French Open / Championnat de France de distance (1-7/07/18)

FAI Opens in France available for registration

2024-06-26 to 2024-06-29 : Millau Open - Natural Games
Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 126
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.2
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.757
  • coef de reussite : 1 (4 manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 90.8pts
Statut : Resultats officiels

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Welcome to the official 2018 distance French Open page

Bienvenue sur la page du Championnat de France de parapente de distance



Saturday / Samedi

The 4th task took place @ Samoens  / La quatrième manche a eu lieu à Samoens

Friday / Vendredi

Rest day as weather doesn't fit / Jour de repos pour cause de météo défavorable

Thursday / Jeudi

Rest day as weather doesn't fit / Jour de repos pour cause de météo défavorable

Wednesday / Mercredi

Pilots did take off @ Mont-Chery/Les Gets
for the Task 3

Les pilotes ont décollé du Mont-Chery aux Gets

pour la manche 3

>>> BLOG de la manche 3 <<<

Pictures of the week




on Flymaster website (less latency) / (moins de délais)
on Airtribune website (some latency) / (plus de délais)

Task 1 replay 2d (monday) / rejouer la manche 1
Task 2 replay 2d (tuesday) / rejouer la manche 2
Task 3 replay 2d (tuesday) / rejouer la manche 3





Among all pilots

Winner of the 2018 French Open
Male podium
1st Honorin Hamard / 2nd Jean-Marc Caron / 3rd Ulrich Prinz
Women podium
1st Meryl Delferriere / 2nd Constance Mettetal / 3rd Sandra Antony


Parmis les pilotes FFVL

Championnat de France
Podium Homme
1er Honorin Hamard / 2ème Jean-Marc Caron / 3ème Julien Wirtz

Podium Femme
1ère Meryl Delferriere / 2ème Constance Mettetal / 3ème Sandra Antony



Task 1 Open results  / résultats manche 1
Task 2 Open results  / résultats manche 2
Task 3 Open results  / résultats manche 3
Task 4 Open results  / résultats manche 4

All results on Airtribune website

Tout les classements sur le site Airtribune



French Open qualify for PWC

CIVL Cat2 event




Date and place

2018 French Open will take place from 1st July to 7th July in Mieussy (Haute-Savoie)



Sunday 1 : registration from 4 pm to 9 pm

Monday 2 : Task

Tuesday 3 : Task

Wednesday 4 : Task

Friday 5 : Task

Thursday 6 : Task

Saturday 7 : Task and prize ginving ceremony


Flying sites


Les Gets (Mont Chery)

Samoens (Les Saix)


Don't rent something in Praz de Lys (it's too far from the HQ, on the other side of the mountain, more then half an hour by car)

Unfortunately, there is no camping area in the village.

But there are campings in Taninges (10 mn by car), Morillon (15 mn) Saint Jeoire also (7 mn)

