Pré PWC Pays du Mont Blanc (10-13/05/18)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2020-08-22 to 2020-08-28 : La Trans'Alps / Itinérant dans les Alpes
2020-11-01 to 2020-11-07 : French Open 2020 - Saint-Leu - Reunion Island
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Welcome to the official 2018 Pre-PWC Mont-Blanc page

Here you will find all needed informations to register and participate





  • 15 places available for non FFVL pilots

  • Entry fee is 120€

  • Level requirement : being among the 1000 first WPRS (current or past WPRS)

  • Registration is only on FFVL website

  • First you have to fill the registration form

  • Then you appear in the registration list


  • TMP means you are not already selected
  • SELECTED (selectionné mais pas confirme) means you can pay by bank transfert to confirm your participation
  • CONFIRME means we receiced your payement and you are in










The Head Quarter will be at Mountain Store Quechua

    Participation du Pôle France Parapente




    competition files 

    Download turnpoint file (KML) (OZI)
    Download Airspace file (OpenAir)



    Date and place

    2018 Pre World Cup - Pays du Mont-Blanc

    10 to 13 of May



    • Wednesday 9 : beggining of registrations from 5:00 pm to 8.00 pm
    •  Thursday 10 : Day off        
    • Thursday 10: Registrations from 5:00 to 8:00 pm / SECURITY BRIEFING 8:00 pm MANDATORY PRESENCE
    • Friday 11 : Breakfast at 8:30 am and Briefing at 9:00 am
    • Saturday 12 : Breakfast at 8:30 am and Briefing at 9:00 am / Barbecue party at evening
    • Sunday13 : Breakfast at 8:30 am and Briefing at 9:00 am / Prize giving Ceremony : as soon as possible

    Flying sites

    Plaine Joux (Passy)




