Championnat de France / French Open 2017 Laragne (19-26/08/17)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2020-11-01 to 2020-11-07 : French Open 2020 - Saint-Leu - Reunion Island

According to the CIVL rules 25 pilots can be foreigner competitors (25% of a total of 120)
If you wish to participate :
- You must be ranked among the 1000 first WPRS
- The 10 best pilots among the first 100 WPRS will be invited to participate for FREE > you have to pay (credit card) to register and will be reiembursed at the end of the comp
- You need to have an FAI licence

Comp schedule :
Saturday 19th : training day - check in from 10 to 18
Sunday 20th : first task
next saturday : last task and prize giving ceremony

All informations about how to come and accommodations :

Click here to access registration form and registration list

Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 124
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.2
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.658
  • coef de reussite : 1 (5 manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 79pts
detail des resultats

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Onglets horizontaux

112 pilotes participants
1Pierre REMY47821000pts (1er), 958.4pts (4ème), 1000pts (1er), 920.6pts (5ème), 902.8pts (5ème)Enzo 3K
2Honorin HAMARD4751989.3pts (2ème), 991.1pts (1er), 949.3pts (10ème), 920.3pts (7ème), 901.3pts (6ème)Enzo 3K
3Jonathan MARIN4734966.8pts (6ème), 901.3pts (18ème), 969.2pts (3ème), 919.8pts (8ème), 976.7pts (1er)Enzo 3K
4Charles CAZAUX4707986.8pts (3ème), 980.7pts (2ème), 922.4pts (14ème), 920.6pts (6ème), 896.7pts (11ème)Enzo 3K
4Luc ARMANT4707964.6pts (8ème), 937.8pts (11ème), 985.2pts (2ème), 921.9pts (3ème), 897.1pts (8ème)Enzo 3K
6JEAN-MARC CARON4683954.9pts (9ème), 943.9pts (8ème), 965.2pts (5ème), 919.3pts (9ème), 899.5pts (7ème)Enzo 3K
7Maxime BELLEMIN4651950.6pts (11ème), 954.7pts (5ème), 958.9pts (7ème), 892.2pts (32ème), 894.2pts (13ème)Boomerang 11K
8Franck PERRING4568885.2pts (28ème), 933.8pts (13ème), 947pts (11ème), 905.6pts (21ème), 895.9pts (12ème)Enzo 2K
8Jerome HULIN4568900.1pts (20ème), 935.5pts (12ème), 904.3pts (20ème), 908pts (18ème), 920.3pts (2ème)Enzo 2K
10Baptiste LAMBERT4562881.7pts (31ème), 942.4pts (9ème), 964.8pts (6ème), 907.5pts (20ème), 865.6pts (24ème)Boomerang 11K
11Simon PELLISSIER4559908.9pts (15ème), 892.9pts (22ème), 951.6pts (9ème), 908.2pts (17ème), 897.1pts (9ème)Enzo 2K
12Flavio FUNIATI4536883.2pts (29ème), 939.2pts (10ème), 906.4pts (19ème), 910.9pts (15ème), 896.7pts (10ème)Zeno D
13Antoine GERIN-JEAN4476913.8pts (14ème), 977pts (3ème), 834.9pts (23ème), 911.4pts (12ème), 838.5pts (27ème)Enzo 2K
14Manuel BRECHIGNAC4292893.8pts (24ème), 730pts (44ème), 952.3pts (8ème), 911.1pts (13ème), 804.5pts (34ème)Enzo 2K
15Remi MONTGINOT4284906.5pts (17ème), 864.9pts (26ème), 722.5pts (36ème), 896.7pts (27ème), 893pts (14ème)Enzo 2K
16Jacques FOURNIER4277945pts (12ème), 780.2pts (33ème), 763.4pts (28ème), 898.5pts (24ème), 890pts (15ème)Enzo 3K
17Olivier HENRY4272966pts (7ème), 753.9pts (39ème), 775.6pts (25ème), 894.1pts (29ème), 882.8pts (20ème)Enzo 3K
18Remi BOURDELLE4265902.6pts (18ème), 873.9pts (25ème), 727.6pts (34ème), 887pts (34ème), 873.5pts (21ème)Enzo 2K
19Julien WIRTZ4237982.4pts (4ème), 950.5pts (7ème), 514.5pts (50ème), 917.6pts (11ème), 871.7pts (22ème)Enzo 3K
20Bastien DE LUCA4215704.2pts (50ème), 891.3pts (23ème), 946.7pts (12ème), 865pts (40ème), 807.8pts (32ème)Boomerang 11K
21Meryl DELFERRIERE4212878.1pts (33ème), 776pts (35ème), 766pts (26ème), 903.2pts (22ème), 888.7pts (16ème)Zeno D
22Denis CHOURAQUI4127843.2pts (38ème), 884.4pts (24ème), 719.3pts (37ème), 872.2pts (36ème), 807.6pts (33ème)Enzo 2K
23Damien LACAZE4125973.4pts (5ème), 390.9pts (65ème), 927.6pts (13ème), 922.4pts (1er), 910.2pts (3ème)Enzo 3K
24F V4122715pts (49ème), 755.3pts (38ème), 910.6pts (18ème), 874.5pts (35ème), 866.5pts (23ème)Enzo 2K
25Thibaut VARGAS4112837.2pts (40ème), 726.8pts (46ème), 765.2pts (27ème), 897.3pts (26ème), 885.7pts (18ème)Zeno D
26Clement LATOUR4106954.4pts (10ème), 907.7pts (16ème), 916.5pts (17ème), 922.1pts (2ème), 405pts (69ème)Enzo 3K
27Julien MARION4099875.4pts (34ème), 897.3pts (20ème), 966.8pts (4ème), 893pts (31ème), 466.5pts (63ème)Enzo 2K
28TEO BOUVARD4072816.7pts (42ème), 951.2pts (6ème), 510.1pts (52ème), 910.3pts (16ème), 884pts (19ème)Enzo 2K
29ARNAUD SECHER4048907pts (16ème), 895.5pts (21ème), 514.8pts (49ème), 919.2pts (10ème), 811.2pts (30ème)Boomerang 11K
30Fabien DOFFIN4009751.9pts (47ème), 824.4pts (30ème), 806.6pts (24ème), 763.3pts (63ème), 862.5pts (25ème)Enzo 2K
31Benoit PERRIN3994811.7pts (44ème), 932.5pts (14ème), 496.3pts (54ème), 847.5pts (42ème), 906.3pts (4ème)Boomerang 11K
32Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ3975837.1pts (41ème), 733.7pts (43ème), 737.6pts (31ème), 842.3pts (44ème), 823.9pts (28ème)Enzo 1K
33Nicolas ROVIRA3933890.4pts (26ème), 371.4pts (74ème), 918.3pts (16ème), 896.1pts (28ème), 856.9pts (26ème)Enzo 2K
34Francois CORMIER3912869.7pts (35ème), 903.4pts (17ème), 519.2pts (48ème), 920.8pts (4ème), 699.2pts (56ème)Enzo 2K
35Clement HOELTER3888891.1pts (25ème), 374.7pts (73ème), 845.7pts (22ème), 889.4pts (33ème), 887.5pts (17ème)Zeno D
36Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD3877888pts (27ème), 778.1pts (34ème), 921pts (15ème), 900.9pts (23ème), 388.7pts (72ème)Zeno D
37Jose FERREIRA3871697.1pts (51ème), 764.4pts (37ème), 736.3pts (32ème), 870pts (39ème), 803.4pts (35ème)Enzo 2K
38Cyril LAMBERT3736837.5pts (39ème), 738.1pts (40ème), 561.5pts (45ème), 820.8pts (55ème), 777.6pts (41ème)Enzo 2K
39Arnaud BAUMY3722916.1pts (13ème), 735.2pts (42ème), 741.3pts (30ème), 848.3pts (41ème), 481.3pts (60ème)Boomerang 11K
40Manuel LALY3697816.1pts (43ème), 652.7pts (55ème), 508.8pts (53ème), 911.1pts (14ème), 808.4pts (31ème)Enzo 3K
41Arnaud BEUGNETTE3654862.7pts (37ème), 367.6pts (75ème), 750.3pts (29ème), 872.1pts (37ème), 801.7pts (36ème)Boomerang 10K
42Daniel VANDENBERG3616878.4pts (32ème), 727.1pts (45ème), 705.1pts (40ème), 835.1pts (46ème), 470.3pts (62ème)mantra 6D
43Tim ROCHAS3550882.2pts (30ème), 708.1pts (48ème), 894.9pts (21ème), 897.5pts (25ème), 167.2pts (94ème)Boomerang 11K
44Cyrille MARCK3532894.1pts (23ème), 382.9pts (69ème), 616.1pts (41ème), 821.4pts (52ème), 817.9pts (29ème)Enzo 2K
45Xavier GIRIN3477604.5pts (66ème), 848.3pts (27ème), 447.1pts (55ème), 822.1pts (51ème), 754.8pts (45ème)Zeno D
46Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE3354649pts (54ème), 723.6pts (47ème), 440.2pts (57ème), 820pts (56ème), 721.1pts (49ème)Enzo 2K
47Erwan DIDRICHE3294276.9pts (83ème), 913pts (15ème), 440.4pts (56ème), 893pts (30ème), 770.2pts (43ème)Peak 4D
48Simon GARTNER3242896.8pts (21ème), 735.5pts (41ème), 824.7pts (49ème), 784.8pts (40ème)Boomerang 10K
49Julien FONTBONNE3205376.6pts (80ème), 781.6pts (32ème), 714.8pts (39ème), 871.3pts (38ème), 460.6pts (64ème)Zeno D