gen. Open
place opennompoints opendetailailecat.
1HONORIN HAMARD3943.61000.0pts, 987.9pts, 977.6pts, 978.1pts Enzo 3
2JEAN-MARC CARON3892.2956.5pts, 966.4pts, 1000.0pts, 969.3pts Enzo 3
3ULRICH PRINZDEU3781.7918.3pts, 978.8pts, 926.6pts, 958.0pts Enzo 3
4JULIEN WIRTZ3763.1875.5pts, 981.3pts, 931.6pts, 974.7pts Enzo 3
5STEPHANE POULAIN3762.1924.8pts, 957.5pts, 904.7pts, 975.1pts Enzo 3
6LUC ARMANT3699.6879.1pts, 986.2pts, 862.0pts, 972.3pts Enzo 3
7JACQUES FOURNIER3671900.9pts, 898.1pts, 941.7pts, 930.3pts Enzo 3
8STEPHANE DROUIN3659.8898.2pts, 963.9pts, 869.0pts, 928.7pts Enzo 3
9CYRILLE MARCK3655.6844.6pts, 975.0pts, 911.1pts, 924.9pts Enzo 3
10MERYL DELFERRIERE3591.2912.5pts, 963.3pts, 863.5pts, 851.9pts Enzo 3
11REMI BOURDELLE3580.6847.3pts, 963.5pts, 850.9pts, 918.9pts Enzo 3
12GILDAS BEN3490.7864.0pts, 931.6pts, 803.3pts, 891.8pts Enzo 3
13ERWAN DIDRICHE3465.7907.9pts, 869.0pts, 811.8pts, 877.0pts XCracer
14MARTIN PETZDEU3461.5674.0pts, 977.8pts, 941.5pts, 868.2pts Boomerang 11
15LOIS GOUTAGNY3416892.2pts, 901.9pts, 722.1pts, 899.8pts Enzo 3
16BASTIEN DE LUCA3409.7899.4pts, 806.6pts, 858.3pts, 845.4pts Boomerang 11
17TIM ROCHAS3406.9907.8pts, 767.3pts, 890.4pts, 841.4pts Icepeak Evox
18MARTIN REBORD3364.9853.1pts, 962.1pts, 802.9pts, 746.8pts Boomerang 11
19XAVIER LAPORTE3349.4799.2pts, 879.4pts, 897.4pts, 773.4pts Enzo 3
20CONSTANCE METTETAL3262.7856.6pts, 803.6pts, 762.7pts, 839.8pts Zeno 
21ALEXANDRE JOFRESA3245868.3pts, 970.9pts, 898.0pts, 507.8pts Enzo 3
22PAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL3221.7685.3pts, 853.3pts, 811.7pts, 871.4pts Enzo 3
23HANSJORG WALLISERCHE3219.6747.6pts, 921.9pts, 724.0pts, 826.1pts Boomerang 11
24BENOIT PERRIN3168686.1pts, 760.5pts, 889.0pts, 832.4pts Boomerang 11
25BAPTISTE LAMBERT3157.2915.8pts, 872.4pts, 864.1pts, 504.9pts Boomerang 11
26REMI MONTGINOT3132.9833.4pts, 874.2pts, 726.4pts, 698.9pts Enzo 3
27MARTIN BEAUJOUAN3131.1730.1pts, 873.1pts, 752.2pts, 775.7pts Enzo 3
28CYRIL LAMBERT3084.8838.3pts, 896.9pts, 518.9pts, 830.7pts Enzo 2
29MANUEL LALY3073.9893.6pts, 963.5pts, 711.0pts, 505.8pts Enzo 3
30REMI GODEFROY3059653.7pts, 847.3pts, 739.7pts, 818.3pts Z-Alps
31ROBIN GUDEFIN3049842.3pts, 843.4pts, 535.1pts, 828.2pts Zeno 
32JOSE FERREIRA3020.7802.3pts, 824.7pts, 553.9pts, 839.8pts Enzo 3
33YOANN CHAVANNE3019.2895.9pts, 959.7pts, 234.2pts, 929.4pts Boomerang 11
34ANTOINE FANIN3011.7747.6pts, 809.8pts, 587.8pts, 866.5pts Klimber
35THIBAUT VARGAS3000.9870.9pts, 834.8pts, 706.3pts, 588.9pts Zeno 
36JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO2992707.2pts, 841.8pts, 614.2pts, 828.8pts Enzo 3
37FRANCK PERRING2936.7861.1pts, 897.2pts, 243.3pts, 935.1pts Enzo 3
38TEO BOUVARD2933.7492.9pts, 879.9pts, 720.0pts, 840.9pts Enzo 3
39MATTHIAS KOTHEDEU2904.1840.0pts, 850.6pts, 413.4pts, 800.1pts Zeno 
40ANDY TALLIA2895.3885.7pts, 938.2pts, 240.6pts, 830.8pts Zeno 
41ALEXANDRE LHUILLIER2891.3390.0pts, 814.9pts, 799.4pts, 887.0pts XCracer
42SAMUEL AVENNE2826.4439.2pts, 853.7pts, 812.5pts, 721.0pts Peak 4
43ARNAUD BEUGNETTE2798.8710.1pts, 765.6pts, 857.0pts, 466.1pts Enzo 3
44VITALII UMANSKYIUKR2797.1479.8pts, 859.4pts, 618.1pts, 839.8pts Enzo 3
45ERIC DAIGREMONT2763.9486.6pts, 775.0pts, 682.5pts, 819.8pts Boomerang 10
46CRISTOBAL OREZZOLICHL2752.5398.0pts, 846.2pts, 684.0pts, 824.3pts XCracer
47TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD2717.3904.7pts, 969.0pts, 843.6pts Enzo 3
48PIERRE REMY2701.9966.7pts, 982.5pts, 229.5pts, 523.2pts Enzo 3
49NOAH LOCATELLI2697.6181.6pts, 799.3pts, 825.3pts, 891.4pts Zeno 
50JULIEN GARCIA2693.1850.6pts, 810.4pts, 129.1pts, 903.0pts Enzo 2
51SIMON METTETAL2658.1874.5pts, 128.5pts, 724.3pts, 930.8pts Enzo 3
52STEPHEN GICHUKI2643.4897.7pts, 761.8pts, 230.6pts, 753.3pts Boomerang 10
53GREGOIRE LOMBARDI2616.1717.4pts, 770.3pts, 603.3pts, 525.1pts Enzo 3
54FLAVIO FUNIATI2604.2435.3pts, 975.1pts, 222.3pts, 971.5pts Enzo 3
55ARNAUD SECHER2586835.6pts, 867.0pts, 883.4pts Boomerang 11
56JULIEN MARION2526.5904.4pts, 929.9pts, 692.2pts Enzo 2
57JEROME HULIN2520.3536.0pts, 895.9pts, 260.5pts, 827.9pts Enzo 2
58SIMON PELLISSIER2502709.8pts, 814.1pts, 857.7pts, 120.4pts Enzo 3
59JULES CROIBIER2495778.3pts, 868.4pts, 718.7pts, 129.6pts Boomerang 11
60JEAN-YVES SEVENO2470346.2pts, 842.5pts, 644.0pts, 637.3pts Enzo 3
61DIDIER MATHURIN2440.4848.4pts, 942.3pts, 649.7pts Enzo 3
62LEO HAMARD2407890.8pts, 427.4pts, 240.9pts, 847.9pts Enzo 3
63S A2309.3698.4pts, 620.1pts, 481.0pts, 509.8pts mantra 6
64FABIEN DOFFIN2304548.6pts, 846.3pts, 787.1pts, 122.0pts Enzo 2
65JUAN SEBASTIAN OSPINA RESTREPOGBR2289.6779.7pts, 818.6pts, 185.6pts, 505.7pts Enzo 3
66ETIENNE COUPEZLUX2222.4679.1pts, 753.8pts, 667.4pts, 122.1pts Enzo 3
67FREDERIC LECONTE2206.7827.7pts, 816.0pts, 117.0pts, 446.0pts Enzo 2
68JONATHAN MARIN2205.7435.7pts, 947.8pts, 822.2pts Enzo 3
69SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE2152.5467.4pts, 793.8pts, 475.2pts, 416.1pts Zeno 
70Alex YASCHENKOAUS2073.2441.1pts, 761.3pts, 118.8pts, 752.0pts Boomerang 11
71NANDA WALLISERCHE2054.251.0pts, 751.9pts, 434.8pts, 816.5pts Trango 3
72THOMAS IDEDEU2041.5840.8pts, 927.1pts, 273.6pts Enzo 3
73FLORIAN SERRA2038.6456.2pts, 804.1pts, 778.3pts Zeno 
74ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN2031.1523.1pts, 730.5pts, 436.0pts, 341.5pts Zeno 
75ERIC PUSIOL1995.952.1pts, 752.7pts, 667.3pts, 523.8pts Enzo 3
76THOMAS GURY1973.9925.1pts, 955.6pts, 93.2pts Enzo 3
77MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN1929.6851.7pts, 831.3pts, 129.1pts, 117.5pts Boomerang 10
78PASCAL BERNHARD1905.316.6pts, 709.1pts, 714.1pts, 465.5pts Zeno 
79HAGEN WALTERDEU1882.339.4pts, 719.6pts, 640.7pts, 482.6pts Zeno 
80TOM CHAUVIN1844.7757.5pts, 125.8pts, 119.8pts, 841.6pts Boomerang 11
81ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR1829.6595.4pts, 426.8pts, 807.4pts Enzo 3
82P L1769.5484.5pts, 634.5pts, 129.9pts, 520.6pts Zeno 
83NICOLAS FAVRE1702.5320.4pts, 768.7pts, 112.2pts, 501.2pts Zeno 
84SEBASTIEN COMBES1685.516.6pts, 796.9pts, 50.5pts, 821.5pts Zeno 
85ARNAUD BEDOUELLE1638.3344.4pts, 570.9pts, 165.2pts, 557.8pts Zeno 
86PIERRE-ALAIN GUILLAUME1622.8329.2pts, 771.5pts, 109.5pts, 412.6pts Klimber
87MARTIN LONGGBR161778.0pts, 843.0pts, 15.5pts, 680.5pts Zeno 
88EDOUARD POTEL1502.4357.9pts, 558.8pts, 114.5pts, 471.2pts Omega XAlps
89MARTIN VERNEREY1486.876.9pts, 839.6pts, 107.2pts, 463.1pts Wild
90FRANCOIS PERIE1485396.2pts, 699.5pts, 13.3pts, 376.0pts mantra 6
91WILLIAM BIDAUD1482.116.6pts, 752.8pts, 0.9pts, 711.8pts Peak 4
92THOMAS DINH1475.9402.2pts, 629.8pts, 108.1pts, 335.8pts Zeno 
93XAVIER GIRIN1474.7403.6pts, 542.9pts, 413.4pts, 114.8pts Zeno 
94JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC1471.2493.2pts, 846.8pts, 15.5pts, 115.7pts Zeno 
95MARIN DESCARREGA1391.7356.7pts, 448.8pts, 91.9pts, 494.3pts Omega Xalps 2
96VALENTIN GILET1353.352.2pts, 770.1pts, 86.6pts, 444.4pts CURE
97TAM LUUTHO1335.876.8pts, 701.3pts, 108.8pts, 448.9pts Zeno 
98JEROME DELBECQUE1329.9116.4pts, 750.8pts, 245.7pts, 217.0pts Enzo 2
99FREDERIC SOUCHON1300.878.2pts, 616.5pts, 394.1pts, 212.0pts Omega Xalps 2
100MALIN LOBBGBR1293.8771.0pts, 356.9pts, 165.9pts Enzo 3
101FAHD CHERKAOUIMAR1285.6125.5pts, 621.9pts, 127.6pts, 410.6pts Artik 5
102L L1223.6153.9pts, 692.9pts, 109.6pts, 267.2pts Alpina 2
103ANTOINE BERNIER1187134.2pts, 623.3pts, 165.2pts, 264.3pts Delta 2
104TIPHAINE LEMAIRE1087.582.6pts, 696.0pts, 99.8pts, 209.1pts Ikuma
105MANUEL BRECHIGNAC1085.455.5pts, 804.9pts, 225.0pts Boomerang 11
106BENJAMIN LACOSTE1066.150.1pts, 614.1pts, 118.9pts, 283.0pts Boomerang GTO 2
107RENE PAULYDEU1039.8380.4pts, 422.6pts, 107.6pts, 129.2pts Zeno 
108S M1011.651.4pts, 619.3pts, 105.4pts, 235.5pts Iota
109FRANCOIS BICHET1005.2380.0pts, 169.0pts, 117.1pts, 339.1pts Zeno 
110G D964.9126.4pts, 593.0pts, 227.5pts, 18.0pts Zeno 
111XAVIER COLLET945.777.6pts, 653.5pts, 105.0pts, 109.6pts Zeno 
112BIRGER CLAUSENDEU910.2382.4pts, 339.1pts, 140.2pts, 48.5pts Enzo 3
113DANIEL LARUELLE861.6138.7pts, 624.7pts, 98.2pts mantra 6
114ASHAMI FARES836.3137.7pts, 325.0pts, 118.9pts, 254.7pts CURE
115YVONNE DATHEDEU475.8142.8pts, 20.1pts, 77.9pts, 235.0pts Bahia
116DAVID FASSEU472.277.6pts, 305.7pts, 88.9pts Ucross
117LAURENT MOUNOT47248.1pts, 292.7pts, 113.2pts, 18.0pts Icepeak 8
118JOHANN GORLIER466.216.6pts, 93.5pts, 305.6pts, 50.5pts GTO2 Large
119ALEXANDRE DAMIANO464.151.3pts, 296.9pts, 115.9pts Hero
120PATRICK ROYER423.1138.3pts, 46.9pts, 126.2pts, 111.7pts Zeno 
121LAURIE GENOVESE399399.0pts Enzo 3
122MAUD BIDAUD389.449.8pts, 41.7pts, 94.5pts, 203.4pts Delta 3
123SIMON TATTEVIN321.2137.7pts, 168.0pts, 15.5pts Wild
124DOMINIQUE CRESPEL206.777.4pts, 20.1pts, 109.2pts Zeno 
125S C172.616.6pts, 39.4pts, 116.6pts Artik 5
126PATRICE GUIEN125.916.6pts, 20.1pts, 71.2pts, 18.0pts Peak 3
114 pilotes participants
1HONORIN HAMARD39441000pts (1er), 987.9pts (1er), 977.6pts (2ème), 978.1pts (1er)Enzo 3K
2JEAN-MARC CARON3892956.5pts (3ème), 966.4pts (11ème), 1000pts (1er), 969.3pts (6ème)Enzo 3K
3ULRICH PRINZDEU3782918.3pts (6ème), 978.8pts (5ème), 926.6pts (6ème), 958pts (7ème)Enzo 3K
4JULIEN WIRTZ3763875.5pts (23ème), 981.3pts (4ème), 931.6pts (5ème), 974.7pts (3ème)Enzo 3K
5STEPHANE POULAIN3762924.8pts (5ème), 957.5pts (18ème), 904.7pts (8ème), 975.1pts (2ème)Enzo 3K
6LUC ARMANT3700879.1pts (22ème), 986.2pts (2ème), 862pts (17ème), 972.3pts (4ème)Enzo 3K
7JACQUES FOURNIER3671900.9pts (13ème), 898.1pts (27ème), 941.7pts (3ème), 930.3pts (10ème)Enzo 3K
8STEPHANE DROUIN3660898.2pts (15ème), 963.9pts (12ème), 869pts (14ème), 928.7pts (12ème)Enzo 3K
9CYRILLE MARCK3656844.6pts (35ème), 975pts (8ème), 911.1pts (7ème), 924.9pts (13ème)Enzo 3K
10MERYL DELFERRIERE3591912.5pts (8ème), 963.3pts (15ème), 863.5pts (16ème), 851.9pts (23ème)Enzo 3K
11REMI BOURDELLE3581847.3pts (34ème), 963.5pts (13ème), 850.9pts (21ème), 918.9pts (14ème)Enzo 3K
12GILDAS BEN3491864pts (27ème), 931.6pts (23ème), 803.3pts (28ème), 891.8pts (17ème)Enzo 3K
13ERWAN DIDRICHE3466907.9pts (9ème), 869pts (36ème), 811.8pts (26ème), 877pts (20ème)XCracerD
14MARTIN PETZDEU3462674pts (55ème), 977.8pts (6ème), 941.5pts (4ème), 868.2pts (21ème)Boomerang 11K
15LOIS GOUTAGNY3416892.2pts (19ème), 901.9pts (26ème), 722.1pts (38ème), 899.8pts (16ème)Enzo 3K
16BASTIEN DE LUCA3410899.4pts (14ème), 806.6pts (56ème), 858.3pts (18ème), 845.4pts (25ème)Boomerang 11K
17TIM ROCHAS3407907.8pts (10ème), 767.3pts (68ème), 890.4pts (11ème), 841.4pts (27ème)Icepeak EvoxK
18MARTIN REBORD3365853.1pts (30ème), 962.1pts (16ème), 802.9pts (29ème), 746.8pts (44ème)Boomerang 11K
19XAVIER LAPORTE3349799.2pts (43ème), 879.4pts (32ème), 897.4pts (10ème), 773.4pts (42ème)Enzo 3K
20CONSTANCE METTETAL3263856.6pts (29ème), 803.6pts (59ème), 762.7pts (33ème), 839.8pts (29ème)Zeno D
21ALEXANDRE JOFRESA3245868.3pts (26ème), 970.9pts (9ème), 898pts (9ème), 507.8pts (56ème)Enzo 3K
22BENOIT PERRIN3168686.1pts (53ème), 760.5pts (71ème), 889pts (12ème), 832.4pts (32ème)Boomerang 11K
23BAPTISTE LAMBERT3157915.8pts (7ème), 872.4pts (35ème), 864.1pts (15ème), 504.9pts (58ème)Boomerang 11K
24REMI MONTGINOT3133833.4pts (40ème), 874.2pts (33ème), 726.4pts (36ème), 698.9pts (47ème)Enzo 3K
25MARTIN BEAUJOUAN3131730.1pts (47ème), 873.1pts (34ème), 752.2pts (34ème), 775.7pts (41ème)Enzo 3K
26CYRIL LAMBERT3085838.3pts (38ème), 896.9pts (29ème), 518.9pts (56ème), 830.7pts (34ème)Enzo 2K
27MANUEL LALY3074893.6pts (18ème), 963.5pts (14ème), 711pts (42ème), 505.8pts (57ème)Enzo 3K
28REMI GODEFROY3059653.7pts (56ème), 847.3pts (41ème), 739.7pts (35ème), 818.3pts (40ème)Z-AlpsD
29ROBIN GUDEFIN3049842.3pts (36ème), 843.4pts (44ème), 535.1pts (55ème), 828.2pts (36ème)Zeno D
30JOSE FERREIRA3021802.3pts (42ème), 824.7pts (50ème), 553.9pts (54ème), 839.8pts (31ème)Enzo 3K
31YOANN CHAVANNE3019895.9pts (17ème), 959.7pts (17ème), 234.2pts (68ème), 929.4pts (11ème)Boomerang 11K
32ANTOINE FANIN3012747.6pts (46ème), 809.8pts (55ème), 587.8pts (53ème), 866.5pts (22ème)KlimberD
33THIBAUT VARGAS3001870.9pts (25ème), 834.8pts (48ème), 706.3pts (43ème), 588.9pts (49ème)Zeno D
34JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO2992707.2pts (51ème), 841.8pts (46ème), 614.2pts (51ème), 828.8pts (35ème)Enzo 3K
35FRANCK PERRING2937861.1pts (28ème), 897.2pts (28ème), 243.3pts (65ème), 935.1pts (8ème)Enzo 3K
36TEO BOUVARD2934492.9pts (62ème), 879.9pts (31ème), 720pts (39ème), 840.9pts (28ème)Enzo 3K
37ANDY TALLIA2895885.7pts (21ème), 938.2pts (22ème), 240.6pts (67ème), 830.8pts (33ème)Zeno D
38ALEXANDRE LHUILLIER2891390pts (75ème), 814.9pts (52ème), 799.4pts (30ème), 887pts (19ème)XCracerD
39SAMUEL AVENNE2826439.2pts (68ème), 853.7pts (40ème), 812.5pts (25ème), 721pts (45ème)Peak 4D
40ARNAUD BEUGNETTE2799710.1pts (49ème), 765.6pts (69ème), 857pts (20ème), 466.1pts (62ème)Enzo 3K
41VITALII UMANSKYIUKR2797479.8pts (65ème), 859.4pts (39ème), 618.1pts (50ème), 839.8pts (30ème)Enzo 3K
42ERIC DAIGREMONT2764486.6pts (63ème), 775pts (63ème), 682.5pts (45ème), 819.8pts (39ème)Boomerang 10K
43TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD2717904.7pts (11ème), 969pts (10ème), 843.6pts (22ème)Enzo 3K
44PIERRE REMY2702966.7pts (2ème), 982.5pts (3ème), 229.5pts (70ème), 523.2pts (53ème)Enzo 3K
45NOAH LOCATELLI2698181.6pts (84ème), 799.3pts (60ème), 825.3pts (23ème), 891.4pts (18ème)Zeno D
46JULIEN GARCIA2693850.6pts (32ème), 810.4pts (54ème), 129.1pts (78ème), 903pts (15ème)Enzo 2K
