French Open, Championnat de France, Gourdon (19-25/09/21)

Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 120
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.2
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.785
  • coef de reussite : 1 (5 manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 94.2pts
Statut : Resultats officiels

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Welcome to the official 2021 distance French Open page

Bienvenue sur la page du Championnat de France de parapente de distance


This year the french open takes place in Gourdon


Final results / Résultats finaux
General Open      
General Sport      
General Women  

TASK5 - Official results
IGCs can be download here

TASK4 - Official results
IGCs can be download here

TASK3 - Official results
IGCs can be download here

TASK2 - official results
IGCs can be download here

TASK1 - Official results
IGCs can de download here 



Provisional performances (time, distance) / Flymaster live



( only organiser can post)



will de done using the Flymaster system through TELEGRAM smartphone software

please download TELEGRAM on your smartphone
Android / IOS

Flymaster Instructions on how to register and use Telegram for retrieval

more explanations will be bring to you @ general brieffing




ZIP file with all format

Turn points maps (Two different maps one for north sector St-André-les-Alpes and one for south sector Gourdon)


Donload OpenAir File

See the list of adjustments done compare to the normal legal airspace





Winners of the 2021 French Open (among all pilots)

Open podium 
1 - Luc ARMANT
2 - Honorin HAMARD
3 - Pierre REMY

Open Women podium
1 - Nanda WALLISER
2 - Sandra ANTONY
3 - Capucine DELIOT



Podiums du Championnats de France 2021

1 - Luc ARMANT
2 - Honorin HAMARD
3 - Pierre REMY

1 - Sandra ANTONY
 2 - Capucine DELIOT


1 - Arthur VERRIER
2 - Malo RICHARD
3 - Corentin LAMI




French Open qualify for PWC

CIVL Cat2 event




Date and place

2021 French Open will take place from 19th to 25th september in Gourdon (South French Alps)




  • Sunday 19 : registration 15h to 19h / General briefing 19h @ Camping des rives du Loup (Tourette sur Loup)
  • Monday 20 : Task
  • Tuesday 21 : Task
  • Wednesday 22 : Task
  • Friday 23 : Task
  • Thursday 24 : Task
  • Saturday 25 : Task and prize giving ceremony

from monday 20 to saturday 25 : breakfast @ 8h + lunch packet distribution
8h30 shuttle departure to the take off

