Amponville IDF (13-14/04/19)

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"Les Migrateurs" organizes for the second time this accuracy landing contest in Amponville near Paris.
Winch launch take off.
Fees are 50€ for the week end including all meals. You will be welcomed on saturday at 9 am for registration and breakfast. Briefing at 10 am. First take off at 10.30.
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Statut : annulee
  • courriel : contact
  • téléphone : 0677035818 ou 0652545271
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Les resultats des pilotes de Les migrateurs

8 pilotes classés
Circuit Elite76TAM LUUTHO228.6
Circuit Elite, S C52.8
Circuit Sport18TAM LUUTHO247.8
Circuit Sport, S C178.3
Circuit Sport108ALAIN BARRAU112.3
Circuit Sport, CHANTAL TOUZAC56.9
Circuit Sport224JEAN-YVES TOUZAC40.1
Circuit Sport278DIDIER DOMERGUE17.4

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