47SIMON METTETAL2658874.5pts (24ème), 128.5pts (105ème), 724.3pts (37ème), 930.8pts (9ème)Enzo 3K
48STEPHEN GICHUKI2643897.7pts (16ème), 761.8pts (70ème), 230.6pts (69ème), 753.3pts (43ème)Boomerang 10K
49GREGOIRE LOMBARDI2616717.4pts (48ème), 770.3pts (65ème), 603.3pts (52ème), 525.1pts (51ème)Enzo 3K
50FLAVIO FUNIATI2604435.3pts (70ème), 975.1pts (7ème), 222.3pts (73ème), 971.5pts (5ème)Enzo 3K
51ARNAUD SECHER2586835.6pts (39ème), 867pts (38ème), 883.4pts (13ème)Boomerang 11K
52JULIEN MARION2527904.4pts (12ème), 929.9pts (24ème), 692.2pts (44ème)Enzo 2K
53JEROME HULIN2520536pts (59ème), 895.9pts (30ème), 260.5pts (63ème), 827.9pts (37ème)Enzo 2K
54SIMON PELLISSIER2502709.8pts (50ème), 814.1pts (53ème), 857.7pts (19ème), 120.4pts (88ème)Enzo 3K
55JULES CROIBIER2495778.3pts (44ème), 868.4pts (37ème), 718.7pts (40ème), 129.6pts (85ème)Boomerang 11K
56JEAN-YVES SEVENO2470346.2pts (80ème), 842.5pts (45ème), 644pts (49ème), 637.3pts (48ème)Enzo 3K
57DIDIER MATHURIN2440848.4pts (33ème), 942.3pts (21ème), 649.7pts (48ème)Enzo 3K
58LEO HAMARD2407890.8pts (20ème), 427.4pts (96ème), 240.9pts (66ème), 847.9pts (24ème)Enzo 3K
59S A2309698.4pts (52ème), 620.1pts (87ème), 481pts (57ème), 509.8pts (55ème)mantra 6D
60FABIEN DOFFIN2304548.6pts (58ème), 846.3pts (43ème), 787.1pts (31ème), 122pts (87ème)Enzo 2K
61ETIENNE COUPEZLUX2222679.1pts (54ème), 753.8pts (72ème), 667.4pts (46ème), 122.1pts (86ème)Enzo 3K
62FREDERIC LECONTE2207827.7pts (41ème), 816pts (51ème), 117pts (85ème), 446pts (66ème)Enzo 2K
63JONATHAN MARIN2206435.7pts (69ème), 947.8pts (20ème), 822.2pts (24ème)Enzo 3K
64SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE2153467.4pts (66ème), 793.8pts (62ème), 475.2pts (58ème), 416.1pts (68ème)Zeno D
65THOMAS IDEDEU2042840.8pts (37ème), 927.1pts (25ème), 273.6pts (75ème)Enzo 3K
66FLORIAN SERRA2039456.2pts (67ème), 804.1pts (58ème), 778.3pts (32ème)Zeno D
67ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN2031523.1pts (60ème), 730.5pts (76ème), 436pts (59ème), 341.5pts (71ème)Zeno D
68ERIC PUSIOL199652.1pts (103ème), 752.7pts (74ème), 667.3pts (47ème), 523.8pts (52ème)Enzo 3K
69THOMAS GURY1974925.1pts (4ème), 955.6pts (19ème), 93.2pts (101ème)Enzo 3K
70MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN1930851.7pts (31ème), 831.3pts (49ème), 129.1pts (79ème), 117.5pts (89ème)Boomerang 10K
71PASCAL BERNHARD190516.6pts (111ème), 709.1pts (77ème), 714.1pts (41ème), 465.5pts (63ème)Zeno D
72TOM CHAUVIN1845757.5pts (45ème), 125.8pts (106ème), 119.8pts (81ème), 841.6pts (26ème)Boomerang 11K
73ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR1830595.4pts (57ème), 426.8pts (97ème), 807.4pts (27ème)Enzo 3K
74P L1770484.5pts (64ème), 634.5pts (83ème), 129.9pts (77ème), 520.6pts (54ème)Zeno D
75NICOLAS FAVRE1703320.4pts (83ème), 768.7pts (67ème), 112.2pts (89ème), 501.2pts (59ème)Zeno D
76SEBASTIEN COMBES168616.6pts (110ème), 796.9pts (61ème), 50.5pts (107ème), 821.5pts (38ème)Zeno D
77ARNAUD BEDOUELLE1638344.4pts (81ème), 570.9pts (92ème), 165.2pts (75ème), 557.8pts (50ème)Zeno D
78PIERRE-ALAIN GUILLAUME1623329.2pts (82ème), 771.5pts (64ème), 109.5pts (91ème), 412.6pts (69ème)KlimberD
79EDOUARD POTEL1502357.9pts (78ème), 558.8pts (93ème), 114.5pts (87ème), 471.2pts (61ème)Omega XAlpsD
80MARTIN VERNEREY148776.9pts (99ème), 839.6pts (47ème), 107.2pts (95ème), 463.1pts (64ème)WildD
81FRANCOIS PERIE1485396.2pts (74ème), 699.5pts (79ème), 13.3pts (110ème), 376pts (70ème)mantra 6D
82WILLIAM BIDAUD148216.6pts (112ème), 752.8pts (73ème), 0.9pts (111ème), 711.8pts (46ème)Peak 4D
83THOMAS DINH1476402.2pts (72ème), 629.8pts (84ème), 108.1pts (94ème), 335.8pts (73ème)Zeno D
84XAVIER GIRIN1475403.6pts (71ème), 542.9pts (94ème), 413.4pts (60ème), 114.8pts (92ème)Zeno D
85JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC1471493.2pts (61ème), 846.8pts (42ème), 15.5pts (108ème), 115.7pts (91ème)Zeno D
86MARIN DESCARREGA1392356.7pts (79ème), 448.8pts (95ème), 91.9pts (102ème), 494.3pts (60ème)Omega Xalps 2D
87VALENTIN GILET135352.2pts (102ème), 770.1pts (66ème), 86.6pts (104ème), 444.4pts (67ème)CUREC
88TAM LUUTHO133676.8pts (100ème), 701.3pts (78ème), 108.8pts (93ème), 448.9pts (65ème)Zeno D
89JEROME DELBECQUE1330116.4pts (93ème), 750.8pts (75ème), 245.7pts (64ème), 217pts (81ème)Enzo 2K
90FREDERIC SOUCHON130178.2pts (95ème), 616.5pts (89ème), 394.1pts (61ème), 212pts (82ème)Omega Xalps 2D
91L L1224153.9pts (85ème), 692.9pts (81ème), 109.6pts (90ème), 267.2pts (76ème)Alpina 2C
92ANTOINE BERNIER1187134.2pts (91ème), 623.3pts (86ème), 165.2pts (74ème), 264.3pts (77ème)Delta 2C
93TIPHAINE LEMAIRE108882.6pts (94ème), 696pts (80ème), 99.8pts (98ème), 209.1pts (83ème)IkumaB
94MANUEL BRECHIGNAC108555.5pts (101ème), 804.9pts (57ème), 225pts (72ème)Boomerang 11K
95BENJAMIN LACOSTE106650.1pts (106ème), 614.1pts (90ème), 118.9pts (83ème), 283pts (74ème)Boomerang GTO 2D
96S M101251.4pts (104ème), 619.3pts (88ème), 105.4pts (96ème), 235.5pts (79ème)IotaB
97FRANCOIS BICHET1005380pts (77ème), 169pts (103ème), 117.1pts (84ème), 339.1pts (72ème)Zeno D
98G D965126.4pts (92ème), 593pts (91ème), 227.5pts (71ème), 18pts (98ème)Zeno D
99XAVIER COLLET94677.6pts (96ème), 653.5pts (82ème), 105pts (97ème), 109.6pts (94ème)Zeno D
100BIRGER CLAUSENDEU910382.4pts (76ème), 339.1pts (98ème), 140.2pts (76ème), 48.5pts (96ème)Enzo 3K
101DANIEL LARUELLE862138.7pts (87ème), 624.7pts (85ème), 98.2pts (99ème)mantra 6D
102ASHAMI FARES836137.7pts (89ème), 325pts (99ème), 118.9pts (82ème), 254.7pts (78ème)CUREC
103YVONNE DATHEDEU476142.8pts (86ème), 20.1pts (113ème), 77.9pts (105ème), 235pts (80ème)BahiaC
104LAURENT MOUNOT47248.1pts (108ème), 292.7pts (102ème), 113.2pts (88ème), 18pts (97ème)Icepeak 8K
105DAVID FASSEU47277.6pts (97ème), 305.7pts (100ème), 88.9pts (103ème)UcrossC
106JOHANN GORLIER46616.6pts (109ème), 93.5pts (107ème), 305.6pts (62ème), 50.5pts (95ème)GTO2 LargeC
107ALEXANDRE DAMIANO46451.3pts (105ème), 296.9pts (101ème), 115.9pts (86ème)HeroD
108PATRICK ROYER423138.3pts (88ème), 46.9pts (108ème), 126.2pts (80ème), 111.7pts (93ème)Zeno D
109LAURIE GENOVESE399399pts (73ème)Enzo 3K
110MAUD BIDAUD38949.8pts (107ème), 41.7pts (109ème), 94.5pts (100ème), 203.4pts (84ème)Delta 3C
111SIMON TATTEVIN321137.7pts (90ème), 168pts (104ème), 15.5pts (109ème)WildD
112DOMINIQUE CRESPEL20777.4pts (98ème), 20.1pts (111ème), 109.2pts (92ème)Zeno D
113S C17316.6pts (114ème), 39.4pts (110ème), 116.6pts (90ème)Artik 5C
114PATRICE GUIEN12616.6pts (113ème), 20.1pts (112ème), 71.2pts (106ème), 18pts (99ème)Peak 3D
manche 1
lieu : Mieussy
Course au But
date : 02/07/2018
distance optimisee : 71.461 km
manche 3057 validée le 9 aout 18