50Florian SERRA3090265.4pts (84ème), 844.8pts (29ème), 352.1pts (78ème), 839.5pts (45ème), 788.5pts (38ème)Zeno D
51Raphael OHANIAN3076469.9pts (69ème), 684pts (52ème), 394.5pts (61ème), 822.6pts (50ème), 705.4pts (55ème)Zeno D
52Sebastien COMBES3043901.2pts (19ème), 818.8pts (31ème), 589.2pts (44ème), 733.4pts (47ème)Zeno D
53Etienne COUPEZLUX2993631.3pts (58ème), 845.5pts (28ème), 71.2pts (105ème), 801.7pts (59ème), 642.8pts (58ème)Enzo 2K
54Martin VERNEREY2984235.6pts (87ème), 636.1pts (56ème), 527.1pts (47ème), 820.9pts (53ème), 764.3pts (44ème)TASKAC
55Dominique GUENARD2971863.1pts (36ème), 260.1pts (88ème), 352.5pts (77ème), 784.7pts (60ème), 710.8pts (53ème)Enzo 2K
56L L2847612.9pts (64ème), 385.2pts (67ème), 378.1pts (70ème), 754.3pts (67ème), 716.1pts (50ème)Alpina 2C
57XAVIER COLLET2803718.5pts (48ème), 258.5pts (91ème), 392.8pts (63ème), 719.7pts (78ème), 713.3pts (52ème)mantra 6D
58Michel LEVISSE2759648.3pts (55ème), 262pts (85ème), 610pts (42ème), 810.2pts (58ème), 428.1pts (65ème)Mantra 4D
59E P2733623.9pts (62ème), 692.3pts (50ème), 264.5pts (90ème), 729.3pts (73ème), 423.4pts (66ème)Zeno D
60GERNOT SEITZCHE2723621.1pts (63ème), 427.3pts (63ème), 592.2pts (43ème), 767.7pts (62ème), 315pts (85ème)mantra 6D
61Laurent SANGNIER2718434.8pts (75ème), 277.9pts (80ème), 387.4pts (64ème), 844.1pts (43ème), 773.4pts (42ème)Poison XAlpsD
62Ludovic FARNAUD270328pts (106ème), 899.6pts (19ème), 734.4pts (33ème), 907.9pts (19ème), 133.1pts (97ème)Zeno D
63Thomas DINH2684604.7pts (65ème), 259.1pts (90ème), 378.3pts (69ème), 747.4pts (68ème), 694.6pts (57ème)LM6D
64Jean-yves SEVENO2643662.8pts (52ème), 257.8pts (92ème), 428.7pts (58ème), 588.2pts (89ème), 705.5pts (54ème)Zeno D
65Edouard POTEL2638406.1pts (78ème), 299pts (76ème), 393pts (62ème), 818.8pts (57ème), 721.3pts (48ème)Boomerang GTO 2D
66Morgan BOCHATON2628240.3pts (86ème), 252.1pts (95ème), 512.8pts (51ème), 830.5pts (48ème), 792.1pts (37ème)mantra 6D
67Yoann COSSEC2582424.4pts (76ème), 684.5pts (51ème), 550.3pts (46ème), 820.8pts (54ème), 102.2pts (100ème)mantra 6D
68Pascal BAZILE2548657.5pts (53ème), 467.6pts (61ème), 319.4pts (83ème), 762.7pts (64ème), 340.6pts (79ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
69Sandy LAMBERT2406629.6pts (59ème), 255.9pts (94ème), 320.6pts (82ème), 722.8pts (77ème), 477.5pts (61ème)Zeno D
70Claude LE-MELLEC2403624.5pts (61ème), 256.8pts (93ème), 381.5pts (67ème), 732.3pts (71ème), 407.5pts (68ème)Zeno D
71NICOLAS BERNIER2324416.4pts (77ème), 463.1pts (62ème), 384.5pts (65ème), 757.4pts (66ème), 302.4pts (86ème)Zeno D
72Patrick ROYER2310393.1pts (79ème), 610.1pts (58ème), 346.8pts (79ème), 633.9pts (87ème), 325.8pts (84ème)Icepeak 7K
73Francois BICHET2309446.1pts (71ème), 625.6pts (57ème), 196.2pts (98ème), 295.4pts (95ème), 745.3pts (46ème)Icepeak 6K
74Eric SAINTIN2284490.7pts (68ème), 575pts (60ème), 400.1pts (59ème), 642.5pts (86ème), 175.3pts (93ème)Zeno D
75Dominique CRESPEL2227443.6pts (72ème), 281.8pts (79ème), 371.1pts (75ème), 731pts (72ème), 399.7pts (71ème)Zeno D
76Eric DAIGREMONT2191244.3pts (85ème), 375.1pts (72ème), 725.3pts (35ème), 61.6pts (98ème), 785.1pts (39ème)Boomerang 10K
77Alexandre DAMIANO2075351.3pts (81ème), 390.8pts (66ème), 190pts (100ème), 734.2pts (70ème), 408.9pts (67ème)PureD
78Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN2062647.7pts (56ème), 261.2pts (87ème), 378.8pts (68ème), 774.7pts (61ème)Zeno D
79Nicolas FAVRE1967196.8pts (93ème), 384.1pts (68ème), 371.1pts (72ème), 723pts (76ème), 292.2pts (88ème)Zeno D
80Jose ANSELMO1939629.1pts (60ème), 277.2pts (82ème), 318.2pts (84ème), 714.1pts (51ème)Icepeak 7K
81Jean-jacques LIVINEC1902776pts (45ème), 276.9pts (83ème), 715.9pts (38ème), 132.9pts (98ème)Zeno D
82Yann KALISZCZAK1897199.8pts (90ème), 380.7pts (70ème), 313.2pts (86ème), 726.4pts (75ème), 277pts (92ème)Trango X-RaceC
83Sylvain GATTINI1842767.1pts (46ème), 679.1pts (53ème), 395.8pts (60ème)Zeno D
84Murielle HIGELIN1727320.5pts (82ème), 217.1pts (100ème), 371.1pts (76ème), 537.9pts (92ème), 280.2pts (91ème)IkumaB
84Jocelyn TABOURDEAU1727896.5pts (22ème), 277.6pts (81ème), 203.3pts (96ème), 350pts (94ème)Zeno D
86Guillaume RIBERY1726234.4pts (98ème), 382.8pts (66ème), 760.4pts (65ème), 348.2pts (78ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
87Sebastien TOURNAIRE1695196.1pts (94ème), 293.2pts (78ème), 373.4pts (71ème), 831.8pts (47ème)Icepeak 6K
88Hugo HERICHER1672191.1pts (96ème), 234.6pts (97ème), 256.1pts (91ème), 707.3pts (82ème), 283.2pts (90ème)Peak 3D
89R R1666194.2pts (95ème), 45.3pts (104ème), 371.1pts (73ème), 706pts (83ème), 349.1pts (77ème)Alpina 2C
90Antoine BERNIER1540106.7pts (103ème), 54.2pts (103ème), 315.5pts (85ème), 660.1pts (84ème), 403.5pts (70ème)Delta 2C
91Pierre LAURENS1521197.1pts (92ème), 738.3pts (69ème), 585.6pts (59ème)mantra 6D
92MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE1520199.6pts (91ème), 219pts (99ème), 174.6pts (102ème), 538.3pts (91ème), 388.3pts (73ème)CUREC
93S A1496640.9pts (57ème), 653.8pts (54ème), 200.9pts (97ème)mantra 6D
94Patrice GUIEN146528pts (107ème), 34.8pts (106ème), 336.4pts (80ème), 726.9pts (74ème), 339.3pts (80ème)Peak 3D
95Jerome DELBECQUE1451232.1pts (88ème), 696pts (49ème), 326.8pts (81ème), 61.6pts (96ème), 134.7pts (95ème)Enzo 2K
96Jean-philippe BLAISE1434201.8pts (89ème), 240.5pts (92ème), 655.5pts (85ème), 335.9pts (81ème)Delta 3C
97Anouar OMARIMAR1424113.9pts (102ème), 166pts (101ème), 300.4pts (88ème), 712.9pts (80ème), 131pts (99ème)KlimberD
98Arnaud BEDOUELLE140328pts (105ème), 298.3pts (77ème), 179.3pts (101ème), 530pts (93ème), 367.3pts (75ème)Peak 3D
99Yann EMERY1400442.2pts (73ème), 767.2pts (36ème), 190.1pts (99ème)KingD
100Jean louis ASENSIO1397449.3pts (70ème), 262.6pts (84ème), 269.6pts (89ème), 61.6pts (97ème), 353.7pts (76ème)Icepeak 6K
101Fabrice DENIS1348586.3pts (67ème), 41.9pts (105ème), 371.1pts (74ème), 61.6pts (99ème), 287.3pts (89ème)Alpina 2C
102Jessica CHASSAIN132428pts (109ème), 55.1pts (102ème), 236.4pts (94ème), 708.5pts (81ème), 295.5pts (87ème)Peak 4D
103Hugo ESPINASSE1313118.8pts (100ème), 380.5pts (71ème), 140.9pts (103ème), 538.8pts (90ème), 133.8pts (96ème)SpiceC
104Ashami FARES1268439.2pts (74ème), 590.3pts (59ème), 238.4pts (93ème)CUREC
105Laurent MOUNOT1209118.8pts (101ème), 259.7pts (89ème), 84.5pts (104ème), 715.5pts (79ème), 30.6pts (101ème)Venus 3D
106Marc NOSSIN899191pts (97ème), 261.9pts (86ème), 69pts (106ème), 377.5pts (74ème)avax xc5D
107Barbara FREDIERE82141.5pts (104ème), 246.5pts (96ème), 206.2pts (95ème), 326.8pts (83ème)Colt xxC
108YVAN WOLF796119.2pts (99ème), 34.8pts (107ème), 307.5pts (87ème), 334.9pts (82ème)Icepeak 8K
109Francois PERIE770138pts (98ème), 632pts (88ème)Mantra 4D
110Johann GORLIER43128pts (108ème), 403.4pts (64ème)GTO2 LargeC
111Charles REBORD2828pts (111ème)Icepeak 6K
111DANIEL LARUELLE2828pts (110ème)mantra 6D
m 1
manche 2904 validée le 7 septembre 17
lieu : St Jean
Course au But
date : 20/08/2017
distance optimisee : 66.614 km

