French Open 2019 - Le grand Bornand (8-14/07/19)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2021-09-19 to 2021-09-25 : French Open Gourdon

Hi the pre-registration are NOW CLOSED
Selection where set 2 month before the competition


For level and security reason foreigner pilots has to be ranked among the 1500 first at WPRS to be selected
The 10 best foreigner pilots ranked among the 100 best WPRS are invited (they have to pay to get in but will be refund after the comp)
The French Open will be livetracked on airtribune, Trackers will be granted to you during the comp. Its mandatory to use those trakers as we use the log to make results

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Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI
Statut : Resultats officiels

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Welcome to the official 2019 distance French Open page

Bienvenue sur la page du Championnat de France de parapente de distance

This year the french open takes place in le Grand Bornand / Haute-Savoie (74)


Dimanche 14:00

La dernière manche a eu lieu au Grand Bornand
Honorin Hamard et Seiko Fukuoka ont controlé leur poursuivant pour s'assurer la victoire dans une manche rapide au coeur du Massif des Bornes



Provisional performances (time, distance)

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+33 6 51 07 96 78
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OpenAir file

OpenAir file sans LTA Aravis (class E)





Winners of the 2019 French Open (among all pilots)

Male podium
1 - Honorin HAMARD
2 - Luc ARMAND
     3 - Julien WIRTZ


Women podium
1 - Seiko FUKUOKA
               2 - Meryl DELFEYRRIERE
               3 - Nanda WALLISER



Podiums du Championnats de France (pilotes FFVL)

1 - Honorin HAMARD
2 - Luc ARMAND
    3 - Julien WIRTZ


1 - Seiko FUKUOKA
               2 - Meryl DELFEYRRIERE
                  3 - Constance METTETAL


Sport Hommes
1 - Maxime KUSTER
2 - Robin GUDEFIN
3 - Valentin GILET


Sport Femmes
1 - Constance METTETAL
2 - Prune DELARIS
   3 - Maud BIDAUD



French Open qualify for PWC

CIVL Cat2 event




Date and place

2019 French Open will take place from 8th July to 14th July in Grand-Bornand (Haute-Savoie)



  • Monday 8 : registration
  • Tuesday 9 : Task
  • Wednesday 10 : Task
  • Friday 11 : Task
  • Thursday 12 : Task
  • Saturday 13 : Task
  • Sunday 14 : Task and prize giving ceremony

