Vallée du Louron - Championnat de France Open (19-25/06/16)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2021-06-23 to 2021-06-26 : Millau Open - Natural Games
2021-09-19 to 2021-09-25 : French Open Gourdon


- 30 pilots on total 120 participants can be foreigner pilots
- All the pilots ranked better than 750 at WPRS are welcome to 2016 french open
- For security reasons we will not register pilots that dont fit this level
- The 10 best foreigner pilots among the 100 world best pilots ranked to the WPRS are invited free to participate to the event.
- If you are ranked among the 100 WPRS you will need to pay to confirm your presence like other pilots but after beeing present to the event, you will be reeimburse.
- All pilots (french and Foreigner) once selected to the French Open have also to register to the SAME EVENT on the AIRTRIBUNE website to be LIVETRACKED this is MANDATORY

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Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 118
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.2
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.649
  • coef de reussite : 1 (3 manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 77.9pts
detail des resultats
Statut : Resultats officiels

Onglets horizontaux

gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1JONATHAN MARIN2764.2969.7pts, 935.3pts, 859.2pts Icepeak 8
2CLEMENT LATOUR2747.5910.3pts, 986.3pts, 850.9pts Enzo 2
3HONORIN HAMARD2741.8911.2pts, 970.6pts, 860.0pts Enzo 2
4ANTOINE GERIN-JEAN2716.9896.9pts, 965.6pts, 854.4pts Enzo 2
5THOMAS GURY2641.5795.0pts, 987.6pts, 858.9pts Enzo 2
6SYLVAIN GATTINI2613.5885.1pts, 874.8pts, 853.6pts Icepeak 8
7LAURIE GENOVESE2582.5894.8pts, 953.8pts, 733.9pts Enzo 2
8CLEMENT HOELTER2502.6886.2pts, 884.6pts, 731.8pts Enzo 2
9CHARLES CAZAUX2445.4630.2pts, 961.3pts, 853.9pts Enzo 2
10JEAN-MARC CARON2438.1622.0pts, 977.1pts, 839.0pts Icepeak 8
11DAMIEN LACAZE2429.7819.5pts, 762.7pts, 847.5pts Enzo 2
12LUC ARMANT2409.4791.6pts, 976.8pts, 641.0pts Enzo 2
13JACQUES FOURNIER2389.8906.4pts, 639.9pts, 843.5pts Enzo 2
14ARNAUD BAUMY2377.1806.0pts, 753.5pts, 817.6pts Enzo 2
15SEIKO FUKUOKA2368632.7pts, 886.7pts, 848.6pts Enzo 2
16TOM VOISIN2335.2771.0pts, 734.4pts, 829.8pts Enzo 2
17TEO BOUVARD2297.9870.9pts, 842.3pts, 584.7pts Enzo 2
18PIERRE REMY2267.6437.1pts, 967.9pts, 862.6pts Enzo 2
19SUN GOUESLAIN2265.8802.0pts, 634.3pts, 829.5pts Enzo 2
20FREDERIC LECONTE2248.6614.6pts, 777.3pts, 856.7pts Enzo 2
21REMI MONTGINOT2223.4629.1pts, 755.7pts, 838.6pts Enzo 2
22YURY MISHANINRUS2216.6616.5pts, 761.1pts, 839.0pts Enzo 2
23NICOLAS ALLIOT2142.7616.5pts, 683.0pts, 843.2pts Icepeak 8
24ARNAUD BEUGNETTE2135.7433.6pts, 850.9pts, 851.2pts Enzo 2
25FRANCOIS CORMIER2132.1505.6pts, 767.7pts, 858.8pts Enzo 2
26FRANCK PERRING2107.1616.9pts, 636.7pts, 853.5pts Enzo 2
27CYRIL LAMBERT2090.4614.3pts, 621.4pts, 854.7pts Enzo 2
28DENIS CHOURAQUI2088.4426.4pts, 832.5pts, 829.5pts Enzo 2
29JULIEN MARION2081.3295.2pts, 935.2pts, 850.9pts Enzo 2
30JULIEN WIRTZ2055.6220.2pts, 995.9pts, 839.5pts Enzo 2
31F V2031.6433.9pts, 758.4pts, 839.3pts Enzo 2
32STEPHANE POULAIN1978.1616.5pts, 762.9pts, 598.7pts Enzo 2
33DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ1957632.7pts, 494.6pts, 829.7pts Enzo 1
34MARTIN REBORD1925.8625.6pts, 987.3pts, 312.9pts Boomerang 10
35EMMANUEL NICOLAS1903.8545.5pts, 697.5pts, 660.8pts Enzo 2
35GILDAS BEN1903.7509.5pts, 534.3pts, 859.9pts mantra 6
37NAO TAKADAJPN1877.5525.8pts, 492.7pts, 859.0pts mantra 6
38NICOLAS HERNANDEZ1782.8227.6pts, 760.6pts, 794.6pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
39SEBASTIEN BLEIN1782.4278.9pts, 648.9pts, 854.6pts Enzo 2
40ERWAN DIDRICHE1732.3440.7pts, 705.9pts, 585.7pts Peak 4
41DOMINIQUE GUENARD1715.2812.0pts, 759.8pts, 143.4pts Enzo 2
42THIBAUT LAVOLE1712.3648.7pts, 262.8pts, 800.8pts Enzo 2
43ANTOINE CABIAC1681.2569.7pts, 968.1pts, 143.4pts Boomerang 10
44STEPHANE MEYTADIER1656.9441.6pts, 558.9pts, 656.4pts Icepeak 8
45BASTIEN DE LUCA1597.9496.9pts, 738.2pts, 362.8pts Boomerang 10
46LEO HAMARD1581.3525.8pts, 739.3pts, 316.2pts Enzo 2
47SEBASTIEN COMBES1564.9295.3pts, 430.4pts, 839.2pts Peak 4
48ETIENNE COUPEZLUX1503.4553.6pts, 630.9pts, 318.9pts Enzo 2
49L L1481.9220.2pts, 430.4pts, 831.3pts Alpina 2
50MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN1480.1618.6pts, 693.7pts, 167.8pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
51LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE1477.7439.9pts, 181.1pts, 856.7pts Enzo 2
52LAURENT SANGNIER1465.8424.6pts, 228.1pts, 813.1pts Icepeak 6
53REMI BOURDELLE1433.4616.7pts, 673.3pts, 143.4pts mantra 6
54BENOIT PERRIN1401.1505.3pts, 738.6pts, 157.2pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
55JOCELYN TABOURDEAU1388.9191.0pts, 458.3pts, 739.6pts mantra 6
56CAROLINE DOUCET1374.1205.6pts, 430.4pts, 738.1pts mantra 6
56ROLAND FREYCON1373.9356.5pts, 333.0pts, 684.4pts Enzo 2
58LOIC MARINTHE1373.2376.4pts, 174.7pts, 822.1pts mantra 6
59YANN EMERY1359.9253.6pts, 749.6pts, 356.7pts Enzo 2
60PATRICK ROYER1318.4297.5pts, 361.9pts, 659.0pts Icepeak 7
60CLAUDE LE-MELLEC1318194.2pts, 430.4pts, 693.4pts Icepeak 8
62B J1286.7258.1pts, 409.2pts, 619.4pts Triton 2
63EMMANUEL BERTHOME128551.7pts, 408.0pts, 825.3pts mantra 6
64VINCENT FABRE1282.8226.6pts, 743.1pts, 313.1pts Enzo 2
65REMI GODEFROY1276.4529.5pts, 430.4pts, 316.5pts mantra 6
66KIYOSHI NARIYAMAJPN1257203.3pts, 432.0pts, 621.7pts Enzo 2
67NANCY BERGE1245.6264.2pts, 355.1pts, 626.3pts Delta 2
68XAVIER LAPORTE1229227.7pts, 430.4pts, 570.9pts King
69DIDIER TROCHET1218.8631.8pts, 430.4pts, 156.6pts Icepeak 6
70JOSE ANSELMO1217.3200.6pts, 430.4pts, 586.3pts Icepeak 7
71MARC CAILLAULT1197.5434.9pts, 595.2pts, 167.4pts Boomerang 10
72ERIC DAIGREMONT1193.5288.1pts, 762.0pts, 143.4pts Boomerang 10
73HUGO LARONZE1171221.9pts, 788.2pts, 160.9pts Boomerang 10
74PASCAL BAZILE1162.8294.0pts, 263.4pts, 605.4pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
75ANTHONY COSTES1154.562.0pts, 430.4pts, 662.1pts Enzo 2
76ESTEBAN BOURROUFIES1151.1628.4pts, 522.7pts Enzo 2
77DANIEL LARUELLE1147.8376.9pts, 196.1pts, 574.8pts mantra 6