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10Pierre REMY66.6 km2h06mn22s31.6 km/h10001000.0105.8Enzo 3K
20Honorin HAMARD66.6 km2h06mn45s31.5 km/h989.3989.3105Enzo 3K
30Charles CAZAUX66.6 km2h07mn03s31.5 km/h986.8986.8104.0Enzo 3K
40Julien WIRTZ66.6 km2h07mn21s31.4 km/h982.4982.4103.3Enzo 3K
50Damien LACAZE66.6 km2h07mn35s31.3 km/h973.4973.4102.4Enzo 3K
60Jonathan MARIN66.6 km2h08mn42s31.1 km/h966.8966.8102.0Enzo 3K
70Olivier HENRY66.6 km2h08mn35s31.1 km/h966966.0101.0Enzo 3K
80Luc ARMANT66.6 km2h09mn20s30.9 km/h964.6964.6100.1Enzo 3K
90JEAN-MARC CARON66.6 km2h10mn17s30.7 km/h954.9954.999.3Enzo 3K
100Clement LATOUR66.6 km2h08mn53s31 km/h954.4954.499.0Enzo 3K
110Maxime BELLEMIN66.6 km2h10mn38s30.6 km/h950.6950.697.8Boomerang 11K
120Jacques FOURNIER66.6 km2h11mn08s30.5 km/h945945.097.1Enzo 3K
130Arnaud BAUMY66.6 km2h14mn48s29.7 km/h916.1916.196.0Boomerang 11K
140Antoine GERIN-JEAN66.6 km2h16mn06s29.4 km/h913.8913.895.3Enzo 2K
150Simon PELLISSIER66.6 km2h16mn11s29.3 km/h908.9908.994.5Enzo 2K
160ARNAUD SECHER66.6 km2h15mn51s29.4 km/h907907.094.0Boomerang 11K
170Remi MONTGINOT66.6 km2h15mn51s29.4 km/h906.5906.593.0Enzo 2K
180Remi BOURDELLE66.6 km2h16mn35s29.3 km/h902.6902.693.0Enzo 2K
190Sebastien COMBES66.6 km2h16mn14s29.3 km/h901.2901.292.0Zeno D
200Jerome HULIN66.6 km2h15mn22s29.5 km/h900.1900.191.0Enzo 2K
210Simon GARTNER66.6 km2h15mn42s29.5 km/h896.8896.891.0Boomerang 10K
220Jocelyn TABOURDEAU66.6 km2h15mn42s29.5 km/h896.5896.590.0Zeno D
230Cyrille MARCK66.6 km2h15mn46s29.4 km/h894.1894.190.0Enzo 2K
240Manuel BRECHIGNAC66.6 km2h16mn09s29.4 km/h893.8893.889.0Enzo 2K
250Clement HOELTER66.6 km2h16mn07s29.4 km/h891.1891.189.0Zeno D
260Nicolas ROVIRA66.6 km2h16mn10s29.4 km/h890.4890.488.0Enzo 2K
270Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD66.6 km2h18mn14s28.9 km/h888888.087.0Zeno D
280Franck PERRING66.6 km2h18mn31s28.9 km/h885.2885.286.9Enzo 2K
290Flavio FUNIATI66.6 km2h18mn17s28.9 km/h883.2883.286.3Zeno D
300Tim ROCHAS66.6 km2h18mn12s28.9 km/h882.2882.285.8Boomerang 11K
310Baptiste LAMBERT66.6 km2h17mn26s29.1 km/h881.7881.785.3Boomerang 11K
320Daniel VANDENBERG66.6 km2h18mn51s28.8 km/h878.4878.485.0mantra 6D
330Meryl DELFERRIERE66.6 km2h18mn15s28.9 km/h878.1878.184.2Zeno D
340Julien MARION66.6 km2h18mn20s28.9 km/h875.4875.484.0Enzo 2K
350Francois CORMIER66.6 km2h18mn28s28.9 km/h869.7869.783.0Enzo 2K
360Dominique GUENARD66.6 km2h20mn59s28.3 km/h863.1863.183.0Enzo 2K
370Arnaud BEUGNETTE66.6 km2h18mn53s28.8 km/h862.7862.782.0Boomerang 10K
380Denis CHOURAQUI66.6 km2h24mn22s27.7 km/h843.2843.281.5Enzo 2K
390Cyril LAMBERT66.6 km2h24mn20s27.7 km/h837.5837.581Enzo 2K
400Thibaut VARGAS66.6 km2h25mn25s27.5 km/h837.2837.281.0Zeno D
410Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ66.6 km2h24mn08s27.7 km/h837.1837.180.0Enzo 1K
420TEO BOUVARD66.6 km2h28mn21s26.9 km/h816.7816.779.4Enzo 2K
430Manuel LALY66.6 km2h25mn08s27.5 km/h816.1816.179.0Enzo 3K
440Benoit PERRIN66.6 km2h26mn34s27.3 km/h811.7811.778.0Boomerang 11K
450Jean-jacques LIVINEC66.6 km2h33mn16s26.1 km/h776776.077.0Zeno D
460Sylvain GATTINI66.6 km2h33mn00s26.1 km/h767.1767.176.0Zeno D
470Fabien DOFFIN66.6 km2h38mn17s25.3 km/h751.9751.975.0Enzo 2K
480XAVIER COLLET66.6 km2h44mn53s24.2 km/h718.5718.573.0mantra 6D
490F V66.6 km2h44mn13s24.3 km/h715715.073.0Enzo 2K
500Bastien DE LUCA66.6 km2h44mn28s24.3 km/h704.2704.271.8Boomerang 11K
510Jose FERREIRA66.6 km2h44mn57s24.2 km/h697.1697.171.0Enzo 2K
520Jean-yves SEVENO66.6 km2h49mn54s23.5 km/h662.8662.869.0Zeno D
530Pascal BAZILE66.6 km2h47mn58s23.8 km/h657.5657.568.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
540Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE66.6 km2h50mn27s23.4 km/h649649.067.0Enzo 2K
550Michel LEVISSE66.6 km2h49mn56s23.5 km/h648.3648.367.0Mantra 4D
560Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN66.6 km2h50mn07s23.5 km/h647.7647.767.0Zeno D
570S A66.6 km2h54mn02s23 km/h640.9640.966.0mantra 6D
580Etienne COUPEZLUX66.6 km2h54mn11s22.9 km/h631.3631.365.2Enzo 2K
590Sandy LAMBERT66.6 km2h55mn07s22.8 km/h629.6629.665.0Zeno D
600Jose ANSELMO66.6 km2h55mn20s22.8 km/h629.1629.165.0Icepeak 7K
610Claude LE-MELLEC66.6 km2h53mn58s23 km/h624.5624.564.0Zeno D
620E P66.6 km2h53mn45s23 km/h623.9623.964.0Zeno D
630GERNOT SEITZCHE66.6 km2h55mn48s22.7 km/h621.1621.163.7mantra 6D
640L L66.6 km2h57mn16s22.5 km/h612.9612.963.0Alpina 2C
650Thomas DINH66.6 km3h00mn09s22.2 km/h604.7604.762.0LM6D
660Xavier GIRIN66.6 km3h01mn01s22.1 km/h604.5604.562.0Zeno D
670Fabrice DENIS66.6 km3h01mn18s22 km/h586.3586.360.0Alpina 2C
680Eric SAINTIN66.6 km490.7490.752.0Zeno D
690Raphael OHANIAN64.9 km469.9469.949.6Zeno D
700Jean louis ASENSIO66.6 km449.3449.347.0Icepeak 6K
710Francois BICHET66.6 km446.1446.147.0Icepeak 6K
720Dominique CRESPEL66.6 km443.6443.647.0Zeno D
730Yann EMERY66.6 km442.2442.247.0KingD
740Ashami FARES66.6 km439.2439.246.3CUREC
750Laurent SANGNIER66.6 km434.8434.846.0Poison XAlpsD
760Yoann COSSEC62.2 km424.4424.445.0mantra 6D
770NICOLAS BERNIER63.7 km416.4416.443.9Zeno D
780Edouard POTEL61.3 km406.1406.143.0Boomerang GTO 2D
790Patrick ROYER66.6 km393.1393.141.5Icepeak 7K
800Julien FONTBONNE58.8 km376.6376.639.7Zeno D
810Alexandre DAMIANO53.2 km351.3351.337.0PureD
820Murielle HIGELIN57.3 km320.5320.534.0IkumaB
830Erwan DIDRICHE38.3 km276.9276.929.3Peak 4D
840Florian SERRA37.3 km265.4265.428Zeno D
850Eric DAIGREMONT35.3 km244.3244.325.8Boomerang 10K
860Morgan BOCHATON35.6 km240.3240.325.4mantra 6D
870Martin VERNEREY36.5 km235.6235.624.9TASKAC
880Jerome DELBECQUE38.2 km232.1232.125.0Enzo 2K
890Jean-philippe BLAISE36.1 km201.8201.821.3Delta 3C
900Yann KALISZCZAK35.7 km199.8199.821.1Trango X-RaceC
920Pierre LAURENS35.2 km197.1197.120.8mantra 6D
930Nicolas FAVRE35.2 km196.8196.820.7Zeno D
940Sebastien TOURNAIRE35.1 km196.1196.121.0Icepeak 6K
950R R34.7 km194.2194.220.5Alpina 2C
960Hugo HERICHER34.2 km191.1191.120.1Peak 3D
970Marc NOSSIN34.1 km191191.020.1avax xc5D
980Francois PERIE24.7 km138138.014.5Mantra 4D
990YVAN WOLF21.3 km119.2119.212.5Icepeak 8K
1000Hugo ESPINASSE21.2 km118.8118.812.5SpiceC
1000Laurent MOUNOT21.2 km118.8118.812.5Venus 3D
1020Anouar OMARIMAR20.4 km113.9113.912KlimberD
1030Antoine BERNIER19.1 km106.7106.711.2Delta 2C
1040Barbara FREDIERE7.4 km41.541.54.3Colt xxC
1050Arnaud BEDOUELLE2828.02.9Peak 3D
1050Ludovic FARNAUD2828.02.9Zeno D
1050Patrice GUIEN2828.02.9Peak 3D
1050Johann GORLIER2828.02.9GTO2 LargeC
1050Jessica CHASSAIN2828.02.9Peak 4D
1050DANIEL LARUELLE2828.02.9mantra 6D
1050Charles REBORD2828.02.9Icepeak 6K
open0FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL66.6 km2h20mn52s28.4 km/h860.2860.278.9Zeno D
open0MARC DELONGIEBEL66.6 km442.5442.546.4Zeno D
open0ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR66.6 km2h33mn12s26.1 km/h767.8767.873.9Zeno D
open0MALIN LOBBGBR66.6 km2h33mn09s26.1 km/h773.7773.774.4Enzo 3K
open0SZILARD DORANTHUN32.5 km187.8187.819.8Icepeak 6K
open0ALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS36.7 km205.6205.621.7Artik 4C
open0JOST NAPRETSVN66.6 km2h18mn39s28.8 km/h884884.084.8Enzo 3K
open0YAEL MARGELISCHCHE66.6 km2h18mn03s29 km/h873.8873.880.7Zeno D
open0TILEN CEGLARSVN66.6 km2h06mn35s31.6 km/h991.3991.3105Enzo 3K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU66.6 km2h09mn41s30.8 km/h956956.098.6Enzo 3K
open0YASSEN SAVOVBGR66.6 km2h10mn42s30.6 km/h945.9945.995.7Enzo 3K
open0MAURIZIO MAINAITA66.6 km2h18mn41s28.8 km/h876.5876.581.7Zeno D

