
95FLORENT DUPONT51.3 km0.00.00.0689607.046.0Delta 2C
10PHILIPPE NIVET43.6 km0.00.00.0599533.540.2Venus 3D
116P L43.1 km0.00.00.0593.1528.740.0CarreraB
127JEAN LOUIS ZANZI31.8 km0.00.00.0455.8414.730.2Artik 4C
13NICOLAS BERNIER26.4 km0.00.00.0389.4358.725.6mantra 6D
148DIDIER BRUN25.6 km0.00.00.0378.5349.425.0Triton 2C
15FRANCOIS-XAVIER SUHAS25.5 km0.00.00.0377.7348.825.0Peak 3D
169MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE25.5 km0.00.00.0376.8348.024.7Artik 4C
1710MICHEL OGER24.7 km0.00.00.0367.6340.124Sigma  9C
1811ALAIN BARRAU13.5 km0.00.00.0217.6209.714.1Sigma  9C
19PATRICE GUIEN13 km0.00.00.0211.3204.113.7PeakD
2012NANCY BERGE12.9 km0.00.00.0209.6202.614.0Delta 2C
21ROLAND OLLIER12.8 km0.00.00.0208201.213.5mantra 6D
2213BENOIT MARTIN12.6 km0.00.00.0205.3198.813.0Rush 4B
2314FRANCOIS PIOTROWSKI12.5 km0.00.00.0204.6198.213.0Sigma  9C
2415SYLVAIN HENGY12.4 km0.00.00.0203.2196.913.0ION 2B
2516BENOIT DE RANCOURT12.1 km0.00.00.0197.9192.113.0Synergy 5C
2617JEAN-MICHEL FERNANDEZ9.4 km0.00.00.0160157.910.0DeltaC
openROLAND FREYCON59.5 km2h24mn27s24.7 km/h0.00.00.00846.455.7Enzo 2K
openARNAUD BEUGNETTE13.3 km0.00.00.00208.013.4Enzo 2K
openJEAN-FRANCOIS CHAPUIS59.5 km2h20mn03s25.5 km/h0.00.00.00864.258.0Boomerang 10K
openOLIVIER HENRY59.5 km2h10mn32s27.4 km/h0.00.00.00914.462Enzo 2K
openNICOLAS BERNHARD59.5 km2h04mn15s28.8 km/h0.00.00.001000.065.0Enzo 2K
openSEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE59.5 km2h28mn44s24 km/h0.00.00.00830.952.0Icepeak 6K
openYANN EMERY59.5 km2h15mn54s26.3 km/h0.00.00.00883.360.0Enzo 2K
openBRUNO COLLEAU59.5 km2h20mn03s25.5 km/h0.00.00.00864.258.0Icepeak 7K
openALEXANDRE DAMIANO12 km0.00.00.00191.212.0Enzo 1K
openYVAN WOLF59.5 km2h28mn02s24.1 km/h0.00.00.00833.454.0Icepeak 8K