78PIERRE DEJOUS1142.1588.4pts, 410.3pts, 143.4pts King
79SEBASTIEN COUPY1138.1207.4pts, 279.1pts, 651.6pts Enzo 2
80THOMAS CHARLES1135.7291.9pts, 173.0pts, 670.8pts Queen
81FLORIAN STERCQ1111.6524.7pts, 430.4pts, 156.5pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
82FABIEN DOFFIN1108.5542.6pts, 242.6pts, 323.3pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
83MICHEL RULLIER1100.4300.5pts, 194.4pts, 605.5pts Icepeak 8
84LUDOVIC FARNAUD1080.4505.5pts, 415.7pts, 159.2pts mantra 6
85MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE1075.1184.4pts, 300.6pts, 590.1pts CURE
86S A1025513.7pts, 367.9pts, 143.4pts mantra 6
87RACHEL VON-GAUDECKER999.2221.7pts, 190.9pts, 586.6pts Artik 4
88JEAN LOUIS ZANZI982.1227.8pts, 187.5pts, 566.8pts CURE
89KONSTANTIN TREGUBOVRUS979.5130.5pts, 704.8pts, 144.2pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
90PIERRE-FRANCIS BAUD-BLAIN967.8394.0pts, 430.4pts, 143.4pts Icepeak 7
91STEPHANIE CONTE944.6102.5pts, 184.2pts, 657.9pts Artik 4
92JULIEN LE-GUEN927226.3pts, 315.6pts, 385.1pts Alpina 2
93GAEL CROIX873.264.3pts, 178.8pts, 630.1pts Peak 3
94DOMINIQUE CRESPEL866.7360.0pts, 363.3pts, 143.4pts Mantra 5 Light Xalps
95JEAN-CHRISTOPHE FASSEL851.1618.6pts, 232.5pts Enzo 2
96BRUNO GALZIN842.3209.4pts, 324.1pts, 308.8pts Icepeak 6
97CEDRIC FECHOZ829.961.9pts, 464.3pts, 303.7pts Boomerang 10
98LAURENT MERLE819.660.0pts, 124.4pts, 635.2pts Peak 3
99NICOLAS FAVRE768.9437.1pts, 177.4pts, 154.4pts Icepeak 7
100SEBASTIEN GEORGEL762.962.9pts, 111.2pts, 588.8pts Trango XC 3
101SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE675101.0pts, 412.9pts, 161.1pts Icepeak 6
102ERIC SOLLIER673224.7pts, 272.4pts, 175.9pts Icepeak 6
103SANDY LAMBERT638200.6pts, 268.5pts, 168.9pts mantra 6
104E P622.1200.5pts, 267.5pts, 154.1pts Peak 4
105LAURENT MOUNOT610.454.9pts, 182.2pts, 373.3pts Venus 3
106EMMANUEL CHABANI586258.2pts, 182.3pts, 145.5pts King
107NATHALIE SALINAS578.2203.2pts, 40.1pts, 334.9pts Delta 2
108JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC563.5207.7pts, 196.4pts, 159.4pts Icepeak 6
109XAVIER GIRIN541.7209.4pts, 188.9pts, 143.4pts avax xc5
110JEAN-YVES SEVENO524.2200.4pts, 174.5pts, 149.3pts Peak 3
111VALTER PADUANOLUX505.2505.2pts Enzo 2
112SAMMY VIENOT503.851.7pts, 112.4pts, 339.7pts Peak 3
113ROLAND WACOGNE499.5177.2pts, 178.9pts, 143.4pts Triton 2
114CHRISTOPHE BRIERRE42451.7pts, 190.9pts, 181.4pts Delta
115ALEXANDRE DAMIANO386.754.9pts, 33.8pts, 298.0pts Pure 2
116ANNE BERTHAUD385.1197.4pts, 44.3pts, 143.4pts Delta 2
117MARC NOSSIN178.866.4pts, 112.4pts avax xc5
118M V69.151.7pts, 17.4pts King
114 pilotes participants
1JONATHAN MARIN2764969.7pts (1er), 935.3pts (13ème), 859.2pts (4ème)Icepeak 8K
2CLEMENT LATOUR2748910.3pts (3ème), 986.3pts (4ème), 850.9pts (16ème)Enzo 2K
3HONORIN HAMARD2742911.2pts (2ème), 970.6pts (7ème), 860pts (2ème)Enzo 2K
4ANTOINE GERIN-JEAN2717896.9pts (5ème), 965.6pts (10ème), 854.4pts (11ème)Enzo 2K
5THOMAS GURY2642795pts (14ème), 987.6pts (2ème), 858.9pts (5ème)Enzo 2K
6SYLVAIN GATTINI2614885.1pts (8ème), 874.8pts (17ème), 853.6pts (13ème)Icepeak 8K
7LAURIE GENOVESE2583894.8pts (6ème), 953.8pts (12ème), 733.9pts (40ème)Enzo 2K
8CLEMENT HOELTER2503886.2pts (7ème), 884.6pts (16ème), 731.8pts (41ème)Enzo 2K
9CHARLES CAZAUX2445630.2pts (21ème), 961.3pts (11ème), 853.9pts (12ème)Enzo 2K
10JEAN-MARC CARON2438622pts (25ème), 977.1pts (5ème), 839pts (25ème)Icepeak 8K
11DAMIEN LACAZE2430819.5pts (10ème), 762.7pts (25ème), 847.5pts (19ème)Enzo 2K
12LUC ARMANT2409791.6pts (15ème), 976.8pts (6ème), 641pts (51ème)Enzo 2K
13JACQUES FOURNIER2390906.4pts (4ème), 639.9pts (44ème), 843.5pts (20ème)Enzo 2K
14ARNAUD BAUMY2377806pts (12ème), 753.5pts (31ème), 817.6pts (34ème)Enzo 2K
15SEIKO FUKUOKA2368632.7pts (18ème), 886.7pts (15ème), 848.6pts (18ème)Enzo 2K
16TOM VOISIN2335771pts (16ème), 734.4pts (37ème), 829.8pts (28ème)Enzo 2K
17TEO BOUVARD2298870.9pts (9ème), 842.3pts (19ème), 584.7pts (64ème)Enzo 2K
18PIERRE REMY2268437.1pts (53ème), 967.9pts (9ème), 862.6pts (1er)Enzo 2K
19SUN GOUESLAIN2266802pts (13ème), 634.3pts (46ème), 829.5pts (31ème)Enzo 2K
20FREDERIC LECONTE2249614.6pts (32ème), 777.3pts (22ème), 856.7pts (8ème)Enzo 2K
21REMI MONTGINOT2223629.1pts (22ème), 755.7pts (30ème), 838.6pts (26ème)Enzo 2K
22NICOLAS ALLIOT2143616.5pts (30ème), 683pts (41ème), 843.2pts (21ème)Icepeak 8K
23ARNAUD BEUGNETTE2136433.6pts (56ème), 850.9pts (18ème), 851.2pts (15ème)Enzo 2K
24FRANCOIS CORMIER2132505.6pts (44ème), 767.7pts (23ème), 858.8pts (6ème)Enzo 2K
25FRANCK PERRING2107616.9pts (28ème), 636.7pts (45ème), 853.5pts (14ème)Enzo 2K
26CYRIL LAMBERT2090614.3pts (33ème), 621.4pts (48ème), 854.7pts (9ème)Enzo 2K
27DENIS CHOURAQUI2088426.4pts (57ème), 832.5pts (20ème), 829.5pts (30ème)Enzo 2K
28JULIEN MARION2081295.2pts (67ème), 935.2pts (14ème), 850.9pts (17ème)Enzo 2K
29JULIEN WIRTZ2056220.2pts (84ème), 995.9pts (1er), 839.5pts (22ème)Enzo 2K
30F V2032433.9pts (55ème), 758.4pts (29ème), 839.3pts (23ème)Enzo 2K
31STEPHANE POULAIN1978616.5pts (31ème), 762.9pts (24ème), 598.7pts (58ème)Enzo 2K
32DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ1957632.7pts (19ème), 494.6pts (53ème), 829.7pts (29ème)Enzo 1K
33MARTIN REBORD1926625.6pts (24ème), 987.3pts (3ème), 312.9pts (79ème)Boomerang 10K
34GILDAS BEN1904509.5pts (43ème), 534.3pts (51ème), 859.9pts (3ème)mantra 6D
34EMMANUEL NICOLAS1904545.5pts (37ème), 697.5pts (39ème), 660.8pts (46ème)Enzo 2K
36NICOLAS HERNANDEZ1783227.6pts (78ème), 760.6pts (27ème), 794.6pts (37ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
37SEBASTIEN BLEIN1782278.9pts (71ème), 648.9pts (43ème), 854.6pts (10ème)Enzo 2K
38ERWAN DIDRICHE1732440.7pts (50ème), 705.9pts (38ème), 585.7pts (63ème)Peak 4D
39DOMINIQUE GUENARD1715812pts (11ème), 759.8pts (28ème), 143.4pts (101ème)Enzo 2K
40THIBAUT LAVOLE1712648.7pts (17ème), 262.8pts (85ème), 800.8pts (36ème)Enzo 2K
41ANTOINE CABIAC1681569.7pts (35ème), 968.1pts (8ème), 143.4pts (100ème)Boomerang 10K
42STEPHANE MEYTADIER1657441.6pts (49ème), 558.9pts (50ème), 656.4pts (49ème)Icepeak 8K
43BASTIEN DE LUCA1598496.9pts (48ème), 738.2pts (36ème), 362.8pts (70ème)Boomerang 10K
44LEO HAMARD1581525.8pts (40ème), 739.3pts (34ème), 316.2pts (77ème)Enzo 2K