Flying sites

  • Gourdon
  • Col de Bleine
  • site surprise




Click here for dynamic map





including all informations

120 pilotes participants
1LUC ARMANT3733998pts (1er), 995pts (2ème), 1000pts (1er), 0/964pts (6ème), 740/986pts (2ème)Enzo 3K
2HONORIN HAMARD3713989pts (3ème), 995pts (2ème), 0/949pts (5ème), 740/981pts (4ème), 989pts (1er)Enzo 3K
3PIERRE REMY36630/878pts (26ème), 989pts (5ème), 697/926pts (9ème), 992pts (2ème), 985pts (3ème)Icepeak X OneK
4JONATHAN MARIN3628989pts (3ème), 987pts (7ème), 0/862pts (28ème), 988pts (3ème), 664/883pts (25ème)Icepeak X OneK
5JULIEN WIRTZ3618965pts (12ème), 986pts (10ème), 707/951pts (4ème), 960pts (7ème), 0/928pts (6ème)Enzo 3K
6RUSSELL OGDENGBR3611988pts (5ème), 976pts (18ème), 689/927pts (8ème), 958pts (8ème), 0/911pts (8ème)Enzo 3K
7ERWAN DIDRICHE3587954pts (14ème), 990pts (4ème), 0/562pts (56ème), 974pts (5ème), 669/890pts (16ème)Icepeak X OneK
8ULRICH PRINZDEU3586984pts (6ème), 989pts (5ème), 0/570pts (53ème), 943pts (11ème), 670/891pts (15ème)Enzo 3K
9JUAN SEBASTIAN OSPINA RESTREPOGBR3579978pts (10ème), 983pts (12ème), 688/925pts (10ème), 930pts (14ème), 0/494pts (94ème)
10FLAVIO FUNIATI3556984pts (6ème), 983pts (12ème), 924pts (12ème), 0/877pts (19ème), 665/887pts (19ème)Icepeak X OneK
11XAVIER LAPORTE35400/882pts (23ème), 987pts (7ème), 959pts (3ème), 920pts (17ème), 674/898pts (10ème)Icepeak X OneK
12NICOLAS DINH3534638/859pts (42ème), 980pts (15ème), 973pts (2ème), 943pts (11ème), 0/103pts (111ème)Enzo 3K
13MARTIN REBORD3533952pts (15ème), 980pts (15ème), 675/908pts (14ème), 926pts (15ème), 0/894pts (14ème)
14DENIS CHOURAQUI3512932pts (16ème), 967pts (21ème), 693/921pts (13ème), 0/775pts (43ème), 920pts (7ème)Enzo 3K
15MARC WENSAUERDEU3505911pts (18ème), 974pts (19ème), 672/904pts (15ème), 948pts (10ème), 0/889pts (18ème)
16CHARLES CAZAUX3491963pts (13ème), 979pts (17ème), 902pts (16ème), 647/870pts (21ème), 0/491pts (96ème)Enzo 3K
17JOSÉ REBELOPRT3481976pts (11ème), 939pts (27ème), 668/888pts (23ème), 0/789pts (35ème), 898pts (10ème)Enzo 3K
18NICOLA DI-BERNARDO3463982pts (8ème), 934pts (30ème), 0/452pts (74ème), 657/871pts (20ème), 890pts (16ème)GambitK
19TIM ROCHAS3457662/891pts (21ème), 986pts (10ème), 897pts (17ème), 912pts (18ème), 0/477pts (98ème)
20JOERI BALBEL3439925pts (17ème), 960pts (24ème), 0/89pts (113ème), 586/777pts (41ème), 968pts (4ème)Enzo 3K
21MARCO LITTAMEITA3426654/869pts (35ème), 937pts (29ème), 938pts (6ème), 0/854pts (28ème), 897pts (12ème)Enzo 3K
22JOHANNES BAUMGARTENDEU3382910pts (19ème), 663/880pts (37ème), 0/571pts (52ème), 924pts (16ème), 885pts (21ème)Enzo 3K
23FRANCOIS CORMIER3374873pts (29ème), 962pts (22ème), 0/812pts (34ème), 652/865pts (23ème), 887pts (19ème)Enzo 3K
24YANN LIVINEC3371880pts (25ème), 658/873pts (39ème), 0/92pts (107ème), 949pts (9ème), 884pts (24ème)Enzo 3K
25PIERRE HANOUX3367647/860pts (41ème), 959pts (25ème), 881pts (24ème), 0/473pts (77ème), 880pts (29ème)Icepeak EvoxK
26REMI BOURDELLE3350650/862pts (40ème), 957pts (26ème), 0/805pts (38ème), 864pts (24ème), 879pts (31ème)Enzo 3K
27JOACHIM OBERHAUSERITA3350992pts (2ème), 996pts (1er), 422/568pts (54ème), 940pts (13ème), 0/471pts (99ème)Enzo 3K
28MAXIME PINOT3345982pts (8ème), 987pts (7ème), 0/176pts (98ème), 998pts (1er), 378/503pts (91ème)Enzo 3K
29REMI MONTGINOT3344660/877pts (28ème), 919pts (31ème), 894pts (18ème), 0/466pts (80ème), 871pts (38ème)Enzo 3K
30MAXIME BELLEMIN3323895pts (20ème), 911pts (33ème), 879pts (25ème), 638/859pts (26ème), 0/490pts (97ème)Enzo 3K
31MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN3316660/878pts (26ème), 887pts (34ème), 894pts (18ème), 0/861pts (25ème), 875pts (36ème)Enzo 3K
32STEPHANE DROUIN3303873pts (29ème), 983pts (12ème), 0/809pts (36ème), 833pts (32ème), 614/817pts (51ème)Enzo 3K
33PAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL3293868pts (36ème), 939pts (27ème), 619/822pts (30ème), 0/779pts (40ème), 867pts (40ème)Enzo 3K
34MATHIAS IOUALALEN3277597/794pts (63ème), 852pts (51ème), 929pts (7ème), 0/451pts (85ème), 899pts (9ème)Enzo 3K
35THIBAUT VARGAS3263872pts (32ème), 873pts (39ème), 0/803pts (39ème), 638/846pts (29ème), 880pts (29ème)Enzo 3K
36MARTIN LONGGBR3259863pts (39ème), 870pts (42ème), 889pts (22ème), 637/857pts (27ème), 0/494pts (94ème)Enzo 3K
37JOCELYN TABOURDEAU3232859pts (42ème), 577/766pts (68ème), 0/687pts (50ème), 841pts (30ème), 955pts (5ème)Enzo 3K
38MAXIME KUSTER3218884pts (22ème), 610/809pts (62ème), 0/799pts (42ème), 839pts (31ème), 885pts (21ème)GuruK
39MARTIN VERNEREY32140/689pts (80ème), 885pts (36ème), 621/825pts (29ème), 830pts (33ème), 878pts (33ème)Icepeak X OneK
40ARTHUR VERRIER3206846pts (47ème), 861pts (48ème), 891pts (20ème), 0/350pts (103ème), 608/810pts (53ème)Z-AlpsD
41LEO HAMARD3198609/809pts (59ème), 870pts (42ème), 891pts (20ème), 0/453pts (84ème), 828pts (47ème)Enzo 3K
42MALO RICHARD3197864pts (38ème), 837pts (52ème), 615/817pts (32ème), 0/90pts (117ème), 881pts (27ème)Peak 5D
43LESZEK ZIOLKOWSKIPOL3193841pts (50ème), 857pts (49ème), 617/820pts (31ème), 0/586pts (59ème), 878pts (33ème)
44NANDA WALLISERCHE3157835pts (52ème), 835pts (53ème), 867pts (26ème), 0/799pts (34ème), 620/826pts (48ème)Enzo 3K
45CORENTIN LAMI3151558/742pts (73ème), 856pts (50ème), 865pts (27ème), 0/459pts (83ème), 872pts (37ème)LeopardD
46LOUIS CUSSOT3128832pts (55ème), 830pts (57ème), 0/157pts (103ème), 588/780pts (38ème), 878pts (33ème)Peak 5D
47CLEMENT CRUCIANI3117836pts (51ème), 827pts (58ème), 600/797pts (43ème), 0/376pts (102ème), 854pts (43ème)
48ANDREAS MALECKIDEU3100835pts (52ème), 811pts (61ème), 0/765pts (49ème), 586/777pts (41ème), 868pts (39ème)Enzo 3K
49VOLODYMYR PEREVALOVUKR3093873pts (29ème), 872pts (41ème), 796pts (45ème), 0/286pts (113ème), 552/736pts (76ème)Enzo 3K
50JACQUES FOURNIER3087852pts (45ème), 870pts (42ème), 0/414pts (80ème), 590/782pts (37ème), 775pts (66ème)Enzo 3K
51JOSE FERREIRA3085845pts (48ème), 824pts (59ème), 0/564pts (55ème), 594/787pts (36ème), 822pts (50ème)Enzo 3K
52S A3073557/741pts (74ème), 869pts (45ème), 817pts (32ème), 0/464pts (81ème), 830pts (45ème)Zeno D
53JEROME CANAUD3058850pts (46ème), 592/787pts (65ème), 810pts (35ème), 0/641pts (54ème), 806pts (54ème)Zeno D
54ARON MICHIELSBEL3056566/750pts (72ème), 823pts (60ème), 0/91pts (108ème), 772pts (45ème), 895pts (13ème)Icepeak EvoxK
55STEPAN KECHEDZHIUKR3047881pts (24ème), 875pts (38ème), 0/91pts (108ème), 525/696pts (48ème), 766pts (70ème)Enzo 3K
56PASCAL BERNHARD3029776pts (64ème), 791pts (63ème), 0/545pts (59ème), 583/773pts (44ème), 879pts (31ème)Zeno D
57CYRIL LAMBERT3006806pts (60ème), 834pts (54ème), 504/670pts (51ème), 0/650pts (49ème), 862pts (41ème)Enzo 3K
58FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX2987476/631pts (85ème), 887pts (34ème), 0/177pts (96ème), 780pts (38ème), 844pts (44ème)Icepeak EvoxK
59ANTOINE DUBOIS-MERCE2947867pts (37ème), 465/617pts (82ème), 0/538pts (60ème), 733pts (47ème), 882pts (26ème)
60FREDERIC LECONTE2922797pts (62ème), 919pts (31ème), 0/183pts (93ème), 349/463pts (82ème), 857pts (42ème)Enzo 3K
61CAPUCINE DELIOT2884812pts (58ème), 869pts (45ème), 318/422pts (78ème), 0/283pts (114ème), 885pts (21ème)Peak 5D
62FABIEN DOFFIN2880699pts (78ème), 497/661pts (79ème), 803pts (39ème), 0/444pts (87ème), 881pts (27ème)Enzo 3K
63SCOTT FEREMBACH2878871pts (33ème), 863pts (47ème), 0/76pts (118ème), 352/467pts (79ème), 792pts (55ème)Enzo 3K
64REMI GODEFROY2846818pts (57ème), 832pts (55ème), 417/554pts (57ème), 0/411pts (101ème), 779pts (63ème)ZeoliteGTD
65NICOLAS ROVIRA2845490/651pts (83ème), 783pts (67ème), 784pts (48ème), 0/292pts (111ème), 788pts (56ème)Icepeak X OneK
66HANSJORG WALLISERCHE2840719pts (76ème), 530/705pts (73ème), 807pts (37ème), 0/546pts (66ème), 784pts (59ème)EvoxO
67ELISABETH EGGERAUT2792822pts (56ème), 788pts (64ème), 0/481pts (72ème), 411/545pts (68ème), 771pts (69ème)GuruK
68SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE27070/641pts (84ème), 497/661pts (79ème), 797pts (43ème), 744pts (46ème), 669pts (80ème)Zeno D
69RICHARD MEEKGBR2707800pts (61ème), 689pts (74ème), 0/510pts (63ème), 438/581pts (61ème), 780pts (62ème)Zeno D
70FLORIAN SERRA2657857pts (44ème), 0/38pts (115ème), 381/508pts (64ème), 647pts (50ème), 772pts (68ème)Zeno D
71LUC RESPLENDINO2653759pts (67ème), 685pts (75ème), 0/500pts (67ème), 431/572pts (62ème), 778pts (64ème)Enzo 3K
72TOM CHAUVIN26200/101pts (117ème), 120/160pts (107ème), 800pts (41ème), 870pts (21ème), 830pts (45ème)LeopardD
73THOMAS BRO2616752pts (70ème), 650pts (81ème), 0/513pts (62ème), 471/624pts (57ème), 743pts (75ème)Zeno D
74MEHDI SADEK2605763pts (66ème), 761pts (69ème), 0/90pts (110ème), 316/419pts (98ème), 765pts (72ème)Peak 5D