Manche 1

  • Lieu : St Jean
  • Course au But
  • date : 20/08/2017
  • distance optimisee : 66.614 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 14:00:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 15:30:00
  • Start : 15:20:00
  • fin de manche : 19:30:00


BALISEB89139COTE 1400 DORMILLOUS250012.217
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
m 2
manche 2905 validée le 7 septembre 17
lieu : St Jean
Course au But
date : 21/08/2017
distance optimisee : 54.660 km

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10Honorin HAMARD54.7 km1h29mn48s36.5 km/h991.1991.1106Enzo 3K
20Charles CAZAUX54.7 km1h29mn39s36.6 km/h980.7980.7105.0Enzo 3K
30Antoine GERIN-JEAN54.7 km1h29mn14s36.8 km/h977977.0104.0Enzo 2K
40Pierre REMY54.7 km1h32mn42s35.4 km/h958.4958.4103.2Enzo 3K
50Maxime BELLEMIN54.7 km1h32mn01s35.6 km/h954.7954.7102.0Boomerang 11K
60TEO BOUVARD54.7 km1h31mn42s35.8 km/h951.2951.2102.0Enzo 2K
70Julien WIRTZ54.7 km1h32mn52s35.3 km/h950.5950.5100.8Enzo 3K
80JEAN-MARC CARON54.7 km1h32mn54s35.3 km/h943.9943.9100Enzo 3K
90Baptiste LAMBERT54.7 km1h33mn09s35.2 km/h942.4942.499.0Boomerang 11K
100Flavio FUNIATI54.7 km1h33mn18s35.2 km/h939.2939.298.0Zeno D
110Luc ARMANT54.7 km1h33mn27s35.1 km/h937.8937.897.7Enzo 3K
120Jerome HULIN54.7 km1h33mn51s34.9 km/h935.5935.597.0Enzo 2K
130Franck PERRING54.7 km1h33mn41s35 km/h933.8933.896.0Enzo 2K
140Benoit PERRIN54.7 km1h33mn42s35 km/h932.5932.596.0Boomerang 11K
150Erwan DIDRICHE54.7 km1h34mn03s34.9 km/h913913.095.0Peak 4D
160Clement LATOUR54.7 km1h38mn28s33.3 km/h907.7907.793.9Enzo 3K
170Francois CORMIER54.7 km1h38mn02s33.5 km/h903.4903.493.0Enzo 2K
180Jonathan MARIN54.7 km1h37mn57s33.5 km/h901.3901.392.6Enzo 3K
190Ludovic FARNAUD54.7 km1h35mn30s34.3 km/h899.6899.692.0Zeno D
200Julien MARION54.7 km1h39mn13s33.1 km/h897.3897.391.0Enzo 2K
210ARNAUD SECHER54.7 km1h38mn31s33.3 km/h895.5895.591.0Boomerang 11K
220Simon PELLISSIER54.7 km1h39mn02s33.1 km/h892.9892.990.1Enzo 2K
230Bastien DE LUCA54.7 km1h39mn06s33.1 km/h891.3891.389.0Boomerang 11K
240Denis CHOURAQUI54.7 km1h36mn54s33.8 km/h884.4884.488.8Enzo 2K
250Remi BOURDELLE54.7 km1h38mn12s33.4 km/h873.9873.988.1Enzo 2K
260Remi MONTGINOT54.7 km1h39mn22s33 km/h864.9864.987.0Enzo 2K
270Xavier GIRIN54.7 km1h41mn04s32.4 km/h848.3848.386.0Zeno D
280Etienne COUPEZLUX54.7 km1h41mn37s32.3 km/h845.5845.586.0Enzo 2K
290Florian SERRA54.7 km1h42mn17s32.1 km/h844.8844.885.0Zeno D
300Fabien DOFFIN54.7 km1h44mn52s31.3 km/h824.4824.484.0Enzo 2K
310Sebastien COMBES54.7 km1h45mn42s31 km/h818.8818.884.0Zeno D
320Julien FONTBONNE54.7 km1h50mn19s29.7 km/h781.6781.682.0Zeno D
330Jacques FOURNIER54.7 km1h54mn39s28.6 km/h780.2780.281.1Enzo 3K
340Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD54.7 km1h54mn54s28.5 km/h778.1778.181.0Zeno D
350Meryl DELFERRIERE54.7 km1h55mn24s28.4 km/h776776.080.2Zeno D
360Yann EMERY54.7 km1h51mn32s29.4 km/h767.2767.279.0KingD
370Jose FERREIRA54.7 km1h57mn13s28 km/h764.4764.479.0Enzo 2K
380F V54.7 km1h55mn14s28.5 km/h755.3755.378.0Enzo 2K
390Olivier HENRY54.7 km1h57mn06s28 km/h753.9753.977.8Enzo 3K
400Cyril LAMBERT54.7 km1h58mn18s27.7 km/h738.1738.176.6Enzo 2K
410Simon GARTNER54.7 km2h01mn48s26.9 km/h735.5735.576.0Boomerang 10K
420Arnaud BAUMY54.7 km1h56mn26s28.2 km/h735.2735.275.8Boomerang 11K
430Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ54.7 km1h55mn58s28.3 km/h733.7733.775.0Enzo 1K
440Manuel BRECHIGNAC54.7 km2h02mn39s26.7 km/h730730.075Enzo 2K
450Daniel VANDENBERG54.7 km1h56mn58s28 km/h727.1727.175.0mantra 6D
460Thibaut VARGAS54.7 km1h59mn07s27.5 km/h726.8726.874.0Zeno D
470Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE54.7 km1h58mn29s27.7 km/h723.6723.674.0Enzo 2K
480Tim ROCHAS54.7 km1h58mn41s27.6 km/h708.1708.172.7Boomerang 11K
490Jerome DELBECQUE54.7 km2h00mn12s27.3 km/h696696.072.0Enzo 2K
500E P54.7 km2h04mn01s26.4 km/h692.3692.371.0Zeno D
510Yoann COSSEC54.7 km2h05mn12s26.2 km/h684.5684.570.0mantra 6D
520Raphael OHANIAN54.7 km1h59mn50s27.4 km/h684684.070.0Zeno D
530Sylvain GATTINI54.7 km2h08mn57s25.4 km/h679.1679.170.0Zeno D
540S A54.7 km2h07mn28s25.7 km/h653.8653.868.0mantra 6D
550Manuel LALY54.7 km2h07mn15s25.8 km/h652.7652.768.0Enzo 3K
560Martin VERNEREY54.7 km2h08mn50s25.5 km/h636.1636.166.0TASKAC
570Francois BICHET54.7 km2h10mn12s25.2 km/h625.6625.665.0Icepeak 6K
580Patrick ROYER54.7 km2h11mn54s24.9 km/h610.1610.164.0Icepeak 7K
590Ashami FARES54.7 km2h14mn46s24.3 km/h590.3590.362.0CUREC
600Eric SAINTIN54.7 km2h17mn23s23.9 km/h575575.061.0Zeno D
610Pascal BAZILE54.7 km2h33mn52s21.3 km/h467.6467.650.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
620NICOLAS BERNIER54.7 km2h34mn46s21.2 km/h463.1463.149.6Zeno D
630GERNOT SEITZCHE54.7 km2h46mn48s19.7 km/h427.3427.345.8mantra 6D
640Johann GORLIER54.7 km2h52mn54s19 km/h403.4403.443.0GTO2 LargeC
650Damien LACAZE40.4 km390.9390.941.9Enzo 3K
660Alexandre DAMIANO54 km390.8390.842.0PureD
670L L54.7 km2h58mn23s18.4 km/h385.2385.241.0Alpina 2C
680Nicolas FAVRE54.7 km2h49mn14s19.4 km/h384.1384.141.0Zeno D
690Cyrille MARCK40.2 km382.9382.941Enzo 2K
700Yann KALISZCZAK54.7 km3h00mn58s18.1 km/h380.7380.741.0Trango X-RaceC
710Hugo ESPINASSE54.7 km3h15mn59s16.7 km/h380.5380.540.7SpiceC
720Eric DAIGREMONT40.6 km375.1375.140.1Boomerang 10K
730Clement HOELTER40.7 km374.7374.740Zeno D
740Nicolas ROVIRA39.6 km371.4371.439.7Enzo 2K
750Arnaud BEUGNETTE39.6 km367.6367.639.3Boomerang 10K
760Edouard POTEL36.8 km299299.032Boomerang GTO 2D
770Arnaud BEDOUELLE42.9 km298.3298.331.9Peak 3D
780Sebastien TOURNAIRE34.9 km293.2293.231.0Icepeak 6K
790Dominique CRESPEL37.1 km281.8281.830.1Zeno D
800Laurent SANGNIER33.7 km277.9277.929.7Poison XAlpsD
810Jocelyn TABOURDEAU34.1 km277.6277.629.6Zeno D
820Jose ANSELMO34 km277.2277.229.6Icepeak 7K
830Jean-jacques LIVINEC33.7 km276.9276.929.6Zeno D
840Jean louis ASENSIO33.7 km262.6262.628Icepeak 6K
850Michel LEVISSE33.5 km262262.028.0Mantra 4D
860Marc NOSSIN36.7 km261.9261.927.9avax xc5D
870Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN37.5 km261.2261.227.9Zeno D
880Dominique GUENARD33.7 km260.1260.127.7Enzo 2K
890Laurent MOUNOT37.3 km259.7259.728.0Venus 3D
900Thomas DINH33.7 km259.1259.127.6LM6D
910XAVIER COLLET33.7 km258.5258.527.6mantra 6D
920Jean-yves SEVENO33.6 km257.8257.827.5Zeno D
930Claude LE-MELLEC33.7 km256.8256.827.4Zeno D
940Sandy LAMBERT36.8 km255.9255.927.3Zeno D
950Morgan BOCHATON33.5 km252.1252.126.9mantra 6D
960Barbara FREDIERE35.4 km246.5246.526.0Colt xxC
970Hugo HERICHER33.7 km234.6234.625Peak 3D
980Guillaume RIBERY33.7 km234.4234.425Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
1000Murielle HIGELIN31.2 km217.1217.123.1IkumaB
1010Anouar OMARIMAR23.8 km166166.017.7KlimberD
1020Jessica CHASSAIN7.9 km55.155.15.8Peak 4D
1030Antoine BERNIER7.8 km54.254.25.7Delta 2C
1040R R6.5 km45.345.34.7Alpina 2C
1050Fabrice DENIS6 km41.941.94.4Alpina 2C
1060Patrice GUIEN34.834.83.6Peak 3D
1060YVAN WOLF2.5 km34.834.83.6Icepeak 8K
open0FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL54.7 km1h36mn16s34.1 km/h886.4886.485.4Zeno D
open0MARC DELONGIEBEL54.7 km1h53mn00s29 km/h762.9762.976.4Zeno D
open0ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR25.1 km174.8174.818.6Zeno D
open0MALIN LOBBGBR54.7 km1h38mn44s33.2 km/h886.8886.886Enzo 3K
open0SZILARD DORANTHUN0.8 km34.834.83.6Icepeak 6K
open0ALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS37.2 km271.7271.729Artik 4C
open0JOST NAPRETSVN54.7 km1h34mn10s34.8 km/h917.6917.693.4Enzo 3K
open0YAEL MARGELISCHCHE54.7 km1h33mn11s35.2 km/h941.9941.997.8Zeno D
open0TILEN CEGLARSVN54.7 km1h32mn06s35.6 km/h952.8952.8101.6Enzo 3K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU54.7 km1h38mn04s33.4 km/h908.1908.192.1Enzo 3K
open0YASSEN SAVOVBGR36.6 km338.5338.536.1Enzo 3K
open0MAURIZIO MAINAITA54.7 km1h35mn11s34.5 km/h901.6901.690.2Zeno D

Manche 2

  • Lieu : St Jean
  • Course au But
  • date : 21/08/2017
  • distance optimisee : 54.660 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 14:30:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 16:00:00
  • Start : 15:30:00
  • fin de manche : 19:00:00


ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
m 3
manche 2906 validée le 7 septembre 17
lieu : Laragne Chabre
Course au But
date : 22/08/2017
distance optimisee : 102.336 km