Flying sites

  • Lachat du Grand Bornand
  • Annecy



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gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1HONORIN HAMARD3938.8977.0pts, 995.8pts, 979.7pts, 986.3pts Enzo 3
2LUC ARMANT3879.9966.8pts, 982.1pts, 951.2pts, 979.8pts Enzo 3
3JULIEN WIRTZ3874.2967.2pts, 978.5pts, 937.8pts, 990.7pts Enzo 3
4SEIKO FUKUOKA3851.9977.0pts, 956.0pts, 931.7pts, 987.2pts Enzo 3
5BAPTISTE LAMBERT3846.4927.9pts, 982.3pts, 950.6pts, 985.6pts Enzo 3
6CRISTIAN DEACUROU3820.5925.8pts, 967.2pts, 934.3pts, 993.2pts Enzo 3
7ULRICH PRINZDEU3804.1973.9pts, 981.2pts, 855.0pts, 994.0pts Enzo 3
8MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN3798.2940.5pts, 970.1pts, 951.3pts, 936.3pts Enzo 3
9DAMIEN LACAZE3719.7918.4pts, 968.7pts, 964.6pts, 868.0pts Enzo 3
10MAX JEANPIERRE3685993.2pts, 966.6pts, 842.8pts, 882.4pts Enzo 3
11REMI BOURDELLE3681.7939.5pts, 942.9pts, 866.4pts, 932.9pts Enzo 3
12GILDAS BEN3621.1937.6pts, 954.8pts, 837.8pts, 890.9pts Enzo 3
13PIERRE REMY3603.3925.5pts, 1000.0pts, 817.4pts, 860.4pts Enzo 3
14MAXIME BELLEMIN3573.6932.3pts, 900.4pts, 806.9pts, 934.0pts Enzo 3
15SAMUEL AVENNE3566.4918.8pts, 961.8pts, 834.7pts, 851.1pts Icepeak Evox
16JEAN-MARC CARON3487.1676.9pts, 958.1pts, 941.0pts, 911.1pts Icepeak Evox
17CLEMENT LATOUR3465973.4pts, 975.6pts, 855.2pts, 660.8pts Enzo 3
18XAVIER LAPORTE3440.4937.5pts, 969.3pts, 794.6pts, 739.0pts Enzo 3
19DIDIER MATHURIN3406.8725.3pts, 898.9pts, 888.3pts, 894.3pts Enzo 3
20UWE TILLMANNDEU3378.8655.1pts, 930.0pts, 851.5pts, 942.2pts Enzo 3
21BENOIT PERRIN3362.5943.3pts, 946.1pts, 719.9pts, 753.2pts Boomerang 11
22MARTIN REBORD3359.1894.5pts, 955.8pts, 804.8pts, 704.0pts Boomerang 11
23MERYL DELFERRIERE3358.2491.7pts, 986.5pts, 938.1pts, 941.9pts Enzo 3
24MAXIME KUSTER3347.8779.0pts, 868.4pts, 824.2pts, 876.2pts Meru
25ARNAUD SECHER3346786.2pts, 948.7pts, 821.2pts, 789.9pts Boomerang 11
26ANDY TALLIA3327.2699.5pts, 887.4pts, 835.8pts, 904.5pts Enzo 3
27JULIEN MARION3300868.2pts, 780.5pts, 777.8pts, 873.5pts Enzo 3
28ROBIN GUDEFIN3280.3776.4pts, 914.1pts, 725.3pts, 864.5pts Zeno 
29GREGOIRE LOMBARDI3271.8722.3pts, 954.9pts, 833.8pts, 760.8pts Enzo 3
30JACQUES FOURNIER3254.2543.3pts, 949.0pts, 779.5pts, 982.4pts Enzo 3
31NICOLAS ROVIRA3248.6728.7pts, 908.2pts, 761.2pts, 850.5pts Enzo 3
32CEDRIC FECHOZ3243.7715.7pts, 972.6pts, 794.8pts, 760.6pts Boomerang 11
33ERWAN DIDRICHE3208.2680.9pts, 945.6pts, 807.3pts, 774.4pts Icepeak Evox
34MANUEL LALY3194717.0pts, 864.7pts, 838.2pts, 774.1pts Enzo 3
35ALEXANDRE JOFRESA3186922.9pts, 976.1pts, 955.3pts, 331.7pts Enzo 3
36EMMANUEL NICOLAS3166.1615.4pts, 887.3pts, 825.3pts, 838.1pts Enzo 3
37VALENTIN GILET3141.6715.2pts, 810.8pts, 832.0pts, 783.6pts Zeno 
38SIMON METTETAL3117.5734.4pts, 791.3pts, 753.6pts, 838.2pts Enzo 3
39FRANCOIS PERIE3046.4743.3pts, 733.7pts, 822.0pts, 747.4pts Zeno 
39DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ3045.8689.6pts, 846.6pts, 776.9pts, 732.7pts XCracer
41FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX3039586.7pts, 769.3pts, 746.2pts, 936.8pts Icepeak Evox
42NICOLAS MOUQUET3016.7671.1pts, 947.3pts, 469.6pts, 928.7pts Enzo 3
43LARS BUDACKDEU2963.6579.3pts, 764.2pts, 765.0pts, 855.1pts Zeno 
44LOIS GOUTAGNY2961.3667.3pts, 677.9pts, 786.8pts, 829.3pts Icepeak Evox
45NANDA WALLISERCHE2955.8736.3pts, 775.7pts, 822.7pts, 621.1pts Guru
46VALENTIN NURY2942.2424.9pts, 900.9pts, 860.3pts, 756.1pts Enzo 3
47ANDREW MCNICOLGBR2868.7543.8pts, 771.7pts, 849.5pts, 703.7pts Meru
48TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD2862144.7pts, 958.2pts, 815.9pts, 943.2pts Enzo 3
49YOANN CHAVANNE2808.9917.1pts, 956.7pts, 863.1pts, 72.0pts Boomerang 11
50FLORIN IFTINCANOR2768.9606.1pts, 763.3pts, 666.8pts, 732.7pts Mantra 7
51MARTIN PETZDEU2757.796.2pts, 857.7pts, 833.9pts, 969.9pts Spectra
52YOANN DE PETRIS2751.8315.7pts, 761.0pts, 812.5pts, 862.6pts XCracer
53IVAN HAAS2745.5101.3pts, 886.9pts, 898.4pts, 858.9pts Spectra
54FRANCOIS CORMIER2737.7670.7pts, 787.4pts, 300.3pts, 979.3pts Enzo 3
55STEPHANE BENOIT2727.2766.7pts, 934.1pts, 836.1pts, 190.3pts Enzo 3
56MATTHIAS KOTHEDEU2721.8655.5pts, 725.6pts, 623.5pts, 717.2pts Enzo 3
57YURY MISHANINRUS2720.7509.0pts, 727.8pts, 628.4pts, 855.5pts Zeno 
58JOERG EWALDCHE2699.9362.3pts, 746.4pts, 703.4pts, 887.8pts Enzo 3
59SIMON PELLISSIER2634687.7pts, 955.6pts, 805.3pts, 185.4pts Icepeak Evox
60REMI MONTGINOT2614.9739.7pts, 883.4pts, 797.7pts, 194.1pts Enzo 3
61FABIEN DOFFIN2585.2661.1pts, 776.5pts, 800.5pts, 347.1pts Enzo 3
62JOSE FERREIRA257993.5pts, 784.0pts, 831.4pts, 870.1pts Enzo 3
63CONSTANCE METTETAL2549.395.2pts, 769.3pts, 805.9pts, 878.9pts XCracer
64JULIEN FONTBONNE2508.7714.4pts, 762.2pts, 846.7pts, 185.4pts Icepeak Evox
65JEAN-PIERRE PHILIPPEDEU2485.648.7pts, 793.3pts, 695.5pts, 948.1pts Enzo 3
66ERIC DAIGREMONT2466.9651.9pts, 756.0pts, 867.2pts, 191.8pts Enzo 3
67YOURI PITTELOUDCHE2464.4360.4pts, 576.5pts, 669.3pts, 858.2pts Enzo 3
68FRANCOIS BICHET2410.6548.7pts, 388.3pts, 617.3pts, 856.3pts Zeno 
69SCOTT FEREMBACH2371.9689.4pts, 791.5pts, 891.0pts Enzo 2
70MARTIN VERNEREY2358.5623.2pts, 399.0pts, 594.9pts, 741.4pts Wild
71PIERRE LAURENS2335.8541.7pts, 566.6pts, 610.9pts, 616.6pts Zeno 
72SYLVAIN BOBO2327.692.1pts, 684.9pts, 755.6pts, 795.0pts XCracer
73MATTEO TERRIER2162.5362.2pts, 473.7pts, 626.6pts, 700.0pts Zeno 
74ANTOINE FANIN2052.5636.2pts, 608.5pts, 794.0pts, 13.8pts Icepeak Evox
75LEO HAMARD2004.4546.9pts, 774.7pts, 614.1pts, 68.7pts Enzo 3
76XAVIER GIRIN1981.841.0pts, 767.7pts, 612.9pts, 560.2pts XCracer
77TIM ROCHAS1952.886.7pts, 945.5pts, 823.0pts, 97.6pts Icepeak Evox
78CHARLES CAZAUX1931945.0pts, 19.3pts, 468.9pts, 497.8pts Enzo 3
79MARTIN BEAUJOUAN1928.1607.6pts, 751.2pts, 380.9pts, 188.4pts Zeno 
80E P1865.2515.3pts, 13.2pts, 644.7pts, 692.0pts Enzo 3
81DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE1817.8152.4pts, 761.1pts, 697.4pts, 206.9pts Guru
82ALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS1789.218.6pts, 755.9pts, 721.1pts, 293.6pts Zeno 
83YOSHIAKI HIROKAWAJPN1780.9100.2pts, 853.3pts, 827.4pts Zeno 
84JEAN-YVES SEVENO1699.1535.4pts, 432.8pts, 20.6pts, 710.3pts Enzo 3
85JOANNA DI GRIGOLIVEN1677350.3pts, 12.7pts, 612.6pts, 701.4pts Leopard
86ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN1665.825.4pts, 386.1pts, 653.1pts, 601.2pts Zeno 
87TIMOTHEE TERRASSON1642.3349.4pts, 315.5pts, 605.5pts, 371.9pts Zeno 
88ALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS1637.8370.5pts, 350.8pts, 308.2pts, 608.3pts CURE
89JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO1588.1354.4pts, 493.5pts, 650.5pts, 89.7pts Enzo 3
90XAVIER COLLET1559.4568.7pts, 496.6pts, 69.9pts, 424.2pts Zeno 
91NICOLAS FAVRE1544359.1pts, 343.2pts, 300.8pts, 540.9pts Zeno 
92TAM LUUTHO1522.8312.1pts, 305.1pts, 409.2pts, 496.4pts Zeno 
93ETIENNE COUPEZLUX1470.3110.0pts, 19.2pts, 685.0pts, 656.1pts Enzo 3
94HAGEN WALTERDEU1436.9350.1pts, 628.5pts, 458.3pts Enzo 3
95CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER1392.799.4pts, 306.5pts, 287.5pts, 699.3pts Zeno 
96PASCAL BARRE1365.3347.8pts, 300.7pts, 338.9pts, 377.9pts Peak 4
97YOSHIMI HATANAKAJPN1360.9111.9pts, 322.1pts, 374.6pts, 552.3pts Zeno 
98HANSJORG WALLISERCHE1323.4355.0pts, 126.2pts, 651.6pts, 190.6pts Guru
99MARIN DESCARREGA1315.489.0pts, 309.3pts, 286.9pts, 630.2pts Queen 2
100LUDOVIC MAITRE1305.999.9pts, 578.8pts, 613.4pts, 13.8pts Enzo 2
101L L1296.296.4pts, 588.2pts, 611.6pts Alpina 3 
102PATRICK ROYER1294.818.6pts, 502.6pts, 309.3pts, 464.3pts Zeno 
103TUDOR DOROBANTUROU1237.6535.6pts, 12.7pts, 474.5pts, 214.8pts Meru
104RENE PAULYDEU992.9364.0pts, 12.7pts, 371.7pts, 244.5pts Zeno 
105STEPHANE MEYTADIER975.318.6pts, 12.7pts, 361.8pts, 582.2pts Zeno 
106HERVE SMETEK971.2109.7pts, 236.3pts, 64.7pts, 560.5pts Zeno 
107GUILLAUME RIBERY937.724.7pts, 446.9pts, 284.6pts, 181.5pts Icepeak 7 Pro-Model
108NICOLAS DUPLAT93427.6pts, 301.1pts, 71.1pts, 534.2pts Peak 3
109FAHD CHERKAOUIMAR907.6102.5pts, 385.2pts, 149.4pts, 270.5pts Artik 5
110NICOLAS BERNIER893.3143.9pts, 20.2pts, 277.4pts, 451.8pts Zeno 
111PASCAL BERNHARD886.195.6pts, 769.0pts, 21.5pts Zeno 
112GERNOT SEITZCHE876.228.5pts, 363.9pts, 248.7pts, 235.1pts Enzo 3
113EVA KEIMNZL853.197.5pts, 290.0pts, 284.1pts, 181.5pts Bonanza 2
114VANJA EGGESVIKNOR724.1106.9pts, 217.6pts, 312.2pts, 87.4pts Mantra 7
115EMMA CASANOVAGBR689.693.4pts, 249.2pts, 347.0pts Zeno 
116PRUNE DELARIS675.7127.9pts, 149.2pts, 66.1pts, 332.5pts Zeno 
117ANTOINE BERNIER654.6106.2pts, 12.8pts, 353.5pts, 182.1pts CURE
118JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC633395.1pts, 26.2pts, 19.8pts, 191.9pts Zeno 
119LAURENT MOUNOT606127.4pts, 166.6pts, 278.6pts, 33.4pts Icepeak 8
120ABDERAZAC NAFA569.394.4pts, 21.0pts, 253.0pts, 200.9pts Usport 2
121ERIK KOLD BAKKEVIGNOR526.7105.7pts, 21.6pts, 209.1pts, 190.3pts Zeno 
122PATRICE GUIEN456.318.6pts, 12.7pts, 71.9pts, 353.1pts Peak 3
123MAUD BIDAUD440.6137.5pts, 54.6pts, 220.6pts, 27.9pts Delta 3
124FRANCIS GUGELMANN439.132.7pts, 291.0pts, 71.2pts, 44.2pts Delta 3
125FLAVIO FUNIATI255.2129.6pts, 125.6pts Icepeak Evox
126EDOUARD BARA211.9100.4pts, 12.7pts, 70.9pts, 27.9pts Zeno 
127DOMINIQUE CRESPEL152.6139.9pts, 12.7pts Zeno 
128STEPHANIE CONTE148.5127.9pts, 20.6pts Delta 3
129ERIC SAINTIN62.318.6pts, 22.3pts, 21.4pts Spectra
100 pilotes participants
1HONORIN HAMARD3939977pts (3ème), 995.8pts (2ème), 979.7pts (1er), 986.3pts (3ème)Enzo 3K
2LUC ARMANT3880966.8pts (6ème), 982.1pts (5ème), 951.2pts (5ème), 979.8pts (6ème)Enzo 3K
3JULIEN WIRTZ3874967.2pts (5ème), 978.5pts (6ème), 937.8pts (9ème), 990.7pts (1er)Enzo 3K
4SEIKO FUKUOKA3852977pts (2ème), 956pts (18ème), 931.7pts (10ème), 987.2pts (2ème)Enzo 3K
5BAPTISTE LAMBERT3846927.9pts (14ème), 982.3pts (4ème), 950.6pts (6ème), 985.6pts (4ème)Enzo 3K
6MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN3798940.5pts (9ème), 970.1pts (10ème), 951.3pts (4ème), 936.3pts (11ème)Enzo 3K
7DAMIEN LACAZE3720918.4pts (18ème), 968.7pts (12ème), 964.6pts (2ème), 868pts (25ème)Enzo 3K
8MAX JEANPIERRE3685993.2pts (1er), 966.6pts (13ème), 842.8pts (19ème), 882.4pts (20ème)Enzo 3K
9REMI BOURDELLE3682939.5pts (10ème), 942.9pts (29ème), 866.4pts (14ème), 932.9pts (13ème)Enzo 3K
10GILDAS BEN3621937.6pts (11ème), 954.8pts (22ème), 837.8pts (21ème), 890.9pts (19ème)Enzo 3K
11PIERRE REMY3603925.5pts (15ème), 1000pts (1er), 817.4pts (33ème), 860.4pts (28ème)Enzo 3K
12MAXIME BELLEMIN3574932.3pts (13ème), 900.4pts (34ème), 806.9pts (37ème), 934pts (12ème)Enzo 3K
13SAMUEL AVENNE3566918.8pts (17ème), 961.8pts (14ème), 834.7pts (24ème), 851.1pts (31ème)Icepeak EvoxK
14JEAN-MARC CARON3487676.9pts (41ème), 958.1pts (16ème), 941pts (7ème), 911.1pts (15ème)Icepeak EvoxK
15CLEMENT LATOUR3465973.4pts (4ème), 975.6pts (8ème), 855.2pts (17ème), 660.8pts (54ème)Enzo 3K
16XAVIER LAPORTE3440937.5pts (12ème), 969.3pts (11ème), 794.6pts (44ème), 739pts (47ème)Enzo 3K
17DIDIER MATHURIN3407725.3pts (30ème), 898.9pts (35ème), 888.3pts (12ème), 894.3pts (17ème)Enzo 3K
18BENOIT PERRIN3363943.3pts (8ème), 946.1pts (26ème), 719.9pts (55ème), 753.2pts (44ème)Boomerang 11K
19MARTIN REBORD3359894.5pts (20ème), 955.8pts (19ème), 804.8pts (40ème), 704pts (50ème)Boomerang 11K
20MERYL DELFERRIERE3358491.7pts (59ème), 986.5pts (3ème), 938.1pts (8ème), 941.9pts (9ème)Enzo 3K
21MAXIME KUSTER3348779pts (23ème), 868.4pts (40ème), 824.2pts (29ème), 876.2pts (22ème)MeruD
22ARNAUD SECHER3346786.2pts (22ème), 948.7pts (24ème), 821.2pts (32ème), 789.9pts (37ème)Boomerang 11K
23ANDY TALLIA3327699.5pts (36ème), 887.4pts (36ème), 835.8pts (23ème), 904.5pts (16ème)Enzo 3K
24JULIEN MARION3300868.2pts (21ème), 780.5pts (48ème), 777.8pts (48ème), 873.5pts (23ème)Enzo 3K
25ROBIN GUDEFIN3280776.4pts (24ème), 914.1pts (31ème), 725.3pts (54ème), 864.5pts (26ème)Zeno D
26GREGOIRE LOMBARDI3272722.3pts (31ème), 954.9pts (21ème), 833.8pts (25ème), 760.8pts (41ème)Enzo 3K
27JACQUES FOURNIER3254543.3pts (55ème), 949pts (23ème), 779.5pts (47ème), 982.4pts (5ème)Enzo 3K
28NICOLAS ROVIRA3249728.7pts (29ème), 908.2pts (32ème), 761.2pts (50ème), 850.5pts (32ème)Enzo 3K
29CEDRIC FECHOZ3244715.7pts (33ème), 972.6pts (9ème), 794.8pts (43ème), 760.6pts (42ème)Boomerang 11K
30ERWAN DIDRICHE3208680.9pts (40ème), 945.6pts (27ème), 807.3pts (36ème), 774.4pts (39ème)Icepeak EvoxK
31MANUEL LALY3194717pts (32ème), 864.7pts (41ème), 838.2pts (20ème), 774.1pts (40ème)Enzo 3K
32ALEXANDRE JOFRESA3186922.9pts (16ème), 976.1pts (7ème), 955.3pts (3ème), 331.7pts (74ème)Enzo 3K
33EMMANUEL NICOLAS3166615.4pts (49ème), 887.3pts (37ème), 825.3pts (28ème), 838.1pts (34ème)Enzo 3K
34VALENTIN GILET3142715.2pts (34ème), 810.8pts (43ème), 832pts (26ème), 783.6pts (38ème)Zeno D
35SIMON METTETAL3118734.4pts (28ème), 791.3pts (45ème), 753.6pts (52ème), 838.2pts (33ème)Enzo 3K
36FRANCOIS PERIE3046743.3pts (26ème), 733.7pts (60ème), 822pts (31ème), 747.4pts (45ème)Zeno D
36DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ3046689.6pts (37ème), 846.6pts (42ème), 776.9pts (49ème), 732.7pts (48ème)XCracerD
38FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX3039586.7pts (51ème), 769.3pts (51ème), 746.2pts (53ème), 936.8pts (10ème)Icepeak EvoxK
39NICOLAS MOUQUET3017671.1pts (42ème), 947.3pts (25ème), 469.6pts (69ème), 928.7pts (14ème)Enzo 3K
40LOIS GOUTAGNY2961667.3pts (44ème), 677.9pts (62ème), 786.8pts (46ème), 829.3pts (35ème)Icepeak EvoxK
41VALENTIN NURY2942424.9pts (60ème), 900.9pts (33ème), 860.3pts (16ème), 756.1pts (43ème)Enzo 3K
42TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD2862144.7pts (70ème), 958.2pts (15ème), 815.9pts (34ème), 943.2pts (8ème)Enzo 3K
43YOANN CHAVANNE2809917.1pts (19ème), 956.7pts (17ème), 863.1pts (15ème), 72pts (88ème)Boomerang 11K
44YOANN DE PETRIS2752315.7pts (67ème), 761pts (57ème), 812.5pts (35ème), 862.6pts (27ème)XCracerD
45IVAN HAAS2746101.3pts (80ème), 886.9pts (38ème), 898.4pts (11ème), 858.9pts (29ème)SpectraK
46FRANCOIS CORMIER2738670.7pts (43ème), 787.4pts (46ème), 300.3pts (78ème), 979.3pts (7ème)Enzo 3K
47STEPHANE BENOIT2727766.7pts (25ème), 934.1pts (30ème), 836.1pts (22ème), 190.3pts (80ème)Enzo 3K
48SIMON PELLISSIER2634687.7pts (39ème), 955.6pts (20ème), 805.3pts (39ème), 185.4pts (83ème)Icepeak EvoxK
49REMI MONTGINOT2615739.7pts (27ème), 883.4pts (39ème), 797.7pts (42ème), 194.1pts (77ème)Enzo 3K
50FABIEN DOFFIN2585661.1pts (45ème), 776.5pts (49ème), 800.5pts (41ème), 347.1pts (72ème)Enzo 3K
51JOSE FERREIRA257993.5pts (88ème), 784pts (47ème), 831.4pts (27ème), 870.1pts (24ème)Enzo 3K
52CONSTANCE METTETAL254995.2pts (86ème), 769.3pts (52ème), 805.9pts (38ème), 878.9pts (21ème)XCracerD
53JULIEN FONTBONNE2509714.4pts (35ème), 762.2pts (55ème), 846.7pts (18ème), 185.4pts (82ème)Icepeak EvoxK
54ERIC DAIGREMONT2467651.9pts (46ème), 756pts (58ème), 867.2pts (13ème), 191.8pts (79ème)Enzo 3K
55FRANCOIS BICHET2411548.7pts (53ème), 388.3pts (73ème), 617.3pts (61ème), 856.3pts (30ème)Zeno D
56SCOTT FEREMBACH2372689.4pts (38ème), 791.5pts (44ème), 891pts (18ème)Enzo 2K
57MARTIN VERNEREY2359623.2pts (48ème), 399pts (72ème), 594.9pts (67ème), 741.4pts (46ème)WildD
58PIERRE LAURENS2336541.7pts (56ème), 566.6pts (65ème), 610.9pts (65ème), 616.6pts (56ème)Zeno D
59SYLVAIN BOBO232892.1pts (89ème), 684.9pts (61ème), 755.6pts (51ème), 795pts (36ème)XCracerD
60MATTEO TERRIER2163362.2pts (62ème), 473.7pts (69ème), 626.6pts (60ème), 700pts (51ème)Zeno D
61ANTOINE FANIN2053636.2pts (47ème), 608.5pts (63ème), 794pts (45ème), 13.8pts (95ème)Icepeak EvoxK
62LEO HAMARD2004546.9pts (54ème), 774.7pts (50ème), 614.1pts (62ème), 68.7pts (89ème)Enzo 3K
63XAVIER GIRIN198241pts (92ème), 767.7pts (54ème), 612.9pts (64ème), 560.2pts (61ème)XCracerD
64TIM ROCHAS195386.7pts (91ème), 945.5pts (28ème), 823pts (30ème), 97.6pts (86ème)Icepeak EvoxK
65CHARLES CAZAUX1931945pts (7ème), 19.3pts (93ème), 468.9pts (70ème), 497.8pts (64ème)Enzo 3K
66MARTIN BEAUJOUAN1928607.6pts (50ème), 751.2pts (59ème), 380.9pts (72ème), 188.4pts (81ème)Zeno D
67E P1865515.3pts (58ème), 13.2pts (94ème), 644.7pts (59ème), 692pts (53ème)Enzo 3K
68DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE1818152.4pts (69ème), 761.1pts (56ème), 697.4pts (56ème), 206.9pts (75ème)GuruK
69JEAN-YVES SEVENO1699535.4pts (57ème), 432.8pts (71ème), 20.6pts (95ème), 710.3pts (49ème)Enzo 3K
70ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN166625.4pts (95ème), 386.1pts (74ème), 653.1pts (57ème), 601.2pts (58ème)Zeno D
71TIMOTHEE TERRASSON1642349.4pts (65ème), 315.5pts (76ème), 605.5pts (66ème), 371.9pts (70ème)Zeno D
72JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO1588354.4pts (64ème), 493.5pts (68ème), 650.5pts (58ème), 89.7pts (87ème)Enzo 3K
73XAVIER COLLET1559568.7pts (52ème), 496.6pts (67ème), 69.9pts (90ème), 424.2pts (68ème)Zeno D
74NICOLAS FAVRE1544359.1pts (63ème), 343.2pts (75ème), 300.8pts (77ème), 540.9pts (62ème)Zeno D
75TAM LUUTHO1523312.1pts (68ème), 305.1pts (79ème), 409.2pts (71ème), 496.4pts (65ème)Zeno D
76CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER139399.4pts (83ème), 306.5pts (78ème), 287.5pts (79ème), 699.3pts (52ème)Zeno D
77PASCAL BARRE1365347.8pts (66ème), 300.7pts (81ème), 338.9pts (75ème), 377.9pts (69ème)Peak 4D
78MARIN DESCARREGA131589pts (90ème), 309.3pts (77ème), 286.9pts (80ème), 630.2pts (55ème)Queen 2C
79LUDOVIC MAITRE130699.9pts (82ème), 578.8pts (64ème), 613.4pts (63ème), 13.8pts (94ème)Enzo 2K
80L L129696.4pts (84ème), 588.2pts (68ème), 611.6pts (57ème)Alpina 3 C
81PATRICK ROYER129518.6pts (99ème), 502.6pts (66ème), 309.3pts (76ème), 464.3pts (66ème)Zeno D
82STEPHANE MEYTADIER97518.6pts (97ème), 12.7pts (99ème), 361.8pts (73ème), 582.2pts (59ème)Zeno D
83HERVE SMETEK971109.7pts (78ème), 236.3pts (83ème), 64.7pts (92ème), 560.5pts (60ème)Zeno D
84GUILLAUME RIBERY93824.7pts (96ème), 446.9pts (70ème), 284.6pts (81ème), 181.5pts (85ème)Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
85NICOLAS DUPLAT93427.6pts (94ème), 301.1pts (80ème), 71.1pts (88ème), 534.2pts (63ème)Peak 3D
86NICOLAS BERNIER893143.9pts (71ème), 20.2pts (92ème), 277.4pts (83ème), 451.8pts (67ème)Zeno D
87PASCAL BERNHARD88695.6pts (85ème), 769pts (53ème), 21.5pts (93ème)Zeno D
88PRUNE DELARIS676127.9pts (76ème), 149.2pts (85ème), 66.1pts (91ème), 332.5pts (73ème)Zeno D
89ANTOINE BERNIER655106.2pts (79ème), 12.8pts (95ème), 353.5pts (74ème), 182.1pts (84ème)CUREC
90JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC633395.1pts (61ème), 26.2pts (88ème), 19.8pts (96ème), 191.9pts (78ème)Zeno D
91LAURENT MOUNOT606127.4pts (77ème), 166.6pts (84ème), 278.6pts (82ème), 33.4pts (91ème)Icepeak 8K
92ABDERAZAC NAFA56994.4pts (87ème), 21pts (90ème), 253pts (84ème), 200.9pts (76ème)Usport 2D
93PATRICE GUIEN45618.6pts (100ème), 12.7pts (98ème), 71.9pts (86ème), 353.1pts (71ème)Peak 3D
94MAUD BIDAUD441137.5pts (73ème), 54.6pts (87ème), 220.6pts (85ème), 27.9pts (93ème)Delta 3C
95FRANCIS GUGELMANN43932.7pts (93ème), 291pts (82ème), 71.2pts (87ème), 44.2pts (90ème)Delta 3C
96FLAVIO FUNIATI255129.6pts (74ème), 125.6pts (86ème)Icepeak EvoxK
97EDOUARD BARA212100.4pts (81ème), 12.7pts (97ème), 70.9pts (89ème), 27.9pts (92ème)Zeno D
98DOMINIQUE CRESPEL153139.9pts (72ème), 12.7pts (96ème)Zeno D
99STEPHANIE CONTE149127.9pts (75ème), 20.6pts (91ème)Delta 3C
100ERIC SAINTIN6218.6pts (98ème), 22.3pts (89ème), 21.4pts (94ème)SpectraK
manche 1
lieu : Grand Bornand
Course au But
date : 09/07/2019
distance optimisee : 79.304 km
manche 3251 validée le 3 septembre 19