      results on FFVL website

      results on airtribune website

      Pre PWC Pays du Mont-Blanc qualify for PWC

      CIVL Cat2 event



      85 pilotes participants
      1Jacques FOURNIER1932986.2pts (1er), 946.1pts (11ème)Enzo 3K
      2Clement LATOUR1900900.3pts (11ème), 1000pts (1er)Enzo 3K
      3Julien WIRTZ1892923pts (3ème), 968.7pts (4ème)Enzo 3K
      4Martin REBORD1885898.4pts (14ème), 986.3pts (2ème)Boomerang 11K
      5Charles CAZAUX1872919.8pts (6ème), 952.3pts (5ème)Enzo 3K
      6Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD1871922.8pts (4ème), 947.8pts (9ème)Enzo 3K
      7Stephen SCHAPMAN1868889.2pts (24ème), 979.2pts (3ème)Enzo 3K
      8Simon METTETAL1867915.8pts (9ème), 950.7pts (7ème)Enzo 3K
      9Max JEANPIERRE1860917pts (8ème), 943.2pts (15ème)Boomerang 10K
      9Seiko FUKUOKA1860924pts (2ème), 936.2pts (18ème)Enzo 3K
      11Maxime PINOT1855919.7pts (7ème), 935.6pts (19ème)Boomerang 11K
      12Laurie GENOVESE1848920.8pts (5ème), 926.7pts (25ème)Enzo 3K
      13Yoann CHAVANNE1846896.3pts (17ème), 950pts (8ème)Boomerang 11K
      14Lois GOUTAGNY1845893.5pts (21ème), 951.9pts (6ème)Enzo 3K
      15Thomas GURY1844898.3pts (15ème), 946.1pts (12ème)Enzo 3K
      16Arnaud BEUGNETTE1841896.9pts (16ème), 944.4pts (14ème)Enzo 3K
      16Meryl DELFERRIERE1841894pts (20ème), 947.1pts (10ème)Enzo 3K
      18Tim ROCHAS1832899.3pts (12ème), 933.1pts (22ème)Enzo 3K
      19Manuel LALY1831890pts (23ème), 940.6pts (16ème)Enzo 3K
      19STEPHEN GICHUKI1831896.2pts (18ème), 934.6pts (21ème)Enzo 3K
      21ARNAUD SECHER1826902.6pts (10ème), 922.9pts (26ème)Boomerang 11K
      21Franck PERRING1826899.2pts (13ème), 927pts (24ème)Enzo 3K
      23TEO BOUVARD1825886pts (28ème), 938.6pts (17ème)Enzo 3K
      24Cyrille MARCK1820884.8pts (29ème), 934.9pts (20ème)Enzo 3K
      25Thibaut LAVOLE1812894.1pts (19ème), 917.6pts (30ème)Enzo 2K
      26Jerome HULIN1809887.4pts (26ème), 921.7pts (27ème)Enzo 2K
      27Manuel BRECHIGNAC1808881.4pts (32ème), 927pts (23ème)Boomerang 11K
      28Remi BOURDELLE1805886.2pts (27ème), 918.8pts (28ème)Enzo 3K
      29Bastien DE LUCA1803884.5pts (30ème), 918.7pts (29ème)Boomerang 11K
      30Simon PELLISSIER1789884.5pts (31ème), 904.7pts (33ème)Enzo 3K
      31Remi MONTGINOT1773888.6pts (25ème), 884.6pts (41ème)Enzo 3K
      32Olivier HENRY1750877.3pts (33ème), 872.9pts (42ème)Enzo 3K
      33Jules CROIBIER1730812.9pts (36ème), 916.7pts (31ème)Boomerang 11K
      34Thibaut VARGAS1717827.5pts (34ème), 889.7pts (40ème)Zeno D
      35Samuel AVENNE1714890.4pts (22ème), 823.4pts (46ème)Peak 4D
      36Erwan DIDRICHE1620818.5pts (35ème), 801.7pts (51ème)XCracerD
      37Gerard CHONG1607715.7pts (39ème), 891.2pts (39ème)Zeno D
      38Pawel CHRZASZCZPOL1605697.9pts (40ème), 906.8pts (32ème)Zeno D
      40Michael VON WACHTER1566671.9pts (44ème), 894.3pts (37ème)Enzo 1K
      41Jose FERREIRA1519614.9pts (51ème), 903.9pts (34ème)Enzo 3K
      42Andy TALLIA1518673.1pts (43ème), 845.3pts (44ème)Zeno D
      43Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN1517722.2pts (38ème), 794.6pts (52ème)Zeno D
