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informations concerning SIV/Piloting courses at Montmin take off and over Annecy lake



A - VERY IMPORTANT : What you need to know from the administrative point of view if you are not a french school

B - About the SIV landing and parking at landing

C - About how to get to the take off

D - About the mandatory parachute protocol

E - About the SIV/Piloting course regulations

F - About set a date in the planning





VERY IMPORTANT : What you need to know from the administrative point of view if you are not a french school


Vous n’êtes pas une école française de parapente. Vous n’êtes pas de nationalité française, mais vous êtes un ressortissant européen.

You are not a french school. You are not French, but you are an European national.

Sie sind nicht keine französische Flugschule. Sie sind keiner französischen Nationalität, aber Sie sind ein europäischer Staatsangehörige


Si vous planifiez de venir travailler en Haute-Savoie contre rémunération, vous devez au préalable obtenir une autorisation du service départemental dont vous trouverez les coordonnées ci-dessous.

If you plan to work in Haute-Savoie against payment, you beforhand have to obtain an authorization of the prefect of the departmental service contact details of which you will find below.

Wenn Sie planen, zu kommen, in Haute-Savoie gegen Lohn zu arbeiten, sollen Sie im voraus eine Genehmigung des Departementsdienstes erhalten, deren untengenannten Angaben Sie finden warden.

Contact pour la Haute-Savoie et pour les “SIV” à Annecy :

     Contact for the Haute-Savoie and for the “SIV” in Annecy:

          Kontakt für Haute-Savoie und für “SIV-Kurs” in Annecy:


Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale de la Haute-Savoie, Pôle Sport 

Michel ANTZEMBERGER - 7 rue Dupanloup, 74040 ANNECY Cedex, France - Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 88 41 09 - Fax: +33 (0)4 50 88 40 03 - michel.antzemberger@haute-savoie.gouv.fr


Télechargement des documents / Downloading documents :







Caution : From the 1st september 2009, all piloting, SIV and accro flight have to finish to this new landing field. No one is now authorised to land at Verthier, please carrefully respect this point.

Here are the rules that you have to follow :

1 - Flying over the natural reserve is forbidden

2 - Pilots have to land on the west side of the little river that divide the new landing field (because the other side is in the natural reserve)

3 - Normal appoach must be done following the west side of the landing field, above the trees and must end turning right to land in front of the lake.

4 - In case of unusual low approach a water zone was define by the french authorities. This zone has to be considered as a wet extention of the landing field : if your student have to land in the water, the area is define by the two yellow water wings

extrait arrete siv doussard 2009

5 - Shuttles must stop along the beach parking and can not enter the beach area (even if you find the automatic barrier open). Please Note that it's a paying parking, if you get a badge to get to the take off, Parking is free.








Those information are provided by the "SIVU des haut du lac" wich is the official public structure that deals with the flying sites of : Montmin; Talloires; Doussard.

The access to the take off of Montmin is restricted since several years for security, confort and environemental reasons.

An automatic barrier was set on the lower part of the small road access.

Concerning free flying matters, only the cars/bus that hold's an automatic access card will be able to go through the barrier.

The barrier is in use every year from 1st april to 30th october. Out of those period access to the take off is fully open.

NEW 2019

Accès cards can be bought at Talloires town hall.

One card is linked to one vehicle : you can't use one card for several vehicle.

cards can be buy for all the current  season or the session minus july ans angust (Cheaper 

) or young van pay directif at barrier (the more e pensive)


For each card you need to deposit 50€ that will be reemburse when you bring it back.

Also note that you can keep this card from one time to another when you come time to time in Montmin : this is interesting because, from now on, we give you the oportunity to pay in advance using postmail (so you don't need to go in Doussard first and you will be able to reach the take off directly).

If you don't have card or need to recharge it :

On thuesday and wednesday :
Card and payement are available at Doussard Townhall from 9 to 12h and 14 to 17h

++ 33 (0)4 50 44 30 45







  propocol is set between free flying schools and rescue services THAT MUST BE APPLIED



Using a normal or a mobil phone

First case : A pilot is injured and must be rescued

>>> CALL the N° 112 (you will be linked directly to the fastest and best rescue services - english spoken)

Second case : A pilot falled in the lake or somewhere else but is not injured

>>> CALL also the N° 112 (and just report the crash - This must be done to avoid falses alerts from a witness that can be somewhere around the lake)

Third Case : You plan to organize rescue throwing for one or more students

>>> CALL the N° 112 (and anounce the rescue exercise : when, how many, colors of the gliders)  




The SIV /Piloting site of Montmin / Doussard is a great and unique ressource for everyone, both french and foreign schools.

We all need to to keep it open forever.

Accident's and incidents may leads us to great difficulties, please keep this in mind. 

This are a few rules that you need to know and respect

- All courses must be annouced using the official planning (Club or Shools groups) - The Planning may be availlable on a panel at take off and landing and cross controls are asked to the schools 

- All accro run must be prepare like a SIV flight (having a boat that looks for you) - All accro pilots that don't follow this rule will be badly thrown out of the site

- All students have to where a emergency jacket

- At take off each schools must have it's own starter that must be a paragliding teacher (it's a rules that is set in the french law because of a past death of a SIV student that forget to close his harness)

- At take off all students have to prepare their glider outside the take off and penetrates one by one when the starter is calling

- In the air please use the space in the best way to avoid overcrowding

- VERY IMPORTANT : All exercices must be set taking account of the students level and respecting a logical progression. This is a strong order that all french schools have to follow (and among french schools to be accepted in the planning the course director has to be a SIV/piloting specialist, formed or recognised by FFVL) - As a foreign schools you are present on the planning because we trust the fact that the course director is also a specialist - So if other specialist are seeing that a run is clearly dangerous (like you get directly to advanced maneuvers without evaluation flight) you may be asked to stop your course.