75BENOIT BENICOURT2573682pts (81ème), 668pts (76ème), 0/435pts (75ème), 440/583pts (60ème), 783pts (60ème)LeopardD
76LODE SPRUYTBEL25620/31pts (120ème), 968pts (20ème), 925pts (10ème), 224/298pts (110ème), 445pts (100ème)
77PIERRE MULLER2559673pts (82ème), 734pts (71ème), 367/487pts (69ème), 0/436pts (89ème), 785pts (57ème)Enzo 3K
78RODOLPHE HENNEBIQUE2547842pts (49ème), 0/39pts (113ème), 381/507pts (65ème), 558pts (65ème), 766pts (70ème)Magus 2020D
79FLORENT ATTOU2538739pts (75ème), 357/474pts (91ème), 0/417pts (79ème), 628pts (56ème), 814pts (52ème)ZeoliteGTD
80ERIC DAIGREMONT2528755pts (68ème), 663pts (77ème), 0/409pts (81ème), 333/442pts (88ème), 777pts (65ème)Enzo 3K
81MANUEL LALY2525591pts (92ème), 787pts (65ème), 0/389pts (84ème), 321/426pts (94ème), 826pts (48ème)Enzo 3K
82ETIENNE COUPEZLUX2515693pts (79ème), 0/102pts (108ème), 788pts (46ème), 385/513pts (74ème), 649pts (84ème)Enzo 3K
83CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER2481445/590pts (93ème), 604pts (83ème), 0/434pts (76ème), 647pts (50ème), 785pts (57ème)Zeno D
84DAMIEN PATTOU2455835pts (52ème), 832pts (55ème), 788pts (46ème)Peak 5D
85JEAN-YVES SEVENO2405630pts (86ème), 663pts (77ème), 0/34pts (119ème), 329/436pts (89ème), 783pts (60ème)Enzo 3K
86DOMINIC ROHNERCHE2379870pts (34ème), 962pts (22ème), 547pts (58ème)Enzo 3K
87DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE2290709pts (77ème), 574pts (84ème), 393/528pts (61ème), 614pts (58ème), 0/389pts (105ème)LeopardD
88YANN KALISZCZAK2267587pts (94ème), 385/511pts (89ème), 0/486pts (70ème), 647pts (50ème), 648pts (85ème)GuruK
89LAURENT CHALEIL2236326/432pts (106ème), 746pts (70ème), 0/90pts (110ème), 511pts (75ème), 653pts (83ème)Peak 5D
90SIMON BUSSY2232281/373pts (110ème), 715pts (72ème), 0/173pts (102ème), 484pts (76ème), 752pts (73ème)Mantra 7D
91BENOIT MOREL2094535pts (99ème), 567pts (86ème), 0/207pts (92ème), 218/289pts (112ème), 774pts (67ème)Zeno D
92NICOLAS PRIOLETREU2038605pts (89ème), 0/39pts (113ème), 466pts (73ème), 237/316pts (106ème), 730pts (77ème)Enzo 3K
93NICOLAS MANZONI2024597pts (91ème), 0/37pts (118ème), 490pts (68ème), 316/421pts (97ème), 621pts (89ème)Artik 6C
94ANNE-LAURE BROISE2017600pts (90ème), 0/86pts (109ème), 430pts (77ème), 236/314pts (107ème), 751pts (74ème)Peak 5D
95FRANCOIS BICHET1977766pts (65ème), 571pts (85ème), 389pts (84ème), 251/338pts (104ème), 0/298pts (108ème)Magus 2020D
96STEPHANE PAULUZZI1967753pts (69ème), 0/45pts (111ème), 75/100pts (106ème), 426pts (94ème), 713pts (78ème)Zeno D
97ALEKSEI BOLDYREVRUS1954566pts (96ème), 273/362pts (99ème), 0/178pts (95ème), 468pts (78ème), 647pts (86ème)
98RASA GRIGORAITIENELTU1939526pts (101ème), 219/290pts (104ème), 0/84pts (115ème), 538pts (70ème), 656pts (82ème)Zeno D
99L L1920443pts (104ème), 318/422pts (93ème), 0/405pts (82ème), 546pts (66ème), 613pts (90ème)Alpina 4C
100GOLDSMITH TYRISL1911619pts (88ème), 0/37pts (118ème), 66/88pts (114ème), 564pts (64ème), 662pts (81ème)
101CLAUDE LE-MELLEC1904573pts (95ème), 402pts (95ème), 291/386pts (87ème), 0/311pts (109ème), 638pts (88ème)Zeno D
102ETIENNE GRASSART19030/497pts (102ème), 374/498pts (90ème), 504pts (66ème), 526pts (71ème), 499pts (93ème)Alpina 3 C
103HAGEN WALTERDEU1807548pts (98ème), 161/213pts (106ème), 0/107pts (105ème), 451pts (85ème), 647pts (86ème)Enzo 3K
104RENE PAULYDEU1786283/375pts (109ème), 460pts (92ème), 0/267pts (91ème), 543pts (69ème), 500pts (92ème)Zeno D
105FREDERIC MILLIER1774621pts (87ème), 384pts (98ème), 130/175pts (99ème), 639pts (55ème), 0/73pts (114ème)Peak 5D
106FLORIN IFTINCANOR1744314/416pts (107ème), 563pts (87ème), 0/388pts (86ème), 428pts (93ème), 439pts (101ème)Mantra 7D
107LOICK MOURLON1719528pts (100ème), 0/394pts (97ème), 482pts (71ème), 412pts (100ème), 297/397pts (104ème)Zeno D
108THEO BOUNIOL1676272/361pts (111ème), 413pts (94ème), 0/90pts (110ème), 568pts (63ème), 423pts (102ème)Peak 5D
109JEAN LOUIS ZANZI1654473pts (103ème), 529pts (88ème), 0/174pts (101ème), 247/328pts (105ème), 405pts (103ème)Delta 4C
110DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ1579751pts (71ème), 28/38pts (115ème), 157pts (103ème), 643pts (53ème)XCracerD
111NILS REINHARD153868/90pts (118ème), 362pts (99ème), 0/81pts (116ème), 423pts (96ème), 685pts (79ème)Magus 2020D
112NICOLAS BERNIER14890/184pts (115ème), 400pts (96ème), 216/287pts (89ème), 526pts (71ème), 347pts (107ème)Zeno D
113HERVE SMETEK1459212/283pts (113ème), 0/43pts (112ème), 359pts (88ème), 514pts (73ème), 374pts (106ème)LeopardD
114S M1457383pts (108ème), 269/362pts (99ème), 391pts (83ème), 414pts (99ème), 0/102pts (112ème)Zeno D
115CLAIRE GARNESSON1369440pts (105ème), 362pts (99ème), 136/183pts (93ème), 431pts (92ème), 0/142pts (110ème)Cure 2C
116KARLIEN ENGELENNLD1333553pts (97ème), 0/38pts (115ème), 286pts (90ème), 314pts (107ème), 180/241pts (109ème)Zeno D
117MATHILDE CHIVET1111183pts (116ème), 362pts (99ème), 130/175pts (99ème), 436pts (89ème), 0/44pts (115ème)Alpina 4C
118MAUD BIDAUD931285pts (112ème), 272pts (105ème), 132/177pts (96ème), 242pts (115ème)Mantra 7D
119CAMILLE MILLIAT34590pts (118ème), 63/83pts (110ème), 0/81pts (116ème), 99pts (116ème), 93pts (113ème)Delta 3C
120MICHELE BOSCHIITA334273pts (114ème), 34pts (120ème), 27pts (120ème)Icepeak X OneK
m 1
manche 3547 validée le 1 octobre 21
10JUAN SEBASTIAN OSPINA RESTREPOGBR69.6 km2h07mn16s32.8 km/h361.0466.9149.797894.5
15MARTIN REBORD69.6 km2h10mn06s32.1 km/h361.0442.8148.195290.9
18MARC WENSAUERDEU69.6 km2h15mn05s30.9 km/h361.0407.3142.391188.9
21TIM ROCHAS69.6 km2h16mn38s30.6 km/h361.0397.0132.689186.8
37ANTOINE DUBOIS-MERCE69.6 km2h18mn46s30.1 km/h361.0383.3122.686778.5
50LESZEK ZIOLKOWSKIPOL69.6 km2h21mn56s29.4 km/h361.0363.7116.784172.8
51CLEMENT CRUCIANI69.6 km2h21mn08s29.6 km/h361.0368.6106.483672.3
88GOLDSMITH TYRISL69.6 km2h56mn31s23.7 km/h361.0176.181.661957.8
96ALEKSEI BOLDYREVRUS69.6 km3h02mn09s22.9 km/h361.0148.157.156653.8
120LODE SPRUYTBEL6 km31.1313.1
1LUC ARMANT69.6 km2h06mn30s33 km/h361.0475.4161.8998101.6Enzo 3K
2JOACHIM OBERHAUSERITA69.6 km2h06mn24s33 km/h361.0477.1154.3992100.8Enzo 3K
3JONATHAN MARIN69.6 km2h06mn50s32.9 km/h361.0471.4156.598999.9Icepeak X OneK
3HONORIN HAMARD69.6 km2h06mn24s33 km/h361.0477.1150.8989100Enzo 3K
5RUSSELL OGDENGBR69.6 km2h06mn29s33 km/h361.0475.7151.398898.2Enzo 3K
6ULRICH PRINZDEU69.6 km2h06mn40s33 km/h361.0473.3149.598497.6Enzo 3K
6FLAVIO FUNIATI69.6 km2h06mn44s33 km/h361.0472.5150.598497.5Icepeak X OneK
8MAXIME PINOT69.6 km2h07mn07s32.9 km/h361.0468.4152.298296Enzo 3K
8NICOLA DI-BERNARDO69.6 km2h06mn47s32.9 km/h361.0471.9149.598295.9GambitK
11JOSÉ REBELOPRT69.6 km2h07mn05s32.9 km/h361.0468.7146.397693.7Enzo 3K
12JULIEN WIRTZ69.6 km2h09mn01s32.4 km/h361.0451.4152.796593.1Enzo 3K
13CHARLES CAZAUX69.6 km2h08mn51s32.4 km/h361.0452.8149.696392.3Enzo 3K
14ERWAN DIDRICHE69.6 km2h10mn08s32.1 km/h361.0442.6150.295491.6Icepeak X OneK
16DENIS CHOURAQUI69.6 km2h11mn36s31.7 km/h361.0431.6139.493290.3Enzo 3K
17JOERI BALBEL69.6 km2h12mn41s31.5 km/h361.0423.8140.392589.7Enzo 3K
19JOHANNES BAUMGARTENDEU69.6 km2h14mn28s31.1 km/h361.0411.4137.591088.3Enzo 3K
20MAXIME BELLEMIN69.6 km2h17mn02s30.5 km/h361.0394.4139.489587.4Enzo 3K
22MAXIME KUSTER69.6 km2h17mn18s30.4 km/h361.0392.7130.388486.1GuruK
23XAVIER LAPORTE69.6 km2h20mn32s29.7 km/h361.0372.3149.188285.7Icepeak X OneK
24STEPAN KECHEDZHIUKR69.6 km2h18mn21s30.2 km/h361.0386.0134.088185.1Enzo 3K
25YANN LIVINEC69.6 km2h18mn07s30.2 km/h361.0387.5131.788084.5Enzo 3K
26PIERRE REMY69.6 km2h17mn25s30.4 km/h361.0391.9125.487884.1Icepeak X OneK
26MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN69.6 km2h18mn03s30.3 km/h361.0387.9128.787884.0Enzo 3K
28REMI MONTGINOT69.6 km2h19mn01s30 km/h361.0381.8133.987782.9Enzo 3K
29VOLODYMYR PEREVALOVUKR69.6 km2h19mn42s29.9 km/h361.0377.5134.087382.5Enzo 3K
29FRANCOIS CORMIER69.6 km2h17mn29s30.4 km/h361.0391.5120.287382.5Enzo 3K
29STEPHANE DROUIN69.6 km2h17mn59s30.3 km/h361.0388.3124.087382.5Enzo 3K
32THIBAUT VARGAS69.6 km2h18mn57s30.1 km/h361.0382.2128.687281Enzo 3K
33SCOTT FEREMBACH69.6 km2h18mn00s30.3 km/h361.0388.2121.487180.4Enzo 3K
34DOMINIC ROHNERCHE69.6 km2h17mn52s30.3 km/h361.0389.1119.487080Enzo 3K
35MARCO LITTAMEITA69.6 km2h18mn21s30.2 km/h361.0386.0121.786979.5Enzo 3K
36PAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL69.6 km2h19mn04s30 km/h361.0381.4125.586878.9Enzo 3K
38MALO RICHARD69.6 km2h19mn16s30 km/h361.0380.2122.986478.0Peak 5D
39MARTIN LONGGBR69.6 km2h19mn47s29.9 km/h361.0376.9125.486377.6Enzo 3K
40REMI BOURDELLE69.6 km2h19mn33s29.9 km/h361.0378.4122.486277.1Enzo 3K
41PIERRE HANOUX69.6 km2h19mn33s29.9 km/h361.0378.4120.686076.6Icepeak EvoxK
42NICOLAS DINH69.6 km2h17mn52s30.3 km/h361.0389.1108.585976.2Enzo 3K
42JOCELYN TABOURDEAU69.6 km2h19mn48s29.9 km/h361.0376.8120.785976.1Enzo 3K