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openMALIN LOBBGBR71.5 km2h46mn54s25.7 km/h771771.077.5Enzo 3K
openPAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL71.5 km2h58mn15s24.1 km/h685.3685.370.0Enzo 3K
openMATTHIAS KOTHEDEU71.5 km2h34mn30s27.8 km/h840840.082.9Zeno D
openAlex YASCHENKOAUS70.9 km441.1441.147.2Boomerang 11K
openMARTIN LONGGBR14.1 km7878.08.3Zeno D
openCRISTOBAL OREZZOLICHL64.2 km398398.042.5XCracerD
openJUAN SEBASTIAN OSPINA RESTREPOGBR71.5 km2h46mn39s25.7 km/h779.7779.778.4Enzo 3K
openNANDA WALLISERCHE9.2 km5151.05.4Trango 3D
openRENE PAULYDEU62.8 km380.4380.440.6Zeno D
openHAGEN WALTERDEU7.1 km39.439.44.1Zeno D
openHANSJORG WALLISERCHE71.5 km2h51mn16s25 km/h747.6747.675.8Boomerang 11K
openFAHD CHERKAOUIMAR22.6 km125.5125.513.4Artik 5C
1HONORIN HAMARD71.5 km2h18mn18s31 km/h10001000.0107.2Enzo 3K
2PIERRE REMY71.5 km2h21mn22s30.3 km/h966.7966.7106Enzo 3K
3JEAN-MARC CARON71.5 km2h22mn21s30.1 km/h956.5956.5105Enzo 3K
4THOMAS GURY71.5 km2h26mn13s29.3 km/h925.1925.1103.0Enzo 3K
5STEPHANE POULAIN71.5 km2h22mn31s30.1 km/h924.8924.8102.0Enzo 3K
6ULRICH PRINZDEU71.5 km2h25mn57s29.4 km/h918.3918.3101.6Enzo 3K
7BAPTISTE LAMBERT71.5 km2h26mn43s29.2 km/h915.8915.8101.0Boomerang 11K
8MERYL DELFERRIERE71.5 km2h26mn23s29.3 km/h912.5912.5100.1Enzo 3K
9ERWAN DIDRICHE71.5 km2h25mn45s29.4 km/h907.9907.999.0XCracerD
10TIM ROCHAS71.5 km2h27mn14s29.1 km/h907.8907.898.8Icepeak EvoxK
11TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD71.5 km2h25mn48s29.4 km/h904.7904.798.0Enzo 3K
12JULIEN MARION71.5 km2h27mn02s29.2 km/h904.4904.497.0Enzo 2K
13JACQUES FOURNIER71.5 km2h28mn05s29 km/h900.9900.996.8Enzo 3K
14BASTIEN DE LUCA71.5 km2h27mn09s29.1 km/h899.4899.496.0Boomerang 11K
15STEPHANE DROUIN71.5 km2h27mn34s29.1 km/h898.2898.295.6Enzo 3K
16STEPHEN GICHUKI71.5 km2h26mn17s29.3 km/h897.7897.795.0Boomerang 10K
17YOANN CHAVANNE71.5 km2h28mn43s28.8 km/h895.9895.994.0Boomerang 11K
18MANUEL LALY71.5 km2h27mn16s29.1 km/h893.6893.694.0Enzo 3K
19LOIS GOUTAGNY71.5 km2h28mn28s28.9 km/h892.2892.293.2Enzo 3K
20LEO HAMARD71.5 km2h28mn00s29 km/h890.8890.893.0Enzo 3K
21ANDY TALLIA71.5 km2h28mn11s28.9 km/h885.7885.792.0Zeno D
22LUC ARMANT71.5 km2h27mn01s29.2 km/h879.1879.191.3Enzo 3K
23JULIEN WIRTZ71.5 km2h35mn47s27.5 km/h875.5875.590.7Enzo 3K
24SIMON METTETAL71.5 km2h28mn04s29 km/h874.5874.590.1Enzo 3K
25THIBAUT VARGAS71.5 km2h31mn35s28.3 km/h870.9870.989.0Zeno D
26ALEXANDRE JOFRESA71.5 km2h28mn00s29 km/h868.3868.389Enzo 3K
27GILDAS BEN71.5 km2h31mn46s28.3 km/h864864.088.0Enzo 3K
28FRANCK PERRING71.5 km2h34mn30s27.8 km/h861.1861.187.8Enzo 3K
29CONSTANCE METTETAL71.5 km2h34mn07s27.8 km/h856.6856.687.0Zeno D
30MARTIN REBORD71.5 km2h31mn34s28.3 km/h853.1853.187.0Boomerang 11K
31MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN71.5 km2h34mn44s27.7 km/h851.7851.786.0Boomerang 10K
32JULIEN GARCIA71.5 km2h34mn43s27.7 km/h850.6850.686.0Enzo 2K
33DIDIER MATHURIN71.5 km2h35mn18s27.6 km/h848.4848.485.0Enzo 3K
34REMI BOURDELLE71.5 km2h34mn41s27.7 km/h847.3847.384.8Enzo 3K
35CYRILLE MARCK71.5 km2h34mn39s27.7 km/h844.6844.684.0Enzo 3K
36ROBIN GUDEFIN71.5 km2h33mn41s27.9 km/h842.3842.384.0Zeno D
37THOMAS IDEDEU71.5 km2h34mn55s27.7 km/h840.8840.883.3Enzo 3K
38CYRIL LAMBERT71.5 km2h35mn23s27.6 km/h838.3838.382.8Enzo 2K
39ARNAUD SECHER71.5 km2h34mn08s27.8 km/h835.6835.682.4Boomerang 11K
40REMI MONTGINOT71.5 km2h36mn54s27.3 km/h833.4833.482.0Enzo 3K
41FREDERIC LECONTE71.5 km2h36mn01s27.5 km/h827.7827.781.0Enzo 2K
42JOSE FERREIRA71.5 km2h39mn20s26.9 km/h802.3802.380.0Enzo 3K
43XAVIER LAPORTE71.5 km2h37mn55s27.2 km/h799.2799.279.8Enzo 3K
44JULES CROIBIER71.5 km2h47mn44s25.6 km/h778.3778.379.0Boomerang 11K
45TOM CHAUVIN71.5 km2h50mn20s25.2 km/h757.5757.577.0Boomerang 11K
46ANTOINE FANIN71.5 km2h51mn16s25 km/h747.6747.677.0KlimberD
47MARTIN BEAUJOUAN71.5 km2h55mn31s24.4 km/h730.1730.175.0Enzo 3K
48GREGOIRE LOMBARDI71.5 km2h58mn23s24 km/h717.4717.474.0Enzo 3K
49ARNAUD BEUGNETTE71.5 km2h54mn59s24.5 km/h710.1710.174.0Enzo 3K
50SIMON PELLISSIER71.5 km2h55mn01s24.5 km/h709.8709.873.4Enzo 3K
51JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO71.5 km2h57mn18s24.2 km/h707.2707.273.0Enzo 3K
52S A71.5 km2h59mn21s23.9 km/h698.4698.472.0mantra 6D
53BENOIT PERRIN71.5 km2h57mn28s24.2 km/h686.1686.171.1Boomerang 11K
54ETIENNE COUPEZLUX71.5 km3h02mn18s23.5 km/h679.1679.170.0Enzo 3K
55MARTIN PETZDEU71.5 km2h58mn31s24 km/h674674.069.9Boomerang 11K
56REMI GODEFROY71.5 km3h05mn35s23.1 km/h653.7653.768.0Z-AlpsD
57ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR71.5 km3h17mn57s21.7 km/h595.4595.463.2Enzo 3K
58FABIEN DOFFIN71.5 km3h23mn30s21.1 km/h548.6548.658.7Enzo 2K
59JEROME HULIN71.5 km3h23mn21s21.1 km/h536536.057.4Enzo 2K
60ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN71.5 km3h29mn46s20.4 km/h523.1523.156.1Zeno D
61JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC71.4 km493.2493.253.0Zeno D
62TEO BOUVARD71.5 km3h29mn57s20.4 km/h492.9492.952.9Enzo 3K
63ERIC DAIGREMONT71.4 km486.6486.652.0Boomerang 10K
64P L71.5 km3h32mn47s20.2 km/h484.5484.552.0Zeno D
65VITALII UMANSKYIUKR71.5 km3h33mn57s20 km/h479.8479.851.4Enzo 3K
66SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE71.5 km3h41mn29s19.4 km/h467.4467.450.0Zeno D
67FLORIAN SERRA71.5 km3h40mn55s19.4 km/h456.2456.249.0Zeno D
68SAMUEL AVENNE59.3 km439.2439.247.1Peak 4D
69JONATHAN MARIN59.1 km435.7435.746.7Enzo 3K
70FLAVIO FUNIATI66.4 km435.3435.346.7Enzo 3K
71XAVIER GIRIN65.2 km403.6403.643.3Zeno D
72THOMAS DINH63.8 km402.2402.243.1Zeno D
73LAURIE GENOVESE55.9 km399399.042.8Enzo 3K
74FRANCOIS PERIE63 km396.2396.242.0mantra 6D
75ALEXANDRE LHUILLIER62.4 km390390.041.8XCracerD
76BIRGER CLAUSENDEU63.3 km382.4382.441Enzo 3K
77FRANCOIS BICHET63 km380380.041.0Zeno D
78EDOUARD POTEL63.1 km357.9357.938.3Omega XAlpsD
79MARIN DESCARREGA60.2 km356.7356.738.2Omega Xalps 2D
80JEAN-YVES SEVENO59.3 km346.2346.237.1Enzo 3K
81ARNAUD BEDOUELLE60 km344.4344.436.9Zeno D
82PIERRE-ALAIN GUILLAUME58.3 km329.2329.235.2KlimberD
83NICOLAS FAVRE57.6 km320.4320.434.3Zeno D
84NOAH LOCATELLI32.8 km181.6181.619.4Zeno D
85L L27.8 km153.9153.916.4Alpina 2C
86YVONNE DATHEDEU25.8 km142.8142.815.2BahiaC
87DANIEL LARUELLE25 km138.7138.714.8mantra 6D
88PATRICK ROYER24.9 km138.3138.314.7Zeno D
89ASHAMI FARES24.8 km137.7137.714.7CUREC
89SIMON TATTEVIN24.8 km137.7137.714.7WildD
91ANTOINE BERNIER24.2 km134.2134.214.3Delta 2C
92G D22.8 km126.4126.413.5Zeno D
93JEROME DELBECQUE21 km116.4116.412.4Enzo 2K
94TIPHAINE LEMAIRE14.9 km82.682.68.8IkumaB
95FREDERIC SOUCHON14.1 km78.278.28.3Omega Xalps 2D
96XAVIER COLLET14 km77.677.68.2Zeno D
96DAVID FASSEU14 km77.677.68.2UcrossC
98DOMINIQUE CRESPEL14 km77.477.48.2Zeno D
99MARTIN VERNEREY13.9 km76.976.98.1WildD
100TAM LUUTHO13.9 km76.876.88.1Zeno D
101MANUEL BRECHIGNAC10 km55.555.55.8Boomerang 11K
102VALENTIN GILET9.4 km52.252.25.5CUREC
103ERIC PUSIOL9.4 km52.152.15.5Enzo 3K
104S M9.3 km51.451.45.4IotaB
105ALEXANDRE DAMIANO9.3 km51.351.35.4HeroD
106BENJAMIN LACOSTE9 km50.150.15.3Boomerang GTO 2D
107MAUD BIDAUD9 km49.849.85.2Delta 3C
108LAURENT MOUNOT8.7 km48.148.15.1Icepeak 8K
109JOHANN GORLIER16.616.61.7GTO2 LargeC
109SEBASTIEN COMBES16.616.61.7Zeno D
109PASCAL BERNHARD16.616.61.7Zeno D
109WILLIAM BIDAUD1 km16.616.61.7Peak 4D
109PATRICE GUIEN0.2 km16.616.61.7Peak 3D
109S C0.4 km16.616.61.7Artik 5C
manche 2
lieu : Mieussy
Course au But
date : 03/07/2018
distance optimisee : 53.918 km
manche 3058 validée le 9 aout 18