- Plaease strictly respect landing procedure (not flying over the natural reserve / last turns left hands as far as possible) - never land backwind on sand area near the restaurant... 

- Take cares to other users - especially the swimers in june or september because they don't feel the danger comming from the air

- Take cares of the fishers : they have a strong influence and hates us (so avoid creating waves around their area) 






English version :


You are receiving this message because you are part of the schools that organize flying courses on Lake Annecy.


As you could notice during this last season the organization of free flying on Annecy lake  is evolving, in particular after the change of elected officials in the town halls of Talloires-Montmin and Doussard


But beyond these municipal changes the organization of the SIV/piloting courses and the management of the planning which frames them has changed very little in the last fifteen years and the FFVL must improve this organization.

So there will be some changes for the 2022 season which I will start to explain to you in this message.


One of the main changes will be that the schedule will no longer be a public excel sheet that can be downloaded and maintained by me, but an online booking tool in which you will now come and enter your dates directly. This tool has been co-financed by the Ministry of Sports as part of an action to reduce risks in sport.

It is a tool that was initially created for the courses of the dune of Pyla and a special version has just been delivered for the SIV/Pilotage:



With this new tool, one of the main objectives is to anticipate the creation of the following year's schedule in order to better coordinate and distribute your training dates and thus improve your working conditions by not having too many groups on the same day.

This phenomenon of accumulation was mainly due to the fact that the schedule was made in the first half of February when all your dates were normally fixed, in order to have an equal treatment between the specialist schools (which make their schedule very early in the previous year) and those often more generalists who define their dates in the winter for the coming spring. However, when you submitted your dates, you were not aware of the other requests, which led to undesirable accumulations and made it very difficult for me to arbitrate and not disadvantage anyone, which led to overbooking on certain days.


With this new tool you will be able to make your requests earlier and especially see the free slots to better distribute your dates and avoid overcrowding.

Since the tool has just arrived we could not start this year before November but when the new operation will be stabilized I think it will be desirable to start the planning much earlier, from the end of the summer for the following spring, or even before.


How will the creation of this first schedule work?


Phase 1: from November until the end of the year filling in your wishes for the following year

Phase 2: second week of January, arbitration between requests when the limits are exceeded. If there are too many requests for the same dates, you will be asked to choose other dates in turn. In other words, if a school does not have the dates it wants in a given week, it will be given priority for the next slot.

Phase 3: Once the first schedule is stabilized, it will still be possible to move dates or reserve new ones during the season, as is already the case today.


It is a computer tool programmed specifically for free flight and normally evolving to meet the specific problems of the sites (Pyla and Annecy). By force of circumstance we will test it directly in real situation and therefore it is difficult at this stage to anticipate everything and I will inform you more in detail of the procedures in due time.


We will also take advantage of this moment of change to take account of the current situation and adjust what needs to be adjusted. 

That is why I am attaching a questionnaire with a number of questions but also a free text field where you can tell me about any other subject and I would like to point out that naturally your answers will remain strictly confidential.


Here is the URL of the questionnaire:



Regarding the new schedule to use it

- go to the address: https://annecy.ffvl.fr/

- at the top right, click on Registration/Connection

- create your structure

- register at least one instructor (you can add more later)

- once the registration is done I receive a message and I come to validate your structure

- you receive a message saying that your structure is registered

- you can then connect and enter your training dates

- The planning is set and published by Fred Escriba who works in accordance to Talloires and Dousrd, the FFVL, the French sport misistry and also the local paragliding teacher syndicates.

- The first planning is set at end of february and plublished for beginning of march, several new versions are set as often as necessary.

- When you are registered as a "known SIV school" you will receive each years several emails asking for you dates and giving you informations.

- If you already send and ask for dates in september or october for the next year, it's very nice but much too early and it doesn't garantee any priority : all the dates thats are received before the first planning are necessary managed equally 

- The main objective of the planning is to stread the presences to avoid bad working conditions - So be clever and don't all ask for the same dates !!!

- The worses dates to ask are the long WE of may

- When setting your dates, you may have a look to the Annecy google free-flying calendar

- Bad weeks are spread in may, june and september but are changing from one year to the next... look at the old years sheets in the XLS planning files.

- Very Important  : PLEASE TAKE CARE of the historical arangement :  we keep the week's days for schools who comes for far and for a long period and we keep the week-ends for local and permanent schools that works with more local students.

- A group is considered to be 8 pilots

- Some German schools have bus of 12 pilots. In the planning 2 bus of 12 are counted as 3 groups > this is something known and tolerate because in the week and because historical but clearly can not be the norm

- As an exemple local schools that are asking for 2 groups of 8 during the long may WE will be refused

- In general : the more you plan to comes at the same dates, the more room will be divided

- It's possible to ask for change or report untill the last moment and if room is available the answer sould be yes.