How to be inscribe to the official planning

1 – Visit this page to consult the last update planning and chose free dates .

2 – Send an email to Fred Escriba to announce the dates you wish.

3 – Normally you will receive a confirmation fast. In any case check the planning to verify if it’s updated including your courses.

4 – You don’t need to confirm that you come but please tell if you are not coming (to let the flor open).


How to choose your dates :

1 - Prefer month/weeks that are not overbooked (june especyally) - It's much more cool for you to works with two or three other groups and not with 7 others...

2 - In any case : for foreign schools, please choose period that are not including week-ends : since the beginning we are asking french schools to promote WE instead of weeks and since the beginning we are asking french distant and foreign school to avoid WE. Only 1 or 2 permanent specialised french school are working during weeks.


Since 2006 :

SIVUHL and FFVL have in mind :

- Try to let everyone work, local and non local shools, french and non-french schools...

- As long as the upper overcrowding limits is not reach : we did set it to 8 individual pilots in the air at the same time (this includes the ones who are flying high from the takeoff to the box and the ones who are flying low from the box to the landing field). Remember that 8 is allready a lot...

- In case of too many demands for the same date we decided to follow this rules :

  • 4 groups for local or permanent French paragliding schools
  • 2 groups for non local French schools
  • 2 groups for foreign schools

This means 25% for foreign schools and 75% for french schools. Of course this is only in case of two many demands for the same dates.

- Since the planning is available and since you are looking at it before sending your date, we never had to refuse anyone : if we use all the time available from march to october, we could maybe double the number of courses.

- But keep in mind that we have to say “yes” or “no” to the school to let them fix their calendar. So that mean when we say yes, we will not change afterward. So the consequence is that the sooner you give your date, the sooner you will be able to be inscribed...