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1MAX JEANPIERRE79.3 km2h21mn19s33.7 km/h993.2993.2107.7Enzo 3K
2SEIKO FUKUOKA79.3 km2h21mn57s33.5 km/h977977.0106.0Enzo 3K
2HONORIN HAMARD79.3 km2h20mn41s33.8 km/h977977.0106.1Enzo 3K
4CLEMENT LATOUR79.3 km2h22mn42s33.3 km/h973.4973.4105.3Enzo 3K
5JULIEN WIRTZ79.3 km2h21mn17s33.7 km/h967.2967.2104.5Enzo 3K
6LUC ARMANT79.3 km2h23mn23s33.2 km/h966.8966.8103.8Enzo 3K
7CHARLES CAZAUX79.3 km2h22mn12s33.5 km/h945945.0102.7Enzo 3K
8BENOIT PERRIN79.3 km2h24mn00s33 km/h943.3943.3101.9Boomerang 11K
9MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN79.3 km2h25mn06s32.8 km/h940.5940.5101.2Enzo 3K
10REMI BOURDELLE79.3 km2h25mn19s32.7 km/h939.5939.5100.5Enzo 3K
11GILDAS BEN79.3 km2h25mn18s32.7 km/h937.6937.699.8Enzo 3K
12XAVIER LAPORTE79.3 km2h23mn46s33.1 km/h937.5937.599.1Enzo 3K
13MAXIME BELLEMIN79.3 km2h27mn31s32.3 km/h932.3932.398.4Enzo 3K
14BAPTISTE LAMBERT79.3 km2h24mn04s33 km/h927.9927.997.8Enzo 3K
15PIERRE REMY79.3 km2h23mn44s33.1 km/h925.5925.597.2Enzo 3K
16ALEXANDRE JOFRESA79.3 km2h23mn58s33.1 km/h922.9922.996.5Enzo 3K
17SAMUEL AVENNE79.3 km2h25mn36s32.7 km/h918.8918.895.7Icepeak EvoxK
18DAMIEN LACAZE79.3 km2h23mn49s33.1 km/h918.4918.495.2Enzo 3K
19YOANN CHAVANNE79.3 km2h29mn35s31.8 km/h917.1917.194.5Boomerang 11K
20MARTIN REBORD79.3 km2h27mn19s32.3 km/h894.5894.593.6Boomerang 11K
21JULIEN MARION79.3 km2h32mn18s31.2 km/h868.2868.292.3Enzo 3K
22ARNAUD SECHER79.3 km2h45mn33s28.7 km/h786.2786.287.1Boomerang 11K
23MAXIME KUSTER79.3 km2h46mn06s28.6 km/h779779.086.3MeruD
24ROBIN GUDEFIN79.3 km2h45mn48s28.7 km/h776.4776.485.8Zeno D
25STEPHANE BENOIT79.3 km2h48mn05s28.3 km/h766.7766.784.8Enzo 3K
26FRANCOIS PERIE79.3 km2h53mn30s27.4 km/h743.3743.382.5Zeno D
27REMI MONTGINOT79.3 km2h53mn49s27.4 km/h739.7739.781.9Enzo 3K
28SIMON METTETAL79.3 km2h52mn52s27.5 km/h734.4734.481.3Enzo 3K
29NICOLAS ROVIRA79.3 km2h52mn18s27.6 km/h728.7728.780.5Enzo 3K
30DIDIER MATHURIN79.3 km2h53mn03s27.5 km/h725.3725.380.0Enzo 3K
31GREGOIRE LOMBARDI79.3 km2h52mn48s27.5 km/h722.3722.379.6Enzo 3K
32MANUEL LALY79.3 km2h52mn11s27.6 km/h717717.078.9Enzo 3K
33CEDRIC FECHOZ79.3 km2h52mn09s27.6 km/h715.7715.778.6Boomerang 11K
34VALENTIN GILET79.3 km2h53mn05s27.5 km/h715.2715.278.2Zeno D
35JULIEN FONTBONNE79.3 km2h55mn34s27.1 km/h714.4714.477.9Icepeak EvoxK
36ANDY TALLIA79.3 km2h54mn48s27.2 km/h699.5699.576.5Enzo 3K
37DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ79.3 km2h57mn11s26.9 km/h689.6689.675.4XCracerD
38SCOTT FEREMBACH79.3 km2h54mn00s27.3 km/h689.4689.475.2Enzo 2K
39SIMON PELLISSIER79.3 km2h56mn49s26.9 km/h687.7687.774.9Icepeak EvoxK
40ERWAN DIDRICHE79.3 km2h54mn46s27.2 km/h680.9680.974.2Icepeak EvoxK
41JEAN-MARC CARON79.3 km2h57mn08s26.9 km/h676.9676.973.5Icepeak EvoxK
42NICOLAS MOUQUET79.3 km3h00mn36s26.3 km/h671.1671.172.9Enzo 3K
43FRANCOIS CORMIER79.3 km2h57mn56s26.7 km/h670.7670.772.7Enzo 3K
44LOIS GOUTAGNY79.3 km3h00mn10s26.4 km/h667.3667.372.3Icepeak EvoxK
45FABIEN DOFFIN79.3 km3h02mn14s26.1 km/h661.1661.171.5Enzo 3K
46ERIC DAIGREMONT79.3 km3h03mn43s25.9 km/h651.9651.970.5Enzo 3K
47ANTOINE FANIN79.3 km3h07mn26s25.4 km/h636.2636.269.0Icepeak EvoxK
48MARTIN VERNEREY79.3 km3h11mn14s24.9 km/h623.2623.267.7WildD
49EMMANUEL NICOLAS79.3 km3h11mn46s24.8 km/h615.4615.466.8Enzo 3K
50MARTIN BEAUJOUAN79.3 km3h15mn32s24.3 km/h607.6607.666.0Zeno D
51FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX79.3 km3h18mn59s23.9 km/h586.7586.763.8Icepeak EvoxK
52XAVIER COLLET79.3 km3h22mn19s23.5 km/h568.7568.762.0Zeno D
53FRANCOIS BICHET79.3 km3h25mn13s23.2 km/h548.7548.759.9Zeno D
54LEO HAMARD79.3 km3h20mn18s23.8 km/h546.9546.959.6Enzo 3K
55JACQUES FOURNIER79.3 km3h25mn04s23.2 km/h543.3543.359.3Enzo 3K
56PIERRE LAURENS79.3 km3h25mn24s23.2 km/h541.7541.758.9Zeno D
57JEAN-YVES SEVENO79.3 km3h24mn54s23.2 km/h535.4535.458.2Enzo 3K
58E P79.3 km3h27mn58s22.9 km/h515.3515.356.2Enzo 3K
59MERYL DELFERRIERE69.9 km491.7491.753.7Enzo 3K
60VALENTIN NURY66.5 km424.9424.946.5Enzo 3K
61JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC66.1 km395.1395.143.1Zeno D
62MATTEO TERRIER68.2 km362.2362.239.6Zeno D
63NICOLAS FAVRE66.5 km359.1359.139.1Zeno D
64JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO68.2 km354.4354.438.7Enzo 3K
65TIMOTHEE TERRASSON66.5 km349.4349.438.1Zeno D
66PASCAL BARRE66.9 km347.8347.837.9Peak 4D
67YOANN DE PETRIS60.7 km315.7315.734.4XCracerD
68TAM LUUTHO60 km312.1312.134Zeno D
69DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE29.3 km152.4152.416.5GuruK
70TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD27.8 km144.7144.715.6Enzo 3K
71NICOLAS BERNIER27.7 km143.9143.915.5Zeno D
72DOMINIQUE CRESPEL26.9 km139.9139.915.1Zeno D
73MAUD BIDAUD26.4 km137.5137.514.8Delta 3C
74FLAVIO FUNIATI24.9 km129.6129.614Icepeak EvoxK
75STEPHANIE CONTE24.6 km127.9127.913.8Delta 3C
75PRUNE DELARIS24.6 km127.9127.913.8Zeno D
77LAURENT MOUNOT24.5 km127.4127.413.7Icepeak 8K
78HERVE SMETEK21.1 km109.7109.711.8Zeno D
79ANTOINE BERNIER20.4 km106.2106.211.4CUREC
80IVAN HAAS19.5 km101.3101.310.9SpectraK
81EDOUARD BARA19.3 km100.4100.410.8Zeno D
82LUDOVIC MAITRE19.2 km99.999.910.7Enzo 2K
83CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER19.1 km99.499.410.7Zeno D
84L L18.5 km96.496.410.4Alpina 3 C
85PASCAL BERNHARD18.4 km95.695.610.3Zeno D
86CONSTANCE METTETAL18.3 km95.295.210.2XCracerD
87ABDERAZAC NAFA18.2 km94.494.410.1Usport 2D
88JOSE FERREIRA18 km93.593.510.1Enzo 3K
89SYLVAIN BOBO17.7 km92.192.19.9XCracerD
90MARIN DESCARREGA17.1 km8989.09.6Queen 2C
91TIM ROCHAS16.7 km86.786.79.3Icepeak EvoxK
92XAVIER GIRIN7.9 km4141.04.3XCracerD
93FRANCIS GUGELMANN6.3 km32.732.73.4Delta 3C
94NICOLAS DUPLAT5.3 km27.627.62.9Peak 3D
95ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN4.9 km25.425.42.7Zeno D
96GUILLAUME RIBERY4.8 km24.724.72.6Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
97STEPHANE MEYTADIER3.6 km18.618.61.9Zeno D
97ERIC SAINTIN3.6 km18.618.61.9SpectraK
97PATRICK ROYER3.6 km18.618.61.9Zeno D
97PATRICE GUIEN3.6 km18.618.61.9Peak 3D
openUWE TILLMANNDEU79.3 km3h00mn43s26.3 km/h655.1655.170.3Enzo 3K
openJEAN-PIERRE PHILIPPEDEU9.4 km48.748.75.2Enzo 3K
openYOSHIAKI HIROKAWAJPN19.3 km100.2100.210.8Zeno D
openGERNOT SEITZCHE5.5 km28.528.53Enzo 3K
openALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS68 km370.5370.540.3CUREC
openEVA KEIMNZL18.8 km97.597.510.5Bonanza 2C
openMATTHIAS KOTHEDEU79.3 km3h04mn17s25.8 km/h655.5655.570.5Enzo 3K
openYOURI PITTELOUDCHE67 km360.4360.439.2Enzo 3K
openTUDOR DOROBANTUROU79.3 km3h29mn50s22.7 km/h535.6535.657.8MeruD
openYOSHIMI HATANAKAJPN21.5 km111.9111.912.1Zeno D
openANDREW MCNICOLGBR79.3 km3h25mn15s23.2 km/h543.8543.858.8MeruD
openVANJA EGGESVIKNOR20.6 km106.9106.911.5Mantra 7D
openCRISTIAN DEACUROU79.3 km2h25mn39s32.7 km/h925.8925.896.5Enzo 3K
openLARS BUDACKDEU79.3 km3h16mn07s24.3 km/h579.3579.362.5Zeno D
openFLORIN IFTINCANOR79.3 km3h13mn24s24.6 km/h606.1606.165.2Mantra 7D
openERIK KOLD BAKKEVIGNOR20.3 km105.7105.711.4Zeno D
openYURY MISHANINRUS79.3 km3h33mn33s22.3 km/h509509.055Zeno D
openULRICH PRINZDEU79.3 km2h21mn06s33.7 km/h973.9973.9105.3Enzo 3K
openJOERG EWALDCHE68.1 km362.3362.339.4Enzo 3K
openNANDA WALLISERCHE79.3 km2h54mn23s27.3 km/h736.3736.381GuruK
openALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS3.6 km18.618.61.9Zeno D
openETIENNE COUPEZLUX21.1 km110110.011.8Enzo 3K
openMARTIN PETZDEU18.5 km96.296.210.3SpectraK
openRENE PAULYDEU66.1 km364364.039.6Zeno D
openHAGEN WALTERDEU67.3 km350.1350.138Enzo 3K
openEMMA CASANOVAGBR18 km93.493.410Zeno D
openHANSJORG WALLISERCHE68.3 km355355.038.5GuruK
openJOANNA DI GRIGOLIVEN66.1 km350.3350.338LeopardD
openFAHD CHERKAOUIMAR19.7 km102.5102.511.0Artik 5C