45SEBASTIEN COMBES1565295.3pts (66ème), 430.4pts (56ème), 839.2pts (24ème)Peak 4D
46ETIENNE COUPEZLUX1503553.6pts (36ème), 630.9pts (47ème), 318.9pts (75ème)Enzo 2K
47L L1482220.2pts (85ème), 430.4pts (57ème), 831.3pts (27ème)Alpina 2C
48MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN1480618.6pts (27ème), 693.7pts (40ème), 167.8pts (86ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
49LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE1478439.9pts (51ème), 181.1pts (99ème), 856.7pts (7ème)Enzo 2K
50LAURENT SANGNIER1466424.6pts (58ème), 228.1pts (88ème), 813.1pts (35ème)Icepeak 6K
51REMI BOURDELLE1433616.7pts (29ème), 673.3pts (42ème), 143.4pts (102ème)mantra 6D
52BENOIT PERRIN1401505.3pts (46ème), 738.6pts (35ème), 157.2pts (92ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
53JOCELYN TABOURDEAU1389191pts (98ème), 458.3pts (55ème), 739.6pts (38ème)mantra 6D
54CAROLINE DOUCET1374205.6pts (90ème), 430.4pts (59ème), 738.1pts (39ème)mantra 6D
54ROLAND FREYCON1374356.5pts (63ème), 333pts (76ème), 684.4pts (43ème)Enzo 2K
56LOIC MARINTHE1373376.4pts (61ème), 174.7pts (103ème), 822.1pts (33ème)mantra 6D
57YANN EMERY1360253.6pts (75ème), 749.6pts (32ème), 356.7pts (71ème)Enzo 2K
58PATRICK ROYER1318297.5pts (65ème), 361.9pts (74ème), 659pts (47ème)Icepeak 7K
58CLAUDE LE-MELLEC1318194.2pts (97ème), 430.4pts (64ème), 693.4pts (42ème)Icepeak 8K
60B J1287258.1pts (74ème), 409.2pts (70ème), 619.4pts (55ème)Triton 2C
61EMMANUEL BERTHOME128551.7pts (111ème), 408pts (71ème), 825.3pts (32ème)mantra 6D
62VINCENT FABRE1283226.6pts (79ème), 743.1pts (33ème), 313.1pts (78ème)Enzo 2K
63REMI GODEFROY1276529.5pts (39ème), 430.4pts (65ème), 316.5pts (76ème)mantra 6D
64NANCY BERGE1246264.2pts (72ème), 355.1pts (75ème), 626.3pts (54ème)Delta 2C
65XAVIER LAPORTE1229227.7pts (77ème), 430.4pts (66ème), 570.9pts (66ème)KingD
66DIDIER TROCHET1219631.8pts (20ème), 430.4pts (60ème), 156.6pts (93ème)Icepeak 6K
67JOSE ANSELMO1217200.6pts (93ème), 430.4pts (61ème), 586.3pts (62ème)Icepeak 7K
68MARC CAILLAULT1198434.9pts (54ème), 595.2pts (49ème), 167.4pts (87ème)Boomerang 10K
69ERIC DAIGREMONT1194288.1pts (70ème), 762pts (26ème), 143.4pts (103ème)Boomerang 10K
70HUGO LARONZE1171221.9pts (82ème), 788.2pts (21ème), 160.9pts (89ème)Boomerang 10K
71PASCAL BAZILE1163294pts (68ème), 263.4pts (84ème), 605.4pts (57ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
72ANTHONY COSTES115562pts (106ème), 430.4pts (63ème), 662.1pts (45ème)Enzo 2K
73ESTEBAN BOURROUFIES1151628.4pts (23ème), 522.7pts (52ème)Enzo 2K
74DANIEL LARUELLE1148376.9pts (60ème), 196.1pts (90ème), 574.8pts (65ème)mantra 6D
75PIERRE DEJOUS1142588.4pts (34ème), 410.3pts (69ème), 143.4pts (104ème)KingD
76SEBASTIEN COUPY1138207.4pts (89ème), 279.1pts (80ème), 651.6pts (50ème)Enzo 2K
77THOMAS CHARLES1136291.9pts (69ème), 173pts (105ème), 670.8pts (44ème)QueenC
78FLORIAN STERCQ1112524.7pts (41ème), 430.4pts (62ème), 156.5pts (94ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
79FABIEN DOFFIN1109542.6pts (38ème), 242.6pts (86ème), 323.3pts (74ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
80MICHEL RULLIER1100300.5pts (64ème), 194.4pts (91ème), 605.5pts (56ème)Icepeak 8K
81LUDOVIC FARNAUD1080505.5pts (45ème), 415.7pts (67ème), 159.2pts (91ème)mantra 6D
82MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE1075184.4pts (99ème), 300.6pts (79ème), 590.1pts (59ème)CUREC
83S A1025513.7pts (42ème), 367.9pts (72ème), 143.4pts (106ème)mantra 6D
84RACHEL VON-GAUDECKER999221.7pts (83ème), 190.9pts (93ème), 586.6pts (61ème)Artik 4C
85JEAN LOUIS ZANZI982227.8pts (76ème), 187.5pts (95ème), 566.8pts (67ème)CUREC
86PIERRE-FRANCIS BAUD-BLAIN968394pts (59ème), 430.4pts (58ème), 143.4pts (105ème)Icepeak 7K
87STEPHANIE CONTE945102.5pts (101ème), 184.2pts (96ème), 657.9pts (48ème)Artik 4C
88JULIEN LE-GUEN927226.3pts (80ème), 315.6pts (78ème), 385.1pts (68ème)Alpina 2C
89GAEL CROIX87364.3pts (104ème), 178.8pts (101ème), 630.1pts (53ème)Peak 3D
90DOMINIQUE CRESPEL867360pts (62ème), 363.3pts (73ème), 143.4pts (109ème)Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
91JEAN-CHRISTOPHE FASSEL851618.6pts (26ème), 232.5pts (87ème)Enzo 2K
92BRUNO GALZIN842209.4pts (86ème), 324.1pts (77ème), 308.8pts (80ème)Icepeak 6K
93CEDRIC FECHOZ83061.9pts (107ème), 464.3pts (54ème), 303.7pts (81ème)Boomerang 10K
94LAURENT MERLE82060pts (108ème), 124.4pts (106ème), 635.2pts (52ème)Peak 3D
95NICOLAS FAVRE769437.1pts (52ème), 177.4pts (102ème), 154.4pts (95ème)Icepeak 7K
96SEBASTIEN GEORGEL76362.9pts (105ème), 111.2pts (109ème), 588.8pts (60ème)Trango XC 3C
97SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE675101pts (102ème), 412.9pts (68ème), 161.1pts (88ème)Icepeak 6K
98ERIC SOLLIER673224.7pts (81ème), 272.4pts (81ème), 175.9pts (84ème)Icepeak 6K
99SANDY LAMBERT638200.6pts (92ème), 268.5pts (82ème), 168.9pts (85ème)mantra 6D
100E P622200.5pts (94ème), 267.5pts (83ème), 154.1pts (96ème)Peak 4D
101LAURENT MOUNOT61054.9pts (110ème), 182.2pts (98ème), 373.3pts (69ème)Venus 3D
102EMMANUEL CHABANI586258.2pts (73ème), 182.3pts (97ème), 145.5pts (98ème)KingD
103NATHALIE SALINAS578203.2pts (91ème), 40.1pts (111ème), 334.9pts (73ème)Delta 2C
104JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC564207.7pts (88ème), 196.4pts (89ème), 159.4pts (90ème)Icepeak 6K
105XAVIER GIRIN542209.4pts (87ème), 188.9pts (94ème), 143.4pts (108ème)avax xc5D
106JEAN-YVES SEVENO524200.4pts (95ème), 174.5pts (104ème), 149.3pts (97ème)Peak 3D
107VALTER PADUANOLUX505505.2pts (47ème)Enzo 2K
108SAMMY VIENOT50451.7pts (112ème), 112.4pts (107ème), 339.7pts (72ème)Peak 3D
109ROLAND WACOGNE500177.2pts (100ème), 178.9pts (100ème), 143.4pts (99ème)Triton 2C
110CHRISTOPHE BRIERRE42451.7pts (114ème), 190.9pts (92ème), 181.4pts (83ème)DeltaC
111ALEXANDRE DAMIANO38754.9pts (109ème), 33.8pts (112ème), 298pts (82ème)Pure 2D
112ANNE BERTHAUD385197.4pts (96ème), 44.3pts (110ème), 143.4pts (107ème)Delta 2C
113MARC NOSSIN17966.4pts (103ème), 112.4pts (108ème)avax xc5D
114M V6951.7pts (113ème), 17.4pts (113ème)KingD
manche 1
lieu : 700 val louron
Course au But
date : 20/06/2016
distance optimisee : 74.269 km
manche 2643 validée le 23 aout 16

Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
1JONATHAN MARIN74.3 km2h45mn18s27 km/h0.00.00.0969.7969.7106.0Icepeak 8K
2HONORIN HAMARD74.3 km3h07mn06s23.8 km/h0.00.00.0911.2911.2104.1Enzo 2K
3CLEMENT LATOUR74.3 km3h02mn30s24.4 km/h0.00.00.0910.3910.3103.0Enzo 2K
4JACQUES FOURNIER74.3 km3h02mn19s24.4 km/h0.00.00.0906.4906.4102.0Enzo 2K
5ANTOINE GERIN-JEAN74.3 km3h09mn07s23.6 km/h0.00.00.0896.9896.9101.0Enzo 2K
6LAURIE GENOVESE74.3 km3h14mn44s22.9 km/h0.00.00.0894.8894.8101.0Enzo 2K
7CLEMENT HOELTER74.3 km3h11mn28s23.3 km/h0.00.00.0886.2886.2100.0Enzo 2K
8SYLVAIN GATTINI74.3 km3h11mn27s23.3 km/h0.00.00.0885.1885.199.0Icepeak 8K
9TEO BOUVARD74.3 km3h22mn40s22 km/h0.00.00.0870.9870.998.0Enzo 2K
10DAMIEN LACAZE74.3 km4h01mn16s18.5 km/h0.00.00.0819.5819.594.0Enzo 2K
11DOMINIQUE GUENARD74.3 km3h52mn25s19.2 km/h0.00.00.0812812.093.0Enzo 2K
12ARNAUD BAUMY74.3 km3h55mn10s18.9 km/h0.00.00.0806806.092.0Enzo 2K
13SUN GOUESLAIN74.3 km4h01mn18s18.5 km/h0.00.00.0802802.091.0Enzo 2K
14THOMAS GURY71.5 km0.00.00.0795795.090.4Enzo 2K
15LUC ARMANT71.5 km0.00.00.0791.6791.689.8Enzo 2K
16TOM VOISIN71.5 km0.00.00.0771771.088.0Enzo 2K
17THIBAUT LAVOLE53.8 km0.00.00.0648.7648.775.2Enzo 2K
18SEIKO FUKUOKA51.4 km0.00.00.0632.7632.773Enzo 2K
18DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ51.7 km0.00.00.0632.7632.773.0Enzo 1K
20DIDIER TROCHET51.6 km0.00.00.0631.8631.873.0Icepeak 6K
21CHARLES CAZAUX51.4 km0.00.00.0630.2630.272.4Enzo 2K
22REMI MONTGINOT51.3 km0.00.00.0629.1629.172.1Enzo 2K
23ESTEBAN BOURROUFIES51.1 km0.00.00.0628.4628.472.0Enzo 2K
24MARTIN REBORD51.1 km0.00.00.0625.6625.671.4Boomerang 10K
25JEAN-MARC CARON50.7 km0.00.00.0622622.070.9Icepeak 8K
26JEAN-CHRISTOPHE FASSEL50.6 km0.00.00.0618.6618.670.0Enzo 2K
26MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN50.6 km0.00.00.0618.6618.670.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
28FRANCK PERRING50.5 km0.00.00.0616.9616.969.9Enzo 2K
29REMI BOURDELLE50.4 km0.00.00.0616.7616.770.0mantra 6D
30NICOLAS ALLIOT50.4 km0.00.00.0616.5616.570.0Icepeak 8K
30STEPHANE POULAIN50.4 km0.00.00.0616.5616.569.7Enzo 2K
32FREDERIC LECONTE50.4 km0.00.00.0614.6614.669.0Enzo 2K
33CYRIL LAMBERT50.3 km0.00.00.0614.3614.368.9Enzo 2K
34PIERRE DEJOUS49.3 km0.00.00.0588.4588.466.0KingD
35ANTOINE CABIAC48.6 km0.00.00.0569.7569.764.0Boomerang 10K
36ETIENNE COUPEZLUX47.9 km0.00.00.0553.6553.662.1Enzo 2K
37EMMANUEL NICOLAS47.5 km0.00.00.0545.5545.561.1Enzo 2K
38FABIEN DOFFIN47.4 km0.00.00.0542.6542.661.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
39REMI GODEFROY46.2 km0.00.00.0529.5529.559.0mantra 6D
40LEO HAMARD45.8 km0.00.00.0525.8525.859.0Enzo 2K
41FLORIAN STERCQ45.8 km0.00.00.0524.7524.758.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
42S A45 km0.00.00.0513.7513.757.0mantra 6D
43GILDAS BEN44.6 km0.00.00.0509.5509.557.0mantra 6D
44FRANCOIS CORMIER44.4 km0.00.00.0505.6505.656.2Enzo 2K
45LUDOVIC FARNAUD44.4 km0.00.00.0505.5505.556.1mantra 6D
46BENOIT PERRIN44.3 km0.00.00.0505.3505.356.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
47VALTER PADUANOLUX44.3 km0.00.00.0505.2505.256.0Enzo 2K
48BASTIEN DE LUCA43.9 km0.00.00.0496.9496.955Boomerang 10K
49STEPHANE MEYTADIER38 km0.00.00.0441.6441.648.9Icepeak 8K
50ERWAN DIDRICHE37.9 km0.00.00.0440.7440.749.0Peak 4D
51LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE37.8 km0.00.00.0439.9439.949.0Enzo 2K
52NICOLAS FAVRE37.5 km0.00.00.0437.1437.148.0Icepeak 7K
52PIERRE REMY37.4 km0.00.00.0437.1437.148.3Enzo 2K
54MARC CAILLAULT37.3 km0.00.00.0434.9434.948.0Boomerang 10K
55F V37.2 km0.00.00.0433.9433.947.9Enzo 2K
56ARNAUD BEUGNETTE37.2 km0.00.00.0433.6433.647.8Enzo 2K
57DENIS CHOURAQUI36.7 km0.00.00.0426.4426.447Enzo 2K
58LAURENT SANGNIER36.5 km0.00.00.0424.6424.647.0Icepeak 6K
59PIERRE-FRANCIS BAUD-BLAIN34.7 km0.00.00.0394394.043.0Icepeak 7K
60DANIEL LARUELLE32.9 km0.00.00.0376.9376.941.0mantra 6D
61LOIC MARINTHE32.9 km0.00.00.0376.4376.441.0mantra 6D
62DOMINIQUE CRESPEL30.9 km0.00.00.0360360.040.0Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
63ROLAND FREYCON30.5 km0.00.00.0356.5356.539.2Enzo 2K
64MICHEL RULLIER21.1 km0.00.00.0300.5300.533Icepeak 8K
65PATRICK ROYER20.7 km0.00.00.0297.5297.532.7Icepeak 7K
66SEBASTIEN COMBES20.4 km0.00.00.0295.3295.332.4Peak 4D
67JULIEN MARION20.3 km0.00.00.0295.2295.232.4Enzo 2K
68PASCAL BAZILE20.2 km0.00.00.0294294.032.2Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
69THOMAS CHARLES20 km0.00.00.0291.9291.932.0QueenC
70ERIC DAIGREMONT19.7 km0.00.00.0288.1288.131.6Boomerang 10K
71SEBASTIEN BLEIN19.1 km0.00.00.0278.9278.930.6Enzo 2K
72NANCY BERGE18.1 km0.00.00.0264.2264.228.9Delta 2C
73EMMANUEL CHABANI17.7 km0.00.00.0258.2258.228.0KingD
74B J17.6 km0.00.00.0258.1258.128.3Triton 2C
75YANN EMERY17.4 km0.00.00.0253.6253.627.8Enzo 2K
76JEAN LOUIS ZANZI15.1 km0.00.00.0227.8227.824.9CUREC
77XAVIER LAPORTE15.1 km0.00.00.0227.7227.725.0KingD
78NICOLAS HERNANDEZ15 km0.00.00.0227.6227.625.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
79VINCENT FABRE15 km0.00.00.0226.6226.624.8Enzo 2K
80JULIEN LE-GUEN14.9 km0.00.00.0226.3226.324.7Alpina 2C
81ERIC SOLLIER14.8 km0.00.00.0224.7224.724.6Icepeak 6K
82HUGO LARONZE14.7 km0.00.00.0221.9221.924.2Boomerang 10K
83RACHEL VON-GAUDECKER14.6 km0.00.00.0221.7221.724.0Artik 4C
84JULIEN WIRTZ14.6 km0.00.00.0220.2220.224.1Enzo 2K
84L L14.6 km0.00.00.0220.2220.224.1Alpina 2C
86BRUNO GALZIN13.9 km0.00.00.0209.4209.423.0Icepeak 6K
86XAVIER GIRIN13.9 km0.00.00.0209.4209.423.0avax xc5D
88JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC13.9 km0.00.00.0207.7207.723.0Icepeak 6K
89SEBASTIEN COUPY13.8 km0.00.00.0207.4207.422.6Enzo 2K
90CAROLINE DOUCET13.8 km0.00.00.0205.6205.622.4mantra 6D
91NATHALIE SALINAS13.7 km0.00.00.0203.2203.222.2Delta 2C
92SANDY LAMBERT13.6 km0.00.00.0200.6200.621.9mantra 6D
92JOSE ANSELMO13.6 km0.00.00.0200.6200.622.0Icepeak 7K
94E P13.5 km0.00.00.0200.5200.521.9Peak 4D
95JEAN-YVES SEVENO13.5 km0.00.00.0200.4200.421.9Peak 3D
96ANNE BERTHAUD13.4 km0.00.00.0197.4197.422.0Delta 2C
97CLAUDE LE-MELLEC13.3 km0.00.00.0194.2194.221.2Icepeak 8K
98JOCELYN TABOURDEAU13.3 km0.00.00.0191191.020.8mantra 6D
99MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE13.1 km0.00.00.0184.4184.420.1CUREC
100ROLAND WACOGNE12.9 km0.00.00.0177.2177.219.3Triton 2C
101STEPHANIE CONTE9.8 km0.00.00.0102.5102.511.1Artik 4C
102SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE9.6 km0.00.00.0101101.011Icepeak 6K
103MARC NOSSIN4.5 km0. xc5D
104GAEL CROIX4.1 km0. 3D
106ANTHONY COSTES3.8 km0.00.00.06262.06.7Enzo 2K
107CEDRIC FECHOZ3.8 km0. 10K
108LAURENT MERLE3.7 km0.00.00.06060.06.5Peak 3D
109LAURENT MOUNOT3.3 km0. 3D
111SAMMY VIENOT2.5 km0. 3D
111M V2.8 km0.
openNAO TAKADAJPN45.8 km0.00.00.0525.8525.858.6mantra 6D
openKIYOSHI NARIYAMAJPN13.7 km0.00.00.0203.3203.322.2Enzo 2K
openKONSTANTIN TREGUBOVRUS11.4 km0.00.00.0130.5130.514.2Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
openYURY MISHANINRUS50.4 km0.00.00.0616.5616.569.5Enzo 2K