      44Ludovic MAITRE1504659pts (49ème), 844.7pts (45ème)Enzo 2K
      45Maxime KUSTER1498808.4pts (37ème), 689.5pts (69ème)Cayenne 5C
      46Eric SAINTIN1495680.4pts (42ème), 814.9pts (49ème)Zeno D
      47Martin VERNEREY1482692.4pts (41ème), 789.4pts (54ème)Wild 23D
      48Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ1458557pts (61ème), 901pts (36ème)Enzo 1K
      49Sylvain BOBO1455661.6pts (48ème), 793.7pts (53ème)Zeno D
      50Martin BEAUJOUAN1409594.6pts (52ème), 814pts (50ème)Enzo 3K
      51Cyril LAMBERT1397578.9pts (54ème), 817.8pts (48ème)Enzo 3K
      52Pascal BERNHARD1368624.6pts (50ème), 743.6pts (58ème)Zeno D
      53Frederic ABADIE1360665pts (46ème), 695.3pts (66ème)mantra 6D
      54ROLAND FREYCON1345557.6pts (59ème), 787.4pts (55ème)Enzo 2K
      55Etienne COUPEZLUX1342557.9pts (57ème), 783.9pts (56ème)Enzo 3K
      56Nicolas FAVRE1333662.8pts (47ème), 670.5pts (73ème)Zeno D
      57Nicolas DINH1285586.1pts (53ème), 698.4pts (65ème)Delta 3C
      58Arnaud BEDOUELLE1260557pts (60ème), 703pts (63ème)Zeno D
      59Claude LE-MELLEC1238567.3pts (56ème), 671.1pts (72ème)Zeno D
      60Marin DESCARREGA1192484.5pts (66ème), 707.4pts (62ème)Omega XAlpsD
      61Julien HUGUES-DIT-CILES1191497.2pts (63ème), 693.6pts (67ème)KingD
      62Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN1188496.4pts (64ème), 691.2pts (68ème)Zeno D
      63E P1184495.4pts (65ème), 688.7pts (70ème)Enzo 3K
      64Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE1160391.1pts (67ème), 769.3pts (57ème)Zeno D
      65Pierre LAURENS1154557.8pts (58ème), 596.5pts (76ème)Zeno D
      66Flavio FUNIATI1073127.9pts (75ème), 945.4pts (13ème)Enzo 3K
      67Jocelyn TABOURDEAU1036180pts (73ème), 856.2pts (43ème)Zeno D
      68Jean-yves SEVENO981242pts (68ème), 738.5pts (59ème)Enzo 3K
      69Valentin NURY92634.8pts (82ème), 891.6pts (38ème)Enzo 3K
      70Lucien PELEN924222.9pts (69ème), 701.4pts (64ème)mantra 6D
      71YOANN DE PETRIS898162.4pts (74ème), 735.1pts (60ème)KingD
      72Thomas DINH884202pts (71ème), 682.3pts (71ème)Zeno D
      73Jerome DELBECQUE84525.5pts (85ème), 819.8pts (47ème)Enzo 2K
      74NICOLAS BERNIER77865.6pts (78ème), 712.5pts (61ème)Zeno D
      75Dominique CRESPEL759568pts (55ème), 190.5pts (83ème)Zeno D
      76Abderazac NAFA686549.8pts (62ème), 136.5pts (85ème)Usport 2D
      77Alexandre DAMIANO66658.8pts (80ème), 607.1pts (75ème)HeroD
      78Francois BICHET613612.6pts (74ème)Zeno D
      79Alexandre LHUILLIER550102.9pts (77ème), 446.6pts (77ème)Icepeak 6K
      80Maud BIDAUD542181.2pts (72ème), 361pts (81ème)Delta 3C
      81Laureen LEEMANS465103.4pts (76ème), 361.3pts (80ème)TASKAC
      82Patrice GUIEN43234.8pts (84ème), 397.5pts (78ème)Peak 3D
      83G D41534.8pts (83ème), 380.4pts (79ème)Sigma 10C
      84Johann GORLIER40060.3pts (79ème), 339.2pts (82ème)GTO2 LargeC
      85Matthieu MELLET260220.6pts (70ème), 39.7pts (86ème)Delta 3C
      86Sandy LAMBERT22958.7pts (81ème), 170.7pts (84ème)Zeno D
      manche 1
      manche 3022 validée le 9 octobre 18
      lieu : Passy
      Course au But
      date : 11/05/2018
      distance optimisee : 103.886 km

      Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
      10Jacques FOURNIER103.9 km4h07mn26s25.2 km/h986.2986.2106.0Enzo 3K
      20Seiko FUKUOKA100.4 km924924.0103.0Enzo 3K
      30Julien WIRTZ100.5 km923923.0102.4Enzo 3K
      40Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD100.8 km922.8922.8102.0Enzo 3K
      50Laurie GENOVESE100.3 km920.8920.8101.0Enzo 3K
      60Charles CAZAUX100.3 km919.8919.899.8Enzo 3K
      70Maxime PINOT100.3 km919.7919.799.0Boomerang 11K
      80Max JEANPIERRE100.3 km917917.098.0Boomerang 10K
      90Simon METTETAL100.2 km915.8915.897.0Enzo 3K
      100ARNAUD SECHER99.8 km902.6902.696.0Boomerang 11K
      110Clement LATOUR100.4 km900.3900.395.3Enzo 3K
      120Tim ROCHAS100.3 km899.3899.394.6Enzo 3K
      130Franck PERRING100.4 km899.2899.294.0Enzo 3K
      140Martin REBORD100.3 km898.4898.493.0Boomerang 11K
      150Thomas GURY100.1 km898.3898.392.0Enzo 3K
      160Arnaud BEUGNETTE100.2 km896.9896.992.0Enzo 3K
      170Yoann CHAVANNE100.3 km896.3896.391.0Boomerang 11K
      180STEPHEN GICHUKI100.2 km896.2896.290.0Enzo 3K
      190Thibaut LAVOLE100.2 km894.1894.189.0Enzo 2K
      200Meryl DELFERRIERE100.2 km894894.088.6Enzo 3K
      210Lois GOUTAGNY100.1 km893.5893.587.9Enzo 3K
      220Samuel AVENNE100.9 km890.4890.487.0Peak 4D
      230Manuel LALY99.8 km890890.086.0Enzo 3K
      240Stephen SCHAPMAN100.2 km889.2889.286.0Enzo 3K
      250Remi MONTGINOT99.8 km888.6888.685.0Enzo 3K
      260Jerome HULIN99.9 km887.4887.484.3Enzo 2K
      270Remi BOURDELLE99.8 km886.2886.283.6Enzo 3K
      280TEO BOUVARD99.9 km886886.082.9Enzo 3K
      290Cyrille MARCK99.7 km884.8884.882.0Enzo 3K
      300Bastien DE LUCA99.8 km884.5884.580.9Boomerang 11K
      300Simon PELLISSIER99.7 km884.5884.580.9Enzo 3K
      320Manuel BRECHIGNAC100.1 km881.4881.480.3Boomerang 11K
      330Olivier HENRY99.8 km877.3877.379.7Enzo 3K
      340Thibaut VARGAS94.1 km827.5827.579.0Zeno D
      350Erwan DIDRICHE93.3 km818.5818.579.0XCracerD
      360Jules CROIBIER91.2 km812.9812.978.0Boomerang 11K
      370Maxime KUSTER92.9 km808.4808.478.0Cayenne 5C
      380Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN83.7 km722.2722.274Zeno D
      390Gerard CHONG79 km715.7715.773.0Zeno D
      400Pawel CHRZASZCZPOL76.8 km697.9697.972.0Zeno D
      410Martin VERNEREY78 km692.4692.471.0Wild 23D
      420Eric SAINTIN77.4 km680.4680.470.0Zeno D
      430Andy TALLIA76 km673.1673.170.0Zeno D
      440Michael VON WACHTER79 km671.9671.969.0Enzo 1K
      460Frederic ABADIE78.2 km665665.068.0mantra 6D
      470Nicolas FAVRE77.9 km662.8662.868.0Zeno D
      480Sylvain BOBO77.8 km661.6661.668.0Zeno D
      490Ludovic MAITRE77.5 km659659.067.0Enzo 2K
      500Pascal BERNHARD69.1 km624.6624.665.0Zeno D
      510Jose FERREIRA69.3 km614.9614.963.7Enzo 3K
      520Martin BEAUJOUAN66.6 km594.6594.662.0Enzo 3K
      530Nicolas DINH67.3 km586.1586.161.0Delta 3C
      540Cyril LAMBERT67.2 km578.9578.960.4Enzo 3K
      550Dominique CRESPEL66.8 km568568.059.0Zeno D
      560Claude LE-MELLEC66.7 km567.3567.359.0Zeno D
      570Etienne COUPEZLUX65.6 km557.9557.958.2Enzo 3K
      580Pierre LAURENS65.6 km557.8557.858.0Zeno D
      590ROLAND FREYCON65.4 km557.6557.658.0Enzo 2K
      600Arnaud BEDOUELLE65.5 km557557.058.0Zeno D
      600Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ65.5 km557557.057.7Enzo 1K
      620Abderazac NAFA64.7 km549.8549.857.0Usport 2D
      630Julien HUGUES-DIT-CILES58.5 km497.2497.252.0KingD
      640Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN58.4 km496.4496.452.0Zeno D
      650E P58.3 km495.4495.452Enzo 3K
      660Marin DESCARREGA57 km484.5484.551.0Omega XAlpsD
      670Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE46 km391.1391.141.7Zeno D
      680Jean-yves SEVENO28.5 km242242.025.9Enzo 3K
      690Lucien PELEN26.2 km222.9222.924.0mantra 6D
      700Matthieu MELLET25.9 km220.6220.624.0Delta 3C
      710Thomas DINH23.8 km202202.021.6Zeno D
      720Maud BIDAUD21.3 km181.2181.219.0Delta 3C
      730Jocelyn TABOURDEAU21.2 km180180.019.2Zeno D
      740YOANN DE PETRIS19.1 km162.4162.417.3KingD
      750Flavio FUNIATI15 km127.9127.913.6Enzo 3K
      760Laureen LEEMANS12.2 km103.4103.411TASKAC
      770Alexandre LHUILLIER12.1 km102.9102.910.9Icepeak 6K
      780NICOLAS BERNIER7.7 km65.665.66.9Zeno D
      790Johann GORLIER7.1 km60.360.36.4GTO2 LargeC
      800Alexandre DAMIANO6.9 km58.858.86.2HeroD
      810Sandy LAMBERT6.9 km58.758.76.2Zeno D
      820Valentin NURY4.1 km34.834.83.6Enzo 3K
      820G D4.1 km34.834.84.0Sigma 10C
      820Patrice GUIEN4.1 km34.834.83.6Peak 3D
      850Jerome DELBECQUE25.525.52.6Enzo 2K
      open0FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL57.2 km486.1486.150.7Enzo 3K
      open0ANASTASIIA ENGELSONRUS5.2 km4444.04.6LM6D
      open0KARLIEN ENGELENNLD4.1 km34.834.83.6Sigma 10C
      open0LODE SPRUYTBEL18.4 km156.6156.616.7Zeno D
      open0YAEL MARGELISCHCHE99 km878.6878.679Enzo 3K
      open0SERGEY LOKKRUS65.8 km559.9559.958Enzo 3K
      open0TUDOR DOROBANTUROU27.9 km237.6237.625.4KlimberD
      open0MARCHITAN OVIDIU-MIHAIROU26.1 km221.8221.823.7Delta 3C
      open0Antares HAZELTONIRL22.1 km187.6187.620Sigma  9C
      open0YURY MISHANINRUS89.9 km787.1787.175.9Enzo 3K
      open0NANDA WALLISERCHE99.6 km882.5882.580.2Zeno D
      open0YASSEN SAVOVBGR79.8 km719.7719.772.6Enzo 3K
      open0JOERI BALBEL68.5 km592.5592.561.2Zeno D
      open0HANSJORG WALLISERCHE65.5 km557.2557.257.3Boomerang 11K