Manche 1

  • Lieu : Grand Bornand
  • Course au But
  • date : 09/07/2019
  • distance optimisee : 79.304 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 12:00:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 16:55:00
  • Start : 13:00:00
  • fin de manche : 16:55:00


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manche 2
lieu : Annecy
Course au But
date : 10/07/2019
distance optimisee : 87.704 km
manche 3252 validée le 3 septembre 19

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1PIERRE REMY87.7 km2h25mn37s36.1 km/h10001000.0107.9Enzo 3K
2HONORIN HAMARD87.7 km2h25mn40s36.1 km/h995.8995.8107.1Enzo 3K
3MERYL DELFERRIERE87.7 km2h25mn52s36.1 km/h986.5986.5106.2Enzo 3K
4BAPTISTE LAMBERT87.7 km2h26mn52s35.8 km/h982.3982.3105.4Enzo 3K
5LUC ARMANT87.7 km2h26mn28s35.9 km/h982.1982.1104.6Enzo 3K
6JULIEN WIRTZ87.7 km2h26mn29s35.9 km/h978.5978.5103.8Enzo 3K
7ALEXANDRE JOFRESA87.7 km2h26mn35s35.9 km/h976.1976.1103Enzo 3K
8CLEMENT LATOUR87.7 km2h27mn02s35.8 km/h975.6975.6102.3Enzo 3K
9CEDRIC FECHOZ87.7 km2h27mn00s35.8 km/h972.6972.6101.4Boomerang 11K
10MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN87.7 km2h27mn24s35.7 km/h970.1970.1100.6Enzo 3K
11XAVIER LAPORTE87.7 km2h27mn13s35.7 km/h969.3969.399.9Enzo 3K
12DAMIEN LACAZE87.7 km2h27mn43s35.6 km/h968.7968.799.3Enzo 3K
13MAX JEANPIERRE87.7 km2h27mn44s35.6 km/h966.6966.698.4Enzo 3K
14SAMUEL AVENNE87.7 km2h28mn14s35.5 km/h961.8961.897.7Icepeak EvoxK
15TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD87.7 km2h28mn37s35.4 km/h958.2958.297.1Enzo 3K
16JEAN-MARC CARON87.7 km2h28mn17s35.5 km/h958.1958.196.3Icepeak EvoxK
17YOANN CHAVANNE87.7 km2h27mn06s35.8 km/h956.7956.795.6Boomerang 11K
18SEIKO FUKUOKA87.7 km2h28mn44s35.4 km/h956956.095.1Enzo 3K
19MARTIN REBORD87.7 km2h28mn53s35.3 km/h955.8955.894.2Boomerang 11K
20SIMON PELLISSIER87.7 km2h28mn19s35.5 km/h955.6955.693.7Icepeak EvoxK
21GREGOIRE LOMBARDI87.7 km2h28mn15s35.5 km/h954.9954.992.8Enzo 3K
22GILDAS BEN87.7 km2h27mn49s35.6 km/h954.8954.892.1Enzo 3K
23JACQUES FOURNIER87.7 km2h27mn25s35.7 km/h949949.091.7Enzo 3K
24ARNAUD SECHER87.7 km2h27mn53s35.6 km/h948.7948.790.9Boomerang 11K
25NICOLAS MOUQUET87.7 km2h29mn15s35.3 km/h947.3947.390.3Enzo 3K
26BENOIT PERRIN87.7 km2h29mn47s35.1 km/h946.1946.189.6Boomerang 11K
27ERWAN DIDRICHE87.7 km2h28mn19s35.5 km/h945.6945.689.0Icepeak EvoxK
28TIM ROCHAS87.7 km2h28mn11s35.5 km/h945.5945.588.4Icepeak EvoxK
29REMI BOURDELLE87.7 km2h28mn38s35.4 km/h942.9942.987.8Enzo 3K
30STEPHANE BENOIT87.7 km2h29mn16s35.3 km/h934.1934.187.5Enzo 3K
31ROBIN GUDEFIN87.7 km2h33mn00s34.4 km/h914.1914.187.2Zeno D
32NICOLAS ROVIRA87.7 km2h35mn02s33.9 km/h908.2908.286.7Enzo 3K
33VALENTIN NURY87.7 km2h34mn10s34.1 km/h900.9900.986.2Enzo 3K
34MAXIME BELLEMIN87.7 km2h33mn58s34.2 km/h900.4900.485.7Enzo 3K
35DIDIER MATHURIN87.7 km2h34mn29s34.1 km/h898.9898.985.2Enzo 3K
36ANDY TALLIA87.7 km2h36mn02s33.7 km/h887.4887.484.9Enzo 3K
37EMMANUEL NICOLAS87.7 km2h35mn33s33.8 km/h887.3887.384.2Enzo 3K
38IVAN HAAS87.7 km2h35mn50s33.8 km/h886.9886.983.7SpectraK
39REMI MONTGINOT87.7 km2h36mn42s33.6 km/h883.4883.483.2Enzo 3K
40MAXIME KUSTER87.7 km2h38mn34s33.2 km/h868.4868.482.8MeruD
41MANUEL LALY87.7 km2h37mn39s33.4 km/h864.7864.782.4Enzo 3K
42DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ87.7 km2h39mn19s33 km/h846.6846.681.9XCracerD
43VALENTIN GILET87.7 km2h48mn32s31.2 km/h810.8810.880.8Zeno D
44SCOTT FEREMBACH87.7 km2h50mn33s30.9 km/h791.5791.579.8Enzo 2K
45SIMON METTETAL87.7 km2h50mn08s30.9 km/h791.3791.379.6Enzo 3K
46FRANCOIS CORMIER87.7 km2h50mn06s30.9 km/h787.4787.479.0Enzo 3K
47JOSE FERREIRA87.7 km2h49mn55s31 km/h784784.078.5Enzo 3K
48JULIEN MARION87.7 km2h49mn25s31.1 km/h780.5780.578.2Enzo 3K
49FABIEN DOFFIN87.7 km2h53mn51s30.3 km/h776.5776.577.6Enzo 3K
50LEO HAMARD87.7 km2h53mn37s30.3 km/h774.7774.777.3Enzo 3K
51FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX87.7 km2h53mn21s30.4 km/h769.3769.376.5Icepeak EvoxK
51CONSTANCE METTETAL87.7 km2h52mn24s30.5 km/h769.3769.376.5XCracerD
53PASCAL BERNHARD87.7 km2h52mn28s30.5 km/h769769.076.1Zeno D
54XAVIER GIRIN87.7 km2h50mn47s30.8 km/h767.7767.775.8XCracerD
55JULIEN FONTBONNE87.7 km2h52mn24s30.5 km/h762.2762.275.3Icepeak EvoxK
56DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE87.7 km2h53mn00s30.4 km/h761.1761.175.0GuruK
57YOANN DE PETRIS87.7 km2h52mn53s30.4 km/h761761.074.7XCracerD
58ERIC DAIGREMONT87.7 km2h54mn14s30.2 km/h756756.074.3Enzo 3K
59MARTIN BEAUJOUAN87.7 km2h53mn11s30.4 km/h751.2751.273.8Zeno D
60FRANCOIS PERIE87.7 km3h03mn30s28.7 km/h733.7733.772.9Zeno D
61SYLVAIN BOBO87.7 km3h03mn47s28.6 km/h684.9684.970.1XCracerD
62LOIS GOUTAGNY87.7 km3h12mn38s27.3 km/h677.9677.969.5Icepeak EvoxK
63ANTOINE FANIN87.7 km3h21mn50s26.1 km/h608.5608.564.1Icepeak EvoxK
64LUDOVIC MAITRE87.7 km3h25mn10s25.6 km/h578.8578.861.4Enzo 2K
65PIERRE LAURENS87.7 km3h26mn59s25.4 km/h566.6566.660.2Zeno D
66PATRICK ROYER87.7 km3h35mn58s24.4 km/h502.6502.654.0Zeno D
67XAVIER COLLET87.7 km3h34mn45s24.5 km/h496.6496.653.4Zeno D
68JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO87.7 km3h33mn26s24.7 km/h493.5493.553.0Enzo 3K
69MATTEO TERRIER87.7 km3h45mn09s23.4 km/h473.7473.751Zeno D
70GUILLAUME RIBERY87.7 km3h47mn32s23.1 km/h446.9446.948.2Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
71JEAN-YVES SEVENO87.7 km3h48mn18s23 km/h432.8432.846.7Enzo 3K
72MARTIN VERNEREY76 km399399.043.1WildD
73FRANCOIS BICHET87.7 km3h59mn56s21.9 km/h388.3388.341.9Zeno D
74ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN87.7 km3h55mn50s22.3 km/h386.1386.141.7Zeno D
75NICOLAS FAVRE74.7 km343.2343.237.0Zeno D
76TIMOTHEE TERRASSON71.9 km315.5315.534.1Zeno D
77MARIN DESCARREGA71.7 km309.3309.333.4Queen 2C
78CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER70 km306.5306.533.1Zeno D
79TAM LUUTHO71.9 km305.1305.132.9Zeno D
80NICOLAS DUPLAT70.9 km301.1301.132.4Peak 3D
81PASCAL BARRE70.8 km300.7300.732.4Peak 4D
82FRANCIS GUGELMANN68.5 km291291.031.3Delta 3C
83HERVE SMETEK55.6 km236.3236.325.5Zeno D
84LAURENT MOUNOT39.2 km166.6166.617.9Icepeak 8K
85PRUNE DELARIS35.1 km149.2149.216Zeno D
86FLAVIO FUNIATI29.6 km125.6125.613.5Icepeak EvoxK
87MAUD BIDAUD12.8 km54.654.65.8Delta 3C
88JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC6.2 km26.226.22.7Zeno D
89ERIC SAINTIN5.3 km22.322.32.3SpectraK
90ABDERAZAC NAFA4.9 km2121.02.2Usport 2D
91STEPHANIE CONTE3.2 km20.620.62.1Delta 3C
92NICOLAS BERNIER4.8 km20.220.22.1Zeno D
93CHARLES CAZAUX4.5 km19.319.32Enzo 3K
94E P3.1 km13.213.21.3Enzo 3K
96DOMINIQUE CRESPEL1 km12.712.71.3Zeno D
96EDOUARD BARA12.712.71.3Zeno D
96PATRICE GUIEN2.8 km12.712.71.3Peak 3D
96STEPHANE MEYTADIER3 km12.712.71.3Zeno D
openUWE TILLMANNDEU87.7 km2h32mn44s34.5 km/h930930.085.7Enzo 3K
openJEAN-PIERRE PHILIPPEDEU87.7 km2h49mn03s31.1 km/h793.3793.378.3Enzo 3K
openYOSHIAKI HIROKAWAJPN87.7 km2h39mn12s33.1 km/h853.3853.380.2Zeno D
openGERNOT SEITZCHE74.7 km363.9363.939.1Enzo 3K
openALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS76.5 km350.8350.837.7CUREC
openEVA KEIMNZL68.3 km290290.031.2Bonanza 2C
openMATTHIAS KOTHEDEU87.7 km3h00mn13s29.2 km/h725.6725.669.3Enzo 3K
openYOURI PITTELOUDCHE87.7 km3h33mn30s24.6 km/h576.5576.559.9Enzo 3K
openTUDOR DOROBANTUROU2.8 km12.712.71.3MeruD
openYOSHIMI HATANAKAJPN69.9 km322.1322.134.6Zeno D
openANDREW MCNICOLGBR87.7 km2h53mn34s30.3 km/h771.7771.774.8MeruD
openVANJA EGGESVIKNOR51.2 km217.6217.623.4Mantra 7D
openCRISTIAN DEACUROU87.7 km2h27mn44s35.6 km/h967.2967.297.8Enzo 3K
openLARS BUDACKDEU87.7 km2h53mn43s30.3 km/h764.2764.273.2Zeno D
openFLORIN IFTINCANOR87.7 km2h52mn24s30.5 km/h763.3763.372.9Mantra 7D
openERIK KOLD BAKKEVIGNOR5.1 km21.621.62.2Zeno D
openYURY MISHANINRUS87.7 km2h52mn39s30.5 km/h727.8727.869.6Zeno D
openULRICH PRINZDEU87.7 km2h26mn47s35.9 km/h981.2981.2103.8Enzo 3K
openJOERG EWALDCHE87.7 km2h55mn06s30.1 km/h746.4746.470.6Enzo 3K
openNANDA WALLISERCHE87.7 km2h50mn29s30.9 km/h775.7775.775.5GuruK
openALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS87.7 km2h53mn51s30.3 km/h755.9755.971.3Zeno D
openETIENNE COUPEZLUX4.5 km19.219.22Enzo 3K
openMARTIN PETZDEU87.7 km2h37mn51s33.3 km/h857.7857.780.6SpectraK
openRENE PAULYDEU1.2 km12.712.71.3Zeno D
openEMMA CASANOVAGBR58.7 km249.2249.226.8Zeno D
openHANSJORG WALLISERCHE29.7 km126.2126.213.5GuruK
openJOANNA DI GRIGOLIVEN1.4 km12.712.71.3LeopardD
openFAHD CHERKAOUIMAR87.7 km4h06mn07s21.4 km/h385.2385.241.2Artik 5C