44FLORIAN SERRA69.6 km2h19mn05s30 km/h361.0381.3114.385775.2Zeno D
45JACQUES FOURNIER69.6 km2h20mn44s29.7 km/h361.0371.1119.785274.9Enzo 3K
46JEROME CANAUD69.6 km2h21mn03s29.6 km/h361.0369.1119.585074.4Zeno D
47ARTHUR VERRIER69.6 km2h20mn02s29.8 km/h361.0375.4109.784674.0Z-AlpsD
48JOSE FERREIRA69.6 km2h21mn29s29.5 km/h361.0366.4117.184573.5Enzo 3K
49RODOLPHE HENNEBIQUE69.6 km2h20mn26s29.7 km/h361.0372.9107.884273.1Magus 2020D
52DAMIEN PATTOU69.6 km2h22mn53s29.2 km/h361.0357.9116.383571.9Peak 5D
52NANDA WALLISERCHE69.6 km2h22mn48s29.2 km/h361.0358.5115.283572Enzo 3K
52ANDREAS MALECKIDEU69.6 km2h24mn04s29 km/h361.0350.9123.283572Enzo 3K
55LOUIS CUSSOT69.6 km2h24mn00s29 km/h361.0351.3119.583270.7Peak 5D
56ELISABETH EGGERAUT69.6 km2h24mn10s29 km/h361.0350.3110.882270.5GuruK
57REMI GODEFROY69.6 km2h26mn03s28.6 km/h361.0339.2117.581870.1ZeoliteGTD
58CAPUCINE DELIOT69.6 km2h27mn20s28.3 km/h361.0331.7119.681269.8Peak 5D
59LEO HAMARD69.6 km2h27mn19s28.4 km/h361.0331.8116.480969.4Enzo 3K
60CYRIL LAMBERT69.6 km2h26mn59s28.4 km/h361.0333.7111.380669.1Enzo 3K
61RICHARD MEEKGBR69.6 km2h27mn28s28.3 km/h361.0330.9107.780068.8Zeno D
62FREDERIC LECONTE69.6 km2h26mn03s28.6 km/h361.0339.296.779768.4Enzo 3K
63MATHIAS IOUALALEN69.6 km2h26mn48s28.5 km/h361.0334.897.979468.1Enzo 3K
64PASCAL BERNHARD69.6 km2h32mn10s27.4 km/h361.0304.2110.677667.7Zeno D
65FRANCOIS BICHET69.6 km2h34mn26s27 km/h361.0291.6113.776667.3Magus 2020D
66MEHDI SADEK69.6 km2h32mn07s27.5 km/h361.0304.597.076367.0Peak 5D
67LUC RESPLENDINO69.6 km2h34mn44s27 km/h361.0290.0107.575966.7Enzo 3K
68ERIC DAIGREMONT69.6 km2h35mn24s26.9 km/h361.0286.3108.175566.3Enzo 3K
69STEPHANE PAULUZZI69.6 km2h35mn59s26.8 km/h361.0283.1108.775366.0Zeno D
70THOMAS BRO69.6 km2h36mn25s26.7 km/h361.0280.7110.475265.8Zeno D
71DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ69.6 km2h34mn39s27 km/h361.0290.499.275165.5XCracerD
72ARON MICHIELSBEL69.6 km2h36mn01s26.8 km/h361.0282.9106.275065.3Icepeak EvoxK
73CORENTIN LAMI69.6 km2h38mn32s26.3 km/h361.0269.3111.374264.9LeopardD
74S A69.6 km2h34mn28s27 km/h361.0291.488.374164.6Zeno D
75FLORENT ATTOU69.6 km2h36mn03s26.8 km/h361.0282.794.873964.3ZeoliteGTD
76HANSJORG WALLISERCHE69.6 km2h40mn36s26 km/h361.0258.299.971963.8EvoxO
77DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE69.6 km2h41mn57s25.8 km/h361.0251.097.170963.3LeopardD
78FABIEN DOFFIN69.6 km2h45mn15s25.3 km/h361.0233.6104.369962.7Enzo 3K
79ETIENNE COUPEZLUX69.6 km2h44mn49s25.3 km/h361.0235.996.369362.4Enzo 3K
80MARTIN VERNEREY69.6 km2h39mn01s26.3 km/h361.0266.761.768962.1Icepeak X OneK
81BENOIT BENICOURT69.6 km2h44mn59s25.3 km/h361.0235.085.868261.6LeopardD
82PIERRE MULLER69.6 km2h45mn29s25.2 km/h361.0232.479.667361.1Enzo 3K
83NICOLAS ROVIRA69.6 km2h47mn17s25 km/h361.0223.167.165160.1Icepeak X OneK
84SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE69.6 km2h50mn49s24.5 km/h361.0204.975.464159.5Zeno D
85FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX69.6 km2h52mn25s24.2 km/h361.0196.773.363158.8Icepeak EvoxK
86JEAN-YVES SEVENO69.6 km2h56mn37s23.6 km/h361.0175.693.263058.7Enzo 3K
87FREDERIC MILLIER69.6 km2h52mn15s24.2 km/h361.0197.662.862158.0Peak 5D
89NICOLAS PRIOLETREU69.6 km2h55mn56s23.7 km/h361.0179.064.860556.9Enzo 3K
90ANNE-LAURE BROISE69.6 km2h56mn37s23.6 km/h361.0175.663.260056.5Peak 5D
91NICOLAS MANZONI69.6 km2h56mn30s23.7 km/h361.0176.160.059756.2Artik 6C
92MANUEL LALY69.6 km3h06mn04s22.4 km/h361.0129.0100.659155.8Enzo 3K
93CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER69.6 km2h58mn29s23.4 km/h361.0166.362.559055.6Zeno D
94YANN KALISZCZAK69.6 km2h56mn33s23.7 km/h361.0175.949.858755.3GuruK
95CLAUDE LE-MELLEC69.6 km3h05mn26s22.5 km/h361.0132.080.457354.3Zeno D
97KARLIEN ENGELENNLD69.6 km3h07mn01s22.3 km/h361.0124.367.555352.9Zeno D
98HAGEN WALTERDEU69.6 km3h04mn26s22.6 km/h361.0136.950.454852.5Enzo 3K
99BENOIT MOREL69.6 km3h11mn59s21.8 km/h361.0100.474.053551.4Zeno D
100LOICK MOURLON69.6 km3h12mn34s21.7 km/h361.097.669.452850.9Zeno D
101RASA GRIGORAITIENELTU69.6 km3h05mn59s22.5 km/h361.0129.435.452650.7Zeno D
102ETIENNE GRASSART69.6 km3h16mn41s21.2 km/h361.078.157.649748.4Alpina 3 C
103JEAN LOUIS ZANZI69.6 km3h16mn49s21.2 km/h361.077.434.747346.4Delta 4C
104L L69.6 km3h19mn08s21 km/h361.066.515.444343.9Alpina 4C
105CLAIRE GARNESSON69.6 km3h22mn34s20.6 km/h361.050.428.744043.5Cure 2C
106LAURENT CHALEIL69.6 km3h31mn24s19.8 km/h361.09.561.243242.8Peak 5D
107FLORIN IFTINCANOR65.8 km341.075.441641.4Mantra 7D
108S M69.6 km3h37mn31s19.2 km/h361.021.738338.3Zeno D
109RENE PAULYDEU69.6 km3h35mn47s19.4 km/h361.013.637537.6Zeno D
110SIMON BUSSY69.6 km3h30mn47s19.8 km/h361.012.437337.3Mantra 7D
111THEO BOUNIOL56.5 km293.367.436136.2Peak 5D
112MAUD BIDAUD54.9 km284.928528.8Mantra 7D
113HERVE SMETEK52.3 km271.311.628328.6LeopardD
114MICHELE BOSCHIITA47 km244.028.527327.6Icepeak X OneK
115NICOLAS BERNIER35.5 km183.918418.6Zeno D
116MATHILDE CHIVET35.2 km182.618318.5Alpina 4C
117TOM CHAUVIN19.5 km101.310110.2LeopardD
118NILS REINHARD17.3 km89.8909.1Magus 2020D
118CAMILLE MILLIAT17.3 km89.6909.1Delta 3C
  • ss distance : 64.724
  • task distance : 69.609
  • launch to ess distance : 68.042
  • no of pilots present : 120
  • no of pilots flying : 120
  • no of pilots lo : 11
  • no of pilots reaching nom dist : 114
  • no of pilots reaching es : 109
  • no of pilots reaching goal : 109
  • sum flown distance : 7994.71699999998
  • best dist : 69.609
  • best time : 2.1067
  • worst time : 3.6253
  • qnh setting : 1013.25
  • no of pilots in competition : 120
  • no of pilots landed before stop : 0
  • sum dist over min : 7274.863
  • sum real dist over min : 7274.863
  • sum flown distances : 7994.717
  • best real dist : 69.609
  • last finisher start time : 2021-09-20T11:50:00+02:00
  • last start time : 2021-09-20T11:50:00+02:00
  • first start time : 2021-09-20T11:50:00+02:00
  • first finish time : 2021-09-20T13:56:24+02:00
  • max time to get time points : 3.5581
  • goalratio : 0.9083
  • arrival weight : 0
  • departure weight : 0
  • leading weight : 0.1118
  • time weight : 0.5271
  • distance weight : 0.361
  • smallest leading coefficient : 1.4586
  • available points distance : 361.0488
  • available points time : 477.1347
  • available points departure : 0
  • available points leading : 161.8165
  • available points arrival : 0
  • time validity : 1
  • launch validity : 1
  • distance validity : 1
  • stop validity : 1
  • day quality : 1
  • ftv day validity : 0.998
  • time points stop correction : 0
m 2
manche 3548 validée le 1 octobre 21
10TIM ROCHAS64.6 km2h09mn30s29.9 km/h361.7471.1153.598694.2
12JUAN SEBASTIAN OSPINA RESTREPOGBR64.6 km2h09mn37s29.9 km/h361.7469.8151.598392.7
15MARTIN REBORD64.6 km2h10mn02s29.8 km/h361.7465.6152.498090.3
19MARC WENSAUERDEU64.6 km2h10mn42s29.7 km/h361.7459.5152.597487.5
20LODE SPRUYTBEL64.6 km2h11mn25s29.5 km/h361.7453.5152.596887
49LESZEK ZIOLKOWSKIPOL64.6 km2h21mn23s27.4 km/h361.7384.1110.885773
58CLEMENT CRUCIANI64.6 km2h25mn18s26.7 km/h361.7360.2105.482769.6
82ANTOINE DUBOIS-MERCE64.6 km2h52mn49s22.4 km/h361.7210.544.361758.5
99ALEKSEI BOLDYREVRUS64.6 km3h41mn59s17.5 km/h361.736236.6
118GOLDSMITH TYRISL6.6 km37.0373.7
1JOACHIM OBERHAUSERITA64.6 km2h09mn19s30 km/h361.7473.2161.3996101.6Enzo 3K
2LUC ARMANT64.6 km2h09mn27s30 km/h361.7471.6161.7995100.8Enzo 3K
2HONORIN HAMARD64.6 km2h09mn07s30 km/h361.7475.9157.6995100.8Enzo 3K
4ERWAN DIDRICHE64.6 km2h09mn51s29.9 km/h361.7467.4160.999099.0Icepeak X OneK
5PIERRE REMY64.6 km2h09mn38s29.9 km/h361.7469.7157.398998.3Icepeak X OneK
5ULRICH PRINZDEU64.6 km2h09mn25s30 km/h361.7472.0155.798998.3Enzo 3K
7XAVIER LAPORTE64.6 km2h09mn23s30 km/h361.7472.4152.998796.7Icepeak X OneK
7JONATHAN MARIN64.6 km2h09mn05s30 km/h361.7476.6148.998796.7Icepeak X OneK
7MAXIME PINOT64.6 km2h09mn41s29.9 km/h361.7469.1156.198796.6Enzo 3K
10JULIEN WIRTZ64.6 km2h09mn47s29.9 km/h361.7468.1156.498694.3Enzo 3K
12STEPHANE DROUIN64.6 km2h09mn58s29.8 km/h361.7466.3154.698392.7Enzo 3K
12FLAVIO FUNIATI64.6 km2h09mn52s29.9 km/h361.7467.3153.698392.6Icepeak X OneK
15NICOLAS DINH64.6 km2h09mn44s29.9 km/h361.7468.6149.698090.4Enzo 3K
17CHARLES CAZAUX64.6 km2h10mn14s29.8 km/h361.7463.8153.497988.8Enzo 3K
18RUSSELL OGDENGBR64.6 km2h10mn18s29.8 km/h361.7463.1151.597688.1Enzo 3K
21DENIS CHOURAQUI64.6 km2h11mn00s29.6 km/h361.7457.0148.496786.2Enzo 3K
22DOMINIC ROHNERCHE64.6 km2h11mn29s29.5 km/h361.7452.9147.096285.7Enzo 3K
22FRANCOIS CORMIER64.6 km2h11mn59s29.4 km/h361.7448.9150.996285.7Enzo 3K
24JOERI BALBEL64.6 km2h11mn25s29.5 km/h361.7453.5144.996084.3Enzo 3K
25PIERRE HANOUX64.6 km2h12mn00s29.4 km/h361.7448.7148.495983.6Icepeak EvoxK
26REMI BOURDELLE64.6 km2h11mn52s29.4 km/h361.7449.8145.595782.9Enzo 3K
27PAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL64.6 km2h14mn32s28.8 km/h361.7429.7147.693982.9Enzo 3K
27JOSÉ REBELOPRT64.6 km2h14mn17s28.9 km/h361.7431.5145.393983Enzo 3K
29MARCO LITTAMEITA64.6 km2h12mn03s29.4 km/h361.7448.3127.193781.8Enzo 3K
30NICOLA DI-BERNARDO64.6 km2h15mn04s28.7 km/h361.7425.9146.393481.1GambitK
31FREDERIC LECONTE64.6 km2h15mn09s28.7 km/h361.7425.3131.691981.0Enzo 3K
31REMI MONTGINOT64.6 km2h15mn49s28.5 km/h361.7420.6137.191981.0Enzo 3K
33MAXIME BELLEMIN64.6 km2h18mn32s28 km/h361.7402.4146.491180.0Enzo 3K
34MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN64.6 km2h19mn50s27.7 km/h361.7393.9131.788779.9Enzo 3K
34FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX64.6 km2h19mn20s27.8 km/h361.7397.2128.588779.9Icepeak EvoxK
36MARTIN VERNEREY64.6 km2h20mn00s27.7 km/h361.7392.9130.688578.8Icepeak X OneK
37JOHANNES BAUMGARTENDEU64.6 km2h19mn11s27.9 km/h361.7398.1120.188078.4Enzo 3K
38STEPAN KECHEDZHIUKR64.6 km2h21mn01s27.5 km/h361.7386.4127.087578Enzo 3K
39YANN LIVINEC64.6 km2h20mn18s27.6 km/h361.7391.0120.787377.5Enzo 3K
39THIBAUT VARGAS64.6 km2h20mn35s27.6 km/h361.7389.2121.787377.5Enzo 3K
41VOLODYMYR PEREVALOVUKR64.6 km2h21mn15s27.5 km/h361.7385.0124.987276.5Enzo 3K
42JACQUES FOURNIER64.6 km2h21mn38s27.4 km/h361.7382.6125.787076.1Enzo 3K
42MARTIN LONGGBR64.6 km2h21mn28s27.4 km/h361.7383.6125.087076.1Enzo 3K
42LEO HAMARD64.6 km2h20mn27s27.6 km/h361.7390.0118.687076.0Enzo 3K
45CAPUCINE DELIOT64.6 km2h20mn46s27.5 km/h361.7388.0119.086974.5Peak 5D
45S A64.6 km2h20mn38s27.6 km/h361.7388.9118.786974.5Zeno D
47SCOTT FEREMBACH64.6 km2h22mn40s27.2 km/h361.7376.2124.686373.7Enzo 3K
48ARTHUR VERRIER64.6 km2h22mn36s27.2 km/h361.7376.6123.186173.3Z-AlpsD
50CORENTIN LAMI64.6 km2h23mn09s27.1 km/h361.7373.2121.085672.4LeopardD
51MATHIAS IOUALALEN64.6 km2h23mn47s27 km/h361.7369.3121.485272.1Enzo 3K
52MALO RICHARD64.6 km2h25mn59s26.6 km/h361.7356.1119.283771.9Peak 5D
53NANDA WALLISERCHE64.6 km2h24mn30s26.8 km/h361.7365.0108.783571.6Enzo 3K
54CYRIL LAMBERT64.6 km2h25mn26s26.7 km/h361.7359.4113.283471.1Enzo 3K
55REMI GODEFROY64.6 km2h26mn16s26.5 km/h361.7354.4115.883270.7ZeoliteGTD
55DAMIEN PATTOU64.6 km2h25mn10s26.7 km/h361.7361.0108.983270.7Peak 5D
57LOUIS CUSSOT64.6 km2h25mn09s26.7 km/h361.7361.1107.383069.9Peak 5D
59JOSE FERREIRA64.6 km2h25mn50s26.6 km/h361.7357.0105.182469.2Enzo 3K
60ARON MICHIELSBEL64.6 km2h24mn19s26.9 km/h361.7366.195.482368.9Icepeak EvoxK
61ANDREAS MALECKIDEU64.6 km2h27mn51s26.2 km/h361.7345.1103.881168.7Enzo 3K
62MAXIME KUSTER64.6 km2h27mn51s26.2 km/h361.7345.1102.680968.4GuruK
63PASCAL BERNHARD64.6 km2h29mn50s25.9 km/h361.7333.695.679168.1Zeno D
64ELISABETH EGGERAUT64.6 km2h30mn53s25.7 km/h361.7327.698.878867.8GuruK
65JEROME CANAUD64.6 km2h29mn16s26 km/h361.7336.988.778767.4Zeno D
65MANUEL LALY64.6 km2h29mn46s25.9 km/h361.7334.091.378767.4Enzo 3K
67NICOLAS ROVIRA64.6 km2h29mn27s25.9 km/h361.7335.885.778366.8Icepeak X OneK
68JOCELYN TABOURDEAU64.6 km2h35mn45s24.9 km/h361.7300.4103.576666.5Enzo 3K
69MEHDI SADEK64.6 km2h36mn55s24.7 km/h361.7294.0105.676166.1Peak 5D
70LAURENT CHALEIL64.6 km2h37mn00s24.7 km/h361.7293.590.774665.7Peak 5D
71PIERRE MULLER64.6 km2h39mn13s24.4 km/h361.7281.590.773465.2Enzo 3K
72SIMON BUSSY64.6 km2h42mn17s23.9 km/h361.7265.188.171564.5Mantra 7D
73HANSJORG WALLISERCHE64.6 km2h42mn27s23.9 km/h361.7264.279.270564.1EvoxO
74RICHARD MEEKGBR64.6 km2h44mn42s23.5 km/h361.7252.375.168963.3Zeno D
75LUC RESPLENDINO64.6 km2h44mn49s23.5 km/h361.7251.771.168562.9Enzo 3K
76BENOIT BENICOURT64.6 km2h47mn00s23.2 km/h361.7240.366.366862.0LeopardD
77JEAN-YVES SEVENO64.6 km2h47mn30s23.1 km/h361.7237.763.966361.7Enzo 3K
77ERIC DAIGREMONT64.6 km2h47mn30s23.1 km/h361.7237.763.966361.6Enzo 3K
79SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE64.6 km2h46mn25s23.3 km/h361.7243.456.366161.3Zeno D
79FABIEN DOFFIN64.6 km2h46mn48s23.2 km/h361.7241.457.466161.2Enzo 3K
81THOMAS BRO64.6 km2h57mn03s21.9 km/h361.7189.298.865060.4Zeno D
83CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER64.6 km2h57mn47s21.8 km/h361.7185.556.660457.6Zeno D
84DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE64.6 km3h02mn19s21.3 km/h361.7163.149.257455.5LeopardD
85FRANCOIS BICHET64.6 km3h01mn54s21.3 km/h361.7165.243.757155.2Magus 2020D
86BENOIT MOREL64.6 km3h01mn59s21.3 km/h361.7164.840.956754.8Zeno D
87FLORIN IFTINCANOR64.6 km3h01mn51s21.3 km/h361.7165.436.356354.5Mantra 7D
88JEAN LOUIS ZANZI64.6 km3h08mn18s20.6 km/h361.7134.033.652951.8Delta 4C
89YANN KALISZCZAK64.6 km3h11mn38s20.2 km/h361.7118.031.551150.4GuruK
90ETIENNE GRASSART64.6 km3h13mn02s20.1 km/h361.7111.324.649849.2Alpina 3 C
91FLORENT ATTOU64.6 km3h17mn10s19.7 km/h361.791.820.647447.1ZeoliteGTD
92RENE PAULYDEU64.6 km3h23mn14s19.1 km/h361.763.435.346045.9Zeno D
93L L64.6 km3h28mn26s18.6 km/h361.739.420.842242.4Alpina 4C
94THEO BOUNIOL64.6 km3h28mn28s18.6 km/h361.739.211.841341.5Peak 5D
95CLAUDE LE-MELLEC64.6 km3h30mn18s18.4 km/h361.730.89.340240.5Zeno D
96NICOLAS BERNIER64.6 km3h30mn31s18.4 km/h361.729.97.940040.2Zeno D
97LOICK MOURLON64.6 km3h32mn21s18.3 km/h361.721.510.539439.7Zeno D
98FREDERIC MILLIER64.6 km3h32mn14s18.3 km/h361.722.038438.7Peak 5D
99NILS REINHARD64.6 km3h47mn33s17 km/h361.736236.5Magus 2020D
99S M64.6 km3h41mn23s17.5 km/h361.736236.6Zeno D
99CLAIRE GARNESSON64.6 km3h39mn47s17.6 km/h361.736236.6Cure 2C
99MATHILDE CHIVET64.6 km3h57mn25s16.3 km/h361.736236.5Alpina 4C
104RASA GRIGORAITIENELTU51.9 km290.329029.4Zeno D
105MAUD BIDAUD48.7 km272.327227.6Mantra 7D
106HAGEN WALTERDEU38.1 km213.421321.6Enzo 3K
107TOM CHAUVIN28.6 km160.216016.2LeopardD
108ETIENNE COUPEZLUX18.3 km102.210210.3Enzo 3K
109ANNE-LAURE BROISE15.4 km86.1868.7Peak 5D
110CAMILLE MILLIAT14.8 km82.8838.4Delta 3C
111STEPHANE PAULUZZI8.1 km45.1454.5Zeno D
112HERVE SMETEK7.6 km42.7434.3LeopardD
113RODOLPHE HENNEBIQUE6.9 km38.6393.9Magus 2020D
113NICOLAS PRIOLETREU7 km39.1393.9Enzo 3K
115FLORIAN SERRA6.7 km37.6383.8Zeno D
115KARLIEN ENGELENNLD6.8 km38.1383.8Zeno D
115DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ6.8 km37.8383.8XCracerD
118NICOLAS MANZONI6.7 km37.3373.7Artik 6C
120MICHELE BOSCHIITA6 km33.6343.4Icepeak X OneK
  • ss distance : 61
  • task distance : 64.623
  • launch to ess distance : 63.267
  • no of pilots present : 120
  • no of pilots flying : 120
  • no of pilots lo : 17
  • no of pilots reaching nom dist : 105
  • no of pilots reaching es : 103
  • no of pilots reaching goal : 103
  • sum flown distance : 6937.141
  • best dist : 64.623
  • best time : 2.1514
  • worst time : 3.9569
  • qnh setting : 1013.25
  • no of pilots in competition : 120
  • no of pilots landed before stop : 0
  • sum dist over min : 6221.23
  • sum real dist over min : 6221.23
  • sum flown distances : 6937.141
  • best real dist : 64.623
  • last finisher start time : 2021-09-21T11:35:00+02:00
  • last start time : 2021-09-21T11:35:00+02:00
  • first start time : 2021-09-21T11:35:00+02:00
  • first finish time : 2021-09-21T13:44:05+02:00
  • max time to get time points : 3.6182
  • goalratio : 0.8583
  • arrival weight : 0
  • departure weight : 0
  • leading weight : 0.1117
  • time weight : 0.5266
  • distance weight : 0.3617
  • smallest leading coefficient : 1.5885
  • available points distance : 361.7056
  • available points time : 476.5929
  • available points departure : 0
  • available points leading : 161.7015
  • available points arrival : 0
  • time validity : 1
  • launch validity : 1
  • distance validity : 1
  • stop validity : 1
  • day quality : 1
  • ftv day validity : 0.996
  • time points stop correction : 0
m 3
manche 3549 validée le 1 octobre 21
10LODE SPRUYTBEL100 km3h45mn50s26.6 km/h452.4354.4118.492594
10JUAN SEBASTIAN OSPINA RESTREPOGBR100 km3h45mn13s26.6 km/h452.4357.2115.492594
14MARTIN REBORD100 km3h52mn38s25.8 km/h452.4325.4130.490891.1
15MARC WENSAUERDEU100 km3h52mn09s25.8 km/h452.4327.4124.190490.5
17TIM ROCHAS100 km3h52mn10s25.8 km/h452.4327.3117.789789.1
31LESZEK ZIOLKOWSKIPOL100 km4h09mn15s24.1 km/h452.4261.9105.582080.1
43CLEMENT CRUCIANI100 km4h16mn37s23.4 km/h452.4235.6108.679774.9
60ANTOINE DUBOIS-MERCE94.4 km427.2110.553854.4
95ALEKSEI BOLDYREVRUS39.4 km178.417818
114GOLDSMITH TYRISL19.5 km88.4888.9
1LUC ARMANT100 km3h37mn04s27.6 km/h452.4401.8145.81000101.6Enzo 3K
2NICOLAS DINH100 km3h38mn51s27.4 km/h452.4389.2131.3973100.5Enzo 3K
3XAVIER LAPORTE100 km3h42mn04s27 km/h452.4372.1134.795999.5Icepeak X OneK
4JULIEN WIRTZ100 km3h45mn07s26.6 km/h452.4357.7141.295198.7Enzo 3K
5HONORIN HAMARD100 km3h44mn21s26.7 km/h452.4361.2135.494997.9Enzo 3K
6MARCO LITTAMEITA100 km3h45mn49s26.6 km/h452.4354.5131.293896.9Enzo 3K
7MATHIAS IOUALALEN100 km3h45mn27s26.6 km/h452.4356.2120.292995.9Enzo 3K