      Manche 1

      • Lieu : Passy
      • Course au But
      • date : 11/05/2018
      • distance optimisee : 103.886 km


      • ouverture de fenetre : 11:00:00
      • Fermeture de fenetre : 17:00:00
      • Start : 13:30:00
      • fin de manche : 19:00:00


      BALISED01135DECO PLAINE JOUX4000.000
      STARTA03055ATERO PLAN DEAU30004.091
      BALISEA03055ATERO PLAN DEAU10006.091
      BALISEB01127LAC VERT150011.957
      BALISEB69158SUR LA POINTE600041.157
      BALISEB55192TETE DE TORRAZ900070.277
      BALISEB42104LA PRINCESSE100095.140
      BALISEB05162REFUGE DE VARAN1000101.211
      EOSSA02058ATERO MARLIOZ1000102.886
      GOALA02058ATERO MARLIOZ200103.886
      ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
      manche 2
      manche 3023 validée le 9 octobre 18
      lieu : PASSY
      Course au But
      date : 12/05/2018
      distance optimisee : 44.064 km

      Télécharger les traces pour Google Earth
      10Clement LATOUR44.1 km1h00mn39s43.6 km/h10001000.0106.0Enzo 3K
      20Martin REBORD44.1 km1h01mn21s43.1 km/h986.3986.3104.0Boomerang 11K
      30Stephen SCHAPMAN44.1 km1h01mn17s43.1 km/h979.2979.2103.0Enzo 3K
      40Julien WIRTZ44.1 km1h01mn40s42.9 km/h968.7968.7102.4Enzo 3K
      50Charles CAZAUX44.1 km1h02mn37s42.2 km/h952.3952.3101.2Enzo 3K
      60Lois GOUTAGNY44.1 km1h02mn42s42.2 km/h951.9951.9100.0Enzo 3K
      70Simon METTETAL44.1 km1h02mn58s42 km/h950.7950.799.0Enzo 3K
      80Yoann CHAVANNE44.1 km1h02mn37s42.2 km/h950950.098.0Boomerang 11K
      90Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD44.1 km1h02mn47s42.1 km/h947.8947.898.0Enzo 3K
      100Meryl DELFERRIERE44.1 km1h02mn54s42 km/h947.1947.196.8Enzo 3K
      110Jacques FOURNIER44.1 km1h03mn17s41.8 km/h946.1946.195Enzo 3K
      110Thomas GURY44.1 km1h02mn50s42.1 km/h946.1946.195.0Enzo 3K
      130Flavio FUNIATI44.1 km1h02mn53s42 km/h945.4945.494.0Enzo 3K
      140Arnaud BEUGNETTE44.1 km1h03mn20s41.7 km/h944.4944.493.0Enzo 3K
      150Max JEANPIERRE44.1 km1h03mn15s41.8 km/h943.2943.292.0Boomerang 10K
      160Manuel LALY44.1 km1h03mn43s41.5 km/h940.6940.692.0Enzo 3K
      170TEO BOUVARD44.1 km1h03mn29s41.6 km/h938.6938.690.8Enzo 3K
      180Seiko FUKUOKA44.1 km1h03mn42s41.5 km/h936.2936.290.0Enzo 3K
      190Maxime PINOT44.1 km1h03mn55s41.4 km/h935.6935.689.2Boomerang 11K
      200Cyrille MARCK44.1 km1h03mn47s41.5 km/h934.9934.988.0Enzo 3K
      210STEPHEN GICHUKI44.1 km1h03mn57s41.3 km/h934.6934.688.0Enzo 3K
      220Tim ROCHAS44.1 km1h03mn27s41.7 km/h933.1933.186.8Enzo 3K
      230Manuel BRECHIGNAC44.1 km1h04mn11s41.2 km/h927927.085.3Boomerang 11K
      230Franck PERRING44.1 km1h04mn09s41.2 km/h927927.085.3Enzo 3K
      250Laurie GENOVESE44.1 km1h04mn44s40.8 km/h926.7926.784.5Enzo 3K
      260ARNAUD SECHER44.1 km1h04mn40s40.9 km/h922.9922.984.0Boomerang 11K
      270Jerome HULIN44.1 km1h04mn57s40.7 km/h921.7921.783.1Enzo 2K
      280Remi BOURDELLE44.1 km1h04mn55s40.7 km/h918.8918.882.4Enzo 3K
      290Bastien DE LUCA44.1 km1h05mn09s40.6 km/h918.7918.781.7Boomerang 11K
      300Thibaut LAVOLE44.1 km1h04mn41s40.9 km/h917.6917.681.0Enzo 2K
      310Jules CROIBIER44.1 km1h04mn54s40.7 km/h916.7916.780.0Boomerang 11K
      320Pawel CHRZASZCZPOL44.1 km1h06mn08s40 km/h906.8906.880.0Zeno D
      330Simon PELLISSIER44.1 km1h06mn07s40 km/h904.7904.779.2Enzo 3K
      340Jose FERREIRA44.1 km1h05mn49s40.2 km/h903.9903.978.0Enzo 3K
      360Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ44.1 km1h06mn15s39.9 km/h901901.077.0Enzo 1K
      370Michael VON WACHTER44.1 km1h06mn37s39.7 km/h894.3894.377.0Enzo 1K
      380Valentin NURY44.1 km1h07mn06s39.4 km/h891.6891.676.0Enzo 3K
      390Gerard CHONG44.1 km1h07mn04s39.4 km/h891.2891.276.0Zeno D
      400Thibaut VARGAS44.1 km1h07mn43s39 km/h889.7889.775.0Zeno D
      410Remi MONTGINOT44.1 km1h07mn47s39 km/h884.6884.674.5Enzo 3K
      420Olivier HENRY44.1 km1h08mn23s38.7 km/h872.9872.974.4Enzo 3K
      430Jocelyn TABOURDEAU44.1 km1h11mn19s37.1 km/h856.2856.274.0Zeno D