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10Pierre REMY102.3 km2h46mn39s36.8 km/h10001000.0106Enzo 3K
20Luc ARMANT102.3 km2h46mn51s36.8 km/h985.2985.2105.1Enzo 3K
30Jonathan MARIN102.3 km2h49mn42s36.2 km/h969.2969.2104.0Enzo 3K
40Julien MARION102.3 km2h49mn12s36.3 km/h966.8966.8103.0Enzo 2K
50JEAN-MARC CARON102.3 km2h49mn44s36.2 km/h965.2965.2102.4Enzo 3K
60Baptiste LAMBERT102.3 km2h49mn37s36.2 km/h964.8964.8102.0Boomerang 11K
70Maxime BELLEMIN102.3 km2h49mn41s36.2 km/h958.9958.9100.8Boomerang 11K
80Manuel BRECHIGNAC102.3 km2h49mn55s36.1 km/h952.3952.3100.0Enzo 2K
90Simon PELLISSIER102.3 km2h50mn07s36.1 km/h951.6951.699.0Enzo 2K
100Honorin HAMARD102.3 km2h52mn55s35.5 km/h949.3949.398.4Enzo 3K
110Franck PERRING102.3 km2h50mn36s36 km/h947947.098.0Enzo 2K
120Bastien DE LUCA102.3 km2h50mn26s36 km/h946.7946.798.0Boomerang 11K
130Damien LACAZE102.3 km2h55mn40s35 km/h927.6927.696Enzo 3K
140Charles CAZAUX102.3 km2h55mn07s35.1 km/h922.4922.495.3Enzo 3K
150Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD102.3 km2h52mn17s35.6 km/h921921.095.0Zeno D
160Nicolas ROVIRA102.3 km2h56mn33s34.8 km/h918.3918.394.0Enzo 2K
170Clement LATOUR102.3 km2h57mn33s34.6 km/h916.5916.593.2Enzo 3K
180F V102.3 km2h53mn38s35.4 km/h910.6910.692.0Enzo 2K
190Flavio FUNIATI102.3 km2h58mn19s34.4 km/h906.4906.492.0Zeno D
200Jerome HULIN102.3 km2h58mn52s34.3 km/h904.3904.391.0Enzo 2K
210Tim ROCHAS102.3 km2h57mn15s34.6 km/h894.9894.990.5Boomerang 11K
220Clement HOELTER102.3 km3h05mn55s33 km/h845.7845.788.0Zeno D
230Antoine GERIN-JEAN102.3 km3h05mn15s33.1 km/h834.9834.987.4Enzo 2K
240Fabien DOFFIN102.3 km3h12mn51s31.8 km/h806.6806.685.0Enzo 2K
250Olivier HENRY102.3 km3h14mn55s31.5 km/h775.6775.683Enzo 3K
260Meryl DELFERRIERE102.3 km3h16mn28s31.3 km/h766766.082Zeno D
270Thibaut VARGAS102.3 km3h16mn02s31.3 km/h765.2765.282.0Zeno D
280Jacques FOURNIER102.3 km3h19mn23s30.8 km/h763.4763.481.2Enzo 3K
290Arnaud BEUGNETTE102.3 km3h20mn51s30.6 km/h750.3750.380.0Boomerang 10K
300Arnaud BAUMY102.3 km3h21mn03s30.5 km/h741.3741.379Boomerang 11K
310Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ102.3 km3h22mn19s30.3 km/h737.6737.678.0Enzo 1K
320Jose FERREIRA102.3 km3h22mn32s30.3 km/h736.3736.378.0Enzo 2K
330Ludovic FARNAUD102.3 km3h23mn35s30.2 km/h734.4734.478.0Zeno D
340Remi BOURDELLE102.3 km3h23mn32s30.2 km/h727.6727.676.9Enzo 2K
350Eric DAIGREMONT102.3 km3h23mn40s30.1 km/h725.3725.376.0Boomerang 10K
360Remi MONTGINOT102.3 km3h26mn00s29.8 km/h722.5722.576Enzo 2K
370Denis CHOURAQUI102.3 km3h26mn16s29.8 km/h719.3719.375.5Enzo 2K
380Jean-jacques LIVINEC102.3 km3h26mn16s29.8 km/h715.9715.975.0Zeno D
390Julien FONTBONNE102.3 km3h25mn00s30 km/h714.8714.875.0Zeno D
400Daniel VANDENBERG102.3 km3h27mn40s29.6 km/h705.1705.174.0mantra 6D
410Cyrille MARCK102.3 km3h42mn38s27.6 km/h616.1616.166.0Enzo 2K
420Michel LEVISSE102.3 km3h46mn37s27.1 km/h610610.065.0Mantra 4D
430GERNOT SEITZCHE102.3 km3h45mn18s27.3 km/h592.2592.263.4mantra 6D
440Sebastien COMBES102.3 km3h53mn11s26.3 km/h589.2589.263.0Zeno D
450Cyril LAMBERT102.3 km3h57mn22s25.9 km/h561.5561.560.2Enzo 2K
460Yoann COSSEC102.3 km3h53mn19s26.3 km/h550.3550.359.0mantra 6D
470Martin VERNEREY102.3 km3h58mn54s25.7 km/h527.1527.156.0TASKAC
480Francois CORMIER102.2 km519.2519.255.6Enzo 2K
490ARNAUD SECHER102.1 km514.8514.855.1Boomerang 11K
500Julien WIRTZ100.8 km514.5514.555Enzo 3K
510Morgan BOCHATON102.3 km4h04mn18s25.1 km/h512.8512.855.0mantra 6D
520TEO BOUVARD101 km510.1510.154.4Enzo 2K
530Manuel LALY100.8 km508.8508.854.2Enzo 3K
540Benoit PERRIN101.6 km496.3496.352.9Boomerang 11K
550Xavier GIRIN102.3 km4h15mn02s24.1 km/h447.1447.148.0Zeno D
560Erwan DIDRICHE102.3 km4h14mn50s24.1 km/h440.4440.447Peak 4D
570Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE102.3 km4h13mn52s24.2 km/h440.2440.247.0Enzo 2K
580Jean-yves SEVENO102.3 km4h16mn24s23.9 km/h428.7428.745.7Zeno D
590Eric SAINTIN102.3 km4h25mn15s23.1 km/h400.1400.142.6Zeno D
600Sylvain GATTINI86.4 km395.8395.842.2Zeno D
610Raphael OHANIAN102.3 km4h38mn15s22.1 km/h394.5394.542Zeno D
620Edouard POTEL102.3 km4h24mn13s23.2 km/h393393.042.0Boomerang GTO 2D
630XAVIER COLLET102.3 km4h52mn12s21 km/h392.8392.841.8mantra 6D
640Laurent SANGNIER102.3 km4h45mn15s21.5 km/h387.4387.441.0Poison XAlpsD
650NICOLAS BERNIER88.2 km384.5384.540.9Zeno D
660Guillaume RIBERY102.3 km4h25mn50s23.1 km/h382.8382.841.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
670Claude LE-MELLEC102.3 km4h47mn43s21.3 km/h381.5381.540.5Zeno D
680Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN102.3 km4h24mn40s23.2 km/h378.8378.840.2Zeno D
690Thomas DINH102.3 km4h44mn06s21.6 km/h378.3378.340.1LM6D
700L L102.3 km4h54mn57s20.8 km/h378.1378.140.0Alpina 2C
710Sebastien TOURNAIRE102.3 km4h27mn57s22.9 km/h373.4373.440.0Icepeak 6K
720Nicolas FAVRE102.3 km5h09mn47s19.8 km/h371.1371.139.0Zeno D
720R R102.3 km5h26mn19s18.8 km/h371.1371.139.0Alpina 2C
720Fabrice DENIS102.3 km4h58mn16s20.6 km/h371.1371.139.3Alpina 2C
720Dominique CRESPEL102.3 km5h27mn44s18.7 km/h371.1371.139.0Zeno D
720Murielle HIGELIN102.3 km5h32mn32s18.5 km/h371.1371.139.0IkumaB
770Dominique GUENARD81.2 km352.5352.537.2Enzo 2K
780Florian SERRA90 km352.1352.137.0Zeno D
790Patrick ROYER95.7 km346.8346.836.6Icepeak 7K
800Patrice GUIEN92.8 km336.4336.436.0Peak 3D
810Jerome DELBECQUE90.1 km326.8326.835.0Enzo 2K
820Sandy LAMBERT88.3 km320.6320.633.9Zeno D
830Pascal BAZILE88 km319.4319.433.7Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
840Jose ANSELMO87.8 km318.2318.233.6Icepeak 7K
850Antoine BERNIER87 km315.5315.533.3Delta 2C
860Yann KALISZCZAK86.4 km313.2313.233.0Trango X-RaceC
870YVAN WOLF75.4 km307.5307.532.5Icepeak 8K
880Anouar OMARIMAR82.9 km300.4300.432.0KlimberD
890Jean louis ASENSIO74.4 km269.6269.628.5Icepeak 6K
900E P73 km264.5264.527.9Zeno D
910Hugo HERICHER70.6 km256.1256.127Peak 3D
920Jean-philippe BLAISE66.3 km240.5240.525.4Delta 3C
930Ashami FARES65.8 km238.4238.425.2CUREC
940Jessica CHASSAIN65.2 km236.4236.425Peak 4D
950Barbara FREDIERE56.9 km206.2206.221.8Colt xxC
960Jocelyn TABOURDEAU56.1 km203.3203.321.5Zeno D
970S A55.4 km200.9200.921.2mantra 6D
980Francois BICHET54.1 km196.2196.220.7Icepeak 6K
990Yann EMERY52.4 km190.1190.120.0KingD
1000Alexandre DAMIANO52.4 km190190.020PureD
1010Arnaud BEDOUELLE49.4 km179.3179.318.9Peak 3D
1030Hugo ESPINASSE38.9 km140.9140.914.8SpiceC
1040Laurent MOUNOT23.3 km84.584.58.9Venus 3D
1050Etienne COUPEZLUX19.6 km71.271.27.4Enzo 2K
1060Marc NOSSIN19 km6969.07.2avax xc5D
open0FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL102.3 km2h54mn04s35.3 km/h903.9903.988.2Zeno D
open0MARC DELONGIEBEL102.3 km4h30mn53s22.7 km/h383383.040.5Zeno D
open0ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR102.3 km3h54mn12s26.2 km/h608.7608.764.1Zeno D
open0MALIN LOBBGBR102.3 km3h10mn47s32.2 km/h817.4817.483.6Enzo 3K
open0SZILARD DORANTHUN49.5 km179.6179.618.9Icepeak 6K
open0ALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS102.3 km5h07mn54s19.9 km/h371.1371.139.2Artik 4C
open0JOST NAPRETSVN102.3 km2h57mn12s34.7 km/h889.9889.987Enzo 3K
open0YAEL MARGELISCHCHE102.3 km2h50mn58s35.9 km/h946.7946.795.5Zeno D
open0TILEN CEGLARSVN102.3 km2h53mn37s35.4 km/h929.9929.994Enzo 3K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU101 km510.2510.254Enzo 3K
open0YASSEN SAVOVBGR102.3 km2h46mn53s36.8 km/h962.1962.1100.8Enzo 3K
open0MAURIZIO MAINAITA102.3 km2h47mn44s36.6 km/h956.2956.299.2Zeno D

Manche 3

  • Lieu : Laragne Chabre
  • Course au But
  • date : 22/08/2017
  • distance optimisee : 102.336 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 12:15:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 13:30:00
  • Start : 13:15:00
  • fin de manche : 20:00:00


BALISEB73251PIC DE BURE SW200061.041
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
m 4
manche 2907 validée le 7 septembre 17
lieu : Aspres
Course au But
date : 23/08/2017
distance optimisee : 98.676 km