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openMALIN LOBBGBR41.8 km356.9356.938Enzo 3K
openPAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL53.9 km1h46mn13s30.5 km/h853.3853.381.0Enzo 3K
openMATTHIAS KOTHEDEU53.9 km1h46mn04s30.5 km/h850.6850.680.2Zeno D
openAlex YASCHENKOAUS53.9 km1h56mn24s27.8 km/h761.3761.367.9Boomerang 11K
openMARTIN LONGGBR53.9 km1h46mn27s30.4 km/h843843.077.5Zeno D
openCRISTOBAL OREZZOLICHL53.9 km1h46mn58s30.2 km/h846.2846.278.4XCracerD
openJUAN SEBASTIAN OSPINA RESTREPOGBR53.9 km1h49mn00s29.7 km/h818.6818.674.8Enzo 3K
openNANDA WALLISERCHE53.9 km1h56mn39s27.7 km/h751.9751.966.5Trango 3D
openRENE PAULYDEU53.8 km422.6422.644.5Zeno D
openHAGEN WALTERDEU53.9 km2h01mn32s26.6 km/h719.6719.665.6Zeno D
openHANSJORG WALLISERCHE53.9 km1h39mn06s32.6 km/h921.9921.988.7Boomerang 11K
openFAHD CHERKAOUIMAR53.9 km2h15mn18s23.9 km/h621.9621.960.5Artik 5C
1HONORIN HAMARD53.9 km1h36mn24s33.6 km/h987.9987.9106.6Enzo 3K
2LUC ARMANT53.9 km1h35mn29s33.9 km/h986.2986.2105.7Enzo 3K
3PIERRE REMY53.9 km1h36mn11s33.6 km/h982.5982.5104.9Enzo 3K
4JULIEN WIRTZ53.9 km1h36mn41s33.5 km/h981.3981.3104.1Enzo 3K
5ULRICH PRINZDEU53.9 km1h36mn23s33.6 km/h978.8978.8103.2Enzo 3K
6MARTIN PETZDEU53.9 km1h35mn48s33.8 km/h977.8977.8102.4Boomerang 11K
7FLAVIO FUNIATI53.9 km1h36mn51s33.4 km/h975.1975.1102.0Enzo 3K
8CYRILLE MARCK53.9 km1h36mn21s33.6 km/h975975.0101.0Enzo 3K
9ALEXANDRE JOFRESA53.9 km1h36mn42s33.5 km/h970.9970.9100.0Enzo 3K
10TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD53.9 km1h36mn51s33.4 km/h969969.099.0Enzo 3K
11JEAN-MARC CARON53.9 km1h37mn50s33.1 km/h966.4966.498.6Enzo 3K
12STEPHANE DROUIN53.9 km1h37mn50s33.1 km/h963.9963.997.8Enzo 3K
13REMI BOURDELLE53.9 km1h37mn56s33 km/h963.5963.596.3Enzo 3K
13MANUEL LALY53.9 km1h36mn42s33.5 km/h963.5963.596.0Enzo 3K
15MERYL DELFERRIERE53.9 km1h37mn52s33.1 km/h963.3963.395.5Enzo 3K
16MARTIN REBORD53.9 km1h37mn39s33.1 km/h962.1962.195.0Boomerang 11K
17YOANN CHAVANNE53.9 km1h37mn41s33.1 km/h959.7959.794.0Boomerang 11K
18STEPHANE POULAIN53.9 km1h37mn06s33.3 km/h957.5957.593.4Enzo 3K
19THOMAS GURY53.9 km1h38mn09s33 km/h955.6955.693.0Enzo 3K
20JONATHAN MARIN53.9 km1h40mn04s32.3 km/h947.8947.892.2Enzo 3K
21DIDIER MATHURIN53.9 km1h37mn59s33 km/h942.3942.392.0Enzo 3K
22ANDY TALLIA53.9 km1h39mn26s32.5 km/h938.2938.291.0Zeno D
23GILDAS BEN53.9 km1h39mn19s32.6 km/h931.6931.690.0Enzo 3K
24JULIEN MARION53.9 km1h41mn06s32 km/h929.9929.990.0Enzo 2K
25THOMAS IDEDEU53.9 km1h39mn47s32.4 km/h927.1927.189.2Enzo 3K
26LOIS GOUTAGNY53.9 km1h43mn41s31.2 km/h901.9901.988.9Enzo 3K
27JACQUES FOURNIER53.9 km1h41mn54s31.7 km/h898.1898.188.4Enzo 3K
28FRANCK PERRING53.9 km1h40mn58s32 km/h897.2897.287.8Enzo 3K
29CYRIL LAMBERT53.9 km1h43mn17s31.3 km/h896.9896.987.0Enzo 2K
30JEROME HULIN53.9 km1h45mn02s30.8 km/h895.9895.987.0Enzo 2K
31TEO BOUVARD53.9 km1h43mn50s31.2 km/h879.9879.986.1Enzo 3K
32XAVIER LAPORTE53.9 km1h42mn58s31.4 km/h879.4879.486.0Enzo 3K
33REMI MONTGINOT53.9 km1h43mn09s31.4 km/h874.2874.285.0Enzo 3K
34MARTIN BEAUJOUAN53.9 km1h44mn11s31.1 km/h873.1873.185.0Enzo 3K
35BAPTISTE LAMBERT53.9 km1h43mn15s31.3 km/h872.4872.484.1Boomerang 11K
36ERWAN DIDRICHE53.9 km1h43mn42s31.2 km/h869869.083.0XCracerD
37JULES CROIBIER53.9 km1h44mn25s31 km/h868.4868.483.0Boomerang 11K
38ARNAUD SECHER53.9 km1h43mn54s31.1 km/h867867.082.0Boomerang 11K
39VITALII UMANSKYIUKR53.9 km1h43mn45s31.2 km/h859.4859.482.1Enzo 3K
40SAMUEL AVENNE53.9 km1h44mn58s30.8 km/h853.7853.782.0Peak 4D
41REMI GODEFROY53.9 km1h47mn45s30 km/h847.3847.381.0Z-AlpsD
42JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC53.9 km1h46mn48s30.3 km/h846.8846.881.0Zeno D
43FABIEN DOFFIN53.9 km1h45mn59s30.5 km/h846.3846.380.0Enzo 2K
44ROBIN GUDEFIN53.9 km1h45mn41s30.6 km/h843.4843.480.0Zeno D
45JEAN-YVES SEVENO53.9 km1h47mn34s30.1 km/h842.5842.579.0Enzo 3K
46JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO53.9 km1h47mn06s30.2 km/h841.8841.879.0Enzo 3K
47MARTIN VERNEREY53.9 km1h48mn03s29.9 km/h839.6839.678.0WildD
48THIBAUT VARGAS53.9 km1h47mn23s30.1 km/h834.8834.878.0Zeno D
49MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN53.9 km1h49mn54s29.4 km/h831.3831.378.0Boomerang 10K
50JOSE FERREIRA53.9 km1h49mn48s29.5 km/h824.7824.777.0Enzo 3K
51FREDERIC LECONTE53.9 km1h49mn48s29.5 km/h816816.077.0Enzo 2K
52ALEXANDRE LHUILLIER53.9 km1h50mn12s29.4 km/h814.9814.976.0XCracerD
53SIMON PELLISSIER53.9 km1h50mn27s29.3 km/h814.1814.176Enzo 3K
54JULIEN GARCIA53.9 km1h50mn17s29.3 km/h810.4810.476.0Enzo 2K
55ANTOINE FANIN53.9 km1h50mn02s29.4 km/h809.8809.875.0KlimberD
56BASTIEN DE LUCA53.9 km1h50mn25s29.3 km/h806.6806.674.9Boomerang 11K
57MANUEL BRECHIGNAC53.9 km1h50mn51s29.2 km/h804.9804.974.5Boomerang 11K
58FLORIAN SERRA53.9 km1h50mn19s29.3 km/h804.1804.174.0Zeno D
59CONSTANCE METTETAL53.9 km1h51mn24s29 km/h803.6803.674.0Zeno D
60NOAH LOCATELLI53.9 km1h51mn10s29.1 km/h799.3799.373.0Zeno D
61SEBASTIEN COMBES53.9 km1h51mn38s29 km/h796.9796.973.0Zeno D
62SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE53.9 km1h52mn36s28.7 km/h793.8793.873.0Zeno D
63ERIC DAIGREMONT53.9 km1h55mn04s28.1 km/h775775.072.0Boomerang 10K
64PIERRE-ALAIN GUILLAUME53.9 km1h55mn31s28 km/h771.5771.572.0KlimberD
65GREGOIRE LOMBARDI53.9 km1h55mn34s28 km/h770.3770.371.6Enzo 3K
66VALENTIN GILET53.9 km1h56mn05s27.9 km/h770.1770.171.0CUREC
67NICOLAS FAVRE53.9 km1h57mn09s27.6 km/h768.7768.771.0Zeno D
68TIM ROCHAS53.9 km1h55mn53s27.9 km/h767.3767.370.6Icepeak EvoxK
69ARNAUD BEUGNETTE53.9 km1h56mn14s27.8 km/h765.6765.670.3Enzo 3K
70STEPHEN GICHUKI53.9 km1h58mn47s27.2 km/h761.8761.870.0Boomerang 10K
71BENOIT PERRIN53.9 km1h56mn45s27.7 km/h760.5760.569.7Boomerang 11K
72ETIENNE COUPEZLUX53.9 km1h57mn58s27.4 km/h753.8753.869.3Enzo 3K
73WILLIAM BIDAUD53.9 km1h57mn21s27.6 km/h752.8752.869.0Peak 4D
74ERIC PUSIOL53.9 km1h56mn53s27.7 km/h752.7752.769.0Enzo 3K
75JEROME DELBECQUE53.9 km1h56mn26s27.8 km/h750.8750.868.0Enzo 2K
76ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN53.9 km2h02mn45s26.4 km/h730.5730.568.0Zeno D
77PASCAL BERNHARD53.9 km2h00mn33s26.8 km/h709.1709.167.0Zeno D
78TAM LUUTHO53.9 km2h04mn15s26 km/h701.3701.367.0Zeno D
79FRANCOIS PERIE53.9 km2h05mn39s25.7 km/h699.5699.567.0mantra 6D
80TIPHAINE LEMAIRE53.9 km2h06mn31s25.6 km/h696696.066.0IkumaB
81L L53.9 km2h05mn31s25.8 km/h692.9692.966.0Alpina 2C
82XAVIER COLLET53.9 km2h10mn53s24.7 km/h653.5653.564.0Zeno D
83P L53.9 km2h12mn19s24.4 km/h634.5634.563.0Zeno D
84THOMAS DINH53.9 km2h11mn13s24.7 km/h629.8629.862.6Zeno D
85DANIEL LARUELLE53.9 km2h14mn54s24 km/h624.7624.762.0mantra 6D
86ANTOINE BERNIER53.9 km2h15mn19s23.9 km/h623.3623.362.0Delta 2C
87S A53.9 km2h15mn18s23.9 km/h620.1620.162.0mantra 6D
88S M53.9 km2h17mn11s23.6 km/h619.3619.361.0IotaB
89FREDERIC SOUCHON53.9 km2h16mn13s23.7 km/h616.5616.561.0Omega Xalps 2D
90BENJAMIN LACOSTE53.9 km2h14mn39s24 km/h614.1614.161.0Boomerang GTO 2D
91G D53.9 km2h16mn41s23.7 km/h593593.059.0Zeno D
92ARNAUD BEDOUELLE53.9 km2h20mn18s23.1 km/h570.9570.958.0Zeno D
93EDOUARD POTEL53.9 km2h24mn49s22.3 km/h558.8558.857.0Omega XAlpsD
94XAVIER GIRIN53.9 km2h27mn12s22 km/h542.9542.956.0Zeno D
95MARIN DESCARREGA53.7 km448.8448.847.0Omega Xalps 2D
96LEO HAMARD50.5 km427.4427.445.3Enzo 3K
97ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR50.4 km426.8426.845.2Enzo 3K
98BIRGER CLAUSENDEU50.5 km339.1339.136.3Enzo 3K
99ASHAMI FARES41 km325325.034.8CUREC
100DAVID FASSEU41.8 km305.7305.733.0UcrossC
101ALEXANDRE DAMIANO41.8 km296.9296.931.9HeroD
102LAURENT MOUNOT39.9 km292.7292.731.0Icepeak 8K
103FRANCOIS BICHET25.2 km169169.018.1Zeno D
104SIMON TATTEVIN25 km168168.018WildD
105SIMON METTETAL19.1 km128.5128.513.8Enzo 3K
106TOM CHAUVIN18.7 km125.8125.813.5Boomerang 11K
107JOHANN GORLIER13.9 km93.593.510GTO2 LargeC
108PATRICK ROYER7 km46.946.95Zeno D
109MAUD BIDAUD6.2 km41.741.74.4Delta 3C
110S C5.9 km39.439.44.1Artik 5C
111DOMINIQUE CRESPEL2.5 km20.120.12.1Zeno D
111PATRICE GUIEN1.8 km20.120.12.1Peak 3D
111YVONNE DATHEDEU2.6 km20.120.12.1BahiaC
manche 3
lieu : Mont-Chery Les Gets
Course au But
date : 04/07/2018
distance optimisee : 80.220 km
manche 3059 validée le 9 aout 18