      440Andy TALLIA44.1 km1h11mn35s36.9 km/h845.3845.374.0Zeno D
      450Ludovic MAITRE44.1 km1h11mn28s37 km/h844.7844.773.0Enzo 2K
      460Samuel AVENNE44.1 km1h13mn39s35.9 km/h823.4823.473.0Peak 4D
      470Jerome DELBECQUE44.1 km1h13mn01s36.2 km/h819.8819.873.0Enzo 2K
      480Cyril LAMBERT44.1 km1h13mn58s35.7 km/h817.8817.872.3Enzo 3K
      490Eric SAINTIN44.1 km1h13mn51s35.8 km/h814.9814.972.0Zeno D
      500Martin BEAUJOUAN44.1 km1h15mn13s35.1 km/h814814.071.0Enzo 3K
      510Erwan DIDRICHE44.1 km1h15mn31s35 km/h801.7801.771.0XCracerD
      520Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN44.1 km1h16mn22s34.6 km/h794.6794.670.7Zeno D
      530Sylvain BOBO44.1 km1h15mn50s34.9 km/h793.7793.770.0Zeno D
      540Martin VERNEREY44.1 km1h16mn13s34.7 km/h789.4789.470.0Wild 23D
      550ROLAND FREYCON44.1 km1h17mn39s34 km/h787.4787.469.0Enzo 2K
      560Etienne COUPEZLUX44.1 km1h16mn47s34.4 km/h783.9783.969.1Enzo 3K
      570Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE44.1 km1h17mn53s33.9 km/h769.3769.369.0Zeno D
      580Pascal BERNHARD44.1 km1h21mn31s32.4 km/h743.6743.668.0Zeno D
      590Jean-yves SEVENO44.1 km1h20mn52s32.7 km/h738.5738.568.0Enzo 3K
      600YOANN DE PETRIS44.1 km1h21mn54s32.3 km/h735.1735.167.0KingD
      610NICOLAS BERNIER44.1 km1h22mn49s31.9 km/h712.5712.566.0Zeno D
      620Marin DESCARREGA44.1 km1h23mn41s31.6 km/h707.4707.466.0Omega XAlpsD
      630Arnaud BEDOUELLE44.1 km1h24mn13s31.4 km/h703703.066.0Zeno D
      640Lucien PELEN44.1 km1h24mn50s31.2 km/h701.4701.465.0mantra 6D
      650Nicolas DINH44.1 km1h24mn52s31.2 km/h698.4698.465.0Delta 3C
      660Frederic ABADIE44.1 km1h24mn45s31.2 km/h695.3695.365.0mantra 6D
      670Julien HUGUES-DIT-CILES44.1 km1h24mn38s31.2 km/h693.6693.664.0KingD
      680Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN44.1 km1h25mn35s30.9 km/h691.2691.264.0Zeno D
      690Maxime KUSTER44.1 km1h26mn05s30.7 km/h689.5689.564.0Cayenne 5C
      700E P44.1 km1h26mn06s30.7 km/h688.7688.763.0Enzo 3K
      710Thomas DINH44.1 km1h25mn38s30.9 km/h682.3682.363.0Zeno D
      720Claude LE-MELLEC44.1 km1h30mn23s29.3 km/h671.1671.162.0Zeno D
      730Nicolas FAVRE44.1 km1h28mn07s30 km/h670.5670.562.0Zeno D
      740Francois BICHET44.1 km1h33mn40s28.2 km/h612.6612.659.0Zeno D
      750Alexandre DAMIANO44.1 km1h33mn44s28.2 km/h607.1607.159.0HeroD
      760Pierre LAURENS44.1 km1h37mn48s27 km/h596.5596.558.0Zeno D
      770Alexandre LHUILLIER43.4 km446.6446.646.0Icepeak 6K
      780Patrice GUIEN42.9 km397.5397.541.0Peak 3D
      790G D44.1 km1h58mn58s22.2 km/h380.4380.440.0Sigma 10C
      800Laureen LEEMANS44.1 km2h08mn42s20.5 km/h361.3361.338.0TASKAC
      810Maud BIDAUD44.1 km2h20mn29s18.8 km/h361361.038.0Delta 3C
      820Johann GORLIER41.2 km339.2339.236.0GTO2 LargeC
      830Dominique CRESPEL23.3 km190.5190.520Zeno D
      840Sandy LAMBERT20.8 km170.7170.717.9Zeno D
      850Abderazac NAFA16.7 km136.5136.514.0Usport 2D
      860Matthieu MELLET4.8 km39.739.74.1Delta 3C
      open0FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL44.1 km1h13mn09s36.1 km/h827827.071.2Enzo 3K
      open0KARLIEN ENGELENNLD44.1 km1h41mn54s25.9 km/h534.5534.552.8Sigma 10C
      open0LODE SPRUYTBEL44.1 km1h12mn58s36.2 km/h829.8829.871.7Zeno D
      open0YAEL MARGELISCHCHE44.1 km1h03mn37s41.6 km/h940940.090Enzo 3K
      open0SERGEY LOKKRUS44.1 km1h22mn41s32 km/h706.8706.863.8Enzo 3K
      open0TUDOR DOROBANTUROU44.1 km1h24mn54s31.1 km/h701.1701.162.7KlimberD
      open0MARCHITAN OVIDIU-MIHAIROU44.1 km1h24mn43s31.2 km/h704.5704.563.5Delta 3C
      open0Antares HAZELTONIRL44.1 km1h28mn12s30 km/h659.5659.559.5Sigma  9C
      open0YURY MISHANINRUS44.1 km1h08mn24s38.7 km/h872.7872.773.1Enzo 3K
      open0NANDA WALLISERCHE44.1 km1h12mn16s36.6 km/h837.8837.872Zeno D
      open0YASSEN SAVOVBGR44.1 km1h01mn25s43 km/h978.6978.6102.5Enzo 3K
      open0JOERI BALBEL44.1 km1h14mn44s35.4 km/h813.3813.368.6Zeno D
      open0HANSJORG WALLISERCHE44.1 km1h15mn10s35.2 km/h808.5808.568.3Boomerang 11K