Manche 1

  • Lieu : 700 val louron
  • Course au But
  • date : 20/06/2016
  • distance optimisee : 74.269 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 12:00:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 14:00:00
  • Start : 13:00:00
  • fin de manche : 18:00:00


BALISED34170DECO 700 VL4000
BALISET63190LUCHON R10 EST1000028.092
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manche 2
lieu : 700
Course au But
date : 21/06/2016
distance optimisee : 92.070 km
manche 2644 validée le 23 aout 16

Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
1JULIEN WIRTZ92.1 km2h58mn35s30.9 km/h0.00.00.0995.9995.9106.2Enzo 2K
2THOMAS GURY92.1 km2h59mn03s30.9 km/h0.00.00.0987.6987.6105.0Enzo 2K
3MARTIN REBORD92.1 km2h58mn55s30.9 km/h0.00.00.0987.3987.3104.0Boomerang 10K
4CLEMENT LATOUR92.1 km2h58mn49s30.9 km/h0.00.00.0986.3986.3103.0Enzo 2K
5JEAN-MARC CARON92.1 km2h59mn23s30.8 km/h0.00.00.0977.1977.1102.7Icepeak 8K
6LUC ARMANT92.1 km2h59mn10s30.8 km/h0.00.00.0976.8976.8101.9Enzo 2K
7HONORIN HAMARD92.1 km2h59mn58s30.7 km/h0.00.00.0970.6970.6101Enzo 2K
8ANTOINE CABIAC92.1 km3h00mn08s30.7 km/h0.00.00.0968.1968.1100.0Boomerang 10K
9PIERRE REMY92.1 km3h00mn17s30.6 km/h0.00.00.0967.9967.999.0Enzo 2K
10ANTOINE GERIN-JEAN92.1 km3h00mn21s30.6 km/h0.00.00.0965.6965.698.0Enzo 2K
11CHARLES CAZAUX92.1 km3h00mn31s30.6 km/h0.00.00.0961.3961.397.8Enzo 2K
12LAURIE GENOVESE92.1 km3h00mn17s30.6 km/h0.00.00.0953.8953.897.0Enzo 2K
13JONATHAN MARIN92.1 km3h02mn59s30.2 km/h0.00.00.0935.3935.396.0Icepeak 8K
14JULIEN MARION92.1 km3h02mn55s30.2 km/h0.00.00.0935.2935.296.0Enzo 2K
15SEIKO FUKUOKA92.1 km3h08mn08s29.4 km/h0.00.00.0886.7886.794.0Enzo 2K
16CLEMENT HOELTER92.1 km3h07mn59s29.4 km/h0.00.00.0884.6884.693.0Enzo 2K
17SYLVAIN GATTINI92.1 km3h09mn10s29.2 km/h0.00.00.0874.8874.892.0Icepeak 8K
18ARNAUD BEUGNETTE92.1 km3h13mn40s28.5 km/h0.00.00.0850.9850.991.0Enzo 2K
19TEO BOUVARD92.1 km3h16mn42s28.1 km/h0.00.00.0842.3842.390.0Enzo 2K
20DENIS CHOURAQUI92.1 km3h16mn40s28.1 km/h0.00.00.0832.5832.589.0Enzo 2K
21HUGO LARONZE92.1 km3h28mn12s26.5 km/h0.00.00.0788.2788.286.0Boomerang 10K
22FREDERIC LECONTE92.1 km3h23mn50s27.1 km/h0.00.00.0777.3777.384.0Enzo 2K
23FRANCOIS CORMIER92.1 km3h26mn19s26.8 km/h0.00.00.0767.7767.783.4Enzo 2K
24STEPHANE POULAIN92.1 km3h26mn34s26.7 km/h0.00.00.0762.9762.982.7Enzo 2K
25DAMIEN LACAZE92.1 km3h27mn24s26.6 km/h0.00.00.0762.7762.782.4Enzo 2K
26ERIC DAIGREMONT92.1 km3h26mn39s26.7 km/h0.00.00.0762762.082.0Boomerang 10K
27NICOLAS HERNANDEZ92.1 km3h25mn55s26.8 km/h0.00.00.0760.6760.682.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
28DOMINIQUE GUENARD92.1 km3h26mn36s26.7 km/h0.00.00.0759.8759.881.0Enzo 2K
29F V92.1 km3h28mn01s26.6 km/h0.00.00.0758.4758.480.8Enzo 2K
30REMI MONTGINOT92.1 km3h27mn31s26.6 km/h0.00.00.0755.7755.780.3Enzo 2K
31ARNAUD BAUMY92.1 km3h31mn45s26.1 km/h0.00.00.0753.5753.580.0Enzo 2K
32YANN EMERY92.1 km3h30mn32s26.2 km/h0.00.00.0749.6749.679.0Enzo 2K
33VINCENT FABRE92.1 km3h30mn14s26.3 km/h0.00.00.0743.1743.178.0Enzo 2K
34LEO HAMARD92.1 km3h29mn23s26.4 km/h0.00.00.0739.3739.378.0Enzo 2K
35BENOIT PERRIN92.1 km3h31mn54s26.1 km/h0.00.00.0738.6738.678.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
36BASTIEN DE LUCA92.1 km3h31mn12s26.2 km/h0.00.00.0738.2738.277.0Boomerang 10K
37TOM VOISIN92.1 km3h31mn57s26.1 km/h0.00.00.0734.4734.476.9Enzo 2K
38ERWAN DIDRICHE92.1 km3h37mn51s25.4 km/h0.00.00.0705.9705.974.0Peak 4D
39EMMANUEL NICOLAS92.1 km3h37mn41s25.4 km/h0.00.00.0697.5697.573.7Enzo 2K
40MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN92.1 km3h38mn54s25.2 km/h0.00.00.0693.7693.773.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
41NICOLAS ALLIOT92.1 km3h41mn14s25 km/h0.00.00.0683683.072.0Icepeak 8K
42REMI BOURDELLE92.1 km3h43mn30s24.7 km/h0.00.00.0673.3673.371.0mantra 6D
43SEBASTIEN BLEIN92.1 km3h57mn40s23.2 km/h0.00.00.0648.9648.969.0Enzo 2K
44JACQUES FOURNIER92.1 km3h48mn56s24.1 km/h0.00.00.0639.9639.968.0Enzo 2K
45FRANCK PERRING92.1 km3h49mn49s24 km/h0.00.00.0636.7636.767.6Enzo 2K
46SUN GOUESLAIN92.1 km3h55mn02s23.5 km/h0.00.00.0634.3634.367.2Enzo 2K
47ETIENNE COUPEZLUX92.1 km3h53mn40s23.6 km/h0.00.00.0630.9630.967.0Enzo 2K
48CYRIL LAMBERT92.1 km3h55mn05s23.5 km/h0.00.00.0621.4621.465.8Enzo 2K
49MARC CAILLAULT92.1 km4h08mn13s22.3 km/h0.00.00.0595.2595.263.0Boomerang 10K
50STEPHANE MEYTADIER92.1 km4h10mn43s22 km/h0.00.00.0558.9558.959.8Icepeak 8K
51GILDAS BEN92.1 km4h14mn25s21.7 km/h0.00.00.0534.3534.357.0mantra 6D