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openMALIN LOBBGBR32.2 km165.9165.917.6Enzo 3K
openPAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL80.2 km3h07mn22s25.7 km/h811.7811.785.0Enzo 3K
openMATTHIAS KOTHEDEU80.2 km4h58mn58s16.1 km/h413.4413.444.2Zeno D
openAlex YASCHENKOAUS23 km118.8118.812.6Boomerang 11K
openMARTIN LONGGBR15.515.51.5Zeno D
openCRISTOBAL OREZZOLICHL80.2 km3h29mn57s22.9 km/h684684.071.6XCracerD
openNANDA WALLISERCHE80.2 km4h21mn14s18.4 km/h434.8434.846.5Trango 3D
openRENE PAULYDEU20.9 km107.6107.611.4Zeno D
openHAGEN WALTERDEU80.2 km3h35mn32s22.3 km/h640.7640.767.2Zeno D
openHANSJORG WALLISERCHE80.2 km3h21mn02s23.9 km/h724724.076.2Boomerang 11K
openFAHD CHERKAOUIMAR24.8 km127.6127.613.5Artik 5C
1JEAN-MARC CARON80.2 km2h38mn32s30.4 km/h10001000.0106.7Enzo 3K
2HONORIN HAMARD80.2 km2h38mn59s30.3 km/h977.6977.6105.7Enzo 3K
3JACQUES FOURNIER80.2 km2h45mn05s29.2 km/h941.7941.7104.0Enzo 3K
4MARTIN PETZDEU80.2 km2h46mn38s28.9 km/h941.5941.5103.3Boomerang 11K
5JULIEN WIRTZ80.2 km2h47mn01s28.8 km/h931.6931.6102.2Enzo 3K
6ULRICH PRINZDEU80.2 km2h47mn20s28.8 km/h926.6926.6101.4Enzo 3K
7CYRILLE MARCK80.2 km2h50mn14s28.3 km/h911.1911.1100.0Enzo 3K
8STEPHANE POULAIN80.2 km2h51mn51s28 km/h904.7904.799.2Enzo 3K
9ALEXANDRE JOFRESA80.2 km2h52mn51s27.8 km/h898898.098.0Enzo 3K
10XAVIER LAPORTE80.2 km2h52mn34s27.9 km/h897.4897.498.0Enzo 3K
11TIM ROCHAS80.2 km2h53mn36s27.7 km/h890.4890.496.9Icepeak EvoxK
12BENOIT PERRIN80.2 km2h52mn30s27.9 km/h889889.096.0Boomerang 11K
13ARNAUD SECHER80.2 km2h53mn56s27.7 km/h883.4883.495.0Boomerang 11K
14STEPHANE DROUIN80.2 km2h58mn07s27 km/h869869.094.2Enzo 3K
15BAPTISTE LAMBERT80.2 km2h57mn59s27 km/h864.1864.193.0Boomerang 11K
16MERYL DELFERRIERE80.2 km2h59mn12s26.9 km/h863.5863.593Enzo 3K
17LUC ARMANT80.2 km2h47mn08s28.8 km/h862862.092.4Enzo 3K
18BASTIEN DE LUCA80.2 km2h58mn49s26.9 km/h858.3858.391.7Boomerang 11K
19SIMON PELLISSIER80.2 km2h59mn01s26.9 km/h857.7857.791.2Enzo 3K
20ARNAUD BEUGNETTE80.2 km2h58mn24s27 km/h857857.091.0Enzo 3K
21REMI BOURDELLE80.2 km2h59mn05s26.9 km/h850.9850.990Enzo 3K
22TANGUY RENAUD-GOUD80.2 km3h03mn25s26.2 km/h843.6843.689.0Enzo 3K
23NOAH LOCATELLI80.2 km3h04mn26s26.1 km/h825.3825.388.0Zeno D
24JONATHAN MARIN80.2 km3h06mn49s25.8 km/h822.2822.287.2Enzo 3K
25SAMUEL AVENNE80.2 km3h07mn18s25.7 km/h812.5812.586.0Peak 4D
26ERWAN DIDRICHE80.2 km2h54mn12s27.6 km/h811.8811.886.0XCracerD
27ANDREW WILLIAMSGBR80.2 km3h09mn54s25.3 km/h807.4807.485.3Enzo 3K
28GILDAS BEN80.2 km3h09mn19s25.4 km/h803.3803.385.0Enzo 3K
29MARTIN REBORD80.2 km3h06mn43s25.8 km/h802.9802.984.3Boomerang 11K
30ALEXANDRE LHUILLIER80.2 km3h08mn39s25.5 km/h799.4799.484.0XCracerD
31FABIEN DOFFIN80.2 km3h11mn33s25.1 km/h787.1787.183.0Enzo 2K
32FLORIAN SERRA80.2 km3h13mn13s24.9 km/h778.3778.382.0Zeno D
33CONSTANCE METTETAL80.2 km3h16mn58s24.4 km/h762.7762.780.0Zeno D
34MARTIN BEAUJOUAN80.2 km3h17mn50s24.3 km/h752.2752.279.0Enzo 3K
35REMI GODEFROY80.2 km3h21mn11s23.9 km/h739.7739.778.0Z-AlpsD
36REMI MONTGINOT80.2 km3h20mn39s24 km/h726.4726.477.1Enzo 3K
37SIMON METTETAL80.2 km3h23mn09s23.7 km/h724.3724.376.7Enzo 3K
38LOIS GOUTAGNY80.2 km3h19mn19s24.1 km/h722.1722.176.3Enzo 3K
39TEO BOUVARD80.2 km3h19mn31s24.1 km/h720720.075.9Enzo 3K
40JULES CROIBIER80.2 km3h20mn44s24 km/h718.7718.775.6Boomerang 11K
41PASCAL BERNHARD80.2 km3h20mn09s24 km/h714.1714.175.0Zeno D
42MANUEL LALY80.2 km3h20mn09s24 km/h711711.074.6Enzo 3K
43THIBAUT VARGAS80.2 km3h23mn24s23.7 km/h706.3706.374Zeno D
44JULIEN MARION80.2 km3h22mn49s23.7 km/h692.2692.272.8Enzo 2K
45ERIC DAIGREMONT80.2 km3h23mn34s23.6 km/h682.5682.572.0Boomerang 10K
46ETIENNE COUPEZLUX80.2 km3h31mn03s22.8 km/h667.4667.470.0Enzo 3K
47ERIC PUSIOL80.2 km3h26mn44s23.3 km/h667.3667.370.0Enzo 3K
48DIDIER MATHURIN80.2 km2h58mn16s27 km/h649.7649.769.0Enzo 3K
49JEAN-YVES SEVENO80.2 km3h38mn31s22 km/h644644.068.0Enzo 3K
50VITALII UMANSKYIUKR80.2 km3h25mn33s23.4 km/h618.1618.165.6Enzo 3K
51JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO80.2 km3h41mn01s21.8 km/h614.2614.265.0Enzo 3K
52GREGOIRE LOMBARDI80.2 km3h42mn25s21.6 km/h603.3603.364.1Enzo 3K
53ANTOINE FANIN80.2 km3h49mn26s21 km/h587.8587.862.0KlimberD
54JOSE FERREIRA80.2 km4h00mn33s20 km/h553.9553.959.2Enzo 3K
55ROBIN GUDEFIN80.2 km3h50mn15s20.9 km/h535.1535.157.0Zeno D
56CYRIL LAMBERT80.2 km4h01mn00s20 km/h518.9518.955.6Enzo 2K
57S A80.2 km4h08mn12s19.4 km/h481481.051.6mantra 6D
58SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE80.2 km3h41mn11s21.8 km/h475.2475.251.0Zeno D
59ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN76.4 km436436.046.8Zeno D
60XAVIER GIRIN80.2 km4h54mn44s16.3 km/h413.4413.444.0Zeno D
61FREDERIC SOUCHON76.5 km394.1394.142.0Omega Xalps 2D
62JOHANN GORLIER59.3 km305.6305.633.0GTO2 LargeC
63JEROME HULIN46.2 km260.5260.527.8Enzo 2K
64JEROME DELBECQUE46 km245.7245.726.2Enzo 2K
65FRANCK PERRING44.5 km243.3243.326Enzo 3K
66LEO HAMARD44.2 km240.9240.925.7Enzo 3K
67ANDY TALLIA44.4 km240.6240.625.7Zeno D
68YOANN CHAVANNE43.8 km234.2234.225Boomerang 11K
69STEPHEN GICHUKI44.6 km230.6230.625.0Boomerang 10K
70PIERRE REMY44.5 km229.5229.524.5Enzo 3K
71G D44.1 km227.5227.524.2Zeno D
72MANUEL BRECHIGNAC43.2 km225225.024Boomerang 11K
73FLAVIO FUNIATI43.1 km222.3222.323.7Enzo 3K
74ANTOINE BERNIER32.1 km165.2165.217.5Delta 2C
74ARNAUD BEDOUELLE32.1 km165.2165.217.5Zeno D
76BIRGER CLAUSENDEU27.2 km140.2140.214.9Enzo 3K
77P L25.2 km129.9129.913.8Zeno D
78JULIEN GARCIA25.1 km129.1129.114.0Enzo 2K
78MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN25.1 km129.1129.113.7Boomerang 10K
80PATRICK ROYER24.5 km126.2126.213.4Zeno D
81TOM CHAUVIN25.2 km119.8119.812.7Boomerang 11K
82ASHAMI FARES23.1 km118.9118.912.6CUREC
82BENJAMIN LACOSTE23.1 km118.9118.912.6Boomerang GTO 2D
84FRANCOIS BICHET22.7 km117.1117.112.4Zeno D
85FREDERIC LECONTE22.7 km117117.012.4Enzo 2K
86ALEXANDRE DAMIANO22.5 km115.9115.912.3HeroD
87EDOUARD POTEL22.2 km114.5114.512.1Omega XAlpsD
88LAURENT MOUNOT22 km113.2113.212Icepeak 8K
89NICOLAS FAVRE21.8 km112.2112.211.9Zeno D
90L L21.3 km109.6109.611.6Alpina 2C
91PIERRE-ALAIN GUILLAUME21.2 km109.5109.511.6KlimberD
92DOMINIQUE CRESPEL21.2 km109.2109.211.6Zeno D
93TAM LUUTHO21.1 km108.8108.811.5Zeno D
94THOMAS DINH21 km108.1108.111.4Zeno D
95MARTIN VERNEREY20.8 km107.2107.211.3WildD
96S M20.5 km105.4105.411.1IotaB
97XAVIER COLLET20.4 km105105.011.1Zeno D
98TIPHAINE LEMAIRE19.4 km99.899.810.6IkumaB
99DANIEL LARUELLE19.1 km98.298.210.4mantra 6D
100MAUD BIDAUD18.3 km94.594.510Delta 3C
101THOMAS GURY22 km93.293.29.8Enzo 3K
102MARIN DESCARREGA17.8 km91.991.99.7Omega Xalps 2D
103DAVID FASSEU17.3 km88.988.99.4UcrossC
104VALENTIN GILET16.8 km86.686.69.1CUREC
105YVONNE DATHEDEU15.1 km77.977.98.2BahiaC
106PATRICE GUIEN13.8 km71.271.27.5Peak 3D
107SEBASTIEN COMBES9.8 km50.550.55.3Zeno D
108JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC2 km15.515.51.5Zeno D
108SIMON TATTEVIN2 km15.515.51.5WildD
110FRANCOIS PERIE37.5 km13.313.31.3mantra 6D
111WILLIAM BIDAUD22.1 km0.90.9Peak 4D
manche 4
lieu : Samoens
Course au But
date : 07/07/2018
distance optimisee : 62.303 km
manche 3079 validée le 9 aout 18