      Manche 2

      • Lieu : PASSY
      • Course au But
      • date : 12/05/2018
      • distance optimisee : 44.064 km


      • ouverture de fenetre : 11:45:00
      • Fermeture de fenetre : 14:00:00
      • Start : 13:00:00
      • fin de manche : 18:00:00


      BALISED01135DECO PLAINE JOUX10000.000
      STARTB35165CROIX TETE NOIRE50007.805
      BALISEB10096LE MONT40017.077
      BALISEB22225LA CROIX DE FER170023.894
      BALISEB07173TETE NOIRE150031.129
      BALISEB01127LAC VERT40034.055
      BALISEA03055ATERO PLAN DEAU40041.202
      EOSSA02058ATERO MARLIOZ200042.064
      GOALA02058ATERO MARLIOZ20044.064
      ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
      gen. Open
      place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
      1Jacques FOURNIER1932.3986.2pts, 946.1pts Enzo 3
      2Clement LATOUR1900.3900.3pts, 1000.0pts Enzo 3
      3Julien WIRTZ1891.7923.0pts, 968.7pts Enzo 3
      4Martin REBORD1884.7898.4pts, 986.3pts Boomerang 11
      5Charles CAZAUX1872.1919.8pts, 952.3pts Enzo 3
      6Tanguy RENAUD-GOUD1870.6922.8pts, 947.8pts Enzo 3
      7Stephen SCHAPMAN1868.4889.2pts, 979.2pts Enzo 3
      8Simon METTETAL1866.5915.8pts, 950.7pts Enzo 3
      9Max JEANPIERRE1860.2917.0pts, 943.2pts Boomerang 10
      9Seiko FUKUOKA1860.2924.0pts, 936.2pts Enzo 3
      11Maxime PINOT1855.3919.7pts, 935.6pts Boomerang 11
      12Laurie GENOVESE1847.5920.8pts, 926.7pts Enzo 3
      13Yoann CHAVANNE1846.3896.3pts, 950.0pts Boomerang 11
      14Lois GOUTAGNY1845.4893.5pts, 951.9pts Enzo 3
      15Thomas GURY1844.4898.3pts, 946.1pts Enzo 3
      16Arnaud BEUGNETTE1841.3896.9pts, 944.4pts Enzo 3
      16Meryl DELFERRIERE1841.1894.0pts, 947.1pts Enzo 3
      18Tim ROCHAS1832.4899.3pts, 933.1pts Enzo 3
      19STEPHEN GICHUKI1830.8896.2pts, 934.6pts Enzo 3
      19Manuel LALY1830.6890.0pts, 940.6pts Enzo 3
      21Franck PERRING1826.2899.2pts, 927.0pts Enzo 3
      21ARNAUD SECHER1825.5902.6pts, 922.9pts Boomerang 11
      23TEO BOUVARD1824.6886.0pts, 938.6pts Enzo 3
      24Cyrille MARCK1819.7884.8pts, 934.9pts Enzo 3
      25YAEL MARGELISCHCHE1818.6878.6pts, 940.0pts Enzo 3
      26Thibaut LAVOLE1811.7894.1pts, 917.6pts Enzo 2
      27Jerome HULIN1809.1887.4pts, 921.7pts Enzo 2
      28Manuel BRECHIGNAC1808.4881.4pts, 927.0pts Boomerang 11
      29Remi BOURDELLE1805886.2pts, 918.8pts Enzo 3
      30Bastien DE LUCA1803.2884.5pts, 918.7pts Boomerang 11
      31Simon PELLISSIER1789.2884.5pts, 904.7pts Enzo 3
      32Remi MONTGINOT1773.2888.6pts, 884.6pts Enzo 3
      33Olivier HENRY1750.2877.3pts, 872.9pts Enzo 3
      34Jules CROIBIER1729.6812.9pts, 916.7pts Boomerang 11
      35NANDA WALLISERCHE1720.3882.5pts, 837.8pts Zeno 
      36Thibaut VARGAS1717.2827.5pts, 889.7pts Zeno 
      37Samuel AVENNE1713.8890.4pts, 823.4pts Peak 4
      38YASSEN SAVOVBGR1698.3719.7pts, 978.6pts Enzo 3
      39YURY MISHANINRUS1659.8787.1pts, 872.7pts Enzo 3
      40Erwan DIDRICHE1620.2818.5pts, 801.7pts XCracer
      41Gerard CHONG1606.9715.7pts, 891.2pts Zeno 
      42Pawel CHRZASZCZPOL1604.7697.9pts, 906.8pts Zeno 