52ESTEBAN BOURROUFIES88.7 km0.00.00.0522.7522.756Enzo 2K
53DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ92.1 km4h31mn58s20.3 km/h0.00.00.0494.6494.653.1Enzo 1K
54CEDRIC FECHOZ83.6 km0.00.00.0464.3464.349.9Boomerang 10K
55JOCELYN TABOURDEAU92.1 km4h39mn00s19.8 km/h0.00.00.0458.3458.349.0mantra 6D
56SEBASTIEN COMBES92.1 km5h24mn37s17 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.446.0Peak 4D
56L L92.1 km5h21mn17s17.2 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.446.0Alpina 2C
56PIERRE-FRANCIS BAUD-BLAIN92.1 km5h29mn00s16.8 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.446.0Icepeak 7K
56CAROLINE DOUCET92.1 km5h29mn00s16.8 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.446.0mantra 6D
56DIDIER TROCHET92.1 km4h59mn40s18.4 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.445.9Icepeak 6K
56JOSE ANSELMO92.1 km5h02mn29s18.3 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.446.0Icepeak 7K
56FLORIAN STERCQ92.1 km5h02mn09s18.3 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.445.9Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
56ANTHONY COSTES92.1 km5h20mn53s17.2 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.446.0Enzo 2K
56CLAUDE LE-MELLEC92.1 km5h17mn31s17.4 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.445.9Icepeak 8K
56REMI GODEFROY92.1 km5h04mn31s18.1 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.445.9mantra 6D
56XAVIER LAPORTE92.1 km5h12mn45s17.7 km/h0.00.00.0430.4430.446.0KingD
67LUDOVIC FARNAUD85.2 km0.00.00.0415.7415.744.1mantra 6D
68SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE84.5 km0.00.00.0412.9412.944.0Icepeak 6K
69PIERRE DEJOUS84 km0.00.00.0410.3410.343.0KingD
70B J83.8 km0.00.00.0409.2409.243.0Triton 2C
71EMMANUEL BERTHOME83.6 km0.00.00.0408408.043.0mantra 6D
72S A78.2 km0.00.00.0367.9367.939.0mantra 6D
73DOMINIQUE CRESPEL76.8 km0.00.00.0363.3363.338.6Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
74PATRICK ROYER76.4 km0.00.00.0361.9361.938.4Icepeak 7K
75NANCY BERGE75 km0.00.00.0355.1355.138.0Delta 2C
76ROLAND FREYCON70.6 km0.00.00.0333333.035.4Enzo 2K
77BRUNO GALZIN67.9 km0.00.00.0324.1324.134.0Icepeak 6K
78JULIEN LE-GUEN65.9 km0.00.00.0315.6315.633.5Alpina 2C
79MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE62.1 km0.00.00.0300.6300.631.9CUREC
80SEBASTIEN COUPY55.3 km0.00.00.0279.1279.129.7Enzo 2K
81ERIC SOLLIER53.2 km0.00.00.0272.4272.428.9Icepeak 6K
82SANDY LAMBERT52.3 km0.00.00.0268.5268.528.5mantra 6D
83E P52.1 km0.00.00.0267.5267.528.4Peak 4D
84PASCAL BAZILE51.4 km0.00.00.0263.4263.428Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
85THIBAUT LAVOLE51.3 km0.00.00.0262.8262.827.9Enzo 2K
86FABIEN DOFFIN48.4 km0.00.00.0242.6242.626.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
87JEAN-CHRISTOPHE FASSEL46.8 km0.00.00.0232.5232.524.7Enzo 2K
88LAURENT SANGNIER45.9 km0.00.00.0228.1228.124.2Icepeak 6K
89JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC36.8 km0.00.00.0196.4196.421.0Icepeak 6K
90DANIEL LARUELLE36.7 km0.00.00.0196.1196.120.8mantra 6D
91MICHEL RULLIER36.2 km0.00.00.0194.4194.420.6Icepeak 8K
92CHRISTOPHE BRIERRE35.5 km0.00.00.0190.9190.920.3DeltaC
92RACHEL VON-GAUDECKER35.5 km0.00.00.0190.9190.920.0Artik 4C
94XAVIER GIRIN35.2 km0.00.00.0188.9188.920.0avax xc5D
95JEAN LOUIS ZANZI35.1 km0.00.00.0187.5187.519.9CUREC
96STEPHANIE CONTE34.7 km0.00.00.0184.2184.219.5Artik 4C
97EMMANUEL CHABANI34.4 km0.00.00.0182.3182.319.3KingD
98LAURENT MOUNOT34.4 km0.00.00.0182.2182.219.3Venus 3D
99LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE34.3 km0.00.00.0181.1181.119.2Enzo 2K
100ROLAND WACOGNE34.2 km0.00.00.0178.9178.919Triton 2C
101GAEL CROIX34.1 km0.00.00.0178.8178.819Peak 3D
102NICOLAS FAVRE34 km0.00.00.0177.4177.418.8Icepeak 7K
103LOIC MARINTHE33.9 km0.00.00.0174.7174.718.0mantra 6D
104JEAN-YVES SEVENO33.8 km0.00.00.0174.5174.518.5Peak 3D
105THOMAS CHARLES33.8 km0.00.00.0173173.018.0QueenC
106LAURENT MERLE30.7 km0.00.00.0124.4124.413.2Peak 3D
107SAMMY VIENOT29.8 km0.00.00.0112.4112.411.9Peak 3D
107MARC NOSSIN29.8 km0.00.00.0112.4112.411.9avax xc5D
109SEBASTIEN GEORGEL29.8 km0.00.00.0111.2111.211.8Trango XC 3C
110ANNE BERTHAUD10.6 km0. 2C
113M V4.2 km0.
openNAO TAKADAJPN92.1 km4h26mn49s20.7 km/h0.00.00.0492.7492.752.7mantra 6D
openKIYOSHI NARIYAMAJPN83.3 km0.00.00.0432432.046.3Enzo 2K
openKONSTANTIN TREGUBOVRUS92.1 km3h38mn01s25.3 km/h0.00.00.0704.8704.874.1Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
openYURY MISHANINRUS92.1 km3h26mn20s26.8 km/h0.00.00.0761.1761.181.6Enzo 2K

