General context : explanations

Explanation SIVUHL/MONTMIN to the foreign users

The site is functioning under the responsibility of the SIVUHL, which is a political structure that link the three villages of : Montmin + Talloires + Doussard

This public structure owns the take off and controls it but elaborates the rules together with free flyers: clubs; professionals.

The French federation is assisting the SIVUHL concerning all important decisions.

Montmin is probably one of the most visited take off in the world : during spring and summer, on many days, the number of take off is bigger than 1500...

This leads to several security problems, delay to take off and also global access problems (last portion of the road).

As you may know, the French federation policy concerning free flying was always to let open every flying sites for everyone (both French and foreigners) and also keep take off FREE

But due to his success Montmin if a special site among the French site.


Montmin is curently the only free flying site where you will find a dedicated agent that REGULATES taking off (all WE from April to October + all flyable days during July and august).

His job is first to give advices and to help (free flyers and professional) but also to control what is happening.

For example the regulator :
- call for rescue helicopter and close take off when the helicopter is arriving
- Set the order at take off to add security and fluidity (hang gliders / paragliders but also free flyers and professionals...)
- Sometimes when he see some foolish guys or schools, it happens that he ask them not to take off or wait for better conditions.


Payment to reach the take off using you car/bus

If Taking off is free, the right to use your car/bus isn’t :

Since several years already, the right to get to the take off using vehicles must be paid to the SIVUHL

Collected money is used to pay the regulator, to maintain the site. In a few month (2008/2009) the take off should be greatly improved.

Last but not the least :


Some "new" schools are sometimes comming in Montmin to work without beeing inscribed to the planning. This was the case in 2006 for one Belgium school and one Russian school. This was the case in 2007 for two english and one nordic schools.

As the organisation was new, and nobody's now everything in advance, we did our maximum to accept groups if we had room.

Thoses schools should know the procedure now... at least one guy had my phone number (given by other teachers), and did continue this course without calling me.

We will now strictly refuse schools that are obviously avoiding getting into the planning...



In addition of their original doploma, french paragliding teachers are getting through a specialisation to be able to learn SIV/piloting to their students.

The french federation is strongly focused on this matter, because this is linked to security and student's capacity improvement.

One of the main issue is to follow a coherent progression through manoeuvers

As we can not accept to be less demanding with the foreign teacher, we ask them to be enough experienced to deal with the technical program they go through...

Following a progressive and cohérent program, foreigner teachers must be able to show their competence and efficiency. We will be aware about that.

The Lake Chart will be soon traduced in english and available on this page : please strictly respect it.