8RUSSELL OGDENGBR100 km3h45mn02s26.7 km/h452.4358.1116.492795.2Enzo 3K
9PIERRE REMY100 km3h47mn33s26.4 km/h452.4346.8126.592694.7Icepeak X OneK
12FLAVIO FUNIATI100 km3h46mn38s26.5 km/h452.4350.9120.792492.7Icepeak X OneK
13DENIS CHOURAQUI100 km3h47mn02s26.4 km/h452.4349.1119.892192.0Enzo 3K
16CHARLES CAZAUX100 km3h52mn29s25.8 km/h452.4326.0123.390289.8Enzo 3K
18REMI MONTGINOT100 km3h53mn03s25.7 km/h452.4323.7117.689488.5Enzo 3K
18MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN100 km3h52mn53s25.8 km/h452.4324.4117.389488.5Enzo 3K
20ARTHUR VERRIER100 km3h53mn21s25.7 km/h452.4322.5116.089187.3Z-AlpsD
20LEO HAMARD100 km3h52mn21s25.8 km/h452.4326.5112.089187.3Enzo 3K
22MARTIN LONGGBR100 km3h53mn17s25.7 km/h452.4322.7113.888986.3Enzo 3K
23JOSÉ REBELOPRT100 km3h52mn57s25.7 km/h452.4324.1111.488885.7Enzo 3K
24PIERRE HANOUX100 km3h54mn21s25.6 km/h452.4318.4110.388185.0Icepeak EvoxK
25MAXIME BELLEMIN100 km3h56mn31s25.4 km/h452.4309.8117.287984.5Enzo 3K
26NANDA WALLISERCHE100 km3h58mn31s25.1 km/h452.4302.0112.686783.8Enzo 3K
27CORENTIN LAMI100 km3h59mn27s25 km/h452.4298.4114.586583.2LeopardD
28JONATHAN MARIN100 km4h01mn11s24.9 km/h452.4291.8117.686282.7Icepeak X OneK
29MARTIN VERNEREY100 km4h09mn28s24 km/h452.4261.1111.182581.0Icepeak X OneK
30PAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL100 km4h08mn05s24.2 km/h452.4266.1103.782280.5Enzo 3K
32MALO RICHARD100 km4h09mn12s24.1 km/h452.4262.0102.881779.5Peak 5D
32S A100 km4h10mn02s24 km/h452.4259.0105.981779.5Zeno D
34FRANCOIS CORMIER100 km4h08mn50s24.1 km/h452.4263.496.481278.7Enzo 3K
35JEROME CANAUD100 km4h10mn14s24 km/h452.4258.399.481078.2Zeno D
36STEPHANE DROUIN100 km4h10mn21s24 km/h452.4257.998.580977.8Enzo 3K
37HANSJORG WALLISERCHE100 km4h10mn26s23.9 km/h452.4257.696.980777.4EvoxO
38REMI BOURDELLE100 km4h09mn42s24 km/h452.4260.292.380577Enzo 3K
39FABIEN DOFFIN100 km4h09mn00s24.1 km/h452.4262.887.480376.5Enzo 3K
39THIBAUT VARGAS100 km4h08mn25s24.1 km/h452.4264.985.580376.6Enzo 3K
41TOM CHAUVIN100 km4h10mn39s23.9 km/h452.4256.890.980075.7LeopardD
42MAXIME KUSTER100 km4h09mn53s24 km/h452.4259.687.279975.3GuruK
43SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE100 km4h09mn20s24.1 km/h452.4261.683.479774.9Zeno D
45VOLODYMYR PEREVALOVUKR100 km4h10mn23s24 km/h452.4257.885.579674.3Enzo 3K
46DAMIEN PATTOU100 km4h18mn25s23.2 km/h452.4229.4106.378873.6Peak 5D
46ETIENNE COUPEZLUX100 km4h10mn40s23.9 km/h452.4256.779.478873.6Enzo 3K
48NICOLAS ROVIRA100 km4h19mn18s23.1 km/h452.4226.3105.778472.9Icepeak X OneK
49ANDREAS MALECKIDEU100 km4h18mn35s23.2 km/h452.4228.884.276572Enzo 3K
50JOCELYN TABOURDEAU100 km4h43mn01s21.2 km/h452.4147.487.568767.7Enzo 3K
51CYRIL LAMBERT100 km4h44mn55s21 km/h452.4141.376.267066.2Enzo 3K
52JOHANNES BAUMGARTENDEU99.8 km4h33mn16s21.9 km/h451.6119.457158Enzo 3K
53ULRICH PRINZDEU99.8 km4h43mn28s21.1 km/h451.6118.957057.9Enzo 3K
54JOACHIM OBERHAUSERITA99.5 km4h33mn14s21.8 km/h450.2118.256857.6Enzo 3K
55JOSE FERREIRA99.8 km4h32mn22s22 km/h451.6112.956457.1Enzo 3K
56ERWAN DIDRICHE98.7 km4h17mn19s23 km/h446.9115.556256.9Icepeak X OneK
57REMI GODEFROY98.7 km4h06mn13s24 km/h446.7107.655456.0ZeoliteGTD
58DOMINIC ROHNERCHE97.6 km441.6105.154755.4Enzo 3K
59PASCAL BERNHARD99.7 km3h58mn50s25.1 km/h451.493.554555.0Zeno D
61DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE99.7 km4h44mn41s21 km/h451.176.452853.4LeopardD
62THOMAS BRO92.1 km416.796.751351.9Zeno D
63RICHARD MEEKGBR99.6 km4h59mn00s20 km/h450.958.951051.6Zeno D
64FLORIAN SERRA93.7 km424.383.350851.3Zeno D
65RODOLPHE HENNEBIQUE98.9 km5h17mn59s18.7 km/h447.459.150751.2Magus 2020D
66ETIENNE GRASSART99.5 km5h04mn00s19.6 km/h450.453.450450.8Alpina 3 C
67LUC RESPLENDINO98.2 km444.655.050050.4Enzo 3K
68NICOLAS MANZONI94.6 km428.062.349049.5Artik 6C
69PIERRE MULLER98.7 km5h11mn24s19 km/h446.640.648749.1Enzo 3K
70YANN KALISZCZAK99.6 km6h04mn18s16.4 km/h450.734.848649GuruK
71LOICK MOURLON96.3 km435.846.048248.5Zeno D
72ELISABETH EGGERAUT92.6 km419.261.348148.4GuruK
73NICOLAS PRIOLETREU97 km439.026.546646.9Enzo 3K
74NICOLA DI-BERNARDO100 km5h50mn37s17.1 km/h452.445245.6GambitK
75BENOIT BENICOURT96.2 km435.343544LeopardD
76CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER86.1 km389.744.343443.8Zeno D
77ANNE-LAURE BROISE87.9 km397.931.643043.4Peak 5D
78CAPUCINE DELIOT77 km348.373.542242.6Peak 5D
79FLORENT ATTOU77 km348.369.241742.1ZeoliteGTD
80JACQUES FOURNIER77.2 km349.564.941441.8Enzo 3K
81ERIC DAIGREMONT88.8 km401.77.140941.3Enzo 3K
82L L84.6 km382.822.440540.9Alpina 4C
83S M86.3 km390.639139.5Zeno D
84MANUEL LALY86 km389.438939.3Enzo 3K
84FRANCOIS BICHET77 km348.740.738939.3Magus 2020D
86FLORIN IFTINCANOR77.3 km349.938.638839.2Mantra 7D
87CLAUDE LE-MELLEC76.9 km348.037.738638.9Zeno D
88HERVE SMETEK73.6 km333.225.435936.3LeopardD
89NICOLAS BERNIER63.5 km287.528729.1Zeno D
90KARLIEN ENGELENNLD63.1 km285.628629Zeno D
91RENE PAULYDEU59 km267.226727.1Zeno D
92BENOIT MOREL45.8 km207.320721Zeno D
93CLAIRE GARNESSON40.4 km182.818318.5Cure 2C
93FREDERIC LECONTE40.4 km182.918318.5Enzo 3K
96MAUD BIDAUD39.2 km177.317717.9Mantra 7D
96FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX39.2 km177.517717.9Icepeak EvoxK
98MAXIME PINOT39 km176.517617.8Enzo 3K
99FREDERIC MILLIER38.7 km175.317517.7Peak 5D
99MATHILDE CHIVET38.7 km175.317517.7Alpina 4C
101JEAN LOUIS ZANZI38.4 km173.717417.6Delta 4C
102SIMON BUSSY38.3 km173.317317.5Mantra 7D
103LOUIS CUSSOT34.7 km157.215715.9Peak 5D
103DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ34.6 km156.715715.9XCracerD
105HAGEN WALTERDEU23.7 km107.410710.8Enzo 3K
106STEPHANE PAULUZZI22.1 km100.110010.1Zeno D
107YANN LIVINEC20.3 km91.9929.3Enzo 3K
108ARON MICHIELSBEL20.1 km90.9919.2Icepeak EvoxK
108STEPAN KECHEDZHIUKR20.1 km91.0919.2Enzo 3K
110THEO BOUNIOL19.8 km89.6909.1Peak 5D
110LAURENT CHALEIL19.9 km89.9909.1Peak 5D
110MEHDI SADEK19.9 km90.0909.1Peak 5D
113JOERI BALBEL19.7 km89.2899Enzo 3K
115RASA GRIGORAITIENELTU18.6 km84.0848.4Zeno D
116NILS REINHARD17.9 km81.2818.1Magus 2020D
116CAMILLE MILLIAT17.8 km80.8818.1Delta 3C
118SCOTT FEREMBACH16.8 km76.2767.6Enzo 3K
119JEAN-YVES SEVENO7.4 km33.6343.4Enzo 3K
120MICHELE BOSCHIITA6 km27.2272.6Icepeak X OneK
  • ss distance : 95.497
  • task distance : 99.958
  • launch to ess distance : 98.658
  • no of pilots present : 120
  • no of pilots flying : 120
  • no of pilots lo : 68
  • no of pilots reaching nom dist : 94
  • no of pilots reaching es : 65
  • no of pilots reaching goal : 52
  • sum flown distance : 9480.112
  • best dist : 99.958
  • best time : 3.6178
  • worst time : 6.0717
  • qnh setting : 1013.25
  • no of pilots in competition : 120
  • no of pilots landed before stop : 0
  • sum dist over min : 8760.469
  • sum real dist over min : 8760.469
  • sum flown distances : 9480.112
  • best real dist : 99.958
  • last finisher start time : 2021-09-22T11:50:00+02:00
  • last start time : 2021-09-22T11:50:00+02:00
  • first start time : 2021-09-22T11:50:00+02:00
  • first finish time : 2021-09-22T15:27:04+02:00
  • max time to get time points : 5.5198
  • goalratio : 0.4333
  • arrival weight : 0
  • departure weight : 0
  • leading weight : 0.0958
  • time weight : 0.4518
  • distance weight : 0.4524
  • smallest leading coefficient : 2.6196
  • available points distance : 452.3989
  • available points time : 401.7709
  • available points departure : 0
  • available points leading : 145.8302
  • available points arrival : 0
  • time validity : 1
  • launch validity : 1
  • distance validity : 1
  • stop validity : 1
  • day quality : 1
  • ftv day validity : 1
  • time points stop correction : 0
m 4
manche 3550 validée le 1 octobre 21
10MARC WENSAUERDEU52.3 km1h33mn19s33.6 km/h371.4430.3146.594894.4
14JUAN SEBASTIAN OSPINA RESTREPOGBR52.3 km1h34mn10s33.3 km/h371.4423.0135.793091.5
15MARTIN REBORD52.3 km1h35mn07s33 km/h371.4415.1139.992690.7
18TIM ROCHAS52.3 km1h36mn20s32.6 km/h371.4405.2135.391288.7
47ANTOINE DUBOIS-MERCE52.3 km1h58mn01s26.6 km/h371.4256.5105.473370.9
59LESZEK ZIOLKOWSKIPOL52.3 km2h18mn25s22.7 km/h371.4135.379.358658.7
64GOLDSMITH TYRISL52.3 km2h20mn40s22.3 km/h371.4122.669.756456.4
78ALEKSEI BOLDYREVRUS52.3 km2h33mn47s20.4 km/h371.449.846.946847
102CLEMENT CRUCIANI44.8 km317.958.537637.8
110LODE SPRUYTBEL34.7 km246.251.429830.1
1MAXIME PINOT52.3 km1h29mn46s34.9 km/h371.4467.0160.0998101.6Enzo 3K
2PIERRE REMY52.3 km1h29mn41s35 km/h371.4468.6152.0992100.9Icepeak X OneK
3JONATHAN MARIN52.3 km1h29mn57s34.9 km/h371.4464.3152.898899.9Icepeak X OneK
4HONORIN HAMARD52.3 km1h30mn14s34.8 km/h371.4460.7149.498199.2Enzo 3K
5ERWAN DIDRICHE52.3 km1h31mn10s34.4 km/h371.4450.5152.597498.2Icepeak X OneK
6LUC ARMANT52.3 km1h31mn30s34.3 km/h371.4447.1145.796497.5Enzo 3K