Manche 2

  • Lieu : Annecy
  • Course au But
  • date : 10/07/2019
  • distance optimisee : 87.704 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 13:00:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 20:00:00
  • Start : 15:20:00
  • fin de manche : 20:00:00


ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
manche 3
lieu : Grand Bornand
Course au But
date : 12/07/2019
distance optimisee : 77.710 km
manche 3253 validée le 3 septembre 19

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1HONORIN HAMARD77.7 km2h02mn06s38.2 km/h979.7979.7107.7Enzo 3K
2DAMIEN LACAZE77.7 km2h05mn57s37 km/h964.6964.6106.8Enzo 3K
3ALEXANDRE JOFRESA77.7 km2h03mn37s37.7 km/h955.3955.3105.8Enzo 3K
4MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN77.7 km2h03mn58s37.6 km/h951.3951.3104.9Enzo 3K
5LUC ARMANT77.7 km2h04mn31s37.4 km/h951.2951.2104.3Enzo 3K
6BAPTISTE LAMBERT77.7 km2h04mn46s37.4 km/h950.6950.6103.5Enzo 3K
7JEAN-MARC CARON77.7 km2h05mn37s37.1 km/h941941.0102.5Icepeak EvoxK
8MERYL DELFERRIERE77.7 km2h05mn43s37.1 km/h938.1938.1101.9Enzo 3K
9JULIEN WIRTZ77.7 km2h06mn11s37 km/h937.8937.8101.1Enzo 3K
10SEIKO FUKUOKA77.7 km2h06mn35s36.8 km/h931.7931.7100.4Enzo 3K
11IVAN HAAS77.7 km2h10mn46s35.7 km/h898.4898.498.8SpectraK
12DIDIER MATHURIN77.7 km2h12mn05s35.3 km/h888.3888.397.9Enzo 3K
13ERIC DAIGREMONT77.7 km2h14mn39s34.6 km/h867.2867.296.4Enzo 3K
14REMI BOURDELLE77.7 km2h16mn05s34.3 km/h866.4866.496Enzo 3K
15YOANN CHAVANNE77.7 km2h18mn56s33.6 km/h863.1863.195.2Boomerang 11K
16VALENTIN NURY77.7 km2h16mn34s34.1 km/h860.3860.394.5Enzo 3K
17CLEMENT LATOUR77.7 km2h18mn58s33.6 km/h855.2855.293.9Enzo 3K
18JULIEN FONTBONNE77.7 km2h15mn55s34.3 km/h846.7846.792.9Icepeak EvoxK
19MAX JEANPIERRE77.7 km2h18mn29s33.7 km/h842.8842.892.2Enzo 3K
20MANUEL LALY77.7 km2h18mn55s33.6 km/h838.2838.291.6Enzo 3K
21GILDAS BEN77.7 km2h19mn55s33.3 km/h837.8837.891.1Enzo 3K
22STEPHANE BENOIT77.7 km2h18mn58s33.6 km/h836.1836.190.7Enzo 3K
23ANDY TALLIA77.7 km2h18mn22s33.7 km/h835.8835.890.1Enzo 3K
24SAMUEL AVENNE77.7 km2h19mn10s33.5 km/h834.7834.789.6Icepeak EvoxK
25GREGOIRE LOMBARDI77.7 km2h19mn20s33.5 km/h833.8833.889.1Enzo 3K
26VALENTIN GILET77.7 km2h19mn47s33.4 km/h832832.088.6Zeno D
27JOSE FERREIRA77.7 km2h18mn04s33.8 km/h831.4831.488.1Enzo 3K
28EMMANUEL NICOLAS77.7 km2h20mn03s33.3 km/h825.3825.387.4Enzo 3K
29MAXIME KUSTER77.7 km2h19mn56s33.3 km/h824.2824.286.9MeruD
30TIM ROCHAS77.7 km2h18mn58s33.6 km/h823823.086.6Icepeak EvoxK
31FRANCOIS PERIE77.7 km2h20mn58s33.1 km/h822822.086.0Zeno D
32ARNAUD SECHER77.7 km2h19mn14s33.5 km/h821.2821.285.7Boomerang 11K
33PIERRE REMY77.7 km2h26mn22s31.9 km/h817.4817.485.1Enzo 3K
34TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD77.7 km2h22mn25s32.7 km/h815.9815.984.6Enzo 3K
35YOANN DE PETRIS77.7 km2h23mn38s32.5 km/h812.5812.584.0XCracerD
36ERWAN DIDRICHE77.7 km2h20mn00s33.3 km/h807.3807.383.5Icepeak EvoxK
37MAXIME BELLEMIN77.7 km2h23mn08s32.6 km/h806.9806.983.1Enzo 3K
38CONSTANCE METTETAL77.7 km2h23mn28s32.5 km/h805.9805.982.6XCracerD
39SIMON PELLISSIER77.7 km2h19mn53s33.3 km/h805.3805.382.3Icepeak EvoxK
40MARTIN REBORD77.7 km2h22mn29s32.7 km/h804.8804.881.8Boomerang 11K
41FABIEN DOFFIN77.7 km2h23mn20s32.5 km/h800.5800.581.3Enzo 3K
42REMI MONTGINOT77.7 km2h22mn00s32.8 km/h797.7797.780.8Enzo 3K
43CEDRIC FECHOZ77.7 km2h23mn36s32.5 km/h794.8794.880.5Boomerang 11K
44XAVIER LAPORTE77.7 km2h26mn23s31.9 km/h794.6794.680.1Enzo 3K
45ANTOINE FANIN77.7 km2h21mn55s32.9 km/h794794.079.6Icepeak EvoxK
46LOIS GOUTAGNY77.7 km2h22mn37s32.7 km/h786.8786.879.2Icepeak EvoxK
47JACQUES FOURNIER77.7 km2h27mn53s31.5 km/h779.5779.578.6Enzo 3K
48JULIEN MARION77.7 km2h27mn45s31.6 km/h777.8777.878.2Enzo 3K
49DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ77.7 km2h23mn09s32.6 km/h776.9776.977.7XCracerD
50NICOLAS ROVIRA77.7 km2h26mn43s31.8 km/h761.2761.276.9Enzo 3K
51SYLVAIN BOBO77.7 km2h28mn59s31.3 km/h755.6755.676.4XCracerD
52SIMON METTETAL77.7 km2h33mn23s30.4 km/h753.6753.676.1Enzo 3K
53FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX77.7 km2h27mn00s31.7 km/h746.2746.275.5Icepeak EvoxK
54ROBIN GUDEFIN77.7 km2h36mn53s29.7 km/h725.3725.374.3Zeno D
55BENOIT PERRIN77.7 km2h37mn55s29.5 km/h719.9719.973.9Boomerang 11K
56DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE77.7 km2h34mn38s30.2 km/h697.4697.472.3GuruK
57ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN77.7 km2h42mn51s28.6 km/h653.1653.169.2Zeno D
58JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO77.7 km2h42mn28s28.7 km/h650.5650.568.9Enzo 3K
59E P77.7 km2h47mn20s27.9 km/h644.7644.768.3Enzo 3K
60MATTEO TERRIER77.7 km2h45mn16s28.2 km/h626.6626.666.7Zeno D
61FRANCOIS BICHET77.7 km2h46mn27s28 km/h617.3617.365.9Zeno D
62LEO HAMARD77.7 km2h47mn11s27.9 km/h614.1614.165.5Enzo 3K
63LUDOVIC MAITRE77.7 km2h47mn29s27.8 km/h613.4613.465.3Enzo 2K
64XAVIER GIRIN77.7 km2h47mn05s27.9 km/h612.9612.965.1XCracerD
65PIERRE LAURENS77.7 km2h49mn54s27.4 km/h610.9610.964.8Zeno D
66TIMOTHEE TERRASSON77.7 km2h47mn32s27.8 km/h605.5605.564.3Zeno D
67MARTIN VERNEREY77.7 km2h49mn56s27.4 km/h594.9594.963.3WildD
68L L77.7 km2h49mn27s27.5 km/h588.2588.262.6Alpina 3 C
69NICOLAS MOUQUET73.4 km469.6469.651.4Enzo 3K
70CHARLES CAZAUX74 km468.9468.951.3Enzo 3K
71TAM LUUTHO76.9 km409.2409.244.9Zeno D
72MARTIN BEAUJOUAN72.1 km380.9380.941.9Zeno D
73STEPHANE MEYTADIER68.3 km361.8361.839.8Zeno D
74ANTOINE BERNIER69.2 km353.5353.538.9CUREC
75PASCAL BARRE70 km338.9338.937.2Peak 4D
76PATRICK ROYER58.6 km309.3309.334.0Zeno D
77NICOLAS FAVRE58.6 km300.8300.833.1Zeno D
78FRANCOIS CORMIER53.6 km300.3300.333Enzo 3K
79CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER60.2 km287.5287.531.6Zeno D
80MARIN DESCARREGA58.6 km286.9286.931.5Queen 2C
81GUILLAUME RIBERY58.6 km284.6284.631.2Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
82LAURENT MOUNOT58.4 km278.6278.630.5Icepeak 8K
83NICOLAS BERNIER58.1 km277.4277.430.4Zeno D
84ABDERAZAC NAFA53 km253253.027.7Usport 2D
85MAUD BIDAUD46.2 km220.6220.624.2Delta 3C
86PATRICE GUIEN15.1 km71.971.97.8Peak 3D
87FRANCIS GUGELMANN14.9 km71.271.27.7Delta 3C
88NICOLAS DUPLAT14.9 km71.171.17.7Peak 3D
89EDOUARD BARA14.9 km70.970.97.7Zeno D
90XAVIER COLLET14.6 km69.969.97.6Zeno D
91PRUNE DELARIS13.8 km66.166.17.2Zeno D
92HERVE SMETEK13.6 km64.764.77Zeno D
93PASCAL BERNHARD4.5 km21.521.52.3Zeno D
94ERIC SAINTIN4.5 km21.421.42.2SpectraK
95JEAN-YVES SEVENO4.3 km20.620.62.2Enzo 3K
96JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC4.1 km19.819.82.1Zeno D
openUWE TILLMANNDEU77.7 km2h17mn51s33.8 km/h851.5851.592.3Enzo 3K
openJEAN-PIERRE PHILIPPEDEU77.7 km2h42mn06s28.8 km/h695.5695.569.9Enzo 3K
openYOSHIAKI HIROKAWAJPN77.7 km2h20mn10s33.3 km/h827.4827.485.4Zeno D
openGERNOT SEITZCHE52.1 km248.7248.727.2Enzo 3K
openALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS59.7 km308.2308.233.7CUREC
openEVA KEIMNZL58.6 km284.1284.131Bonanza 2C
openMATTHIAS KOTHEDEU77.7 km2h46mn06s28.1 km/h623.5623.564Enzo 3K
openYOURI PITTELOUDCHE77.7 km2h42mn47s28.6 km/h669.3669.368.2Enzo 3K
openTUDOR DOROBANTUROU77.4 km474.5474.551MeruD
openYOSHIMI HATANAKAJPN72.4 km374.6374.640.8Zeno D
openANDREW MCNICOLGBR77.7 km2h17mn11s34 km/h849.5849.591.7MeruD
openVANJA EGGESVIKNOR58.6 km312.2312.234.1Mantra 7D
openCRISTIAN DEACUROU77.7 km2h06mn36s36.8 km/h934.3934.3100.4Enzo 3K
openLARS BUDACKDEU77.7 km2h26mn25s31.8 km/h765765.074.9Zeno D
openFLORIN IFTINCANOR77.7 km2h42mn21s28.7 km/h666.8666.867.9Mantra 7D
openERIK KOLD BAKKEVIGNOR43.8 km209.1209.122.9Zeno D
openYURY MISHANINRUS77.7 km2h45mn54s28.1 km/h628.4628.464.6Zeno D
openULRICH PRINZDEU77.7 km2h16mn57s34 km/h855855.092.9Enzo 3K
openJOERG EWALDCHE77.7 km2h39mn44s29.2 km/h703.4703.470.7Enzo 3K
openNANDA WALLISERCHE77.7 km2h20mn36s33.2 km/h822.7822.783.6GuruK
openALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS77.7 km2h34mn45s30.1 km/h721.1721.171.9Zeno D
openETIENNE COUPEZLUX77.7 km2h39mn19s29.3 km/h685685.069.1Enzo 3K
openMARTIN PETZDEU77.7 km2h18mn06s33.8 km/h833.9833.987.4SpectraK
openRENE PAULYDEU70.7 km371.7371.740.5Zeno D
openHAGEN WALTERDEU77.7 km2h49mn09s27.6 km/h628.5628.564.8Enzo 3K
openEMMA CASANOVAGBR58.6 km347347.037.9Zeno D
openHANSJORG WALLISERCHE77.7 km2h45mn05s28.2 km/h651.6651.666.7GuruK
openJOANNA DI GRIGOLIVEN77.7 km2h46mn43s28 km/h612.6612.662.7LeopardD
openFAHD CHERKAOUIMAR31.3 km149.4149.416.3Artik 5C

Manche 3

  • Lieu : Grand Bornand
  • Course au But
  • date : 12/07/2019
  • distance optimisee : 77.710 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 11:30:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 14:00:00
  • Start : 12:30:00
  • fin de manche : 15:30:00


ouvrir igcLib - fichier tasks
manche 4
lieu : Grand Bornand
Course au But
date : 14/07/2019
distance optimisee : 80.565 km
manche 3255 validée le 3 septembre 19