Manche 2

  • Lieu : 700
  • Course au But
  • date : 21/06/2016
  • distance optimisee : 92.070 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 12:30:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 19:00:00
  • Start : 13:30:00
  • fin de manche : 19:00:00


BALISED34170DECO 700 VL20000
BALISET64234LUCHON R10SUD1000038.742
BALISET62213MONT NE100012.639
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
manche 3
lieu : arbas
Course au But
date : 23/06/2016
distance optimisee : 90.172 km
manche 2645 validée le 23 aout 16

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1PIERRE REMY30.4 km0.00.00.0862.6862.6102.0Enzo 2K
2HONORIN HAMARD30.2 km0.00.00.0860860.0105.4Enzo 2K
3GILDAS BEN30 km0.00.00.0859.9859.9100.0mantra 6D
4JONATHAN MARIN30.2 km0.00.00.0859.2859.2100.0Icepeak 8K
5THOMAS GURY30.2 km0.00.00.0858.9858.999.0Enzo 2K
6FRANCOIS CORMIER30.1 km0.00.00.0858.8858.8101.7Enzo 2K
7LAURENT GUIBOURDENCHE30.1 km0.00.00.0856.7856.796.0Enzo 2K
7FREDERIC LECONTE30.1 km0.00.00.0856.7856.796.0Enzo 2K
9CYRIL LAMBERT30 km0.00.00.0854.7854.795.0Enzo 2K
10SEBASTIEN BLEIN30 km0.00.00.0854.6854.694.0Enzo 2K
11ANTOINE GERIN-JEAN30 km0.00.00.0854.4854.497.3Enzo 2K
12CHARLES CAZAUX29.9 km0.00.00.0853.9853.996.4Enzo 2K
13SYLVAIN GATTINI29.9 km0.00.00.0853.6853.695.5Icepeak 8K
14FRANCK PERRING29.9 km0.00.00.0853.5853.594.6Enzo 2K
15ARNAUD BEUGNETTE29.9 km0.00.00.0851.2851.290.0Enzo 2K
16CLEMENT LATOUR29.8 km0.00.00.0850.9850.992Enzo 2K
16JULIEN MARION29.8 km0.00.00.0850.9850.988.0Enzo 2K
18SEIKO FUKUOKA29.8 km0.00.00.0848.6848.688.0Enzo 2K
19DAMIEN LACAZE29.8 km0.00.00.0847.5847.590.5Enzo 2K
20JACQUES FOURNIER29.7 km0.00.00.0843.5843.586.0Enzo 2K
21NICOLAS ALLIOT29.7 km0.00.00.0843.2843.286.0Icepeak 8K
22JULIEN WIRTZ29.6 km0.00.00.0839.5839.588.3Enzo 2K
23F V29.5 km0.00.00.0839.3839.387.5Enzo 2K
24SEBASTIEN COMBES29.3 km0.00.00.0839.2839.283.0Peak 4D
25JEAN-MARC CARON29.5 km0.00.00.0839839.086.7Icepeak 8K
26REMI MONTGINOT29.5 km0.00.00.0838.6838.685Enzo 2K
27L L29.4 km0.00.00.0831.3831.382.0Alpina 2C
28TOM VOISIN29.4 km0.00.00.0829.8829.881.0Enzo 2K
29DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ29.4 km0.00.00.0829.7829.780.0Enzo 1K
30DENIS CHOURAQUI29.3 km0.00.00.0829.5829.581.6Enzo 2K
30SUN GOUESLAIN29.3 km0.00.00.0829.5829.581.6Enzo 2K
32EMMANUEL BERTHOME29 km0.00.00.0825.3825.378.0mantra 6D
33LOIC MARINTHE29 km0.00.00.0822.1822.178.0mantra 6D
34ARNAUD BAUMY29.1 km0.00.00.0817.6817.677.0Enzo 2K
35LAURENT SANGNIER29.1 km0.00.00.0813.1813.177.0Icepeak 6K
36THIBAUT LAVOLE28.8 km0.00.00.0800.8800.879.9Enzo 2K
37NICOLAS HERNANDEZ28.8 km0.00.00.0794.6794.677.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
38JOCELYN TABOURDEAU27.8 km0.00.00.0739.6739.678.0mantra 6D
39CAROLINE DOUCET27.9 km0.00.00.0738.1738.177.0mantra 6D
40LAURIE GENOVESE27.8 km0.00.00.0733.9733.979.6Enzo 2K
41CLEMENT HOELTER27.8 km0.00.00.0731.8731.876.0Enzo 2K
42CLAUDE LE-MELLEC27.2 km0.00.00.0693.4693.475.0Icepeak 8K
43ROLAND FREYCON27 km0.00.00.0684.4684.474.0Enzo 2K
44THOMAS CHARLES26.7 km0.00.00.0670.8670.874.0QueenC
45ANTHONY COSTES26.5 km0.00.00.0662.1662.173.0Enzo 2K
46EMMANUEL NICOLAS26.5 km0.00.00.0660.8660.875.5Enzo 2K
47PATRICK ROYER26.2 km0.00.00.0659659.072.0Icepeak 7K
48STEPHANIE CONTE26.4 km0.00.00.0657.9657.972.0Artik 4C
49STEPHANE MEYTADIER26.3 km0.00.00.0656.4656.472.0Icepeak 8K
50SEBASTIEN COUPY26.3 km0.00.00.0651.6651.671.0Enzo 2K
51LUC ARMANT26 km0.00.00.0641641.073Enzo 2K
52LAURENT MERLE25.6 km0.00.00.0635.2635.270.0Peak 3D
53GAEL CROIX25.7 km0.00.00.0630.1630.169.0Peak 3D
54NANCY BERGE25.4 km0.00.00.0626.3626.369.0Delta 2C
55B J25.2 km0.00.00.0619.4619.468.0Triton 2C
56MICHEL RULLIER24.9 km0.00.00.0605.5605.567.0Icepeak 8K
57PASCAL BAZILE24.7 km0.00.00.0605.4605.467.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
58STEPHANE POULAIN24.8 km0.00.00.0598.7598.768.9Enzo 2K
59MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE24.5 km0.00.00.0590.1590.166.0CUREC
60SEBASTIEN GEORGEL24.5 km0.00.00.0588.8588.865.0Trango XC 3C
61RACHEL VON-GAUDECKER24.4 km0.00.00.0586.6586.665.0Artik 4C
62JOSE ANSELMO24.5 km0.00.00.0586.3586.365.0Icepeak 7K