      43Michael VON WACHTER1566.2671.9pts, 894.3pts Enzo 1
      44Jose FERREIRA1518.8614.9pts, 903.9pts Enzo 3
      45Andy TALLIA1518.4673.1pts, 845.3pts Zeno 
      46Benedicte SAURY-JOURDAIN1516.8722.2pts, 794.6pts Zeno 
      47Ludovic MAITRE1503.7659.0pts, 844.7pts Enzo 2
      48Maxime KUSTER1497.9808.4pts, 689.5pts Cayenne 5
      49Eric SAINTIN1495.3680.4pts, 814.9pts Zeno 
      50Martin VERNEREY1481.8692.4pts, 789.4pts Wild 23
      51Dominique PELLET-JAMBAZ1458557.0pts, 901.0pts Enzo 1
      52Sylvain BOBO1455.3661.6pts, 793.7pts Zeno 
      53Martin BEAUJOUAN1408.6594.6pts, 814.0pts Enzo 3
      54JOERI BALBEL1405.8592.5pts, 813.3pts Zeno 
      55Cyril LAMBERT1396.7578.9pts, 817.8pts Enzo 3
      56Pascal BERNHARD1368.2624.6pts, 743.6pts Zeno 
      57HANSJORG WALLISERCHE1365.7557.2pts, 808.5pts Boomerang 11
      58Frederic ABADIE1360.3665.0pts, 695.3pts mantra 6
      59ROLAND FREYCON1345557.6pts, 787.4pts Enzo 2
      60Etienne COUPEZLUX1341.8557.9pts, 783.9pts Enzo 3
      61Nicolas FAVRE1333.3662.8pts, 670.5pts Zeno 
      62FRANCIS DE BRUYNBEL1313.1486.1pts, 827.0pts Enzo 3
      63Nicolas DINH1284.5586.1pts, 698.4pts Delta 3
      64SERGEY LOKKRUS1266.7559.9pts, 706.8pts Enzo 3
      65Arnaud BEDOUELLE1260557.0pts, 703.0pts Zeno 
      66Claude LE-MELLEC1238.4567.3pts, 671.1pts Zeno 
      67Marin DESCARREGA1191.9484.5pts, 707.4pts Omega XAlps
      68Julien HUGUES-DIT-CILES1190.8497.2pts, 693.6pts King
      69Abdel-hafize ALI-HASSAN1187.6496.4pts, 691.2pts Zeno 
      70E P1184.1495.4pts, 688.7pts Enzo 3
      71Didier DE-SAINT-ETIENNE1160.4391.1pts, 769.3pts Zeno 
      72Pierre LAURENS1154.3557.8pts, 596.5pts Zeno 
      73Flavio FUNIATI1073.3127.9pts, 945.4pts Enzo 3
      74Jocelyn TABOURDEAU1036.2180.0pts, 856.2pts Zeno 
      75LODE SPRUYTBEL986.4156.6pts, 829.8pts Zeno 
      76Jean-yves SEVENO980.5242.0pts, 738.5pts Enzo 3
      77TUDOR DOROBANTUROU938.7237.6pts, 701.1pts Klimber
      78Valentin NURY926.434.8pts, 891.6pts Enzo 3
      78MARCHITAN OVIDIU-MIHAIROU926.3221.8pts, 704.5pts Delta 3
      80Lucien PELEN924.3222.9pts, 701.4pts mantra 6
      81YOANN DE PETRIS897.5162.4pts, 735.1pts King
      82Thomas DINH884.3202.0pts, 682.3pts Zeno 
      83Antares HAZELTONIRL847.1187.6pts, 659.5pts Sigma  9
      84Jerome DELBECQUE845.325.5pts, 819.8pts Enzo 2
      85NICOLAS BERNIER778.165.6pts, 712.5pts Zeno 
      86Dominique CRESPEL758.5568.0pts, 190.5pts Zeno 
      87Abderazac NAFA686.3549.8pts, 136.5pts Usport 2
      88Alexandre DAMIANO665.958.8pts, 607.1pts Hero
      89Francois BICHET612.6612.6pts Zeno 
      90KARLIEN ENGELENNLD569.334.8pts, 534.5pts Sigma 10
      91Alexandre LHUILLIER549.5102.9pts, 446.6pts Icepeak 6
      92Maud BIDAUD542.2181.2pts, 361.0pts Delta 3
      93Laureen LEEMANS464.7103.4pts, 361.3pts TASKA
      94Patrice GUIEN432.334.8pts, 397.5pts Peak 3
      95G D415.234.8pts, 380.4pts Sigma 10
      96Johann GORLIER399.560.3pts, 339.2pts GTO2 Large
      97Matthieu MELLET260.3220.6pts, 39.7pts Delta 3
      98Sandy LAMBERT229.458.7pts, 170.7pts Zeno