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openPAWEL CHRZASZCZPOL62.3 km2h17mn06s27.3 km/h871.4871.490.0Enzo 3K
openMATTHIAS KOTHEDEU62.3 km2h26mn51s25.5 km/h800.1800.176.4Zeno D
openAlex YASCHENKOAUS62.3 km2h34mn40s24.2 km/h752752.073.9Boomerang 11K
openMARTIN LONGGBR62.3 km2h47mn52s22.3 km/h680.5680.569.4Zeno D
openCRISTOBAL OREZZOLICHL62.3 km2h21mn52s26.4 km/h824.3824.378.8XCracerD
openNANDA WALLISERCHE62.3 km2h24mn31s25.9 km/h816.5816.576.9Trango 3D
openRENE PAULYDEU21.5 km129.2129.213.9Zeno D
openHAGEN WALTERDEU62.3 km3h09mn11s19.8 km/h482.6482.651.6Zeno D
openHANSJORG WALLISERCHE62.3 km2h22mn42s26.2 km/h826.1826.179.3Boomerang 11K
openFAHD CHERKAOUIMAR61.6 km410.6410.644Artik 5C
1HONORIN HAMARD62.3 km2h06mn15s29.6 km/h978.1978.1106.1Enzo 3K
2STEPHANE POULAIN62.3 km2h06mn09s29.6 km/h975.1975.1105.0Enzo 3K
3JULIEN WIRTZ62.3 km2h05mn57s29.7 km/h974.7974.7104.2Enzo 3K
4LUC ARMANT62.3 km2h07mn30s29.3 km/h972.3972.3103.2Enzo 3K
5FLAVIO FUNIATI62.3 km2h06mn55s29.5 km/h971.5971.5102.0Enzo 3K
6JEAN-MARC CARON62.3 km2h06mn57s29.4 km/h969.3969.3101.4Enzo 3K
7ULRICH PRINZDEU62.3 km2h07mn57s29.2 km/h958958.0100.6Enzo 3K
8FRANCK PERRING62.3 km2h10mn33s28.6 km/h935.1935.1100.0Enzo 3K
9SIMON METTETAL62.3 km2h12mn00s28.3 km/h930.8930.898.8Enzo 3K
10JACQUES FOURNIER62.3 km2h09mn51s28.8 km/h930.3930.398Enzo 3K
11YOANN CHAVANNE62.3 km2h11mn46s28.4 km/h929.4929.497.0Boomerang 11K
12STEPHANE DROUIN62.3 km2h11mn40s28.4 km/h928.7928.796.4Enzo 3K
13CYRILLE MARCK62.3 km2h11mn49s28.4 km/h924.9924.996.0Enzo 3K
14REMI BOURDELLE62.3 km2h12mn34s28.2 km/h918.9918.994.9Enzo 3K
15JULIEN GARCIA62.3 km2h15mn05s27.7 km/h903903.094.0Enzo 2K
16LOIS GOUTAGNY62.3 km2h14mn24s27.8 km/h899.8899.893.3Enzo 3K
17GILDAS BEN62.3 km2h14mn55s27.7 km/h891.8891.892.0Enzo 3K
18NOAH LOCATELLI62.3 km2h15mn18s27.6 km/h891.4891.492.0Zeno D
19ALEXANDRE LHUILLIER62.3 km2h16mn04s27.5 km/h887887.091.0XCracerD
20ERWAN DIDRICHE62.3 km2h17mn06s27.3 km/h877877.090.0XCracerD
21MARTIN PETZDEU62.3 km2h16mn45s27.3 km/h868.2868.289.6Boomerang 11K
22ANTOINE FANIN62.3 km2h19mn10s26.9 km/h866.5866.589.0KlimberD
23MERYL DELFERRIERE62.3 km2h21mn15s26.5 km/h851.9851.988Enzo 3K
24LEO HAMARD62.3 km2h21mn13s26.5 km/h847.9847.987.0Enzo 3K
25BASTIEN DE LUCA62.3 km2h21mn27s26.4 km/h845.4845.486.8Boomerang 11K
26TOM CHAUVIN62.3 km2h22mn05s26.3 km/h841.6841.686.0Boomerang 11K
27TIM ROCHAS62.3 km2h20mn58s26.5 km/h841.4841.485.6Icepeak EvoxK
28TEO BOUVARD62.3 km2h21mn54s26.3 km/h840.9840.985.1Enzo 3K
29CONSTANCE METTETAL62.3 km2h21mn29s26.4 km/h839.8839.883.0Zeno D
29VITALII UMANSKYIUKR62.3 km2h22mn20s26.3 km/h839.8839.883.5Enzo 3K
29JOSE FERREIRA62.3 km2h21mn22s26.4 km/h839.8839.883.0Enzo 3K
32BENOIT PERRIN62.3 km2h23mn07s26.1 km/h832.4832.482.0Boomerang 11K
33ANDY TALLIA62.3 km2h22mn48s26.2 km/h830.8830.881.0Zeno D
34CYRIL LAMBERT62.3 km2h22mn40s26.2 km/h830.7830.780.8Enzo 2K
35JEAN LOUIS ASENSIO62.3 km2h22mn30s26.2 km/h828.8828.880.0Enzo 3K
36ROBIN GUDEFIN62.3 km2h22mn34s26.2 km/h828.2828.280.0Zeno D
37JEROME HULIN62.3 km2h23mn12s26.1 km/h827.9827.979.3Enzo 2K
38SEBASTIEN COMBES62.3 km2h23mn58s26 km/h821.5821.579.0Zeno D
39ERIC DAIGREMONT62.3 km2h23mn18s26.1 km/h819.8819.878.0Boomerang 10K
40REMI GODEFROY62.3 km2h24mn27s25.9 km/h818.3818.378.0Z-AlpsD
41MARTIN BEAUJOUAN62.3 km2h30mn31s24.8 km/h775.7775.777.0Enzo 3K
42XAVIER LAPORTE62.3 km2h31mn30s24.7 km/h773.4773.476.3Enzo 3K
43STEPHEN GICHUKI62.3 km2h38mn47s23.5 km/h753.3753.375.0Boomerang 10K
44MARTIN REBORD62.3 km2h29mn01s25.1 km/h746.8746.874.7Boomerang 11K
45SAMUEL AVENNE62.3 km2h39mn04s23.5 km/h721721.073.0Peak 4D
46WILLIAM BIDAUD62.3 km2h39mn14s23.5 km/h711.8711.873.0Peak 4D
47REMI MONTGINOT62.3 km2h41mn33s23.1 km/h698.9698.971.6Enzo 3K
48JEAN-YVES SEVENO62.3 km2h54mn22s21.4 km/h637.3637.367.0Enzo 3K
49THIBAUT VARGAS62.3 km3h00mn40s20.7 km/h588.9588.963Zeno D
50ARNAUD BEDOUELLE62.3 km3h10mn06s19.7 km/h557.8557.860.0Zeno D
51GREGOIRE LOMBARDI62.3 km3h09mn39s19.7 km/h525.1525.156.8Enzo 3K
52ERIC PUSIOL62.3 km3h10mn42s19.6 km/h523.8523.856.6Enzo 3K
53PIERRE REMY60.6 km523.2523.256.5Enzo 3K
54P L62.3 km3h07mn28s19.9 km/h520.6520.656.0Zeno D
55S A62.3 km3h16mn19s19 km/h509.8509.855mantra 6D
56ALEXANDRE JOFRESA61.1 km507.8507.854.7Enzo 3K
57MANUEL LALY62.3 km505.8505.854.5Enzo 3K
58BAPTISTE LAMBERT60.6 km504.9504.954.3Boomerang 11K
59NICOLAS FAVRE62.3 km3h16mn43s19 km/h501.2501.254.0Zeno D
60MARIN DESCARREGA62.3 km3h18mn45s18.8 km/h494.3494.353.0Omega Xalps 2D
61EDOUARD POTEL61.5 km471.2471.251.0Omega XAlpsD
62ARNAUD BEUGNETTE62.3 km466.1466.150.2Enzo 3K
63PASCAL BERNHARD60.1 km465.5465.550.0Zeno D
64MARTIN VERNEREY60.5 km463.1463.149.8WildD
65TAM LUUTHO62.3 km3h17mn42s18.9 km/h448.9448.948.0Zeno D
66FREDERIC LECONTE59.8 km446446.048.0Enzo 2K
67VALENTIN GILET61.8 km444.4444.447.8CUREC
68SEBASTIEN TOURNAIRE62.3 km3h23mn31s18.4 km/h416.1416.145.0Zeno D
69PIERRE-ALAIN GUILLAUME61.6 km412.6412.644.0KlimberD
70FRANCOIS PERIE58.2 km376376.041.0mantra 6D
71ABDEL-HAFIZE ALI-HASSAN46.1 km341.5341.537Zeno D
72FRANCOIS BICHET46.3 km339.1339.136.7Zeno D
73THOMAS DINH46.3 km335.8335.836.3Zeno D
74BENJAMIN LACOSTE41.8 km283283.031.0Boomerang GTO 2D
75THOMAS IDEDEU37.4 km273.6273.629.6Enzo 3K
76L L41.8 km267.2267.228.9Alpina 2C
77ANTOINE BERNIER41.7 km264.3264.328.6Delta 2C
78ASHAMI FARES37.4 km254.7254.727.5CUREC
79S M37.4 km235.5235.525.5IotaB
80YVONNE DATHEDEU35.4 km235235.025.4BahiaC
81JEROME DELBECQUE35.1 km217217.023.5Enzo 2K
82FREDERIC SOUCHON34.8 km212212.022.9Omega Xalps 2D
83TIPHAINE LEMAIRE34.9 km209.1209.122.6IkumaB
84MAUD BIDAUD33.9 km203.4203.422.0Delta 3C
85JULES CROIBIER21.6 km129.6129.614Boomerang 11K
86ETIENNE COUPEZLUX20.4 km122.1122.113.1Enzo 3K
87FABIEN DOFFIN20.3 km122122.013.1Enzo 2K
88SIMON PELLISSIER20.1 km120.4120.413Enzo 3K
89MARC-ANTOINE VOIRIN19.6 km117.5117.512.6Boomerang 10K
90S C19.4 km116.6116.612.5Artik 5C
91JEAN-JACQUES LIVINEC19.3 km115.7115.712.5Zeno D
92XAVIER GIRIN19.1 km114.8114.812.4Zeno D
93PATRICK ROYER18.6 km111.7111.712Zeno D
94XAVIER COLLET18.3 km109.6109.611.8Zeno D
95JOHANN GORLIER8.4 km50.550.55.4GTO2 LargeC
96BIRGER CLAUSENDEU8.1 km48.548.55.2Enzo 3K
97LAURENT MOUNOT0.4 km1818.01.8Icepeak 8K
97G D1818.01.8Zeno D
97PATRICE GUIEN0.9 km1818.01.8Peak 3D