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10Damien LACAZE72.6 km922.4922.4106.0Enzo 3K
20Clement LATOUR72.6 km922.1922.1105.0Enzo 3K
30Luc ARMANT72.6 km921.9921.9104.5Enzo 3K
40Francois CORMIER72.6 km920.8920.8104.0Enzo 2K
50Pierre REMY72.5 km920.6920.6101.7Enzo 3K
50Charles CAZAUX72.5 km920.6920.6102.0Enzo 3K
70Honorin HAMARD72.5 km920.3920.3100.8Enzo 3K
80Jonathan MARIN72.5 km919.8919.8100.0Enzo 3K
90JEAN-MARC CARON72.4 km919.3919.398.9Enzo 3K
100ARNAUD SECHER72.5 km919.2919.298.0Boomerang 11K
110Julien WIRTZ72.2 km917.6917.697.1Enzo 3K
120Antoine GERIN-JEAN71.9 km911.4911.496.4Enzo 2K
130Manuel BRECHIGNAC71.9 km911.1911.195.0Enzo 2K
130Manuel LALY71.9 km911.1911.195.0Enzo 3K
150Flavio FUNIATI71.8 km910.9910.994.0Zeno D
160TEO BOUVARD71.8 km910.3910.392.8Enzo 2K
170Simon PELLISSIER71.7 km908.2908.292Enzo 2K
180Jerome HULIN71.7 km908908.091.0Enzo 2K
190Ludovic FARNAUD71.9 km907.9907.990.0Zeno D
200Baptiste LAMBERT71.5 km907.5907.589.0Boomerang 11K
210Franck PERRING71.6 km905.6905.688.6Enzo 2K
220Meryl DELFERRIERE71.6 km903.2903.287.9Zeno D
230Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD71.4 km900.9900.987.0Zeno D
240Jacques FOURNIER70.9 km898.5898.586.4Enzo 3K
250Tim ROCHAS71 km897.5897.585.6Boomerang 11K
260Thibaut VARGAS71.1 km897.3897.385.0Zeno D
270Remi MONTGINOT71.2 km896.7896.784.0Enzo 2K
280Nicolas ROVIRA70.6 km896.1896.183.0Enzo 2K
290Olivier HENRY70.8 km894.1894.182.5Enzo 3K
300Erwan DIDRICHE70.6 km893893.081.0Peak 4D
300Julien MARION70.4 km893893.081.0Enzo 2K
320Maxime BELLEMIN70.5 km892.2892.280.2Boomerang 11K
330Clement HOELTER70.4 km889.4889.480.0Zeno D
340Remi BOURDELLE70.4 km887887.079Enzo 2K
350F V68.7 km874.5874.579.0Enzo 2K
360Denis CHOURAQUI69.2 km872.2872.278.6Enzo 2K
370Arnaud BEUGNETTE68.9 km872.1872.177.8Boomerang 10K
380Julien FONTBONNE69.2 km871.3871.377.0Zeno D
390Jose FERREIRA68.7 km870870.076.0Enzo 2K
400Bastien DE LUCA68.4 km865865.076.1Boomerang 11K
410Arnaud BAUMY66.8 km848.3848.376.6Boomerang 11K
420Benoit PERRIN66.8 km847.5847.576.0Boomerang 11K
430Laurent SANGNIER67.1 km844.1844.176.0Poison XAlpsD
440Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ67 km842.3842.375.0Enzo 1K
450Florian SERRA66.8 km839.5839.575.0Zeno D
460Daniel VANDENBERG66.4 km835.1835.174.0mantra 6D
470Sebastien TOURNAIRE65.8 km831.8831.874.0Icepeak 6K
480Morgan BOCHATON66.2 km830.5830.573.0mantra 6D
490Simon GARTNER65.5 km824.7824.773.0Boomerang 10K
500Raphael OHANIAN65.6 km822.6822.672.0Zeno D
510Xavier GIRIN65.8 km822.1822.172.0Zeno D
520Cyrille MARCK65.7 km821.4821.471.0Enzo 2K
530Martin VERNEREY65.6 km820.9820.971.0TASKAC
540Yoann COSSEC65.6 km820.8820.870.0mantra 6D
540Cyril LAMBERT65.6 km820.8820.869.7Enzo 2K
560Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE65.7 km820820.069.0Enzo 2K
570Edouard POTEL65.2 km818.8818.869.0Boomerang GTO 2D
580Michel LEVISSE64.9 km810.2810.269.0Mantra 4D
590Etienne COUPEZLUX64.1 km801.7801.769.0Enzo 2K
600Dominique GUENARD62.8 km784.7784.769.0Enzo 2K
610Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN61.9 km774.7774.769.0Zeno D
620GERNOT SEITZCHE61.2 km767.7767.769mantra 6D
630Fabien DOFFIN61.3 km763.3763.368.7Enzo 2K
640Pascal BAZILE60.9 km762.7762.768.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
650Guillaume RIBERY61.1 km760.4760.468.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
660NICOLAS BERNIER61.4 km757.4757.468.0Zeno D
670L L60.8 km754.3754.367.0Alpina 2C
680Thomas DINH60.1 km747.4747.467.0LM6D
690Pierre LAURENS59.3 km738.3738.367.0mantra 6D
700Alexandre DAMIANO58.8 km734.2734.267.0PureD
710Claude LE-MELLEC59.4 km732.3732.366.0Zeno D
720Dominique CRESPEL58.9 km731731.066.0Zeno D
730E P58.6 km729.3729.366.0Zeno D
740Patrice GUIEN58.7 km726.9726.965.0Peak 3D
750Yann KALISZCZAK58.7 km726.4726.465.0Trango X-RaceC
760Nicolas FAVRE58.6 km723723.065.0Zeno D
770Sandy LAMBERT58.6 km722.8722.864.0Zeno D
780XAVIER COLLET58.4 km719.7719.764.0mantra 6D
790Laurent MOUNOT58 km715.5715.564.0Venus 3D
800Anouar OMARIMAR57.2 km712.9712.964.0KlimberD
810Jessica CHASSAIN57.1 km708.5708.563.0Peak 4D
820Hugo HERICHER57.4 km707.3707.363.0Peak 3D
830R R57.3 km706706.063.0Alpina 2C
840Antoine BERNIER53.5 km660.1660.163.0Delta 2C
850Jean-philippe BLAISE53.2 km655.5655.563.0Delta 3C
860Eric SAINTIN52.1 km642.5642.562.0Zeno D
870Patrick ROYER51.4 km633.9633.962.0Icepeak 7K
880Francois PERIE51.3 km632632.062.0Mantra 4D
890Jean-yves SEVENO46.9 km588.2588.260.0Zeno D
900Hugo ESPINASSE43.7 km538.8538.857.0SpiceC
920Murielle HIGELIN43.6 km537.9537.957.0IkumaB
930Arnaud BEDOUELLE41.6 km530530.056.0Peak 3D
940Jocelyn TABOURDEAU22.9 km350350.039.6Zeno D
950Francois BICHET23.2 km295.4295.433.6Icepeak 6K
960Jerome DELBECQUE61.661.67Enzo 2K
960Jean louis ASENSIO61.661.67Icepeak 6K
960Eric DAIGREMONT61.661.67Boomerang 10K
960Fabrice DENIS61.661.67Alpina 2C
open0FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL60.1 km756756.063.4Zeno D
open0MARC DELONGIEBEL67.1 km846.2846.271.4Zeno D
open0ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR66.6 km842.1842.169.8Zeno D
open0MALIN LOBBGBR71.5 km901.5901.584.5Enzo 3K
open0ALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS56.1 km691.4691.459.9Artik 4C
open0JOST NAPRETSVN67 km840.2840.269.3Enzo 3K
open0YAEL MARGELISCHCHE68.7 km869.6869.672Zeno D
open0TILEN CEGLARSVN72.7 km923.6923.6105.4Enzo 3K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU72.4 km918.2918.295.2Enzo 3K
open0YASSEN SAVOVBGR73 km927.7927.7106.4Enzo 3K
open0MAURIZIO MAINAITA71.2 km900.8900.882.8Zeno D

Manche 4

  • Lieu : Aspres
  • Course au But
  • date : 23/08/2017
  • distance optimisee : 98.676 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 13:15:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 14:30:00
  • Start : 14:00:00
  • fin de manche : 19:30:00


BALISEB89139COTE 1400 DORMILLOUS600058.372
ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
m 5
manche 2908 validée le 7 septembre 17
lieu : Chabre
Course au But
date : 25/08/2017
distance optimisee : 61.538 km