7JULIEN WIRTZ52.3 km1h31mn33s34.3 km/h371.4446.6142.096096.7Enzo 3K
8RUSSELL OGDENGBR52.3 km1h31mn36s34.2 km/h371.4446.2140.495895.8Enzo 3K
9YANN LIVINEC52.3 km1h33mn17s33.6 km/h371.4430.6146.894995.0Enzo 3K
11NICOLAS DINH52.3 km1h33mn15s33.6 km/h371.4430.9140.694393.7Enzo 3K
11ULRICH PRINZDEU52.3 km1h32mn53s33.8 km/h371.4434.2137.294393.7Enzo 3K
13JOACHIM OBERHAUSERITA52.3 km1h33mn12s33.7 km/h371.4431.4137.794092.3Enzo 3K
16JOHANNES BAUMGARTENDEU52.3 km1h34mn55s33 km/h371.4416.7136.292490.1Enzo 3K
17XAVIER LAPORTE52.3 km1h35mn54s32.7 km/h371.4408.7139.992089.5Icepeak X OneK
19FLAVIO FUNIATI52.3 km1h40mn48s31.1 km/h371.4371.4133.887787.3Icepeak X OneK
20NICOLA DI-BERNARDO52.3 km1h40mn43s31.1 km/h371.4372.0127.787186.6GambitK
21TOM CHAUVIN52.3 km1h41mn01s31 km/h371.4369.8129.387086.1LeopardD
21CHARLES CAZAUX52.3 km1h41mn07s31 km/h371.4369.1130.087086.1Enzo 3K
23FRANCOIS CORMIER52.3 km1h41mn35s30.9 km/h371.4365.7127.786585Enzo 3K
24REMI BOURDELLE52.3 km1h41mn45s30.8 km/h371.4364.5128.386484.4Enzo 3K
25MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN52.3 km1h41mn38s30.9 km/h371.4365.3124.786183.8Enzo 3K
26MAXIME BELLEMIN52.3 km1h42mn23s30.6 km/h371.4360.0127.985983.3Enzo 3K
27MARTIN LONGGBR52.3 km1h41mn42s30.8 km/h371.4364.9120.685782.9Enzo 3K
28MARCO LITTAMEITA52.3 km1h41mn14s31 km/h371.4368.2114.385482.3Enzo 3K
29THIBAUT VARGAS52.3 km1h43mn33s30.3 km/h371.4351.7122.984681.6Enzo 3K
30JOCELYN TABOURDEAU52.3 km1h43mn37s30.3 km/h371.4351.2118.584181.0Enzo 3K
31MAXIME KUSTER52.3 km1h44mn23s30 km/h371.4345.9122.083980.5GuruK
32STEPHANE DROUIN52.3 km1h44mn43s30 km/h371.4343.6118.383380Enzo 3K
33MARTIN VERNEREY52.3 km1h46mn22s29.5 km/h371.4332.2126.083079.4Icepeak X OneK
34NANDA WALLISERCHE52.3 km1h48mn57s28.8 km/h371.4314.8112.579978Enzo 3K
35JOSÉ REBELOPRT52.3 km1h49mn46s28.6 km/h371.4309.4108.778977.2Enzo 3K
36JOSE FERREIRA52.3 km1h50mn14s28.5 km/h371.4306.3109.478776.7Enzo 3K
37JACQUES FOURNIER52.3 km1h51mn03s28.2 km/h371.4301.0109.478276.2Enzo 3K
38LOUIS CUSSOT52.3 km1h50mn38s28.3 km/h371.4303.7104.578075.7Peak 5D
38FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX52.3 km1h50mn20s28.4 km/h371.4305.7102.878075.7Icepeak EvoxK
40PAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL52.3 km1h51mn37s28.1 km/h371.4297.3110.677975.1Enzo 3K
41JOERI BALBEL52.3 km1h52mn09s28 km/h371.4293.8111.877774.7Enzo 3K
41ANDREAS MALECKIDEU52.3 km1h52mn02s28 km/h371.4294.6110.777774.7Enzo 3K
43DENIS CHOURAQUI52.3 km1h52mn39s27.8 km/h371.4290.6112.777574Enzo 3K
44PASCAL BERNHARD52.3 km1h51mn31s28.1 km/h371.4297.9103.677373.5Zeno D
45ARON MICHIELSBEL52.3 km1h51mn44s28.1 km/h371.4296.5103.977273.2Icepeak EvoxK
46SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE52.3 km1h56mn06s27 km/h371.4268.6104.474471.7Zeno D
48STEPAN KECHEDZHIUKR52.3 km2h02mn56s25.5 km/h371.4226.398.069668.5Enzo 3K
49CYRIL LAMBERT52.3 km2h10mn23s24.1 km/h371.4181.896.765065.0Enzo 3K
50FLORIAN SERRA52.3 km2h10mn20s24.1 km/h371.4182.193.864764.7Zeno D
50CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER52.3 km2h09mn03s24.3 km/h371.4189.685.764764.7Zeno D
50YANN KALISZCZAK52.3 km2h08mn30s24.4 km/h371.4192.982.964764.7GuruK
53DOMINIQUE PELLET-JAMBAZ52.3 km2h08mn28s24.4 km/h371.4193.179.064363.9XCracerD
54JEROME CANAUD52.3 km2h08mn30s24.4 km/h371.4192.976.864163.6Zeno D
55FREDERIC MILLIER52.3 km2h09mn03s24.3 km/h371.4189.678.263963.3Peak 5D
56FLORENT ATTOU52.3 km2h10mn01s24.1 km/h371.4184.073.162862.3ZeoliteGTD
57THOMAS BRO52.3 km2h12mn13s23.7 km/h371.4171.181.362461.9Zeno D
58DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE52.3 km2h12mn31s23.7 km/h371.4169.373.361461.1LeopardD
60BENOIT BENICOURT52.3 km2h18mn03s22.7 km/h371.4137.474.358358.3LeopardD
61RICHARD MEEKGBR52.3 km2h18mn26s22.7 km/h371.4135.274.258158.1Zeno D
62LUC RESPLENDINO52.3 km2h18mn50s22.6 km/h371.4133.067.557257.2Enzo 3K
63THEO BOUNIOL52.3 km2h20mn52s22.3 km/h371.4121.475.456856.7Peak 5D
65RODOLPHE HENNEBIQUE52.3 km2h20mn59s22.2 km/h371.4120.866.055855.8Magus 2020D
66L L52.3 km2h21mn32s22.2 km/h371.4117.756.554654.6Alpina 4C
66HANSJORG WALLISERCHE52.3 km2h23mn42s21.8 km/h371.4105.569.254654.7EvoxO
68ELISABETH EGGERAUT52.3 km2h23mn56s21.8 km/h371.4104.269.754554.4GuruK
69RENE PAULYDEU52.3 km2h22mn14s22.1 km/h371.4113.758.354354.2Zeno D
70RASA GRIGORAITIENELTU52.3 km2h22mn48s22 km/h371.4110.556.553853.6Zeno D
71ETIENNE GRASSART52.3 km2h25mn21s21.6 km/h371.496.358.852652.5Alpina 3 C
71NICOLAS BERNIER52.3 km2h26mn25s21.4 km/h371.490.364.352652.5Zeno D
73HERVE SMETEK52.3 km2h26mn45s21.4 km/h371.488.554.151451.4LeopardD
74ETIENNE COUPEZLUX52.3 km2h27mn19s21.3 km/h371.485.356.651351.3Enzo 3K
75LAURENT CHALEIL52.3 km2h28mn45s21.1 km/h371.477.462.351151.0Peak 5D
76SIMON BUSSY52.3 km2h31mn10s20.7 km/h371.464.148.148448.5Mantra 7D
77PIERRE HANOUX50.4 km357.8115.547347.5Icepeak EvoxK
79SCOTT FEREMBACH49.1 km348.7118.046746.9Enzo 3K
80REMI MONTGINOT50.6 km359.2106.646646.8Enzo 3K
81S A49.3 km350.1114.346446.5Zeno D
82FREDERIC LECONTE48.9 km347.3115.846346.4Enzo 3K
83CORENTIN LAMI50.6 km359.2100.145946LeopardD
84LEO HAMARD49.1 km348.5104.445345.4Enzo 3K
85MATHIAS IOUALALEN48.9 km347.4103.245145.2Enzo 3K
85HAGEN WALTERDEU50.1 km355.695.045145.2Enzo 3K
87FABIEN DOFFIN49.6 km352.691.444444.4Enzo 3K
88ERIC DAIGREMONT49 km348.093.544244.2Enzo 3K
89JEAN-YVES SEVENO50.8 km360.974.643643.7Enzo 3K
89PIERRE MULLER48.9 km347.389.143643.7Enzo 3K
89MATHILDE CHIVET52.3 km2h40mn39s19.5 km/h371.412.851.743643.6Alpina 4C
92CLAIRE GARNESSON52.3 km2h40mn39s19.5 km/h371.412.846.943143.1Cure 2C
93FLORIN IFTINCANOR52.3 km2h43mn57s19.1 km/h371.456.642842.8Mantra 7D
94MANUEL LALY44.8 km317.9108.342642.6Enzo 3K
94STEPHANE PAULUZZI52.3 km2h44mn24s19.1 km/h371.454.742642.6Zeno D
96NILS REINHARD50.8 km360.762.642342.2Magus 2020D
97NICOLAS MANZONI50.7 km360.360.642142.1Artik 6C
98MEHDI SADEK46.2 km328.191.041941.9Peak 5D
99S M52.3 km2h43mn17s19.2 km/h371.442.941441.4Zeno D
100LOICK MOURLON52.3 km2h41mn18s19.4 km/h371.49.331.141241.2Zeno D
101REMI GODEFROY44.8 km318.293.241141.0ZeoliteGTD
103ARTHUR VERRIER38.2 km271.178.535035.3Z-AlpsD
104FRANCOIS BICHET39.5 km280.856.933834.1Magus 2020D
105JEAN LOUIS ZANZI39.2 km278.649.432833.1Delta 4C
106NICOLAS PRIOLETREU38.7 km274.741.831631.9Enzo 3K
107ANNE-LAURE BROISE39.2 km278.136.131431.7Peak 5D
107KARLIEN ENGELENNLD39.2 km278.835.631431.7Zeno D
109CLAUDE LE-MELLEC38.5 km273.437.431131.4Zeno D
111NICOLAS ROVIRA35 km248.443.929229.5Icepeak X OneK
112BENOIT MOREL38.2 km271.417.928929.2Zeno D
113VOLODYMYR PEREVALOVUKR34.3 km243.942.128628.9Enzo 3K
114CAPUCINE DELIOT34.6 km245.837.628328.6Peak 5D
115MAUD BIDAUD34.1 km242.524224.5Mantra 7D
116CAMILLE MILLIAT13.9 km98.69910Delta 3C
117MALO RICHARD12.7 km90.0909.1Peak 5D
  • ss distance : 47.891
  • task distance : 52.272
  • launch to ess distance : 50.834
  • no of pilots present : 117
  • no of pilots flying : 117
  • no of pilots lo : 34
  • no of pilots reaching nom dist : 102
  • no of pilots reaching es : 83
  • no of pilots reaching goal : 83
  • sum flown distance : 5775.58700000001
  • best dist : 52.272
  • best time : 1.4947
  • worst time : 2.74
  • qnh setting : 1013.25
  • no of pilots in competition : 120
  • no of pilots landed before stop : 0
  • sum dist over min : 5073.587
  • sum real dist over min : 5073.587
  • sum flown distances : 5775.587
  • best real dist : 52.272
  • last finisher start time : 2021-09-23T11:45:00+02:00
  • last start time : 2021-09-23T11:45:00+02:00
  • first start time : 2021-09-23T11:45:00+02:00
  • first finish time : 2021-09-23T13:14:41+02:00
  • max time to get time points : 2.7173
  • goalratio : 0.7094
  • arrival weight : 0
  • departure weight : 0
  • leading weight : 0.11
  • time weight : 0.5186
  • distance weight : 0.3714
  • smallest leading coefficient : 0.9272
  • available points distance : 371.3517
  • available points time : 468.6349
  • available points departure : 0
  • available points leading : 160.0135
  • available points arrival : 0
  • time validity : 1
  • launch validity : 1
  • distance validity : 1
  • stop validity : 1
  • day quality : 1
  • ftv day validity : 0.998
  • time points stop correction : 0
m 5
manche 3551 validée le 1 octobre 21
14MARTIN REBORD50.2 km1h28mn05s34.2 km/h363.0404.8126.389490.8
18MARC WENSAUERDEU50.2 km1h28mn19s34.1 km/h363.0402.9123.488988.5
26ANTOINE DUBOIS-MERCE50.2 km1h28mn58s33.8 km/h363.0397.5121.288283.7
33LESZEK ZIOLKOWSKIPOL50.2 km1h29mn32s33.6 km/h363.0392.9121.987879.9
43CLEMENT CRUCIANI50.2 km1h31mn08s33 km/h363.0380.2110.485474.9
81GOLDSMITH TYRISL50.2 km1h54mn25s26.3 km/h363.0217.981.266260.7
86ALEKSEI BOLDYREVRUS50.2 km1h54mn25s26.3 km/h363.0217.966.164759.3
98TIM ROCHAS47.3 km342.5134.347747.3