63ERWAN DIDRICHE24.4 km0.00.00.0585.7585.764.0Peak 4D
64TEO BOUVARD24.4 km0.00.00.0584.7584.766.8Enzo 2K
65DANIEL LARUELLE24.1 km0.00.00.0574.8574.864.0mantra 6D
66XAVIER LAPORTE24 km0.00.00.0570.9570.963.0KingD
67JEAN LOUIS ZANZI24 km0.00.00.0566.8566.863.0CUREC
68JULIEN LE-GUEN14.4 km0.00.00.0385.1385.147.3Alpina 2C
69LAURENT MOUNOT13.8 km0.00.00.0373.3373.344.0Venus 3D
70BASTIEN DE LUCA13.7 km0.00.00.0362.8362.844.6Boomerang 10K
71YANN EMERY13.5 km0.00.00.0356.7356.742.0Enzo 2K
72SAMMY VIENOT12 km0.00.00.0339.7339.740.0Peak 3D
73NATHALIE SALINAS11.7 km0.00.00.0334.9334.940.0Delta 2C
74FABIEN DOFFIN11.8 km0.00.00.0323.3323.338.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
75ETIENNE COUPEZLUX11.6 km0.00.00.0318.9318.939.2Enzo 2K
76REMI GODEFROY11.5 km0.00.00.0316.5316.538.9mantra 6D
77LEO HAMARD11.5 km0.00.00.0316.2316.237.0Enzo 2K
78VINCENT FABRE11.3 km0.00.00.0313.1313.138.5Enzo 2K
79MARTIN REBORD11.3 km0.00.00.0312.9312.938.4Boomerang 10K
80BRUNO GALZIN11.1 km0.00.00.0308.8308.836.0Icepeak 6K
81CEDRIC FECHOZ11 km0.00.00.0303.7303.737.3Boomerang 10K
82ALEXANDRE DAMIANO10.7 km0.00.00.0298298.035.0Pure 2D
83CHRISTOPHE BRIERRE4.1 km0.00.00.0181.4181.421.0DeltaC
84ERIC SOLLIER4.1 km0.00.00.0175.9175.921.6Icepeak 6K
85SANDY LAMBERT3.8 km0.00.00.0168.9168.920.7mantra 6D
86MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN4 km0.00.00.0167.8167.820.6Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
87MARC CAILLAULT3.9 km0.00.00.0167.4167.420.6Boomerang 10K
88SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE3.6 km0.00.00.0161.1161.119.8Icepeak 6K
89HUGO LARONZE3.6 km0.00.00.0160.9160.919.7Boomerang 10K
90JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC3.6 km0.00.00.0159.4159.419.0Icepeak 6K
91LUDOVIC FARNAUD3.6 km0.00.00.0159.2159.219.5mantra 6D
92BENOIT PERRIN3.5 km0.00.00.0157.2157.219.3Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
93DIDIER TROCHET3.5 km0.00.00.0156.6156.619.2Icepeak 6K
94FLORIAN STERCQ3.4 km0.00.00.0156.5156.519.2Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
95NICOLAS FAVRE3.4 km0.00.00.0154.4154.418.9Icepeak 7K
96E P3.4 km0.00.00.0154.1154.118.9Peak 4D
97JEAN-YVES SEVENO3.1 km0.00.00.0149.3149.318.3Peak 3D
98EMMANUEL CHABANI2.7 km0.00.00.0145.5145.517.8KingD
99ROLAND WACOGNE2 km0.00.00.0143.4143.417.6Triton 2C
99ANTOINE CABIAC1.7 km0.00.00.0143.4143.417.0Boomerang 10K
99DOMINIQUE GUENARD2 km0.00.00.0143.4143.417.6Enzo 2K
99REMI BOURDELLE0.00.00.0143.4143.417.6mantra 6D
99ERIC DAIGREMONT0.00.00.0143.4143.417.6Boomerang 10K
99PIERRE DEJOUS0.00.00.0143.4143.417.0KingD
99PIERRE-FRANCIS BAUD-BLAIN2.9 km0.00.00.0143.4143.417.6Icepeak 7K
99S A2.9 km0.00.00.0143.4143.417.6mantra 6D
99ANNE BERTHAUD2 km0.00.00.0143.4143.417.0Delta 2C
99XAVIER GIRIN2.6 km0.00.00.0143.4143.417.0avax xc5D
99DOMINIQUE CRESPEL2 km0.00.00.0143.4143.417.6Mantra 5 Light XalpsD
openNAO TAKADAJPN30.1 km0.00.00.0859859.0102.7mantra 6D
openKIYOSHI NARIYAMAJPN25.5 km0.00.00.0621.7621.770.4Enzo 2K
openKONSTANTIN TREGUBOVRUS3.1 km0.00.00.0144.2144.217.7Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
openYURY MISHANINRUS29.5 km0.00.00.0839839.085Enzo 2K

Manche 3

  • Lieu : arbas
  • Course au But
  • date : 23/06/2016
  • distance optimisee : 90.172 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 13:20:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 20:00:00
  • Start : 14:45:00
  • fin de manche : 20:00:00


BALISET30077COL DE COUPE300018.495
BALISEB94081CANPAM R10 OUEST300010.517
EOSSD17128DECO CAMPAN100012.971
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manche 4
lieu : Lieu
Course en Temps Minimun
date : 24/06/2016
distance optimisee : 13.585 km
manche 2646 validée le 23 aout 16

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Manche 4

  • Lieu : Lieu
  • Course en Temps Minimun
  • date : 24/06/2016
  • distance optimisee : 13.585 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 12:00:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 14:00:00
  • Start : 13:00:00
  • fin de manche : 18:00:00


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