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1JULIEN WIRTZ80.6 km2h06mn18s38.3 km/h990.7990.7107.8Enzo 3K
2SEIKO FUKUOKA80.6 km2h06mn03s38.3 km/h987.2987.2106.8Enzo 3K
3HONORIN HAMARD80.6 km2h06mn28s38.2 km/h986.3986.3106.1Enzo 3K
4BAPTISTE LAMBERT80.6 km2h06mn07s38.3 km/h985.6985.6105.2Enzo 3K
5JACQUES FOURNIER80.6 km2h06mn22s38.3 km/h982.4982.4104.4Enzo 3K
6LUC ARMANT80.6 km2h05mn54s38.4 km/h979.8979.8103.5Enzo 3K
7FRANCOIS CORMIER80.6 km2h06mn42s38.2 km/h979.3979.3102.6Enzo 3K
8TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD80.6 km2h08mn36s37.6 km/h943.2943.2101.6Enzo 3K
9MERYL DELFERRIERE80.6 km2h08mn47s37.5 km/h941.9941.9101Enzo 3K
10FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX80.6 km2h08mn58s37.5 km/h936.8936.8100.1Icepeak EvoxK
11MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN80.6 km2h09mn14s37.4 km/h936.3936.399.4Enzo 3K
12MAXIME BELLEMIN80.6 km2h09mn19s37.4 km/h934934.098.7Enzo 3K
13REMI BOURDELLE80.6 km2h09mn35s37.3 km/h932.9932.998.1Enzo 3K
14NICOLAS MOUQUET80.6 km2h09mn34s37.3 km/h928.7928.797.2Enzo 3K
15JEAN-MARC CARON80.6 km2h13mn17s36.3 km/h911.1911.196.3Icepeak EvoxK
16ANDY TALLIA80.6 km2h16mn49s35.3 km/h904.5904.595.5Enzo 3K
17DIDIER MATHURIN80.6 km2h16mn40s35.4 km/h894.3894.394.7Enzo 3K
18SCOTT FEREMBACH80.6 km2h16mn29s35.4 km/h891891.094.0Enzo 2K
19GILDAS BEN80.6 km2h13mn25s36.2 km/h890.9890.993.5Enzo 3K
20MAX JEANPIERRE80.6 km2h14mn52s35.8 km/h882.4882.492.7Enzo 3K
21CONSTANCE METTETAL80.6 km2h16mn34s35.4 km/h878.9878.992.0XCracerD
22MAXIME KUSTER80.6 km2h16mn27s35.4 km/h876.2876.291.4MeruD
23JULIEN MARION80.6 km2h19mn48s34.6 km/h873.5873.590.8Enzo 3K
24JOSE FERREIRA80.6 km2h19mn18s34.7 km/h870.1870.190.2Enzo 3K
25DAMIEN LACAZE80.6 km2h19mn58s34.5 km/h868868.089.7Enzo 3K
26ROBIN GUDEFIN80.6 km2h20mn43s34.4 km/h864.5864.589.0Zeno D
27YOANN DE PETRIS80.6 km2h17mn52s35.1 km/h862.6862.688.5XCracerD
28PIERRE REMY80.6 km2h19mn04s34.8 km/h860.4860.488Enzo 3K
29IVAN HAAS80.6 km2h17mn33s35.1 km/h858.9858.987.4SpectraK
30FRANCOIS BICHET80.6 km2h18mn13s35 km/h856.3856.386.9Zeno D
31SAMUEL AVENNE80.6 km2h19mn40s34.6 km/h851.1851.186.3Icepeak EvoxK
32NICOLAS ROVIRA80.6 km2h21mn38s34.1 km/h850.5850.585.8Enzo 3K
33SIMON METTETAL80.6 km2h21mn56s34.1 km/h838.2838.285.1Enzo 3K
34EMMANUEL NICOLAS80.6 km2h21mn24s34.2 km/h838.1838.184.6Enzo 3K
35LOIS GOUTAGNY80.6 km2h23mn47s33.6 km/h829.3829.384Icepeak EvoxK
36SYLVAIN BOBO80.6 km2h28mn50s32.5 km/h795795.082.3XCracerD
37ARNAUD SECHER80.6 km2h33mn29s31.5 km/h789.9789.981.8Boomerang 11K
38VALENTIN GILET80.6 km2h34mn08s31.4 km/h783.6783.681.1Zeno D
39ERWAN DIDRICHE80.6 km2h29mn39s32.3 km/h774.4774.480.4Icepeak EvoxK
40MANUEL LALY80.6 km2h33mn33s31.5 km/h774.1774.179.9Enzo 3K
41GREGOIRE LOMBARDI80.6 km2h32mn18s31.7 km/h760.8760.879Enzo 3K
42CEDRIC FECHOZ80.6 km2h31mn31s31.9 km/h760.6760.678.7Boomerang 11K
43VALENTIN NURY80.6 km2h31mn57s31.8 km/h756.1756.178.1Enzo 3K
44BENOIT PERRIN80.6 km2h32mn54s31.6 km/h753.2753.277.7Boomerang 11K
45FRANCOIS PERIE80.6 km2h32mn53s31.6 km/h747.4747.477.1Zeno D
46MARTIN VERNEREY80.6 km2h34mn38s31.3 km/h741.4741.476.5WildD
47XAVIER LAPORTE80.6 km2h36mn05s31 km/h739739.076.2Enzo 3K
48DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ80.6 km2h38mn50s30.4 km/h732.7732.775.7XCracerD
49JEAN-YVES SEVENO80.6 km2h40mn34s30.1 km/h710.3710.373.9Enzo 3K
50MARTIN REBORD80.6 km2h41mn59s29.8 km/h704704.073.3Boomerang 11K
51MATTEO TERRIER80.6 km2h41mn06s30 km/h700700.072.8Zeno D
52CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER80.6 km2h42mn12s29.8 km/h699.3699.372.5Zeno D
53E P80.6 km2h41mn47s29.9 km/h692692.071.8Enzo 3K
54CLEMENT LATOUR80.6 km2h48mn57s28.6 km/h660.8660.869.5Enzo 3K
55MARIN DESCARREGA80.6 km2h51mn11s28.2 km/h630.2630.266.9Queen 2C
56PIERRE LAURENS80.6 km2h53mn00s27.9 km/h616.6616.665.6Zeno D
57L L80.6 km2h54mn33s27.7 km/h611.6611.665.1Alpina 3 C
58ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN80.6 km2h57mn34s27.2 km/h601.2601.264.0Zeno D
59STEPHANE MEYTADIER80.6 km3h00mn42s26.8 km/h582.2582.262.3Zeno D
60HERVE SMETEK80.6 km3h07mn53s25.7 km/h560.5560.560.2Zeno D
61XAVIER GIRIN80.6 km3h05mn21s26.1 km/h560.2560.260.0XCracerD
62NICOLAS FAVRE80.6 km3h07mn12s25.8 km/h540.9540.958.1Zeno D
63NICOLAS DUPLAT80.6 km3h06mn52s25.9 km/h534.2534.257.4Peak 3D
64CHARLES CAZAUX75.3 km497.8497.853.8Enzo 3K
65TAM LUUTHO80.6 km3h12mn02s25.2 km/h496.4496.453.6Zeno D
66PATRICK ROYER80.6 km3h18mn57s24.3 km/h464.3464.350.2Zeno D
67NICOLAS BERNIER80.6 km3h25mn10s23.6 km/h451.8451.848.9Zeno D
68XAVIER COLLET80.6 km3h28mn06s23.2 km/h424.2424.246.0Zeno D
69PASCAL BARRE80.6 km3h32mn17s22.8 km/h377.9377.941.0Peak 4D
70TIMOTHEE TERRASSON80.6 km3h41mn17s21.8 km/h371.9371.940.3Zeno D
71PATRICE GUIEN76.5 km353.1353.138.3Peak 3D
72FABIEN DOFFIN58.4 km347.1347.137.7Enzo 3K
73PRUNE DELARIS58.4 km332.5332.536.1Zeno D
74ALEXANDRE JOFRESA57.4 km331.7331.736Enzo 3K
75DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE43.4 km206.9206.922.4GuruK
76ABDERAZAC NAFA43.5 km200.9200.921.7Usport 2D
77REMI MONTGINOT40.9 km194.1194.121Enzo 3K
78JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC41.6 km191.9191.920.7Zeno D
79ERIC DAIGREMONT41.5 km191.8191.820.7Enzo 3K
80STEPHANE BENOIT41.2 km190.3190.320.6Enzo 3K
81MARTIN BEAUJOUAN40.8 km188.4188.420.4Zeno D
82JULIEN FONTBONNE40.2 km185.4185.420Icepeak EvoxK
82SIMON PELLISSIER40.2 km185.4185.420Icepeak EvoxK
84ANTOINE BERNIER39.4 km182.1182.119.7CUREC
85GUILLAUME RIBERY39.3 km181.5181.519.6Icepeak 7 Pro-ModelK
86TIM ROCHAS21.1 km97.697.610.5Icepeak EvoxK
87JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO19.4 km89.789.79.6Enzo 3K
88YOANN CHAVANNE15.6 km7272.07.7Boomerang 11K
89LEO HAMARD14.9 km68.768.77.3Enzo 3K
90FRANCIS GUGELMANN9.6 km44.244.24.7Delta 3C
91LAURENT MOUNOT7.2 km33.433.43.5Icepeak 8K
92EDOUARD BARA6 km27.927.92.9Zeno D
92MAUD BIDAUD6 km27.927.92.9Delta 3C
94LUDOVIC MAITRE0.4 km13.813.81.4Enzo 2K
94ANTOINE FANIN0.4 km13.813.81.4Icepeak EvoxK
openUWE TILLMANNDEU80.6 km2h08mn55s37.5 km/h942.2942.298.2Enzo 3K
openJEAN-PIERRE PHILIPPEDEU80.6 km2h08mn50s37.5 km/h948.1948.199.6Enzo 3K
openGERNOT SEITZCHE50.9 km235.1235.125.4Enzo 3K
openALEXEY BOLDYREVRUS80.6 km2h55mn09s27.6 km/h608.3608.362.9CUREC
openEVA KEIMNZL39.3 km181.5181.519.6Bonanza 2C
openMATTHIAS KOTHEDEU80.6 km2h38mn51s30.4 km/h717.2717.272Enzo 3K
openYOURI PITTELOUDCHE80.6 km2h18mn25s34.9 km/h858.2858.284.1Enzo 3K
openTUDOR DOROBANTUROU44.3 km214.8214.823.2MeruD
openYOSHIMI HATANAKAJPN80.6 km3h07mn39s25.8 km/h552.3552.357.9Zeno D
openANDREW MCNICOLGBR80.6 km2h41mn38s29.9 km/h703.7703.770.7MeruD
openVANJA EGGESVIKNOR18.9 km87.487.49.4Mantra 7D
openCRISTIAN DEACUROU80.6 km2h05mn39s38.5 km/h993.2993.2106.9Enzo 3K
openLARS BUDACKDEU80.6 km2h21mn55s34.1 km/h855.1855.182.6Zeno D
openFLORIN IFTINCANOR80.6 km2h34mn45s31.2 km/h732.7732.773.2Mantra 7D
openERIK KOLD BAKKEVIGNOR41.2 km190.3190.320.5Zeno D
openYURY MISHANINRUS80.6 km2h18mn32s34.9 km/h855.5855.583.1Zeno D
openULRICH PRINZDEU80.6 km2h05mn31s38.5 km/h994994.0107.8Enzo 3K
openJOERG EWALDCHE80.6 km2h16mn04s35.5 km/h887.8887.890.1Enzo 3K
openNANDA WALLISERCHE80.6 km2h53mn41s27.8 km/h621.1621.164.2GuruK
openALEKSANDR SKVORTSOVRUS54.7 km293.6293.631.7Zeno D
openETIENNE COUPEZLUX80.6 km2h50mn40s28.3 km/h656.1656.166.9Enzo 3K
openMARTIN PETZDEU80.6 km2h07mn36s37.9 km/h969.9969.9100.3SpectraK
openRENE PAULYDEU51.4 km244.5244.526.4Zeno D
openHAGEN WALTERDEU79.1 km458.3458.349Enzo 3K
openHANSJORG WALLISERCHE41.3 km190.6190.620.6GuruK
openJOANNA DI GRIGOLIVEN80.6 km2h42mn33s29.7 km/h701.4701.470.3LeopardD
openFAHD CHERKAOUIMAR51.6 km270.5270.529.2Artik 5C

Manche 4

  • Lieu : Grand Bornand
  • Course au But
  • date : 14/07/2019
  • distance optimisee : 80.565 km


  • ouverture de fenetre : 11:15:00
  • Fermeture de fenetre : 15:00:00
  • Start : 12:15:00
  • fin de manche : 18:00:00


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