100LODE SPRUYTBEL46.6 km337.0107.644544.5
1HONORIN HAMARD50.2 km1h21mn00s37.2 km/h363.0475.5150.3989101.9Enzo 3K
2LUC ARMANT50.2 km1h22mn02s36.7 km/h363.0461.3161.5986101Enzo 3K
3PIERRE REMY50.2 km1h21mn02s37.1 km/h363.0474.7147.7985100.1Icepeak X OneK
4JOERI BALBEL50.2 km1h22mn18s36.6 km/h363.0458.3146.496899.3Enzo 3K
5JOCELYN TABOURDEAU50.2 km1h22mn04s36.7 km/h363.0460.9131.695598.2Enzo 3K
6JULIEN WIRTZ50.2 km1h28mn06s34.2 km/h363.0404.7160.192897Enzo 3K
7DENIS CHOURAQUI50.2 km1h27mn36s34.4 km/h363.0408.9148.592096.0Enzo 3K
8RUSSELL OGDENGBR50.2 km1h26mn43s34.7 km/h363.0416.4132.091195.1Enzo 3K
9MATHIAS IOUALALEN50.2 km1h27mn46s34.3 km/h363.0407.5128.989994.0Enzo 3K
10XAVIER LAPORTE50.2 km1h26mn57s34.6 km/h363.0414.4121.189893.4Icepeak X OneK
10JOSÉ REBELOPRT50.2 km1h30mn24s33.3 km/h363.0386.0149.289893.4Enzo 3K
12MARCO LITTAMEITA50.2 km1h27mn40s34.3 km/h363.0408.3125.989792.2Enzo 3K
13ARON MICHIELSBEL50.2 km1h27mn33s34.4 km/h363.0409.3122.389591.5Icepeak EvoxK
15ULRICH PRINZDEU50.2 km1h28mn05s34.2 km/h363.0404.8123.189190.3Enzo 3K
16NICOLA DI-BERNARDO50.2 km1h27mn08s34.5 km/h363.0412.8113.989089.5GambitK
16ERWAN DIDRICHE50.2 km1h28mn11s34.1 km/h363.0404.0122.889089.6Icepeak X OneK
19FRANCOIS CORMIER50.2 km1h28mn36s34 km/h363.0400.5123.388787.8Enzo 3K
19FLAVIO FUNIATI50.2 km1h28mn37s34 km/h363.0400.4123.288787.8Icepeak X OneK
21CAPUCINE DELIOT50.2 km1h27mn51s34.3 km/h363.0406.8115.188586.6Peak 5D
21JOHANNES BAUMGARTENDEU50.2 km1h28mn14s34.1 km/h363.0403.6118.788586.7Enzo 3K
21MAXIME KUSTER50.2 km1h27mn51s34.3 km/h363.0406.8115.588586.6GuruK
24YANN LIVINEC50.2 km1h29mn12s33.7 km/h363.0395.6125.488484.9Enzo 3K
25JONATHAN MARIN50.2 km1h29mn09s33.8 km/h363.0396.0124.288384.4Icepeak X OneK
27MALO RICHARD50.2 km1h29mn08s33.8 km/h363.0396.2121.488183.2Peak 5D
27FABIEN DOFFIN50.2 km1h29mn00s33.8 km/h363.0397.3120.488183.2Enzo 3K
29THIBAUT VARGAS50.2 km1h28mn59s33.8 km/h363.0397.4119.888082.0Enzo 3K
29PIERRE HANOUX50.2 km1h29mn05s33.8 km/h363.0396.6120.088082.0Icepeak EvoxK
31PASCAL BERNHARD50.2 km1h27mn54s34.2 km/h363.0406.3109.487980.9Zeno D
31REMI BOURDELLE50.2 km1h29mn11s33.7 km/h363.0395.8120.087981Enzo 3K
33MARTIN VERNEREY50.2 km1h29mn16s33.7 km/h363.0395.1120.387879.8Icepeak X OneK
33LOUIS CUSSOT50.2 km1h29mn04s33.8 km/h363.0396.7118.387879.8Peak 5D
36MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN50.2 km1h29mn20s33.7 km/h363.0394.6117.887578.2Enzo 3K
37CORENTIN LAMI50.2 km1h29mn53s33.5 km/h363.0390.1118.687277.7LeopardD
38REMI MONTGINOT50.2 km1h30mn01s33.4 km/h363.0389.1118.587177.3Enzo 3K
39ANDREAS MALECKIDEU50.2 km1h29mn52s33.5 km/h363.0390.3114.686876.8Enzo 3K
40PAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL50.2 km1h30mn00s33.4 km/h363.0389.2115.186776.2Enzo 3K
41CYRIL LAMBERT50.2 km1h31mn13s33 km/h363.0379.6119.186275.8Enzo 3K
42FREDERIC LECONTE50.2 km1h31mn03s33.1 km/h363.0380.9113.285775.4Enzo 3K
44FREDERIC CLAUSSLUX50.2 km1h32mn23s32.6 km/h363.0370.5111.084474.6Icepeak EvoxK
45TOM CHAUVIN50.2 km1h34mn33s31.8 km/h363.0354.1112.883074.2LeopardD
45S A50.2 km1h34mn41s31.8 km/h363.0353.1114.483074.2Zeno D
47LEO HAMARD50.2 km1h35mn00s31.7 km/h363.0350.8114.382873.3Enzo 3K
48MANUEL LALY50.2 km1h35mn40s31.5 km/h363.0345.8116.982672.9Enzo 3K
48NANDA WALLISERCHE50.2 km1h34mn01s32 km/h363.0358.1105.382673Enzo 3K
50JOSE FERREIRA50.2 km1h34mn57s31.7 km/h363.0351.1107.882272.1Enzo 3K
51STEPHANE DROUIN50.2 km1h41mn44s29.6 km/h363.0302.4151.881771.8Enzo 3K
52FLORENT ATTOU50.2 km1h36mn04s31.3 km/h363.0342.9108.281471.3ZeoliteGTD
53ARTHUR VERRIER50.2 km1h36mn04s31.3 km/h363.0342.9104.681070.9Z-AlpsD
54JEROME CANAUD50.2 km1h37mn18s30.9 km/h363.0333.9109.680670.6Zeno D
55SCOTT FEREMBACH50.2 km1h37mn23s30.9 km/h363.0333.395.479270.2Enzo 3K
56NICOLAS ROVIRA50.2 km1h38mn11s30.6 km/h363.0327.597.978869.8Icepeak X OneK
57CHRISTOPHE LECHEVALIER50.2 km1h38mn06s30.7 km/h363.0328.194.378569.4Zeno D
57PIERRE MULLER50.2 km1h38mn00s30.7 km/h363.0328.893.478569.4Enzo 3K
59HANSJORG WALLISERCHE50.2 km1h37mn48s30.8 km/h363.0330.391.078468.8EvoxO
60JEAN-YVES SEVENO50.2 km1h38mn23s30.6 km/h363.0326.193.978368.4Enzo 3K
60BENOIT BENICOURT50.2 km1h38mn23s30.6 km/h363.0326.194.278368.4LeopardD
62RICHARD MEEKGBR50.2 km1h39mn23s30.3 km/h363.0319.098.178067.8Zeno D
63REMI GODEFROY50.2 km1h39mn22s30.3 km/h363.0319.196.877967.4ZeoliteGTD
64LUC RESPLENDINO50.2 km1h38mn23s30.6 km/h363.0326.189.477867.0Enzo 3K
65ERIC DAIGREMONT50.2 km1h38mn40s30.5 km/h363.0324.189.977766.7Enzo 3K
66JACQUES FOURNIER50.2 km1h39mn42s30.2 km/h363.0316.795.077566.4Enzo 3K
67BENOIT MOREL50.2 km1h39mn36s30.2 km/h363.0317.493.377466.0Zeno D
68FLORIAN SERRA50.2 km1h39mn21s30.3 km/h363.0319.290.077265.7Zeno D
69ELISABETH EGGERAUT50.2 km1h39mn41s30.2 km/h363.0316.891.077165.5GuruK
70RODOLPHE HENNEBIQUE50.2 km1h41mn19s29.7 km/h363.0305.398.276665.1Magus 2020D
70STEPAN KECHEDZHIUKR50.2 km1h41mn22s29.7 km/h363.0305.098.176665.2Enzo 3K
72MEHDI SADEK50.2 km1h39mn30s30.2 km/h363.0318.184.276564.5Peak 5D
73SIMON BUSSY50.2 km1h41mn23s29.7 km/h363.0304.984.575264.2Mantra 7D
74ANNE-LAURE BROISE50.2 km1h41mn43s29.6 km/h363.0302.685.475163.9Peak 5D
75THOMAS BRO50.2 km1h44mn46s28.7 km/h363.0281.698.174363.7Zeno D
76VOLODYMYR PEREVALOVUKR50.2 km1h45mn53s28.4 km/h363.0274.099.073663.4Enzo 3K
77NICOLAS PRIOLETREU50.2 km1h46mn19s28.3 km/h363.0271.195.773063.1Enzo 3K
78STEPHANE PAULUZZI50.2 km1h48mn42s27.7 km/h363.0255.295.071362.6Zeno D
79NILS REINHARD50.2 km1h52mn50s26.7 km/h363.0228.193.768561.8Magus 2020D
80SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE50.2 km1h53mn02s26.6 km/h363.0226.879.566961.1Zeno D
82RASA GRIGORAITIENELTU50.2 km1h54mn29s26.3 km/h363.0217.475.865660.2Zeno D
83LAURENT CHALEIL50.2 km1h53mn27s26.5 km/h363.0224.166.465360.0Peak 5D
84ETIENNE COUPEZLUX50.2 km1h54mn15s26.3 km/h363.0218.967.264959.6Enzo 3K
85YANN KALISZCZAK50.2 km1h54mn23s26.3 km/h363.0218.167.364859.4GuruK
86HAGEN WALTERDEU50.2 km1h53mn51s26.4 km/h363.0221.562.864759.3Enzo 3K
88CLAUDE LE-MELLEC50.2 km1h55mn18s26.1 km/h363.0212.262.463858.6Zeno D
89NICOLAS MANZONI50.2 km1h59mn54s25.1 km/h363.0183.174.662157.7Artik 6C
90L L50.2 km2h01mn13s24.8 km/h363.0174.975.161357.1Alpina 4C
91MAXIME PINOT47.2 km341.5161.350349.8Enzo 3K
92RENE PAULYDEU50.2 km2h13mn06s22.6 km/h363.0102.534.450049.5Zeno D
93ETIENNE GRASSART50.2 km2h12mn27s22.7 km/h363.0106.429.749949.3Alpina 3 C
94MARTIN LONGGBR47.2 km341.4152.749448.9Enzo 3K
96CHARLES CAZAUX47.1 km341.1149.649148.5Enzo 3K
97MAXIME BELLEMIN47 km340.5149.149048.4Enzo 3K
99JOACHIM OBERHAUSERITA47.3 km342.0129.547146.7Enzo 3K
101FLORIN IFTINCANOR47.2 km341.497.543943.9Mantra 7D
102THEO BOUNIOL46.7 km338.085.442342.4Peak 5D
103JEAN LOUIS ZANZI50.2 km2h25mn27s20.7 km/h363.030.112.140540.8Delta 4C
104LOICK MOURLON50.2 km2h32mn38s19.7 km/h363.034.339740.1Zeno D
105DIDIER DE-SAINT-ETIENNE47.2 km341.248.038939.3LeopardD
106HERVE SMETEK47.3 km342.432.037437.8LeopardD
107NICOLAS BERNIER46.9 km339.57.634735.3Zeno D
108FRANCOIS BICHET35.3 km255.742.829830.4Magus 2020D
109KARLIEN ENGELENNLD33.3 km240.924124.7Zeno D
110CLAIRE GARNESSON19.7 km142.314214.5Cure 2C
111NICOLAS DINH14.2 km103.110310.5Enzo 3K
112S M14.1 km102.210210.4Zeno D
113CAMILLE MILLIAT12.9 km93.3939.5Delta 3C
114FREDERIC MILLIER10.2 km73.5737.4Peak 5D
115MATHILDE CHIVET6.1 km43.9444.4Alpina 4C
  • ss distance : 42.522
  • task distance : 50.154
  • launch to ess distance : 48.237
  • no of pilots present : 115
  • no of pilots flying : 115
  • no of pilots lo : 21
  • no of pilots reaching nom dist : 107
  • no of pilots reaching es : 94
  • no of pilots reaching goal : 94
  • sum flown distance : 5472.396
  • best dist : 50.154
  • best time : 1.35
  • worst time : 2.5439
  • qnh setting : 1013.25
  • no of pilots in competition : 120
  • no of pilots landed before stop : 0
  • sum dist over min : 4782.396
  • sum real dist over min : 4782.396
  • sum flown distances : 5472.396
  • best real dist : 50.154
  • last finisher start time : 2021-09-24T12:30:00+02:00
  • last start time : 2021-09-24T12:30:00+02:00
  • first start time : 2021-09-24T12:30:00+02:00
  • first finish time : 2021-09-24T13:51:00+02:00
  • max time to get time points : 2.5119
  • goalratio : 0.8174
  • arrival weight : 0
  • departure weight : 0
  • leading weight : 0.1115
  • time weight : 0.5255
  • distance weight : 0.363
  • smallest leading coefficient : 0.8769
  • available points distance : 362.9738
  • available points time : 475.5466
  • available points departure : 0
  • available points leading : 161.4796
  • available points arrival : 0
  • time validity : 1
  • launch validity : 1
  • distance validity : 1
  • stop validity : 1
  • day quality : 1
  • ftv day validity : 0.989
  • time points stop correction : 0