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10Jonathan MARIN61.5 km1h25mn49s43 km/h976.7976.7106.0Enzo 3K
20Jerome HULIN61.5 km1h30mn39s40.7 km/h920.3920.3103.0Enzo 2K
30Damien LACAZE61.5 km1h30mn30s40.8 km/h910.2910.2102.3Enzo 3K
40Benoit PERRIN61.5 km1h30mn57s40.6 km/h906.3906.3101.0Boomerang 11K
50Pierre REMY61.5 km1h32mn24s40 km/h902.8902.8100.6Enzo 3K
60Honorin HAMARD61.5 km1h32mn21s40 km/h901.3901.399.9Enzo 3K
70JEAN-MARC CARON61.5 km1h32mn36s39.9 km/h899.5899.599.2Enzo 3K
80Luc ARMANT61.5 km1h33mn02s39.7 km/h897.1897.197.8Enzo 3K
80Simon PELLISSIER61.5 km1h32mn46s39.8 km/h897.1897.197.8Enzo 2K
100Flavio FUNIATI61.5 km1h32mn35s39.9 km/h896.7896.796.0Zeno D
100Charles CAZAUX61.5 km1h33mn01s39.7 km/h896.7896.796.5Enzo 3K
120Franck PERRING61.5 km1h32mn40s39.8 km/h895.9895.996.0Enzo 2K
130Maxime BELLEMIN61.5 km1h33mn00s39.7 km/h894.2894.295.2Boomerang 11K
140Remi MONTGINOT61.5 km1h33mn21s39.6 km/h893893.094.0Enzo 2K
150Jacques FOURNIER61.5 km1h32mn45s39.8 km/h890890.093.8Enzo 3K
160Meryl DELFERRIERE61.5 km1h32mn57s39.7 km/h888.7888.793.0Zeno D
170Clement HOELTER61.5 km1h33mn07s39.7 km/h887.5887.592.0Zeno D
180Thibaut VARGAS61.5 km1h33mn06s39.7 km/h885.7885.792.0Zeno D
190TEO BOUVARD61.5 km1h32mn51s39.8 km/h884884.091.3Enzo 2K
200Olivier HENRY61.5 km1h33mn10s39.6 km/h882.8882.891.0Enzo 3K
210Remi BOURDELLE61.5 km1h34mn33s39.1 km/h873.5873.590.0Enzo 2K
220Julien WIRTZ61.5 km1h37mn31s37.9 km/h871.7871.789.2Enzo 3K
230F V61.5 km1h35mn34s38.6 km/h866.5866.588.0Enzo 2K
240Baptiste LAMBERT61.5 km1h38mn03s37.7 km/h865.6865.688.0Boomerang 11K
250Fabien DOFFIN61.5 km1h35mn25s38.7 km/h862.5862.587.0Enzo 2K
260Nicolas ROVIRA61.5 km1h37mn27s37.9 km/h856.9856.987.0Enzo 2K
270Antoine GERIN-JEAN61.5 km1h41mn21s36.4 km/h838.5838.585.7Enzo 2K
280Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ61.5 km1h41mn08s36.5 km/h823.9823.985.0Enzo 1K
290Cyrille MARCK61.5 km1h40mn49s36.6 km/h817.9817.984.0Enzo 2K
300ARNAUD SECHER61.5 km1h43mn43s35.6 km/h811.2811.283.0Boomerang 11K
310Manuel LALY61.5 km1h43mn20s35.7 km/h808.4808.483.0Enzo 3K
320Bastien DE LUCA61.5 km1h43mn54s35.5 km/h807.8807.882.3Boomerang 11K
330Denis CHOURAQUI61.5 km1h43mn27s35.7 km/h807.6807.681.9Enzo 2K
340Manuel BRECHIGNAC61.5 km1h43mn57s35.5 km/h804.5804.581.4Enzo 2K
350Jose FERREIRA61.5 km1h42mn59s35.9 km/h803.4803.481.0Enzo 2K
360Arnaud BEUGNETTE61.5 km1h43mn12s35.8 km/h801.7801.780.0Boomerang 10K
370Morgan BOCHATON61.5 km1h41mn39s36.3 km/h792.1792.180.0mantra 6D
380Florian SERRA61.5 km1h46mn55s34.5 km/h788.5788.579.0Zeno D
390Eric DAIGREMONT61.5 km1h46mn23s34.7 km/h785.1785.179.0Boomerang 10K
400Simon GARTNER61.5 km1h46mn32s34.7 km/h784.8784.878.0Boomerang 10K
410Cyril LAMBERT61.5 km1h46mn11s34.8 km/h777.6777.677.7Enzo 2K
420Laurent SANGNIER61.5 km1h44mn45s35.2 km/h773.4773.477.0Poison XAlpsD
430Erwan DIDRICHE61.5 km1h48mn43s34 km/h770.2770.277.0Peak 4D
440Martin VERNEREY61.5 km1h45mn42s34.9 km/h764.3764.376.0TASKAC
450Xavier GIRIN61.5 km1h46mn59s34.5 km/h754.8754.875.0Zeno D
460Francois BICHET61.5 km1h49mn58s33.6 km/h745.3745.375.0Icepeak 6K
470Sebastien COMBES61.5 km1h51mn38s33.1 km/h733.4733.474.0Zeno D
480Edouard POTEL61.5 km1h54mn08s32.4 km/h721.3721.373.0Boomerang GTO 2D
490Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE61.5 km1h51mn56s33 km/h721.1721.173.0Enzo 2K
500L L61.5 km1h51mn14s33.2 km/h716.1716.172.0Alpina 2C
510Jose ANSELMO61.5 km1h52mn15s32.9 km/h714.1714.172.0Icepeak 7K
520XAVIER COLLET61.5 km1h53mn31s32.5 km/h713.3713.371.0mantra 6D
530Dominique GUENARD61.5 km1h50mn49s33.3 km/h710.8710.871.0Enzo 2K
540Jean-yves SEVENO61.5 km1h53mn47s32.5 km/h705.5705.571.0Zeno D
550Raphael OHANIAN61.5 km1h54mn27s32.3 km/h705.4705.470.0Zeno D
560Francois CORMIER61.5 km2h00mn29s30.6 km/h699.2699.269.8Enzo 2K
570Thomas DINH61.5 km1h54mn29s32.3 km/h694.6694.669.0LM6D
580Etienne COUPEZLUX61.5 km1h57mn43s31.4 km/h642.8642.865.9Enzo 2K
590Pierre LAURENS61.5 km2h07mn41s28.9 km/h585.6585.661.0mantra 6D
600Arnaud BAUMY58.4 km481.3481.351.4Boomerang 11K
610Sandy LAMBERT61.5 km2h23mn28s25.7 km/h477.5477.551Zeno D
620Daniel VANDENBERG57.6 km470.3470.350.2mantra 6D
630Julien MARION56.2 km466.5466.549.8Enzo 2K
640Julien FONTBONNE56.7 km460.6460.649.1Zeno D
650Michel LEVISSE55.7 km428.1428.146.0Mantra 4D
660E P56 km423.4423.445.2Zeno D
670Alexandre DAMIANO54.9 km408.9408.944.0PureD
680Claude LE-MELLEC56.4 km407.5407.543.5Zeno D
690Clement LATOUR48.7 km405405.043.2Enzo 3K
700Antoine BERNIER61.5 km2h37mn00s23.5 km/h403.5403.543.0Delta 2C
710Dominique CRESPEL61.5 km2h37mn13s23.5 km/h399.7399.743.0Zeno D
720Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD50 km388.7388.741.5Zeno D
730MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE61.5 km2h50mn45s21.6 km/h388.3388.341.4CUREC
740Marc NOSSIN61.5 km2h49mn18s21.8 km/h377.5377.540.0avax xc5D
750Arnaud BEDOUELLE53.9 km367.3367.339.2Peak 3D
760Jean louis ASENSIO50.8 km353.7353.738.0Icepeak 6K
770R R56.2 km349.1349.137.2Alpina 2C
780Guillaume RIBERY51.1 km348.2348.237.0Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
790Pascal BAZILE46.7 km340.6340.636.3Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
800Patrice GUIEN49.1 km339.3339.336.0Peak 3D
810Jean-philippe BLAISE51.9 km335.9335.935.8Delta 3C
820YVAN WOLF49 km334.9334.935.7Icepeak 8K
830Barbara FREDIERE48.1 km326.8326.835.0Colt xxC
840Patrick ROYER46.9 km325.8325.834.7Icepeak 7K
850GERNOT SEITZCHE44 km315315.033.6mantra 6D
860NICOLAS BERNIER42.7 km302.4302.432.2Zeno D
870Jessica CHASSAIN47.4 km295.5295.532.0Peak 4D
880Nicolas FAVRE44.1 km292.2292.231.0Zeno D
890Fabrice DENIS46.3 km287.3287.330.6Alpina 2C
900Hugo HERICHER44.3 km283.2283.230.0Peak 3D
910Murielle HIGELIN44.2 km280.2280.229.9IkumaB
920Yann KALISZCZAK45.3 km277277.030.0Trango X-RaceC
930Eric SAINTIN28.6 km175.3175.318.7Zeno D
940Tim ROCHAS27.3 km167.2167.217.8Boomerang 11K
950Jerome DELBECQUE22 km134.7134.714.3Enzo 2K
960Hugo ESPINASSE21.9 km133.8133.814.2SpiceC
970Ludovic FARNAUD21.8 km133.1133.114.1Zeno D
980Jean-jacques LIVINEC21.7 km132.9132.914.1Zeno D
990Anouar OMARIMAR21.4 km131131.013.9KlimberD
1000Yoann COSSEC16.7 km102.2102.210.8mantra 6D
1010Laurent MOUNOT2.1 km30.630.63.2Venus 3D
open0FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL61.5 km1h45mn51s34.9 km/h775.9775.974.5Zeno D
open0MARC DELONGIEBEL51.6 km361.8361.838.4Zeno D
open0ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR51.1 km399.6399.642.4Zeno D
open0MALIN LOBBGBR61.5 km1h32mn45s39.8 km/h894.7894.792.7Enzo 3K
open0SZILARD DORANTHUN61.5 km1h47mn27s34.4 km/h776.6776.674.8Icepeak 6K
open0ALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS61.5 km3h23mn08s18.2 km/h376.6376.640Artik 4C
open0JOST NAPRETSVN61.5 km1h32mn31s39.9 km/h904.7904.7100Enzo 3K
open0YAEL MARGELISCHCHE61.5 km1h33mn07s39.7 km/h890.8890.890.2Zeno D
open0TILEN CEGLARSVN61.5 km1h32mn25s40 km/h897.2897.296.5Enzo 3K
open0ULRICH PRINZDEU61.5 km1h32mn27s39.9 km/h898.8898.897.2Enzo 3K
open0YASSEN SAVOVBGR61.5 km1h24mn54s43.5 km/h992.7992.7106.2Enzo 3K
open0MAURIZIO MAINAITA61.5 km1h32mn58s39.7 km/h890.9890.990.8Zeno D

Manche 5

  • Lieu : Chabre
  • Course au But
  • date : 25/08/2017
  • distance optimisee : 61.538 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 13:15:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 14:45:00
  • Start : 14:00:00
  • fin de manche : 18:30:00


ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1Pierre REMY4781.81000.0pts, 958.4pts, 1000.0pts, 920.6pts, 902.8pts Enzo 3
2Honorin HAMARD4751.3989.3pts, 991.1pts, 949.3pts, 920.3pts, 901.3pts Enzo 3
3Jonathan MARIN4733.8966.8pts, 901.3pts, 969.2pts, 919.8pts, 976.7pts Enzo 3
4Charles CAZAUX4707.2986.8pts, 980.7pts, 922.4pts, 920.6pts, 896.7pts Enzo 3
4Luc ARMANT4706.6964.6pts, 937.8pts, 985.2pts, 921.9pts, 897.1pts Enzo 3
6TILEN CEGLARSVN4694.8991.3pts, 952.8pts, 929.9pts, 923.6pts, 897.2pts Enzo 3
7JEAN-MARC CARON4682.8954.9pts, 943.9pts, 965.2pts, 919.3pts, 899.5pts Enzo 3
8Maxime BELLEMIN4650.6950.6pts, 954.7pts, 958.9pts, 892.2pts, 894.2pts Boomerang 11
9Jerome HULIN4568.2900.1pts, 935.5pts, 904.3pts, 908.0pts, 920.3pts Enzo 2
9Franck PERRING4567.5885.2pts, 933.8pts, 947.0pts, 905.6pts, 895.9pts Enzo 2
11Baptiste LAMBERT4562881.7pts, 942.4pts, 964.8pts, 907.5pts, 865.6pts Boomerang 11
12Simon PELLISSIER4558.7908.9pts, 892.9pts, 951.6pts, 908.2pts, 897.1pts Enzo 2
13Flavio FUNIATI4536.4883.2pts, 939.2pts, 906.4pts, 910.9pts, 896.7pts Zeno 
14MAURIZIO MAINAITA4526876.5pts, 901.6pts, 956.2pts, 900.8pts, 890.9pts Zeno 
15YAEL MARGELISCHCHE4522.8873.8pts, 941.9pts, 946.7pts, 869.6pts, 890.8pts Zeno 
16Antoine GERIN-JEAN4475.6913.8pts, 977.0pts, 834.9pts, 911.4pts, 838.5pts Enzo 2
17JOST NAPRETSVN4436.4884.0pts, 917.6pts, 889.9pts, 840.2pts, 904.7pts Enzo 3
18Manuel BRECHIGNAC4291.7893.8pts, 730.0pts, 952.3pts, 911.1pts, 804.5pts Enzo 2
19Remi MONTGINOT4283.6906.5pts, 864.9pts, 722.5pts, 896.7pts, 893.0pts Enzo 2
20Jacques FOURNIER4277.1945.0pts, 780.2pts, 763.4pts, 898.5pts, 890.0pts Enzo 3
21MALIN LOBBGBR4274.1773.7pts, 886.8pts, 817.4pts, 901.5pts, 894.7pts Enzo 3
22Olivier HENRY4272.4966.0pts, 753.9pts, 775.6pts, 894.1pts, 882.8pts Enzo 3
23Remi BOURDELLE4264.6902.6pts, 873.9pts, 727.6pts, 887.0pts, 873.5pts Enzo 2
24Julien WIRTZ4236.7982.4pts, 950.5pts, 514.5pts, 917.6pts, 871.7pts Enzo 3
25Bastien DE LUCA4215704.2pts, 891.3pts, 946.7pts, 865.0pts, 807.8pts Boomerang 11
26Meryl DELFERRIERE4212878.1pts, 776.0pts, 766.0pts, 903.2pts, 888.7pts Zeno 
27ULRICH PRINZDEU4191.3956.0pts, 908.1pts, 510.2pts, 918.2pts, 898.8pts Enzo 3
28FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL4182.4860.2pts, 886.4pts, 903.9pts, 756.0pts, 775.9pts Zeno 
29YASSEN SAVOVBGR4166.9945.9pts, 338.5pts, 962.1pts, 927.7pts, 992.7pts Enzo 3
30Denis CHOURAQUI4126.7843.2pts, 884.4pts, 719.3pts, 872.2pts, 807.6pts Enzo 2
31Damien LACAZE4124.5973.4pts, 390.9pts, 927.6pts, 922.4pts, 910.2pts Enzo 3
32F V4121.9715.0pts, 755.3pts, 910.6pts, 874.5pts, 866.5pts Enzo 2
33Thibaut VARGAS4112.2837.2pts, 726.8pts, 765.2pts, 897.3pts, 885.7pts Zeno 
34Clement LATOUR4105.7954.4pts, 907.7pts, 916.5pts, 922.1pts, 405.0pts Enzo 3
35Julien MARION4099875.4pts, 897.3pts, 966.8pts, 893.0pts, 466.5pts Enzo 2
36TEO BOUVARD4072.3816.7pts, 951.2pts, 510.1pts, 910.3pts, 884.0pts Enzo 2
37ARNAUD SECHER4047.7907.0pts, 895.5pts, 514.8pts, 919.2pts, 811.2pts Boomerang 11
38Fabien DOFFIN4008.7751.9pts, 824.4pts, 806.6pts, 763.3pts, 862.5pts Enzo 2
39Benoit PERRIN3994.3811.7pts, 932.5pts, 496.3pts, 847.5pts, 906.3pts Boomerang 11
40Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ3974.6837.1pts, 733.7pts, 737.6pts, 842.3pts, 823.9pts Enzo 1
41Nicolas ROVIRA3933.1890.4pts, 371.4pts, 918.3pts, 896.1pts, 856.9pts Enzo 2
42Francois CORMIER3912.3869.7pts, 903.4pts, 519.2pts, 920.8pts, 699.2pts Enzo 2
43Clement HOELTER3888.4891.1pts, 374.7pts, 845.7pts, 889.4pts, 887.5pts Zeno 
44Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD3876.7888.0pts, 778.1pts, 921.0pts, 900.9pts, 388.7pts Zeno 
45Jose FERREIRA3871.2697.1pts, 764.4pts, 736.3pts, 870.0pts, 803.4pts Enzo 2
46Cyril LAMBERT3735.5837.5pts, 738.1pts, 561.5pts, 820.8pts, 777.6pts Enzo 2
47Arnaud BAUMY3722.2916.1pts, 735.2pts, 741.3pts, 848.3pts, 481.3pts Boomerang 11
48Manuel LALY3697.1816.1pts, 652.7pts, 508.8pts, 911.1pts, 808.4pts Enzo 3
49Arnaud BEUGNETTE3654.4862.7pts, 367.6pts, 750.3pts, 872.1pts, 801.7pts Boomerang 10
50Daniel VANDENBERG3616878.4pts, 727.1pts, 705.1pts, 835.1pts, 470.3pts mantra 6
51Tim ROCHAS3549.9882.2pts, 708.1pts, 894.9pts, 897.5pts, 167.2pts Boomerang 11
52Cyrille MARCK3532.4894.1pts, 382.9pts, 616.1pts, 821.4pts, 817.9pts Enzo 2
53Xavier GIRIN3476.8604.5pts, 848.3pts, 447.1pts, 822.1pts, 754.8pts Zeno 
54Laurent GUIBOURDENCHE3353.9649.0pts, 723.6pts, 440.2pts, 820.0pts, 721.1pts Enzo 2
55Erwan DIDRICHE3293.5276.9pts, 913.0pts, 440.4pts, 893.0pts, 770.2pts Peak 4
56Simon GARTNER3241.8896.8pts, 735.5pts, 824.7pts, 784.8pts Boomerang 10
57Julien FONTBONNE3204.9376.6pts, 781.6pts, 714.8pts, 871.3pts, 460.6pts Zeno 
58Florian SERRA3090.3265.4pts, 844.8pts, 352.1pts, 839.5pts, 788.5pts Zeno 
59Raphael OHANIAN3076.4469.9pts, 684.0pts, 394.5pts, 822.6pts, 705.4pts Zeno 
60Sebastien COMBES3042.6901.2pts, 818.8pts, 589.2pts, 733.4pts Zeno 
61Etienne COUPEZLUX2992.5631.3pts, 845.5pts, 71.2pts, 801.7pts, 642.8pts Enzo 2
62Martin VERNEREY2984235.6pts, 636.1pts, 527.1pts, 820.9pts, 764.3pts TASKA
63Dominique GUENARD2971.2863.1pts, 260.1pts, 352.5pts, 784.7pts, 710.8pts Enzo 2
64L L2846.6612.9pts, 385.2pts, 378.1pts, 754.3pts, 716.1pts Alpina 2
65XAVIER COLLET2802.8718.5pts, 258.5pts, 392.8pts, 719.7pts, 713.3pts mantra 6
66MARC DELONGIEBEL2796.4442.5pts, 762.9pts, 383.0pts, 846.2pts, 361.8pts Zeno 
67ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR2793767.8pts, 174.8pts, 608.7pts, 842.1pts, 399.6pts Zeno 
68Michel LEVISSE2758.6648.3pts, 262.0pts, 610.0pts, 810.2pts, 428.1pts Mantra 4
69E P2733.4623.9pts, 692.3pts, 264.5pts, 729.3pts, 423.4pts Zeno 
70GERNOT SEITZCHE2723.3621.1pts, 427.3pts, 592.2pts, 767.7pts, 315.0pts mantra 6
71Laurent SANGNIER2717.6434.8pts, 277.9pts, 387.4pts, 844.1pts, 773.4pts Poison XAlps
72Ludovic FARNAUD270328.0pts, 899.6pts, 734.4pts, 907.9pts, 133.1pts Zeno 
73Thomas DINH2684.1604.7pts, 259.1pts, 378.3pts, 747.4pts, 694.6pts LM6
74Jean-yves SEVENO2643662.8pts, 257.8pts, 428.7pts, 588.2pts, 705.5pts Zeno 
75Edouard POTEL2638.2406.1pts, 299.0pts, 393.0pts, 818.8pts, 721.3pts Boomerang GTO 2
76Morgan BOCHATON2627.8240.3pts, 252.1pts, 512.8pts, 830.5pts, 792.1pts mantra 6
77Yoann COSSEC2582.2424.4pts, 684.5pts, 550.3pts, 820.8pts, 102.2pts mantra 6
78Pascal BAZILE2547.8657.5pts, 467.6pts, 319.4pts, 762.7pts, 340.6pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
79Sandy LAMBERT2406.4629.6pts, 255.9pts, 320.6pts, 722.8pts, 477.5pts Zeno 
80Claude LE-MELLEC2402.6624.5pts, 256.8pts, 381.5pts, 732.3pts, 407.5pts Zeno 
81NICOLAS BERNIER2323.8416.4pts, 463.1pts, 384.5pts, 757.4pts, 302.4pts Zeno 
82Patrick ROYER2309.7393.1pts, 610.1pts, 346.8pts, 633.9pts, 325.8pts Icepeak 7
83Francois BICHET2308.6446.1pts, 625.6pts, 196.2pts, 295.4pts, 745.3pts Icepeak 6
84Eric SAINTIN2283.6490.7pts, 575.0pts, 400.1pts, 642.5pts, 175.3pts Zeno 
85Dominique CRESPEL2227.2443.6pts, 281.8pts, 371.1pts, 731.0pts, 399.7pts Zeno 
86Eric DAIGREMONT2191.4244.3pts, 375.1pts, 725.3pts, 61.6pts, 785.1pts Boomerang 10
87Alexandre DAMIANO2075.2351.3pts, 390.8pts, 190.0pts, 734.2pts, 408.9pts Pure
88Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN2062.4647.7pts, 261.2pts, 378.8pts, 774.7pts Zeno 
89Nicolas FAVRE1967.2196.8pts, 384.1pts, 371.1pts, 723.0pts, 292.2pts Zeno 
90Jose ANSELMO1938.6629.1pts, 277.2pts, 318.2pts, 714.1pts Icepeak 7
91ALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS1916.4205.6pts, 271.7pts, 371.1pts, 691.4pts, 376.6pts Artik 4
92Jean-jacques LIVINEC1901.7776.0pts, 276.9pts, 715.9pts, 132.9pts Zeno 
93Yann KALISZCZAK1897.1199.8pts, 380.7pts, 313.2pts, 726.4pts, 277.0pts Trango X-Race
94Sylvain GATTINI1842767.1pts, 679.1pts, 395.8pts Zeno 
95Jocelyn TABOURDEAU1727.4896.5pts, 277.6pts, 203.3pts, 350.0pts Zeno 
95Murielle HIGELIN1726.8320.5pts, 217.1pts, 371.1pts, 537.9pts, 280.2pts Ikuma
97Guillaume RIBERY1725.8234.4pts, 382.8pts, 760.4pts, 348.2pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
98Sebastien TOURNAIRE1694.5196.1pts, 293.2pts, 373.4pts, 831.8pts Icepeak 6
99Hugo HERICHER1672.3191.1pts, 234.6pts, 256.1pts, 707.3pts, 283.2pts Peak 3
100R R1665.7194.2pts, 45.3pts, 371.1pts, 706.0pts, 349.1pts Alpina 2
101Antoine BERNIER1540106.7pts, 54.2pts, 315.5pts, 660.1pts, 403.5pts Delta 2
102Pierre LAURENS1521197.1pts, 738.3pts, 585.6pts mantra 6
103MARIE-CHRISTINE LABOURDETTE1519.8199.6pts, 219.0pts, 174.6pts, 538.3pts, 388.3pts CURE
104S A1495.6640.9pts, 653.8pts, 200.9pts mantra 6
105Patrice GUIEN1465.428.0pts, 34.8pts, 336.4pts, 726.9pts, 339.3pts Peak 3
106Jerome DELBECQUE1451.2232.1pts, 696.0pts, 326.8pts, 61.6pts, 134.7pts Enzo 2
107Jean-philippe BLAISE1433.7201.8pts, 240.5pts, 655.5pts, 335.9pts Delta 3
108Anouar OMARIMAR1424.2113.9pts, 166.0pts, 300.4pts, 712.9pts, 131.0pts Klimber
109Arnaud BEDOUELLE1402.928.0pts, 298.3pts, 179.3pts, 530.0pts, 367.3pts Peak 3
110Yann EMERY1399.5442.2pts, 767.2pts, 190.1pts King
111Jean louis ASENSIO1396.8449.3pts, 262.6pts, 269.6pts, 61.6pts, 353.7pts Icepeak 6
112Fabrice DENIS1348.2586.3pts, 41.9pts, 371.1pts, 61.6pts, 287.3pts Alpina 2
113Jessica CHASSAIN1323.528.0pts, 55.1pts, 236.4pts, 708.5pts, 295.5pts Peak 4
114Hugo ESPINASSE1312.8118.8pts, 380.5pts, 140.9pts, 538.8pts, 133.8pts Spice
115Ashami FARES1267.9439.2pts, 590.3pts, 238.4pts CURE
116Laurent MOUNOT1209.1118.8pts, 259.7pts, 84.5pts, 715.5pts, 30.6pts Venus 3
117SZILARD DORANTHUN1178.8187.8pts, 34.8pts, 179.6pts, 776.6pts Icepeak 6
118Marc NOSSIN899.4191.0pts, 261.9pts, 69.0pts, 377.5pts avax xc5
119Barbara FREDIERE82141.5pts, 246.5pts, 206.2pts, 326.8pts Colt xx
120YVAN WOLF796.4119.2pts, 34.8pts, 307.5pts, 334.9pts Icepeak 8
121Francois PERIE770138.0pts, 632.0pts Mantra 4
122Johann GORLIER431.428.0pts, 403.4pts GTO2 Large
123DANIEL LARUELLE2828.0pts mantra 6
124Charles REBORD2828.0pts Icepeak 6